Chapter 4

"I know Hagrid but we wanted to know whats going! The strange noises from the forest these Ministry officials we just want to know Hagrid." Harry Stared at Hagrid knowing what was coming next, he was surprised when one the officials, who were strangely dressed for wizards anyways, stepped forward.

"I'm Nick Cutter, and these are my friends. We are not from the Ministry, but we also can't tell you why we're here." Cutter looked over at Hagrid, "I don't think its safe for them to go back to the castle on their own, will you take them back? Me and Becker will patrol the edge of the forest, I think we'll be safe enough now that Becker is armed."

Hagrid frowned, "I'm not sure thats wise Cutter, there a lot in the forest ye don't know about, and some of it couldn't care less about a measly crossbow."

Cutter smiled, "I'm sure it'll be fine, you can join us once you've returned these students to the castle."

Hagrids frown deepened, but he nodded his head, "Alright you lot, lets get a move on."

Hagrid stepped toward the door and opened it for the students ushering them out and following them into the night.

Cutter turned to Becker, "Well lets get going we want to watch and make sure nothing comes out of the forest."

Becker nodded at Connor and Abby, "What about those two?"

"I want the two of you to stay here and watch Herbie and wait for Hagrid, Understood?"

Connor looked like he was about to complain he opened his mouth to speak but before any words could get out Abby stomped on his foot, She then replied for both of them, "Understood."

Edge of the Forest

There wasn't a single noise to be head except for the rustling of the small bipeds feet on the grass, they talked quietly among themselves. Too small to be much more than a snack the creature saw something off in the distance that would make an excellent meal for it and its mate.

Cutter turned and stared into the darkness behind him, he thought he'd heard something move, he looked around but could see nothing, "Becker? Take a look around do you see anything?" Becker turned to look squinting into the darkness, he gazed at one spot intently and began to run.

"There's two of them sir and their heading for Hagrid and the kids." BEcker chased after the bests knowing he would not be able to catch them in time.

Hagrid turned just in time to see the beast charge him its jaws gaping wide, he threw out his arm barely pushing it aside before it could grab hold of him, the creature3 was massive as tall as Hagrid it lashed out at him catching and tearing his coat. The second on ran forward grabbing ahold of Hagrids other hand. Harry threw off the invisibility cloak and pointed his wand at the Monster and shouted, "Stupefy!"

The creature released its hold on Hagrid and shook its head dazed. But turned to renew its attack its partner still attacking Hagrid. Blood flowed from Hagrids arms but he had so far managed to keep them of his neck. Just then Becker came within range and fire his Crossbow at the creatures, striking one in the eye. It gave a screech and hooted at its partner to signal retreat and they ran back to the forest.

Cutter ran up, "Is everybody ok?" He looked over at hagrid and saw the blood dripping from his arms, "We need to get you to the hospital now."

Harry spoke up first, "We'll take him!"

Cutter nodded, "Get a move on then, could one of you show me where the Headmasters office is I think we need to speak."

Ron looked at his friends, a wordless conversation happened between them, and slowly he raised his hand, "I'll take you to Professor Mcgonagall, she can show you where Dumbledores office is."

Cutter nodded then turned to Becker, I want you to return to the hut get the others and return to the castle."

Becker eyed him, "What were they sir?"

Cutter shook his head, "A large theropod, I can't say anything more for certain." With that they all took off in their own directions.

As Harry and Hermione walked with Hagrid Hermione leaned in close to Harry and whispered, "Those were dinosaurs Harry, I don't know how, but those were dinosaurs."

Hagrid grunted as they walked up the stairs to the Hospital Wing. When they arrived Harry woke Madame Pomfrey, She came out and gasped, "Hagrid! What did this to you?"

"I don't know what it was Poppy but it's a right bit fiercer than anything we have in the woods."

MAdame Pomfrey Immediately set about healing Hagrids wounds insisting he spend the night there in the hospital wing, she waved her wand and brought several beds together insisting Hagrid lay down and get some rest. Just then Professor Mcgonagall stormed into the hospital wing with ron on her heals.

"Just what do you think you were doing out of bed at this hour of the night! 50 points from Gryfindor each! Now off to bed I must speak with Madame Pomfrey." Harry opened his mouth to protest but Professor Mcgonagall gave a glare and said, "We will speak in the morning Potter."

Dumbledores Office

Dumbledore sat calmly behind his desk as Cutter strode in he gestured at a bowl sitting on the table next to Cutter, "Would you like a lemon drop."

Cutter grimaced, "This is hardly the time Professor. One of your staff has been attacked on the grounds."

Dumbledore nodded sagely, "I am aware Nick but it is at times like this we all require a bit of sweetness in our lives. I know what you are going to ask and my answer is no I will not close the grounds and confine my students to the castle."

"But Professor surely the safety of your students matters, and the creatures that have come through the anomaly pose a definite risk to their safety."

"Yes but I see no evidence that the creatures will attack during the day, I am willing however to up the security during the night to ensure that no else is harmed."

Cutter stared at Dumbledore, "Its not enough."

Dumbledore raised his hand to stop Cutter from going further, "I feel rather differently on the matter Nick, and I will ask you to respect my decision. As it currently stands I believe we have nothing else to discuss, I will see you in the morning."