Chapter 28: Rotwood Looks for a New Job


Transition to the Second Season

Professor Hans Rotwood was a disgraced man. Ever since his mentor Sigmund Brock introduced him to the Magical World, he destroyed his life trying to prove that magical creatures existed. For a long time, he couldn't get any job better than being a mythology teacher at some middle school and had to tell his students to refer to him as a "Professor" since nobody would call him that otherwise.

Things turned even worse when they seemed to turn better. Thanks to two students interested on the reward he offered, he finally had living proof that magical creatures existed: a living dragon. Unfortunately, when Rotwood was about to expose it, the cage instead contained one of his other students. Instead of the fame and fortune he (believed he) deserved, Rotwood faced jail time and lost his teaching job forever.

Needing a way to sustain himself until he finally had his big break, he took whatever job he could. His search for a new job eventually led him and the dragon to cross paths again when his former students went to the ski lodge where he found a job. Unfortunately, his attempt to unmask the dragon caused him to lose another job and become only one step away from a billionaire's blacklist.

Eventually, Rotwood got another new job at a construction site. It was dangerously close to the school where he used to teach but he somehow managed to resist the temptation. Unfortunately, that very same night, some dragons took their fight to the construction site and telling people the damages were caused by dragons went as well as expected. The billionaire now finally blacklisted him and he couldn't hope to find jobs anywhere that belonged to Long Enterprises.

There were other places where one could get a job but it still wasn't easy.

At the restaurant:

"You're too late." A chef told him. "We already hired a new dishwasher."

"What about a food taster?" Rotwood asked and the chef slammed the door on his face.

At the amusement park:

"Hey! You're that crazy guy who caged a kid under the belief that kid's a dragon! Go away!"

At the bank:

"We don't hire wackos here." The bank manager said.

"Do you know someone who does?" Rotwood meekly asked.

"Get out!" The manager ordered.

At Millard Fillmore Middle School:

"Don't even try." A security guard told him.

At the museum:

"Rotwood, there's only one job opening here." The curator said.

"Assistant curator?" Rotwood hopefully asked.


Rotwood was wearing a janitor uniform. "Do a decent job for a change." The curator said and then muttered "Hopefully Mr. Long doesn't rescind the donation over it."

Eventually, Millard Fillmore Middle School students went there for a field trip and Rotwood decided to annoy them with a rant against them causing trouble only to accidentally knock over a statue's head. "Nobody saw anything." He said.

The End.

Author's Note: The consequences of Rotwood's blunder happen as in canon with so few differences I won't write a chapter about it.

Author's Note 2: Originally, I intended to write both seasons into one fic but, given some security issues regarding FFN profiles, I'm going to write Season 2 into a separate fanfic and will likely publish it on deviantart.