Hey guys and girls welcome to chapter 2 I would have gotten this chapter up sooner but I have college work which takes up most of my time so I only can do this on my days off. Oh, well at least I can still wright story's for here so here's the chapter. Wow it's taken this long to get this chapter finished? I started 0n the 12/3/17. Sorry it took so long.

Chapter 1 harry meets Stephine

Harry and Robbie just got off the plane from London and were now driving to Robbie's hideout I mean home and all you can hear from Robbie is "oh it's so nice and quiet" "it's nice to enjoy life without sports" and more like them. Then harry said something that made him stop the car "Can I go out and play?" which got the reply of "outside? In the sun? where all you can do is play sports? NO!" he then went home and all harry could do was read and get home schooled because there was no school because there weren't many kids. He did make friends with Ziggy and the gang (For those that can't remember I'm on about the kids from lazy town) but nobody wanted to play sports so he just went for a run at the crack of dawn and late at night. Then she came.

(5 years later)

It was very early in the morning and Stephine was walking around town board out of her mind wished to run into something fun but she didn't expect to literally be ran in to "sorry miss nobody's normally up and I wasn't paying attention" said? "its fine I didn't expect to see another fitness fan in a town so…..." she replied "lazy" finished? "I'm harry by the way" continued harry holding out his hand" "Stephanie" she replied taking his hand not expecting him to kiss it (A/N he was raised as a wizard for the first part of his life so he does know some things) so she blushed. Just then all you could here is a yell of "HARRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!" (A/N he pranks his uncle for being lazy and not letting him have any real fun besides he is still the son of a mauder and yes I probably spelt that wrong) who asked "Stephine would it be alright if I hide at yours for a bit until my uncle calms down?" "sure I live with my uncle as well he lives over here" they then go over to their only to get told to go play with the rest of the kids so they go looking and finds Ziggy (A/N the rest of this goes on like the first episode with harry sticking with Stephine)

(Potter Manner)

In the past five years not much has changed Danny got lazier (A/N maybe he should be the one sent to lazy town?) and he got spoiled more by his parents. Lily was starting to miss harry but she didnt really care about how he is she was the onlyone to notice the lack of acidentel magic. dumb-as-a-door sorry Dumbledore said, "its fore the grater "good"" although she started to wonder what was the "grater good". Ever since giving harry to her brother she danny has been geting seroies training. She didn't want the last to men in her life to know something that only she really noticed was the amount of accidental magic being performed was less.

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