Author Notes: I come up with this idea years ago, and though I would write it down so I hope you enjoy. I had another idea for an opening chapter for ages but I think this one works better. I know this chapter is short but they will get longer.
Author Notes July 2017: I redid this chapter hope you enjoy

Im not going in to detail into the causes of the Kanto war, but little bits of information will cone up.

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The Legend of the Pokemon Guardians

Chapter One
The Kanto War - Surprising Find

"I've been called to fight."

Delia Ketchum, and Professor Samuel Oak looked up at Spencer, they were carrying out research in fields just outside Pallet Town.

"What do you mean?" Asked Delia, she knew what her childhood firend ment."I though you didn't have to fight? I thought you were safe."

Spencer didn't look at her "I've got the letter this morning, I've got two weeks before..." His voice trailed off

"...You can't go, we need you here." said Delia stubbornly.

Spencer paused, but when he spoken he sounded more confident "I have to go, it's not right all the other men are fighting and I'm staying here... I have to protect my home, my friends."

"We'll miss you when you go Spencer." said Professor Oak. He was going to say something else when there was an rushing in the brushes near by "Now, what could that be?" He asked.

Professor Oak walked closer to the sound, to his surprised a small black haired child tumble out of the brushes. He was small around two or three years old - the same age as his grandson. He was wearing yellow boots coved in mud, under an dark blue clock he worn green shorts and orange top. The child stood up he looked at the three adults with wide eyes, the boy took an step backwards - looking unsure.

Delia was first to reacted to the small boy "Hey there, what's your name?"

The child just looked at her for an moment, then look back to the brush. "Sat... Ash, My name is Ash."