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Hanyou: half demon.

Hentaihoushi: pervert monk ^^

Sengoku Jidai: Warring States Era.

Shikon no Tama: jewel of four souls.

Nada: nothing in spanish.

Niente: nothing in italian.

Konnichi wa: good morning.

Ohayo: hello.

Arigatou: thank you.

Oh Kami-sama: Oh, my God.

Nani!?: What!?

*Ages and story/manga characters*

°SANGO- Rui (26 years old)

°KAGOME- Hitomi (23 years old)

°AKANE- Ai (20 years old)

°INUYASHA- Toshio (26 years old)

°MIROKU- no character in the original manga (27 years old)

°RANMA- no character in the original manga (26 years old)

° * ~~~~~~~~ CHAPTER I: A THEFT AND COFFEES ~~~~~~~~ * °

Inuyasha Hanyou got out his black VolksWagen, took off his glasses, black as well, and stared straight in front of him: men and cars of the police were just before the skyscraper; lifting his eyes he saw a broken window at the 13th floor.

He decided to go and see what the hell had happened.

In front of the entry two men blocked him: "You can't enter here!" Yash sighed and showed his badge. The men became white-faced "So-sorry Mr. Hanyou!" As you can see, Inuyasha was quite famous in the police.

Yasha puffed, putting on his best I'm-annoyed-so-leave-me-be face. The policemen backed, fearing his stare.

Inuyasha entered and looked around, stroking his long and beautiful black mane. He arrived to the 13th floor where his friend and colleague, Miroku Hentaihoushi, was looking at the scene of the crime. "Oi, Miroku! What's happened?" the young man turned and smiled uncertainly "A theft, Yash." "What's been stolen?""A jewel of the Sengoku Jidai. the Shikon no Tama.""Any trace?""Nada, nothing, niente. no traces, no blood, no recording [is this verb right?- Laura]." Yasha puffed again, frustated.

"So. now there's nothing to do. do you wanna go and take a coffee? I know a good bar." Miroku smiled a tired amile. Inuyasha nodded: right now he wanted nothing more than a good coffee.

Miroku's car stopped in front of a nice local, near the police station: it was called 'Sengoku Jidai'.

The two young men entered: the bar was quite crowded, but not noisy and. yeah it was really nice, indeed.

"Oh. Konnichi wa, Inspector!" a beautiful young woman, with her black hair in a pony tail, greeted them: "Ohayo, Sango-san!" beamed Miroku, now with a wide smile on his face. "I'm here with a friend of mine to take a coffee." "Coffee? Cappuccino?" "Yeah, two!" They sat down at a table and Yasha whispered to Miroku. "Now I understand why you wanted to go here." Miroku just smiled. A person sat down with them: Miroku and Inuyasha stared at him surprised, then recognized him. "Ranma! How are you doing, man?" The young man with the pig-tail just stared at them with a tired and blank gaze. "Shikon no Tama" he murmured, falling face down on the table. "You. Are you in the case also?" "Ya."

Sango arrived with their two coffees and noticed the new man. "Do you want something?" she gently asked. "Two coffees." Answered Ranma, not even lifting his head. "Two?" Sango was a little taken aback, but then shook her head and went to the kitchen.

"Akane!" she yelled, when they were ready. "C'mon, take these coffees to table 7." Akane just stayed silent and went to the table, yawning and murmuring something about waking up too early and going to bed too late. She saw three very good-looking boys and smiled. "Two coffees?" she asked. Ranma lifted his hand and stared at the girl. He gasped and his eyes widened when he saw two soft blue eyes and a lovely face. Akane also thought he was really cute but she noticed his uniform and sighed, 'It's a pity he's a policeman.' "Here you are." She said simply. But Miroku. "Beautiful maiden." he said, grabbing her hands. "I've never seen you here you new?""Well." Akane began, blushing a bit "You're the new here. I'm the bar's owner, with my sisters." "So you're Sango-san's sister! Now I understand why you're so lovely! What's your sweet name?""Akane.""Arigatou Akane-san, for bringing my friend Ranma his two coffees. By the way, I'm Miroku and. " Akane finally freed herself from Miroku's grasp and ran away. "Oh Kami-sama." she whispered to Sango. "He loves too much , how come that policemen are coming to our bar?""They're the three who were assigned to the 'Shikon no Tama' case.""Ohh." now Akane was understanding. "So you want to control them.""Exactly." Sango smiled widely. "Hey, where's Kagome-chan?" "Oh, she went should be here in a few minutes." They heard the door open and they saw the object of their conversation enter the bar.

Inuyasha also saw her and he almost choked with the coffee: she was a very, very cute girl, with long, wavy black hair and two grey-blue eyes sparkling with life. She wore a short pink skirt and a matching pink sleevesless shirt. Inuyasha just continued staring as she greeted her sisters. "I'm back!" she sang out. 'What a soft and sweet voice." Inuyasha thought dreamily.

"What took you so long, Kagome-chan?" asked Akane jokingly. "Oh, I met Eri so I stopped a bit to talk with her." Kagome giggled. When Yasha heard it, he felt his heart going in his throat. He was totally fascinated by her.

"Uh, uh, the Great Inuyasha, who never fell in love, now had a crush for a girl younger than him?" joked Miroku, winking at Ranma, who just smiled back. "Shut up, Miro-chan." said Inuyasha, with a very soft look in his violet eyes, still looking at Kagome.

Miroku and Ranma stared at each other. "Now I'm worried." "You stopped call me Miro-chan when we was 11!" Miroku esclaimed, eyes widening. But Yasha just wasn't listening.

Sango returned to their table and asked them if they wanted something to eat. "I'm afraid today we'll lose lunch. do you have some sandwiches? "Yeah, sure." "Ok, for me two sandwiches with tomatoes and salad." Said Miroku. "Mmm.., for me the same." Decided Ranma. Sango nodded and watched Inuyasha, who was himself again (Kagome was vanished in the kitchen). "For me a bowl of ramen." Sango's eyes widened, but she just nodded and thought 'They're cute, but a bit too strange.'

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IN THE KITCHEN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"I see. we've three inspectors in the bar, so Sango-chan can control them." Akane nodded and smiled "You have to see them! They're just too cute. or should I say handsome? The one with the pig-tail is very good-looking." Sango entered and commanded "Four sandwiches with tomatoes and salad and a bowl of ramen for the inspectors." "I'll go." Said Kagome. "I wanna see them."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BACK TO INUYASHA/MIROKU/RANMA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"You like that girl really much, don't you?" said Miroku to Yasha. "What!? What make to say something like that?" "You're looking around since she disappeared.." Inuyasha blushed "Well. and if I do? There's nothing wrong about it!" "No, no. I'm happy. I was worried you were gay." "NANI!?" Inuyasha was about to bonk him on the head when Kagome appeared next to them, smiling. "Konnichi wa, guys! I'm Kagome!" Inuyasha smiled so widely that Miroku and Ranma feared his face would split in two. " sandwiches with tomatoes and salad, and a bowl of ramen. " Miroku jumped and grabbed her hands "My fair lady." He said. "Your beautiful and sweet name's Kagome, isn't it? Would you like to go so- WHY, IN THE HELL, DID YOU DO THAT?" yelled an outraged Miroku, after Yasha bonked him on the head and punched him not too hard, but it was necessary to make him sit down. "Shut up!" Yasha whispered to Miroku, glaring in a deadly way. Miroku gulped and stayed silent. Inuyasha turned to Kagome and smiled gently. "You should excuse him. he's just a pervert. "" Oh. arigatou." Said Kagome, a bit annoyed and a bit embarassed from Miroku's behavior. "By the way. I'm Inuyasha, the pervert is Miroku and the other one is Ranma." "Nice to meet you!" said Kagome, smiling again. Yash felt his heart running. "Nice to meet you too." "Kagome-chan? Come here!" yelled Akane, "Oh, I must go. come here again!" Kagome esclaimed, waving her hand to Inuyasha. "Yeah, we'll come again, don't worry!" "Ok!"

Inuyasha, Ranma and Miroku got out the bar and Inuyasha thought 'Don't worry, Kagome. I'll come here again, you can be sure!'

~To be continued~

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