Hiccup's POV

Berk, a treacherous terrain full of smelly, bearded Vikings. Winters that typically live 9 months out of 12, while the other 3 are just plain stormy. On our better days we get charming views of the sunsets and clear skies, if the gods are on our side. Of course, no place is perfect. Berk has a bit of a pest problem. In some places, mosquitoes are a horror, and in other, disease carrying rats spread the cheer. But not us. Our pest bear large wings, scaled appendages, wicked teeth, and have a bit of a habit of igniting our wooden homes with their fiery breath. Or, in simpler terms, dragons. Now I know what you're going to say; 'dragons don't exist'. Yeah, tell that to the sheep who go for midnight flights. They like to raid us of our fish and livestock, which in our case, is a bit of a problem when we are nearing winter.

Lying awake in my bed while doing an internal monologue, a ground shaking 'BAM' had me jump out of bed. "DRAGONS!" someone outside cried. Booming footsteps from below me travel underneath me to the opposite end of the house, into the outside world. Exhaling a breath I didn't realize I was holding, I slipped my fur vest and boots on without a thought and ran down the stairs to the door. The same one my dad charged out of. I swung the door open with all of my strength, only to see a red and grey Monstrous Nightmare turn it's head towards me. We stare at each other for a moment. I blinked at it. It blinked at me. The tense moment lasted an eternity when time sped back up. It took a deep breath. Eyes widening in alarm, I slammed the door shut. Not a second later did I feel the heat radiating off the door, flames licking from the edges of the door frame. It stopped, but I waited a minute before peeking out of the door. The coast was clear, so I hurried out the door without further hesitation.

As I ran down the hill from my house, I got tackled by a viking. He screamed in my face, without realizing I was not some predatory reptile. Then as though it was a normal conversation at a normal time, he said "Mornin'" and ran off. Adrenaline still pumping, I continued my way to the forge where I work, weaving through rushing Vikings with a clumsy ease only I could 'perform'. I passed a few neighbors, each telling me to get inside. To be fair, my track record at trying to help at important times isn't the best. I'm not exactly the 'cherry on top' when it comes to being useful.

I wasn't far from the forge when I got jerked back. For a second, I thought an angry dragon snatched me and was about to tear away at my thin body. I tensed and clenched my eyes shut, only to feel a line of heat pass by me, and an orange light blaze through my closed eyelids. Peeking my eyes open, I found myself looking into the angry eyes of our chief. A pang hit my chest, but was pushed aside in the heat of the moment. "What is he doin ou…. What are ya doin' out here? Get inside!" he all but snapped at me, his heavy Scottish accent thick in his voice. Our chief. In a word, stoick. Hence his title Stoick the Vast. Rumor goes about saying that he tore a dragon's head right off it's neck when he was barely 2 years into this world. Do I believe it? Yes, as a matter of fact I do. He is one of, if not thee biggest and bulkiest viking around. He's almost 7 feet in height with rippling muscles. His hair and beard are a deep red, which brings out his stone-cold grey eyes. In this light and fashion, his bear skin cape around his shoulders, he could be mistaken for a viking hero only heard in stories.

Pushing the thought away, I made it to the forge in one piece. Just in time to see my mentor, as well as the chief's right hand man. He's a little shorter than the chief, but has muscles just as big, possibly bigger. That, or it could be some extra fat making him look bigger. I watch him hammer a bent sword with his hammer prosthetic right arm. Despite being a cripple of his right arm and left leg, he still isn't someone to mess with. His light blue eyes meet mine, his braided blond mustache whipping around with his face. "Nice of you to join the party. Was afraid a dragon would have mistaken you for a wee lamb". I replied, joking spark and sarcasm dripping from my mouth, "I have no idea what you're talking about Gobber. Dragons flee at the sight of my ultra viking-ness!" I said flexing my non-existent muscles. "More like lack of". I mocked him silently when his back was turned.

Throwing open the window of the shop, Vikings with broken, burnt, or bent weapons were in great stock. Grasping as many as my twig arms physically could, I dropped them over a pile of orange and white coals. As I was about to head back, an explosion shook the ground nearby. It wasn't grand enough to throw off my balance, but it was enough to catch my attention. Peering through the window, I was met by the casual sight of what 'normal' kids were supposed to do.

I was met with the sight of the teens around my age, or 'the fire brigade' as they tried to put out the flaming house. There was Snotlout. My cousin, no matter how much disdain I feel admitting that. He's your stereotypical Viking. One who pushes people down to make himself rise. Mainly me. He is about an inch greater than me in height with spiky dark brown hair and blue/grey eyes. Right behind him was Ruffnut and Tuffnut A.K.A. the twins. These two focus on trying to be better than each other more than anything else. Having long, white blond hair that is split in 3 sections, they were currently playing tug-of-war with their water bucket. Typical. Stumbling next to them nervously, Fishlegs was probably the biggest of the group. Huge with fat, yet he couldn't never hold a sword against anyone without squealing in fear. His soft brown eyes were hidden by the shadow of early morning and he has his typical hunch from reading too many books.

Astrid, my previous crush, had perfectly sated a small cart that was aflame. Long, golden locks and stunning sea eyes, my once long time crush had died out when I realized she only sees everyone as obstacles to her future success. Her goal is to be as great of a warrior as possible, and she cares about nothing else. Flipping her braid to, most likely her crush, Toothless finished the rest of the fire off. As I mentioned before, Toothless is Astrid's crush. Not publicly, but because he's, in everyone's opinion, the best option. His raven hair was in neat braid for the exception of his bangs. The ones that cover his forehead along with his acidic green eyes a tad bit. He's about two inches taller than me, and close to being the tallest in our age group.

Being stronger than Snotlout, more agile than Astrid, and just as knowledgeable about dragons as Fishlegs, there's a reason he's favored by the adult group. But while the entire island might see him as exceptional in just about everything, I know he's not. There's only 2 things he's not better at which is cleverness and speed. Sure, he's faster than the teens and far more clever, but I've got him beat in that department. Being beaten up almost everyday, and at risk for worse, you could say I've adapted those traits rather well. Being brought back into reality, an explosion fired behind the teens, bringing out the uncommon tan in Toothless' skin as they walked off as if nothing had happened. I wasn't sure how long I had been staring, but Gobber must've seen me by the opening. How I know this? He pulled me back by the scruff of my too-big tunic. "ah, ah, ah Hiccup. Not after last time" he scolded. I winced at the reminder of the large dragon at my tail and a falling torch tower. Breaking free of his hold, I went back to my post, much to his surprise. I didn't argue like I normally would. In my failed attempt to shoot down a Night Fury, the most secretive dragon of them all in the last raid, I needed to wait. I'm not going to mention the fact that my 'failed attempt' ended with the dragons getting away with almost half of our livestock. Nope, not going to think about it.

I sighed, mind now turned to darker thoughts. Sometimes when I'm out, something would happen that wasn't my fault. Usually it would be Snotlout and/or the twins fault, but with no proof, I'd end up taking the blame for it. Of course, there are times where accidents are actually my fault, I won't deny that. I can recognize both separately, usually when the trio are snickering profusely and high-fiving each other. Yet, at this point, that fight has all but left me. I've grown to the point where I take it as my fault anyways because I know there's no way I could prove it otherwise. A roar suddenly rang from outside, but not from a dragon. From all the Vikings. I hadn't realized how much I had zoned until now. The raid ended.

Taking a glance outside, I could see in the growing dawn that the dragons had gotten away with little to none of our live stock. The cheering was because we had successfully drove them away before they could take much. I have to say, for once staying in the forge the whole time, I felt pretty good. Buuut, with a jolt, I heard the stomach churning shout of the chief, calling my name. Something else must've happened to have the chief screaming my name. "HICCUP!" I cringed at the degrading way he announced my name, even though I haven't done anything. I glanced at Gobber, seeing if he knew what was going on, but was only met with a shrug. Taking a deep breath to ease my overly tense shoulders, I walked out of the forge. "Umm… Yea?" I replied, very awkwardly.

"What's the meanin' of this?" he snapped, pointing to a trail of torn and burnt barrels of where fish was suppose to be. I blinked at the oddly calculated destruction. "Hey, don't look at me this time, I was in the forge" I replied flatly, putting my hands up defensively. Luckily, Gobber came to my aid "The boy's tellin the truth, Stoick, he was there the whole time. Saw it myself". My shoulders relaxed for a second. But only for that second as, at that moment, Astrid decided she wanted to torture me. "I saw him come out of the forge though!". Her face was argumentative, but I could see past that to the evil eye she was giving me.

"Sorry lass, your eyes musta played some tricks on ye. He was helpin me from beginnin to end". Thank Thor for Gobber. Oh, and some important information you might need to know for future reference..."Is this true son?" he asked me. I nodded and said "I didn't step foot out of here until you called my name, dad". His angry expression dropped to his casual, 'stoick' face, and he ordered some villagers to help clean up and fix what damage had been done. While the day started easier now that I didn't have to worry about my dad ranting on me, the weight of what Astrid tried to do hit me, sending a boat of sadness through me. I didn't let it show, though.

A yawn suddenly hit me, and I suddenly felt more tired than I had in...years. I wanted to sleep, surprisingly. I decided to voice my question. "Can I go home now? Or am I needed some more?" . Gobber glanced in the forge, then back at me. "You wouldn't mind stayin for a little while longer, would ya?". I sighed. Sleep will have to wait. "Alright, I'll meet you back inside" He looked at me skeptically, but went in anyways. I looked back at Astrid, eyes showing every bit of tired I was. Physically and mentally. "Nice try" I replied monotone. She only gave me a cold look and tried to ignore me. I only gave her a look that said I'm board and walked into the forge.

Toothless' POV

I can't explain why, but that same onslaught of anger hit me when I overheard Astrid trying to get Hiccup in trouble for no reason. 'That son of a half troll!' was all that rang through my head. I mean, I know he's not the most loved Viking of the lot, but that's not a 'go and bully him' excuse. I locked up my feelings as usual, but watched as the two confronted each other. Well, more like Hiccup confronted Astrid, and her acting like she was too good for him to be talking to her. Astrid didn't see the look he gave her, but I did. I don't know how to put it, the look he gave. He just looked so...defeated. His normally bright green eyes looked dull and tired, giving him a look that made him seem years older than he actually was. Something big hit my chest and I found myself suppressing the urge to whine. I hated seeing anyone like that. So broken down they had given up the fight.

'That's what he's done, isn't it? Given up on fighting?' A voice inside me questioned. When did that happen? Hiccup's always found a way to stay positive or upbeat. When did he start to look so...broken? A startling realization hit me that, Hiccup was fighting a losing battle. And he's realizing it. Just as I was. 'No, he can't...he can't give up! He's made it this far, why is he giving up now' a part of me screamed. 'Do something about it you idiot!' that voice spoke in my head again, this time sounding three times louder. My hand gripped my arm uncomfortably tight, something I did when uncomfortable. Sadly my internal battle was cut short when Astrid groaned and walked passed me, the rest of the group following. I was confused for a second when I realized Hiccup was no longer outside.

I stayed for a second and looked in Hiccup's direction. I couldn't see him, but I could hear his soft breathing and gentle heartbeat. That hit of sadness came again, this time in waves making me anxious. Part of me wanted to stay. Wanted to stay, run in there, and just ki… 'Hold it right there Toothless! What…' I didn't get to finish my line of thought as someone called out to me.

"Hey T, you coming?" It was Tuff. "Ya" I replied after a second, but not before stealing another glance at the forge. I groaned silently, my emotional turmoil about Hiccup growing with each day. I caught up to the rest of the group within seconds, and entered in the conversation to Astrid complaining about how she didn't get to get Hiccup in trouble. My hand instantly went into a fist, and I fought my natural instinct to turn as she was talking negatively about Hiccup. 'What's wrong with you?! You can deal with this just fine normally! What's wrong with hearing it today?!' I thought angrily. My unstable emotions towards Hiccup were picking back up, and during Astrid's rant, she said something to set me off. "I mean, I don't want people to think I'm crazy!" My mouth would have dropped if I didn't catch it before then. The sheer selfishness of that statement blew it for me. "Then how about this: stop trying so hard to get him in trouble for no reason" I replied, venom dripping from each word.

"He deserves it!" she snapped back, unfazed by my venomous comment.

"Since when?"

"Since he called me a lap dog!"

"Wha..a lap do...that was when you were nine! Get over it!"

She gave me a murderous look. But, I kept my gaze hard and barely managed to walk away, despite seething in uncharacteristic rage. She gasped as if she were a Nadder with a little dirt on her and stormed off towards the Great Hall. The group followed her, as usual, and I was left to myself to confront my scrambled emotions. I let my body pick it's direction while my mind worked out what was happening to me.

'He's a simple human, with a simple life. Why am I so conflicted by him?'

'A simple human with a simple life? You are not that naive Toothless, Hiccup is anything but simple'

'Even so, why am I so affected by him? This hasn't been a problem before...has it?'

With my mind directed to a new train of thought, I took a moment to really reflect on the two of us. We've never been friends. Or even really close. Not because I disliked him or despised him, but because I've never let myself open up to anyone. After mom...I...I couldn't. But thinking back on it, oddly he's always been on my mind. Throughout the 6 years I've lived here, I've always watched him from afar. Thinking over a few times, I remember watching him drag out his newest inventions to try and found myself silently rooting for it to work. I remember first really meeting him when my mom was still here, his bright green eyes and shy, but goofy grin welcoming me. His hopeful grin hoping to make a friend out of me. I remember running into him a few times, coming out of odd places with a hunched over form, pain clear in his eyes and new bruises on some visible places. I remember the aggravation at seeing him hurt, but ignoring it to keep myself from feeling.

And with a jolt of shock, I realized something both horrifying and amazing at the same time.

I cared.

I cared about Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

And, I've always had.

Being half a dragon has its perks. Being inhumanly stealthy and quiet was one of them. I was currently hiding behind the forge, facing the cliff behind it. The shock of my discovery hit me in a panicked manner, and I needed to come here just to be sure. My back was against the wooden wall as my super hearing picked up Hiccup. His heart. His breathing. My heart beat twice as fast and I felt strangely warm. I knew what this emotion was. I knew it was beautiful and powerful and perfect in every word. But it made me feel sick. I felt this emotion for him, felt it for years. But because I was too selfish and stuck in my own world, I completely deprived the only thing I cared about the one thing he needed. Someone who cared about him.

In human...Viking language, liking one of the same gender wasn't very unusual, but it wasn't encouraged. Bringing these emotions to surface made me realize how deep I've grown to care about him. I wasn't ready for how much it hit me. The warmth that flooded through my veins. The heat that rose to my cheeks. The thoughts of holding him, and kissing him, and...I stopped myself right there and once again cursed myself for being so oblivious to these feelings. But they were there, causing a fluttering in my stomach and a small smile appeared on my face. More thoughts surfaced, images of us cuddled close, me brushing his bangs away from his eyes. I've never seen him sleep, that would be creepy. But I imagined.

Love. That's what I was feeling. It has been so long I forgot what it felt like. It brought back painful memories of when my mom tore that love away from me. When my mom had to leave me when I was 9.

"Mommy PLEASE! Don't go!" I sobbed. My chest hurt. It felt like someone was shoving a steel spear through my heart. I could see the painful tears she had while flying away. She was crying too. I leaped to follow her, but I didn't know how to properly fly yet. I didn't know how long I bawled on the ground, or even when I turned back to my human form. I did remember hearing footsteps nearby, and freezing. It was Hiccup. I didn't want to see anyone. Didn't want anyone to see me like this. "What do you want, Useless!" I shouted. His expression broke a little, but he slowly edged closer to me. I threw a few rocks at him to get him to leave, but he stubbornly didn't. I looked away trying to hide my tears.

I tried so hard to fight them back, but couldn't when I felt thin arms wrap around me. "Shhhh, it's ok Toothless. Just let it out, I won't tell anyone". He pulled me in more and rubbed my back. I couldn't hold it back. My mom just left me. I cried for hours, sobbing, thrashing. Hiccup was there for it all, comforting me. When I finally calmed down, he wiped some tears off my cheeks. "There" he said softly, giving me a sweet but small smile. I was vaguely aware of the bleeding cut on his forehead from one of the rocks I threw.

How did I not realize my feelings sooner? He was there. He was there. I hurt him, yet he still stayed. I felt something warm slide down my cheek and, with a start, realized I was crying. I made quick work to wipe the hot tears away and stand. Guilt of all these years was beginning to hit me. Hard. I only froze when I heard him leave the forge. A flash of his broken look flashed through my head and that guilt quickly melted into determination. I will make it up to him. I'm not letting him stay in the shadows anymore. He's going to get as much love as he'll let me give him. I just hope it's not too late.

(As uncreepy as possible) I followed him all the way back to his home. I followed in the shadows, making sure he won't run into any trouble on the way. I wasn't oblivious to how cruel some people could be in this village. Following the village clean up, the chief had called a town meeting, so no one was around. I stayed a comfortable distance from him the entire time. So it was to my complete shock when he stopped before the hills and said just loud enough for me to hear "Can I help you, Toothless?" . What. The. Hell. My mouth hung open. That's...no, how did he...it's impossible, he shouldn't have been able to...how did he know I was following him? He looked in my general direction not truly knowing where I was. My face flushed in a rare case of embarrassment and I came out of hiding, mustering as much dignity as I could from being caught. He looked at me expectantly, as if expecting an explanation. Not wanting to cause a problem, I decided to say the first thing to come to mind. "I wanted to ask a few questions but didn't know how" My voice was steady, but being this close to my newly discovered 'love', my insides were twisting.

"So you creepily followed me home?"

While I rolled my eyes, a part of my mind began noticing little things about him. The soft shade of brown his hair was, the adorable freckles that littered all his visible skin. And probably his entire body. I fought back a blush at the thought. "A...A few raid ago you got in trouble for something you didn't do but didn't try to defend yourself. I wanted to ask why?"

He looked at me for a second confusion clear in his tired eyes. I couldn't help but notice how, if his eyes weren't so downcast, they were a gorgeous gem green. "You're just noticing now?" The question-answer threw me off guard. "Well...no, but I'm getting a little annoyed at it and was wondering why you're just letting yourself get walked all over". The defeated look in his eyes intensified painfully, causing what he said next to recreate the speared feeling in my chest that happened when my mom left.

"Look...it's nothing. Just, stop caring about it" he replied, barely audible and started to walk up to his house.

I was frozen in shock. My mouth had dropped. Stop carin...how dare he! In a second, I was next to him, catching his arm. "What's that supposed to mean?!" I asked, barely keeping a level voice. I was furious and something told me he could tell. He jerked his arm back, eyes now alight with pain. "It's better for everyone! Just go away, and stop caring! You're just going to stop in the future anyways, so save yourself the trouble!" I just stared at him wide eyed and mouth agape. He snapped. He had broken after arguably, his entire life of being scorned. I could do nothing but watch as he ran into his house crying. I loved him. I realized it today. A day too late.

But I wasn't giving up. Not this hybrid.

Hiccup's POV

I didn't care how un-viking like crying was, I couldn't hold it in. 15 years. That's how long it took someone to notice. How long it took somebody to care! The irony made me want to laugh, but I was crying, and...I was a mess. Someone actually cares, if for the smallest amount, and I have to push them away for their own good. That's hard to do for the record. For someone who's hated by all. The minute I closed my house door, I fell and bundled my knees to my chest. I can't remember the last time I cried this hard. Sure, I've had a few fits in the past, but I've never been so lost in grief I full out bawled. But I wasn't worried about being seen. My dad wasn't home. He's never home. How long I was crying, I don't know for sure. 5 minutes? 5 hours? 5 days? I didn't know. But when I came to, I knew I needed to get a hold of myself.

I decided a walk in the woods would do it. The calmness of nature always seemed to spread to me. So I left my house and walked for a while. I heard birds chirping cheerfully, felt a soft breeze flying past me. I took a deep breath and just...tried to ignore the sad life that was me. But what I could not ignore were the booms and crashes that were going on in the woods. Following the sound, I could hear it more clearly as I approached. It sounded like a dragon. My mind drew a blank. As I got closer, (very unwise for someone like me) I began seeing flashes of purple lights. I paused in my steps. '...no way…' I waited, listening again. 'BOOM' and another purple flash. 'No way!' I thought. I ran. Ran until I encountered the source of the noise. It was a small, black dragon that I have never seen before. It was smaller than a Monstrous Nightmare and a Deadly Nadder, but way larger than a Terrible Terror. It was small. It was deadly. It was sleek. It looked built for speed. And it was rampaging. I was frozen in awe before a thought hit me. My hand shot into my vest and pulled out my notebook. I can't explain the process of me drawing the black dragon, except for the fact I raced to get everything down. Once my vague drawing was done, I looked up. 'What kind of dragon...wait...WAIT!' I gasped at the realization of what kind of dragon this was. Which turned out to be a bad move seeing how the dragon heard me.

It whipped it's flat face at me, fast enough to make me think it had whiplash. It's eyes went slit when they saw me. I ducked down, now realizing this was my end. But that's when something strange happened. It's eyes. They didn't look...mean. They almost looked...scared? No, that can't be right. Dragons are mindless. They don't have feelings...do they? As I prepared for it to lunge at me, it did the very last thing I expected it to do. It ran. I sat there, stunned. But because I couldn't possibly be suicidal enough, I ran after the supposive Night Fury, mind thinking heavily 'Did I actually hit one last raid?'. Using my own speed, I followed it's trail, wondering why in Thor's name it wasn't flying. That's when I heard a screech and a large 'THUMP!'

I slowed down, confused with the sudden silence before I dug my heels into the ground to stop myself from falling. Falling into the same cove the dragon did. I caught my breath for a second before looking down. I froze.

The fall had knocked the dragon out. But that's not what brought an unnatural chill up my spine. What caused cold goosebumps to prick my body was the Night Fury's form slowly morphing into a familiar human body. Long, black hair tied in a braid, tall, lean form that was around 2 inches taller than me with light brown skin.


I just stared, eyes wider than a frightened child and mouth open as if calling for something to fly in. "What in Odin's Name….."

Author's note: Ok so, I wrote this story a long time ago. I had drawn a blank as where to continue with the story, but I re-read it and have decided to revise it in hopes to fix any plot mistakes and to possibly continue it. Let me know if you like the revision.