Chapter 11: Just More Problems

Toothless pushed me back onto my bed, kissing me non-stop. He was mad at me. It spoke in how aggressive he was with me tonight. I suppose he had the right to be, I mean after the 'stunt' I pulled off today. A word for what's happening? If I could call it anything, it would have to be Fear Sex.

Training was going off normal today. Having nothing better to do until the lumberjacks come back with more wood for the forge, I sat down to watch everyone train. The sky was blue, few clouds littered the sky, and a slight breeze wafted past me. Aside from the fall temperature, today was a nice day.

I gasped as he tore my shirt off and, a bit roughly I might add, began kissing down my bare chest. "One job Hiccup. That's all I asked of you, was one job!" he hissed. My guilt and my lust were at war. I tried to reply, but my words were caught in my throat.

Astrid had just won her first lesson yet, and she was beyond elated. I could see from where I was sitting Snotlout trying to flirt with her, and him getting the same treatment as always. But like usual he didn't get the hint. That, or he chose to ignore it. He was showing off his muscles and his skills with his sword when it flew out of his hand; almost hitting Gobber. "Oi! Watch where you're throwing that lad! That almost took my head off!". I jumped at the small scare, but got over it quickly. "Well...maybe your head shouldn't be in the way of my sword!" he argued. Yep. Totally convincing.

"I couldn't just sit and do nothing love. Someone could have gotten killed" I managed to reply. I was met with a possessive growl and a slightly painful nip to my neck. "Ah!" I gasped. He ignored it and moved on. "We made a deal if we were going to go through with this!" he continued. I blinked through the intensity of what he was doing.

What no one realized in time was how Snotlout's sword had lodged itself on the lower-level lever to the Monstrous Nightmare cage. We all froze when we heard the chains and the door burst open, flames spewing with it. Gobber was next to the door when it opened, and was slammed into the wall, unconscious. I gasped at what was planned to be Snotlout's dragon. It was a lot larger than I had thought.

Our positions changed. He jerked me up into his lap, going back to kissing me aggressively. 'Stop it Toothless! You can't make me feel guilty, and in pleasure at the same time!' I wanted to say, but because we were kissing, I couldn't say anything. His hands continued moving down my body; like my emotions, it hurts just as much as it feels good. Half of me wanted it to stop, and the other wanted it to never end. He's never been so rough with me before. It both scared me and made me want him even more.

The ring went into door was locked, so no one could get out. 'They're trapped!'. I instantly bolted up and down to the door. I watched through the gate as Astrid tried to hit it with her axe, in a less 'injury-worthy' manner because of what we showed her the other night. But she was thrown against the wall, arm burned and bleeding as a result. The dragon had kept it's scales on fire. I pulled on the lever that opens the gate, but it was jammed. 'Of all times?!'. "Fucking Dammit!" I cursed. I watched as Toothless tried to calm it, but was also knocked back. 'He can't calm it…' I thought in fear. All at once the twins, Snotlout, and Fishlegs charged it. That ended with severe burns, Ruff and Snotlout knocked nearly unconscious, and Fishlegs screaming madly. Astrid went to Ruffnut and guarded her. Toothless took another go, keeping it distracted. In human form however, he was getting beat up real quick. I had never felt so panicked in my life. I saw a shield inside the ring, right by the gate. To my left was a dagger on the wall. In my mind was the start of a plan. Not a very good one on my end.

"Toothless…" I tried, but he was still ignoring me. My pants were on the floor and I was now naked. 'He's going really fast'. I felt his grip on my waist tighten uncomfortably. "Toothless!" I tried again, this time more urgently. 'He's going to seriously hurt me if I don't get him to stop' I thought. I wasn't scared for me. I've dealt with worse things in life. It's how guilty he's going to be after. "You could have gotten killed!" he muttered, pinning my hands above me. 'He hasn't even prepared me yet!'.

For once, I was thankful for being as small as I was. I could slip through the gate easily. Just in time because the Nightmare had my boyfriend under its claw. My love. My mate. I could see it inhale. I could see everyone preparing for his death. But I wasn't going to let either happen. I banged my small dagger on the heavy shield in my arms as hard as I could. "HEY!" I shouted. From the corner of my eye, I could see the familiar shocked and terrified look of my boyfriend. "OVER HERE!" I continued, walking to my left. Slowly, as if I had something it wanted, it approached me. I could see it's smug, untrusting look in it's eyes. I was no match for it. It knew it. I knew it. But I had no intention of harming the dragon. "Hiccup RUN!" I heard multiple times from various voices. I ignored them all. I kept eye contact with the dragon as both the shield and the dagger clattered on the ground. I blurred out everything around me, keeping my attention solely on the dragon.

It's eyes left mine to see the weapons fall to the gravel floor of the ring. The smug look left, and it's intense eyes looked back at me, now just wary and confused. It was deciding something. I slowly reached my left hand out to it. "It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you" I mumbled to it. I flinched at Toothless who cried desperately at me to run again. The dragon took one foot forward. Keeping my left one in place, I set my right one behind me. If something bad happened, I was ready to book it. Once again, the ring was a deadly silent. The Nightmare wasn't going to make a move, so I did. I gave my best 'I trust you look', and turned my head away. Toothless is the only one between us who has dealt with the dragons before. He hasn't taught me how to deal with them, so I'm making this up as I go.

Time seemed to stop in this moment. I didn't move. I didn't breath. I didn't even tense up. I was terrified for myself, yes, but I was more scared for my friends. 'Toothless, I love you if this doesn't work' I thought. There was no sound, no wind, no birds, and no waves. I waited in another dimension, for what felt like hours. Suddenly, time sped back up and I felt the warm, scaly, slightly wet head of the dragon press into my hand. I took a small breath, waiting for something to happen. When nothing did, I took a glance at the dragon.

His eyes were closed and he was relaxed. For whatever reason, I knew this dragon was a boy. Toothless told me before that the Nadder and the Gronckle were females and that the rest were males. It wasn't until now, until this moment did it dawn on me. This was a living creature. He trusted me, he let me live, he spared me. He wasn't a dumb beast. Before I knew it. I actually helped make the discovery. But to see it, to realize it is another thing. I didn't notice I had held my breath until I was trying not to gasp it in again. The dragon pulled back, eyes now speaking like mine had. 'I trust you human'. I blinked at it, still calming down from what I was prepared to be killed for.

The dragon looked around at everyone, all paused in their spots. Then it peacefully went back into its cage. I caught my breath as I fell back onto the stone wall that I had no idea was behind me. No one had the courage to close the door after the Nightmare went back in, but he never made a move to come back out. The group was all looking between me and the dragon, bewildered. Completely forgetting that everyone was looking, Toothless ran up to me and instantly pulled me in a hug. He was shaking.

My eyes never left the dragon in the cage. Just like his eyes never left mine.

"TOOTHLESS, STOP!" I finally cried. Like clockwork, he jolted back. I caught his arm before he got too far. "Just...stop" I said quieter. He seemed to have realized what he did, and like that, fell to the floor. I covered my slightly abused body with my blanket and got down to his level. He was catching his breath from whatever emotion high he was on. I wrapped my thin arms around him and just let him hold me. "Hiccup…" he whispered. "Shh, it's ok. I'm not mad". He relaxed into the hug. "I'm so sorry. I can be such an animal sometimes. Gods, I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking". I huffed. "Obviously. It's ok, I forgive you. Next time, don't channel your emotions into sex. It could end badly". He gave a small laugh at my playful tone.

"You could have been killed" he started.

"I know that"

"Hiccup, you promised me…"

"You were in just as much danger as I was. Don't make it sound like it was only me".

"Hiccup...when we were in the ring, it was only you. I didn't see Gobber knocked out. I didn't see Astrid burned. I didn't see Ruff bleeding. I saw you, in front of a dragon I couldn't convince to calm down". He rubbed his face into my hair.

"I'm sorry, love. I'm sorry I scared you like that. But, you need to understand that I couldn't just sit and watch as my as you got killed. I know I promised, but there's always going to be some part of me in danger. No one, not even you can change that". He sighed and pressed a gentle kiss to my head. We stayed like that until there was a knock on my house door. We both froze. Then in a second, I was up and re-dressing myself. 'Did someone hear me? How long were they standing there? Do they know about me and Toothless? Have we been caught?' The minute my shirt was on, I bolted down the stairs. As there was another series of knocks, I took a breath to give myself a less-rushed appearance.

Behind the door was the last person I expected.


"Oh, hey...hey Snotlout. What are you doing here?" I asked.

'Smooth Hiccup. Real smooth'.

"Well, uh, you know how you said we'd all be getting our own dragons?"

I nodded.

"Well, would I be getting the…"

Inviting him inside, I nodded, calmer as he didn't seem to be suspicious. "Yes, we planned on you getting the Nightmare" I said. I gave a look up the stairs to Toothless with one message: Stay put! He nodded before I brought my attention back to my cousin. "The plan was Toothless would be the one to calm the dragon, but from the looks of it that will now be my job. Why?". He turned around and aggressively argued "I know you said that dragons are sentimental and what not, but HOW WAS THAT ANYTHING REMOTELY SANE! It wanted to kill us!". I flinched back at the volume. "Snotlout…"

"No, I know you gave us proof, but I can't see that...that thing as anything but a beast!"

I guess I should have expected this from him.

"Snotlout, he attacked us because he saw us as a threat. Imagine being shoved into a prison cell by some people who attack you at every angle. Would you trust them, or would you try to kill them?"

"Well, I would...I would...shut up Hiccup!" He said quietly. It would be funny if I wasn't trying to convince him to stay with the plan.

"Look, I know today was a big scare for all of us. Toothless is enough proof of that" I said loud enough so he could hear.

"But, we need to be patient. These dragons aren't going to just trust us like that. I put my life on the line to show the Nightmare that I wasn't a threat. And it chose not to kill me. It won't be the same for you, if you're still scared. It trusts me now, and all we need to do is to get it to trust you".

"Wha...scared? Me? Ha! As if fishbone!" he said with false bravado. I let him think he wasn't scared just for his sanity.

"Well, whatever needs you needed solved, I hope I solved them".

"You bet! Tonight I am going to own that dragon!"

I smirked.

"Oh, so you're volunteering to go first? Cool, now me and Toothless can plan things accordingly"

He paused. Then grew pale.

"What? I n..never said anything about going first!"

I raised an eyebrow as he shot out the house, screaming "You can't make me!". I burst out laughing, falling to the floor. Toothless came down the stairs, fully dressed, chuckling himself. With him, he had my belt, my boots, and my vest. All things I forgot to put back on. I had fits of giggles as Toothless pulled me up. "Well *giggle* all things considered *laugh* that went well" I said. Toothless put my belt on, and my vest. "You're adorable when you're in a rush, you know that?" he commented. I gave him a look, to which he laughed at.

My boots fell to the floor and I stepped into them. I yawned, not really realizing how tired I was from the stress of the day. That's when another bout of that strange tiredness slammed into me. One minute I was standing, rubbing my eyes. The next I was half lying on the ground half on Toothless' lap. "Whoa, love! Hey, are you alright?" He said. I blinked the heaviness out of my eyes. "What...what just happened?" He helped me sit up. His hand came to my forehead, and I only realized he was looking for a fever seconds later. "I...I don't know, you just sort of...fell. Do you feel sick at all? Or warm?"

I shook my head, strength returning to me. "No, just...tired. Really tired". I looked at him. His eyes lingered on me for a few seconds before they met my eyes. I quivered when he brushed my bangs, feeling his love and concern. "You aren't warm, or feverish. Strangely enough I don't have the feeling that anything's wrong with you". I hummed in question. "Like with the Outcast and the Queen?" I blinked and nodded, distinctly remembering him saying something about getting a feeling when I was in danger. Something about dragon instincts. "Well, if your instincts aren't worried, I guess we shouldn't either. Maybe I just shut my eyes too tightly or something".

"That still doesn't feel right". I shook the sleep from my eyes. We had a few hours until we meet up with the teens for their training. And we need to get Toothless up in the air as soon as possible. "Well, whatever it was is gone now. I feel fine again". His warm hand softly encircled mine and pulled me up. No dizziness or anything. 'I really need to get to the bottom of this soon' I thought. Right, more important things to do. "You sure you're good?" He asked again. I could see hiding behind the outside worry was his true fear and concern. He was keeping a brave face for me, but that's not what I needed. I grabbed his dark grey shirt and half pulled him down, half pulled me up to his lips. I felt him sigh into it. "Yeah. I'm ok".

He closed his eyes and rested his head against mine.

"I love you Hiccup"

"I love you Toothless"

I love him. I really do. But with the fifteenth crash within 10 minutes made me terribly despise how stubborn my mate is. "I think your tailfins weren't in sync. Try it again". I growled some colorful curse words, thankful he couldn't understand me. I forgot how infuriating learning to fly without a dragon's help was. I launched my beaten body up into the air, keeping my mind on my two tailfins. Maybe because I was concentrating too much on that one part of my body that I forgot about another, but before long I was under the water of the cove's pond. Something I also forgot was how gods damned freezing the water was. I roared even more profanities once I breached the water's surface.

Hiccup's analyzation of what just happened didn't help my mood. "You weren't focusing on your wings. They tilted and were beating separately. What you need to do is build some muscle memory. Not try everything at once. Hmm. Oh! How about we try…" I was wet, annoyed, tired, bruised, stressed, and done with my training for the day. I snarled at Hiccup, effectively shutting him up. "Well, excuse me for trying to help…" I heard him mumble. I morphed myself back to my human form, just to glare at him where I could speak. "Love, the sooner we get this, the sooner you'll have more free time".

I turned away from him and walked over to our fire. "Oh, what? Why are you pouting big baby boo?" he mocked playfully. Honestly I couldn't care about flying right now. I was irritated at him because I didn't want to keep doing this now. My days have been filled with Dragon Training, flying, and trying not to have a heart attack from whatever new threat that goes after my mate. I just needed a break. "Hey!" he called again, grabbing my arm. My frustration with him was high, and sadly for the second time today, I let my emotions get to me. I pinned him down and kissed him furiously. This time I wasn't blind to my actions.

"L..Love, what…"

"You frustrate me, you know that?" I paused to ask him. I made sure my look wasn't anywhere but on him.

"Toothless…" he asked warily, but I put a finger to his lips.

"Relax, I'm still me"

"Can't blame me, can you?"

I shook my head. "Not in the slightest". He huffed.

And this time, pulled my head down.

Author's Note: I know this one lacked more of the storyline, but was a fun idea I came up with. Hope you enjoy and comment if you want more!