"This chakra." Minato Uzumaki, son of Naruto and Sakura Uzumaki. gasped holding his chest and breathing heavily. He looked over to the young Itachi Uchiha. "I can barely breathe with it."

"I know." Itachi, son of Sasuke Uchiha, and Hinata Hyuuga breathed out. "I don't know if we can outrun it."

Minato grabbed Itachi's shoulders. "We are genin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves." His green eyes boring into Itachi's black ones. "We were trained for this."

"But she's jonin level." Itachi said. "How are we supposed to outrun her?"

Minato looked behind himself where he felt the angry chakra coming from. "I don't know." He said. "But we have to try."

Itachi nodded as the two continued to jump through the trees. Minato felt a tug on his ankle then felt his entire world get turned upside down as he was lifted into the air dangling from his leg. "Run save yourself!" He screamed struggling with the rope.

"Not a chance." Itachi said throwing a kunai at the rope cutting it and freeing Minato who flipped and landed on his feet. "You ok?"

"We don't have time!" Minato screamed as he started running again. "She's almost here."

Itachi looked back and could see their pursuer feeling his heart skip he turned around and began to run after his blond friend. "She's right behind us!" He screamed.

"I know." Minato said gritting his teeth. He looked up as he saw another person land on a branch in front of them. "Kakashi Sensei, thank Kami!" He exclaimed running up to the jonin sensei.

"We're saved!" Itachi shouted landing beside the jonin.

"What have you done?" Kakashi asked with a look of horror in his eyes.

"We can't talk right now, she's coming!" Minato shouted pointing towards their pursuer.

Kakashi nodded and in the blink of an eye grabbed both genin in a head lock. "You have to pay for what you've done!"

"Let us go." Itachi said trying to free himself.

Their pursuer landed in front of them looking down at the boys with anger filled eyes. "You too are going to pay."

"What did they do Sakura?" Kakashi asked looking at the pink haired doctor.

"You want to know what they did?" Sakura asked. "Let me show you what your students did."

"If I take the heat for this you two will be training with Rock Lee." Kakashi whispered to the boys in his arms.


Kakashi stood in the Hyuuga district and saw that for some reason everyone had black out sunglasses on. "Is that all?" He asked looking around. "They gave them all sunglasses?"

"There they are!" Neji shouted storming over to the boys.

"Neji why are you holding a white cane?" Kakashi asked pointing to the cane in Neji's hand.

"They glued the canes and glasses to everyone in the compound!" The jonin commander shouted.

Kakashi had to stifle his laugh under the glares from Sakura and Neji. "How did they even get in here?"

"We don't know." Neji said looking at the boys. "How did you do it?"

"Ninjas have to have secrets." Minato said cheekily grinning at the long haired jonin.

Sakura grabbed Minato by the ear. "You just wait until your father hears about this."

Itachi let out a breath of relief. "Oh don't worry." Neji said crossing his arms. "I've already told your mom."

"You what?" Itachi asked terrified.

Kakashi took a few steps away from the scared Uchiha. "Sorry dude, you're on your own."

"She can't be that mad." Itachi tried to reason.

Neji bent down in front of Itachi. "You want a bet?"

"Itachi Uchiha!" Hinata screamed walking over to her son through the gates of the compound followed by Sarada. Both wearing black out shades and holding white canes.

"But we didn't." He started.

"I know." Neji said grinning as his cousin approached her son.

"You are in so much trouble!" She said. "What's the matter with you?" She asked before looking around and seeing that everyone else was wearing the same sun glasses that her and her daughter were wearing. "We're going home right now and you're figuring out how to dissolve this mess!"

She grabbed him by his arm and pulled him away. "I am so sorry Neji." She said.

"Not a problem Lady Hinata." Neji said bowing to the Hyuuga.

After Itachi was pulled away by Hinata and Sarada Kakashi turned to look at Neji. "They didn't glue their faces did they?"

Neji grinned looking ahead.

"You set them up." Kakashi said laughing. "That is amazing!" Kakashi laughed patting the Hyuuga on the back.

"Just wait." Neji said.

"What for?" Kakashi asked when he looked to the gate and saw his mother coming towards him also with glasses and a cane. "When did you?"

"Kakashi Uchiha." Rin stormed up to her son. "What were you thinking, you're a jonin instructor now." Her eyes widened behind the glasses when she looked around and saw that the Hyuuga were in the same predicament as she was. "I'm going to kill you." She said blankly looking at her son.

"I didn't do it." Kakashi pleaded. "It was Minato and Itachi."

"Blaming your genin for a prank that was your idea?" Neji asked. His Byakugan activated. "I can see the glue and plans in your weapons pouch.

"My what?" He asked as his mother walked up and reached into his weapons pouch with her unglued hand pulling out the massive tube and a scroll.

"I can't believe you." She said in shock.

"But I didn't." Kakashi defended.

"So someone just put those in your pouch?" Neji asked.

Rin stopped glaring at her son for a moment and looked at Neji. "Did you do this?" She asked a smirk crossing her face.

Neji chuckled. "It's impossible to fool you Lady Rin." He reached into his pocket and handed her another tube. "That should dissolve the glue."

"Thank you." She said applying the glue to her palm and leaving.

"Oh but you're not angry with him?" Kakashi shouted gesturing to the grinning Hyuuga.

"I'll leave you to handle the rest." Neji said turning around and walking back towards his house.

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