Chapter Six – More Questions

Then – in the middle of nowhere

"When are you going to stop being so reckless?" asked Misty angrily. "You're lucky you haven't broken any bones – or worst…."

Ash wasn't fazed by Misty anger weather it braveness or foolishness, Brock didn't know. "So you're saying I shouldn't have help that Pokémon?" question Ash at once.

"Of course not," snapped Misty her temper growing by the second "I am saying you need to think more. How many times have you almost drowned? How many times have you fallen from great heights?

Ash shrugged "I don't know…I guess I have lost count,"

"That's my point – you can't remember how many times you have gotten yourself in these situations. Can't you see why I am angry?"

Ash didn't seem to see. With Pokémon he was one track minded "What do you want me to say? It won't happen again? I can't say that – I won't. If a Pokémon needs help I am going to help it – no matter what…"

Misty looked ready to slap Ash when Brock spoke up before that could happen. He hated it when his friends fought. And the problem with Ash and Misty was that they were as stubborn as each other and seem to wind each other up all the time. "You guys you both need to chill." He said "That's enough…."

"No it's not enough," said Misty she turn to Ash "One day you are going to get yourself in a situation where you can't get out of and me and Brock won't been there to help you…."

Present Day: Pallet Town

Delia didn't seem surprised to see Misty and Brock, "I guess you have questions," she said letting them in "I'll phone Sam to come over here too…Make yourself at home…" Delia look older than when they last saw her

Soon Professor Oak was there and they all sat in the living room, "Is what Gary told us true?" asked Misty breaking the silence. They was no point wasting time with small talk.

Delia nodded her head and Misty could see the stubbiness and sadness in her eyes. "I should of told Ash the truth years go," she said "I know that – but….it was hard enough to keep him safe with his curious natural and his habit of finding trouble in an empty room. I did what I thought was best…"

"What do you know about his past?" asked Brock

"He had two names when we first meet him. Ash was what he called himself – he wouldn't tell us he real name," said Delia "He was part of a secret organization – and they didn't want Ash there no more….they wanted him to leave….this was during the war….."

"There was a man who was badly injury appeared the same time as Ash did," said Professor Oak "He was from the same organization as Ash – he died the next day…."

"What was his connection to Ash?" asked Brock "What he his father?"

"Ash saw him as a father figure - but the DNA results told put he was no related to Ash at all," said professor Oak he paused "We have no idea who Ash's real parents were – and this was during the war so they could have been hundreds of reason behind Ash's birth and why he was in this organization." Professor signed to himself "And they might be reasons that could put Ash in harm…."

They was a long paused for a moment "Gary said Giovanna come looking for Ash?" said Brock

"That a complex story on its own," said Delia looking more upset than before "Giovanna was looking for someone – weather it was Ash or not who can say, I didn't have a choice but to lie – I knew Giovanna well once upon a time and he is only trouble. Ash picked up on the lie quickly called me Mom….and he never stopped…"

"And team rocket?"

"Maybe they were keeping an eye on him maybe not," said Delia "Who knows, but if Giovanna knows Ash is my son he wouldn't harm him….."

Misty frowned "How do you know Giovanna?" she asked. Delia was the last person she would link to a person like Giovanna.

"Like I said that's another complex story," said Delia shortly and it was velar she wasn't going to explain anymore and Misty didn't want to press it too much – unless it was link to Ash it wasn't important at the moment.

"Why didn't you tell this to Jenny?" asked Brock "It could help find Ash…"

"Or this could put him in more danger," said Professor Oak "What we did….was against the law, but what we did was to keep him safe. We did what we though was best. And we could have saved his life"

"Do you think this is linked to him going missing?" Asked Brock sounding almost hopeful that Ash was still alive. "Do you think he is there?"

"I hope so," said Delia "Because if he is not there….then I don't know where he could be…"

Now – Secret Location

Ash put on his gloves and put on a mask and pulled up his hood hiding his face, "What do you think?" he asked Pikachu

"Pikachu," said Pikachu

"Let's rescue Mew," said Ash he signed, he was going close to home and he wanted deeply to go back but he knew he couldn't not now. If he went back it would cause more trouble than what it was worth.

"Pika Pi," said Pikachu patting Ash on the arm like he knew what Ash was thinking.

"Do you they will understand what we are doing?" he asked. Pikachu nodded his head. "I hope so…." Ash closed his eyes "Better not think about home to much – we have to focus on Mew…." Ash try not to think about home or his mom he knew she would be worried, he would write a letter but he didn't know if that would help or not. "When we get back…. We will ask again….about everything….." said Ash "We have to get answers to our questions….."