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American Loaded Dragon: Jake Long

Chapter 1: Telling the Truth

The year was 1986. Teenage boy Jonathan Long felt like his life was so good it couldn't (and didn't need to) become any better. He had a steady girlfriend; his Dad's investments in computer companies were bringing enough profits he didn't need to worry over monetary issues. He thought nothing could shake him. What he didn't know was how her girlfriend's father was reacting to that.


"Susan, I have bad news regarding your boyfriend." Lao Shi sadly told his daughter.

"Bad?" Fu Dog asked in confusion. "What's wrong with having lots of dough?"

"The 'dough' itself is no problem, Fu." Lao Shi explained while glaring at his canine companion. "It's the fame it's bringing the Longs. We cannot have this kind of attention among humans. It might compromise our secrecy."

Susan was sad. "Does that mean I'll have to dump my boyfriend because he's rich?"

"Not necessarily, Susan." Lao Shi calmly replied. "The Dragon Council offered an option: we can reveal our secret and ask him to make sure we and the kids you and he will have in the future will never appear in human media. If he understands, fine."

"Good." Susan was relieved. "I was already thinking about leaving a letter at his locker telling our secret…"

"No letters, Susan." Lao Shi interrupted her. "We must have him come here and tell the secret in person. In that case, if he doesn't understand, we can erase his memory."

One day later, Susan was bringing Jonathan to Canal Street Electronics to meet her father. "Susan, are you sure it's a good idea?" Jonathan asked. "What if your old man doesn't like me?"

"His main concern is if you'll accept our family secret or not." Susan answered with worry. "His acceptance of our relationship depends on that."

"You're not part of any triads, are you?" Jonathan asked. The way she sounded gave that impression.

"No, Jonathan!" She was shocked that he'd think that and wondering if triads would be worse than the truth.

At the electronics shop, Lao Shi made introductions. "Nice to meet you, daughter's boyfriend. My name is Luong Lao Shi and this is my dog Fu Dog."

"Nice to meet the both of you." Jonathan replied. He was a bit unnerved at being called 'daughter's boyfriend'.

"I feel the same, John." Fu Dog replied, surprising Jonathan. "I may call you John, right?"

"Susan, was all of this because your Dad is ashamed of being a ventriloquist?" Jonathan asked think that was the case.

"I am not a ventriloquist!" Lao Shi angrily exclaimed.

"Then how did you make it seem like your dog could talk?" Jonathan asked.

"I didn't." Lao Shi answered. "Fu Dog can talk. He's a magical dog."

"Do you really expect me to believe that?" Jonathan asked out of skepticism.

Lao Shi then turned himself into a dragon. "You!" Jonathan was scared and then turned his attention to Susan. "Do… you… also?"

"It skipped my generation." She quickly said in hopes that it'd diminish his recently acquired fear of her.

"So, you telling me means the relationship is about to go a new level, right?" Jonathan meekly asked.

"Daughter's boyfriend, ever since ancient times, dragons have been responsible for keeping the balance between Human and Magical Worlds." Lao Shi explains. "Part of our job requires that we keep our identities a secret. Because of that, I'll only consent to your involvement to my daughter if proper precautions are taken to make sure the fame your father's wealth brings isn't going to compromise our secrecy."

End prologue.