The Forbidden Forest

There was a rustling up ahead in the bushes, Cutter tensed not knowing what might appear, Becker raised the crossbow he'd been able to borrow from Hagrid admittedly it was a little oversized but still serviceable. Hagrid had assured them nothing in the forest would hurt them while he was around but that made no difference to the team they had seen to much to believe in their own safety. Out from the bushes emerged on long hairy leg followed shortly by three others, and a large fanged face with eight eyes. Becker aimed the borrowed crossbow and prepared to shoot, "Don't shoot!" yelled Hagrid, "It's just one of Aragogs, he's an acromantula, they won't harm ya when you're with me."

Cutter glanced at Hagrid and nodded at Becker to lower his weapon, "If I didn't know better," cut in Connor, "I'd say that was from the Carboniferous Period. I didn't think spiders could get that large anymore."

"Thats just a wee one actually the adults are about as big as you lot, what do you mean not supposed to get that big? Of course an Acromantulas gonna get extra large." Hagrid turned to the spider, "Go on and tell Aragog and your siblings that these humans are off limits."

Cutter looked perplexed as the spider shuffled off into the distance, "Hagrid, did that spider just respond to your commands?"

"Aye Acromantulas are right smart, and deadly if you're not careful."

Cutter took in a deep breath and exhaled, "So you're telling me that, there are giant sentient spiders living in these woods? What else can we expect to see?"

"Well Just about everything you'd find in yer typical magical forest, trolls, unicorns, a pack of werewolf pups. As well as my Thestral herd and Fluffy of course. There are also the centaurs but we probably won't be seeing them seeing as they are not fans of humans."

Connor looked like he was about to explode from excitement, Cutter shot him a glance telling Connor to shut up. Cutter wished more and more that he'd left Connor with Abby back at the hut. He turned back to Hagrid and asked, "What's Fluffy."

Hagrid smiled and said, "Oh he's a beautiful creature, Three headed dog, absolutely a sweetheart."

Cutter began to question the standards by which hagrid considered things friendly but he didn't have time to question it for long. Off in the distance he heard the long low call of the creature, "Is that what you heard before?" he asked Hagrid.

"Aye thats what I heard, damn spooky if ya ask me."

Connor piped in, "It almost sounds like a whale."

Cutter looked over at him and smiled, "I don't think we're in any real trouble hereif thats what I think it is." He took off in the direction of the sound and shortly began to hear cracking branches and low rumbles. He stepped out into a clearing and froze the others stopping behind him.

Becker raised his crossbow, but Cutter put out his hand signaling for him to lower his weapon. "Blimey, that the biggest creature I've ever seen. We had some dragons here earlier this year but even they seem small next to this one."

Cutter smiled, it was even more beautiful than he could have imagined. It had a long slender neck topped with a small delicate head, its long graceful tail ended in a whip. It had a large body and column like legs. When it noticed them it reared back on its hind legs and let out a long low cry. From behind its legs stepped a baby. "Hagrid kneel down, it see you as a threat," he whispered. Hagrid knelt down and the creature lowered itself back to the ground the earth trembling slightly from its impact. It turned and began stripping the surrounding foliage of leaves, its young gathering up whatever fell to the ground.

Hagrid stood up slowly and reached into a nearby tree and stepped slowly towards the creature. He whispered back, "It's beautiful innit." He raised the branches he had removed from the tree towards the creature which turned its graceful neck to look at him before cautiously taking ahold of the branches and striping them of leaves. Hagrid stepped even closer only just coming up to the shoulder of the magnificent beast.

Connor said to Cutter, "Is it a diplodocus? That would fit in with the Rhamphorynchus we found."

Cutter nodded at Connor, "Close I believe its actually a Barosaurus, the diplodocus' longer cousin. They watched in aw as Hagrid interacted with the creature until the silent eating of the BArosaurus was interrupted by a nearby hooting noise. It was just audible above the ambience of the forest, and was followed by a snorting in the brush just behind them. The forest went silent, as they waited for it to pounce. Becker raised his crossbow aiming where the sound came from when the noise of the forest returned and the menace that had seemed to float in the air had vanished. Cutter was the first one to speak, "I think that the Barosaurs may not be the only thing that came through."

Hagrids Hut

Abby had been left behind to keep an eye on Herbie, although he seemed to just want to be left alone. Something Abby was happy to do, Fang However Hagrids hound however was something else he demanded her attention wagging his tail the whole time. She had been there for about an hour when she heard a knock at the door and a voice call out, "Hagrid it's us let us in." She walked to the door and swung it open, to nothing there was nobody there. "Hello?" she called into the night, she heard a shuffling of feet and then from behind her she heard a female voice say, "You can close the door now." Abby closed the door and turned to see three teens standing there. "Where did you come from?" Abby asked.

A boy with glasses dark hair and a lightning scar on his forehead stepped forward, "From the castle, What are you doing in Hagrids hut?"

Abby frowned at him, "Don't tell me you're students. You've got to get back to the castle its not safe out." As soon as she had said this, Fangt stared at the door and growled, they heard a sniffing sound and low hoot, that retreated af6ter a few moments. "On second thought you'd best stay here. Who are you anyway?"

The black haired boy said, "I'm Harry Potter."

The redhead chimed up, "I'm Ronald Weasley."

The girl spoke last, "And I'm Hermione Granger, it's a pleasure to meet you," she extended her hand and continued, "And you are?"

Before Abby could respond the door opened and Hagrid exclaimed, "Harry what are you doing out of bed this late, ya bloody well know it's not safe!"