"So what we watching next?"

Yang asks Cloak as she munches on her popcorn.

"I'm still carefully viewing potential worlds." Cloak responds within the walls "I can't just put in any old world. Planning is key."

Yang only partially listens as she continues to eat her snack.

This entire situation was still bizarre to her and what she had just watched did not help. Warrior fighting evil? She can get behind that.

But people transforming into weapons? Souls being eaten. Witches. The Lord of Death. Qrow being Ruby's dad. The moon having a face?!

That was a little too much to process. She grabs a handful of popcorn and shoves it in her mouth as she still thinks. She was always the 'go with the flow' kind of girl. Not knowing what tomorrow would bring was fascinating to her and what she wanted to live for. Nowadays that philosophy has taken a hit.

When she first came to this space, she didn't think that there was anything to worry about. At least nothing she thought she couldn't handle.

But seeing this world, so soon after her fight with… Adam. Has rattled her despite the good laughs she shared. It freaked her out of what she was going to see and so soon after her death match. She doesn't think she can handle seeing something as dark as what she just saw.

Especially when it's her sister fighting that darkness. She quickly takes another handful of her snack and feasts on it to quell her uneasiness.

Luckily no one noticed her inner emotional turmoil, except for their host.

"So she still recovering from her fight with the Faunus?" Cloak ponders "Let's choose a world to appease her worries."

Cloak continues to check through the archive for something suitable. Something far removed from their reality that it's easy to process the danger. Something that isn't too savage. Something that has cuter moments than worse? But still action packed?

He scans the blonde bombshell's mind of what she preferred to watch as a child and discovers a love of monster movies shared between her family.

If anyone of his guests were to see him, they would see a grin on his face.

"I have selected a world for you all."

"Good. Get it started!" Nora exclaims happily as she chows her cotton candy.

"Anything we need to know?" Blake asks the spectre.

"I will explain when necessary but all I will say is that his viewing is the beginning of two worlds crossing paths."

"Well that's not cryptic." Maria huffed in annoyance.

"We're not gonna…?" Jaune stammers before going on "We're not gonna see anything brutal are we?"

Everyone silently agreed with Jaune as no one wants to see another high stressed situation so soon. Just wanting to calm down the original adrenaline from their previous engagement.

They hear a chuckle and tense up. Yang in particular stifles a shake in her arm.

"I can't promise that. This world has its dangers but I promise no death will happen in this recording."

"Fair enough." Qrow shrugs.

"I can live with that." Oscar speaks up but is still nervous.

"Without further ado. Let's begin."

Cloak does his thing and the screen lights up.

We open to the streets of Vale at night and in one apartment complex we see a young boy with blonde hair and orange pyjamas stir in his bed. But the most noticeable thing about was the goggles around his neck.

He slowly wakes up and reveals tired lavender eyes as he crawls to his bed's ladder and starts to climb down, almost falling by missing a step.

The blonde walks to the bathroom and a few moments later, he comes out still tired and drowsy, walking past a black and white Corgi and almost went into his room until he noticed a light coming from the opposite room.

He sees a young girl with wolf pyjamas and a whistle dangling around her neck. Staring at a computer screen with her silver eyes widened in awe.

"Ruby what are you doing in here?" the boy asked "You know you're not supposed to be playing with the computer."

"But it's doing something weird, Yang."

Yang spits out her popcorn and stands with a bewildered look on her face.

"That kid is me?!"

Everyone was surprised at seeing a young male version of the buxom blonde.

"Why is Ruby herself and I'm…! What?" Yang sputters with her eyes still on the screen.

"I mean. Cloak did say we were seeing different version of ourselves." Weiss offers her teammate comfort "I assume that means that some of us will be physically...different?"

"Correct. Ms Schnee. Some changes even transcend gender."

"What do you mean by that?" Jaune asks.

"Every universe is different. Some of you may be of different gender. Race. Planets. So be prepared for those changes."

Everyone think they shouldn't be surprised by this revelation but it does get their gears turning. Some were excited at seeing changes to themselves. Some were still adjusting.

"Well I gotta say kiddo." Qrow rubs the back of his neck "You certainly now take after your old man."

Yang pouts.

"…my name isn't even different." she grumbles out.

"Come on sis." Ruby tries to cheer her sister up "Isn't it exciting to see something this amazing. I mean when do we get a chance to see how'd we look as a man?"

"That's no man. That's a pipsqueak!" Yang complains and isn't impressed with her onscreen counterpart "And why is he wearing goggles?"

"Come on Yang." Blake consoles her partner "It's not so bad."

"It isn't?" Yang faces the cat eared girl.

"No. I mean you kind of look…adorable. As a male kid."

This makes Yang lightly blush and smile in appreciation. Something Blake returns.


"Now that that's settled. Let's get on with it!" Maria exclaims, knocking the two girls out of their stupor.

The boy now known as Yang walks a bit closer and widens his eyes to see a wireframe of an egg on the screen.

Just then the egg slowly emerges from the screen, glowing with a red aura making the two children stare in shock and amazement of what was happening in front of them.

"…what's going on?" Ruby asks no one in particular.

"I think the computer is laying an egg." Nora nonchalantly answers, not even fazed by the situation.

"We see that Nora." Ren points out "But how is it doing that?"

"Maybe, if we shut our traps and pay attention. We can find out!" Maria snaps at the green clad ninja and by extension the entire room.

Everyone shut up as to not anger the senior Huntress.

Yang is back in his bed, half-awake before his father yells his name.

"Yang. Wake up." his father, Taiyang calls for him "I'm going grocery shopping."

Yang starts to crawl and go down the ladder.

"What a weird dream?" he muses "A computer egg? I have to stop watching scary movies before I go to bed."

Yang once again, misses his step and almost falls down.

"Take care of your sister."

Yang hears his father say and the door about to close which wakes himself up completely.

"But Dad, I was gonna play soccer with my friends." Yang whines but his had already father left.

This display of father and son made Yang reminisce about her early childhood and how it mainly involved looking after her younger sister.

Something she was happy to do and will continue to do so. But after Summer's death, it felt that she was the only capable one to do it. Her dad was too depressed to even look at them and Qrow was always away on missions. Even as her dad got better and became a suitable father, she never really forgot his treatment of her during her formative years.

While she wasn't angry at him, it still brought up hurtful memories at seeing something so similar onscreen. Having to abandon what she wanted to do and take care of her sister.

Qrow takes a glance at Yang and knows what she's thinking. He and Tai had always suspected that Yang was angry at them for not having their stuff together when she needed them too. But she never spoke up about it and grew up to be a stunning young woman despite the baggage.

The scythe master makes a mental note to get together with Tai and have an honest talk and apologise to their family. For letting the darkness of their lives affect their duties as adults.

The blonde boy huffs and turns to see his sister and was taken aback by her holding an egg?

"The egg's real?!"

After some time, we see Yang, dressed up and wearing his iconic goggled, cooking actual eggs. With a drowsy Ruby on her high chair clutching the computer egg. Despite her tired state, she still sucked on her whistle.

"I bet you, this will taste a lot better than your egg."

Ruby lazily blew her whistle in response.

Yang is done cooking the eggs and goes over to place it next to Ruby.

"Hey I know what we can do. Let's use it as a soccer ball."

Ruby whistled again, now fully alert.

"Your right, it probably wouldn't bounce that high."

"Geez sis. I know you weren't exactly a social butterfly as a kid but this is taking it to the next level." Yang teased her sister.

"Yaaang." Ruby drawled out in annoyance.

Everyone ignores the sister's banter and focus on the egg. Wondering what it is and how it came to be?

Yang goes back to the stove and Ruby went to reach for her mug but dropped the egg in the process. She frantically tries to search for it on her person and then checks under the table but only sees Zwei enjoying his dog food.

"If anybody asks where that weird looking egg came from, let's say our chicken coop is on a nuclear waste dump."

Yang was talking aloud and didn't notice the egg rolling next to him and ricochet off his leg as he was getting down from his chair.

"Boy, the rest of the kids are going to be jealous of us this Easter."

Ruby was still trying to look for the egg and managed to find it when it rolled into a wall.

The toddler got down from her chair and tried to pick up the egg but it rolled away from her and she gave chase.

"Ruby where'd you go?"

Her brother called out for her but Ruby followed the egg into her room but stopped in surprise. Her whistle popping out of her mouth, witnessing the egg standing up on its own.

"Is the egg? Sentient?" Weiss voiced her confusion of seeing the egg roll around on its own.

"The egg came out of a computer." Qrow punctuates "Definitely not a normal egg."

The sober Huntsman stares at the screen intently. Mind racing of how the egg could bring harm to his alternate niece and nephew.

Yang soon follows and he is too taken aback by the egg's position. They both stand in shock as they watch the egg start to slowly hatch.

"It's alive!" the blonde boy nervously exclaims and the egg soon hatches and reveals an unknown creature.

It was small, fuzzy and black with big yellow eyes and cat-like ears.

Everyone is taken aback by the creature that was hatched. It not being recognised by anyone in the room.

"Is that a Grimm?" Ruby asks, the black fur reminding her of the creatures of darkness.

"I don't think so sis." Yang replies but with a look of confusion.

"Then what is it?" Oscar is also at a stump even with all the memories of Ozma's long life. He doesn't have a clue what had just hatched.

"Whatever it is? It's adorable!" Nora swoons at the small creature and everyone else could admit the creature looked cute.

In fact, Weiss was doing her best not to freak out and fights off the urge to cuddle the creature.

"Kind of looks like Botamochi?" Ren contemplates.

The creature in question stares at the children before it lunges at Yang's face and attaches itself to him. Yang struggles to get the creature off him as Ruby laughs at the situation with childlike glee. He manages to yank the small creature off of him, but it then proceeds to race around the room before taking refuge underneath the bunkbed.

Ruby crawls after it as Yang recuperates warning her to stay away before joining her.

"Way to have my back Ruby!" Yang snaps at her sister.

"Hey. That's not me." Ruby defends "Besides the poor thing probably scared of its new surroundings."

"It isn't uncommon that some new-born animals will react poorly after being born." Oscar weighs in, drawing from his experience as a farmhand.

"Then why didn't it attack Ruby." Yang demands, glaring at the former farmhand.

Oscar sheepishly looks away, not wanting to aggravate the blonde brawler again.

They both once more stare at the unknown creature, it growling in their presence. Yang also matches the creature's stare of contempt with his own before taking off his goggles and throwing them at the small being.

They connect, stunning it but it then attacks back by blowing bubbles, which knocks Yang back into the wall.

The room is filled with hollers of laughter and chuckles from everyone except Yang.

"Did you just get beaten? By that little thing blowing bubbles?" Jaune teases his fellow blonde but got a red eyed glare as a response.

He doesn't care, seeing this a retribution for being embarrassed by her from the first time they were here.

"Say what you want. But the tyke had it coming by throwing headgear at a small defenceless creature." Maria chastises, biting down her boisterous laughter.

"I wouldn't call it defenceless." Yang says through gritted teeth.

"Still. I'm wondering what creature this is?" Weiss ponders "It doesn't look like any animal on Remnant, it doesn't look like a Grimm and it came from a computer? What even is it?"

"Do you think it's it a threat?" Nora asks the former heiress.

"We just need to think of all the possibilities. I mean it is hostile and isn't afraid to attack."

Weiss's words hang in the room for a bit and makes everyone think for a moment.

"Only way to know, is to keep watching." Ren calmly says.

This however doesn't deter Ruby as she still stares at the creature which begins to hum. The silver eyed girl blows her whistle in response and they both carry a conversation in this manner.

During this, the creature blew bubbles again but gently as Ruby happily laughs. Her brother watching this exchange in bewilderment as he observes the bubbles, some floating out the open window and into the street.

Seeing the onscreen Ruby and little creature play with each other happily, warms everyone's hearts. A true display of child innocence and bliss.

"Don't think it's hostile anymore?" Nora deduces with a grin.

"Guess all the thing needed was an open hand." Maria considers.

Meanwhile Ruby, Weiss and after a bit Yang coo at the sight of adorableness. The latter being reminded of her sister growing up and how she acted with Zwei when he came along.

The creature has now calmed down from his hostile state and comes out from under the bed in Ruby's arm. In time Ruby starts to feed the creature candy bars as Yang looks on in contempt.

"Now that it's here, how do we get rid of it?"

Ruby whistles no as she clings to the creature.

"We can't keep it!"

She whistles in response.

"Where's it gonna sleep?"

She whistles.

"Oh no! Not in my bed."


"Fine then it sleeps on the couch!"

This surprises Ruby with her brother's acceptance of the creature. Expecting to fight him a lot more for the creature's being.

"Guess we just have to tell Dad it's a throw pillow."

"So are we ever gonna hear me speak?" Ruby asks, confused at using a whistle to communicate.

"Don't know?" Yang answers honestly "I more surprised I can understand your whistling."

"Must be a sibling thing." Nora again deduces.

Just then, they both hear a phone ring and Yang races off to get answer leaving Ruby hugging the creature. He picks up the phone and answers but retracts when he hears the audio glitch and can't make out the other end. He puts the phone down and walks back to his room confused.

Nobody really thought anything of the phone glitch but just thought the machine was weird in its design.

"Is that some sort of communication device?" Weiss sceptically asks before a light shone from her hand and left behind a note.


The blunt answer was good enough for everyone but took the former heiress a moment to digest.

"That's weird? All the electronic stuff in the house is going nuts?" Yang ponders before jumping in shock when he looks at his sister "Ruby, look out!"

Ruby is still hugging the creature but is surprised to see that it has changed shape and appearance. It was now pink, grew a mouth with pointy teeth, had big red eyes and floppy ears.


The audience of Huntsman and Huntresses recoil in bewilderment at seeing a different creature from the small fur ball.

"How did it?!" Weiss sputters.

"Wasn't it?!" Blake also sputters.

"What just happened?!" Yang exclaims.

But no one was able to think of a coherent answer and it looks like their mysterious host wasn't going to weigh in so they continued.

"It changed! It got bigger! What did you do?!" Yang rapidly accused Ruby who was still reeling by the change.

"Where are we gonna hide him? What's Dad gonna say when he finds out? It can't any worse."

The now pink creature remedies Yang's worries when he defecates on the floor, innocently unaware of the vulgar act.

"It just got worse."

Everyone looks away in disgust at the creature not being housebroken.

We see Zwei happily pillaging his bowl of food until Ruby walks up and grabs it, leaving the corgi confused.

We then see the ball shaped creature jumping up and down with a smile as Yang counts the amount with a stern face.

She walks in and sets the food down while Yang grumpily remarks about the creature who looks ravenous at the face of food.

"No other me!" Ruby shouts "That's Zwei's food!"

"I don't look the look on its face." Qrow says, studying the creatures face.

The creature then looks up at the children and rockets himself to Ruby's face and attaches himself. He then starts to mooch her face but Yang angrily starts to yank him off hiss young sister, but only gets the creature to start mooching his face.

Ruby squeals at her and sister's faces being mauled by the creature.

"Get off her!" Yang yells with red eyes "Get off me!"

"What is this thing?!" Qrow roars with righteous fury.

He finally manages to detach himself from the long eared creature and throws him across the room. The blonde boy then grabs his still dazed sister and tries to protect her from the small being who start to rapidly eat the dog food.

"Alright I had enough, he's outta here!"

It was then that Zwei appears and locks eyes with the small creature before attacking him for eating his food.

Yang quickly springs into action and tries to hold Zwei back while Ruby defensively guards the pink creature which sobs from the pain. Zwei manages to escape Yang's grip and then races to claw the now terrified creature, leaving a mark.

With his work now done, Zwei leaves the room with his bowl as Ruby shuts the door. She looks at her brother and the creature with worry as they nurse their injured pride.

"We don't make much of a team now do we?"

The audience wince at the scuffle and the resulting damage.

"Didn't know the dog could be so savage?" Qrow whispers in surprise.

"Neither did we?" Ruby whispers in response.

She hoped that her Zwei wasn't this aggressive when his food was taken.

Some time passes after the incident and Taiyang returns home and starts cooking their dinner.

"Kids. I'm cooking dinner."

His kids are still in their room with the pink creature as Yang guards the door and Ruby cares for the floppy eared beast.

"So do you have a name?"


Ruby talks to her new friend without the use of her whistle, and in turn the now named creature finally does the same.

"Yay I can talk again." Ruby happily yells out before realizing something "Wait! It can talk too?!"

This floored everyone in the room. They thought the creature was strange but was some sort of animal. It ate, it got happy, it got terrified but being capable of speech was something they never expected.

"And his name is Koromon." Blake reiterates with wide eyes. Thankful they got a name they can use instead of calling the creature an 'it' or a 'thing'.

"Odd name?" Jaune states.

Yang is oblivious to the development, distracted by smelling his father's cooking until Ruby calls for him.

"Yang his name is Koromon."

"Whose name?"

"Koromon, what are you anyway?" Ruby asks Koromon.

"I'm a Digimon. Short for Digital Monster. I'm from the Digital World." Koromon bluntly answers.

"How come you talk to him? But only whistle at me?" Yang is stunned by the conversation and walks towards them.

"My name is Ruby. Ruby. And this is my brother Yang. Yang." She introduces herself and brother which doesn't translate well to the Digimon.

"Hi Ruby-Ruby, Yang-Yang!"

"Never mind."

Everyone chuckles at Koromon's exuberance before thinking the question that was on everyone's minds.

What's a Digimon?

"At least we now know what itKoromon is." Weiss corrects herself.

"Yeah but how can Koromon know where he came from?" Ren queried "He was born away from this, Digital World, so how can he know of its existence."

"Well. Digital is in the name. Maybe Koromon retained knowledge due to being made of data?" Oscar explained.

"But how can data live amongst the living?" Weiss questioned which stumped the former farmhand.

Ruby was quiet. The conversation reminding her of a certain android and the topic of artificial life reminded her of her fallen friend.

"Allow me to explain."

Cloak's voice made them snap attention to the disembodied voice.

"In this universe there exists an alternate realm called the Digital World. I won't go into specifics as they are unimportant for this viewing. But the inhabitants, the Digimon, are living packets of data able to think, eat, sleep and fight. Intelligent creatures they are but some can be… savage. Much like your Grimm."

They all take in what their host was saying and were astounded by the existence of the Digital Monsters. Some were shaking off some of the Digimon being evil like the Grimm.

"So some of them can be…evil?" Ruby nervously asks. It was hard to imagine creatures like Koromon to be similar to Grimm. Destructive and monstrous.

"Some Digimon lack mental fortitude and go about life on instinct. Some are even puppets for some of the more…malevolent Digimon."

The room goes quiet again.

"That sounds terrible." Maria bluntly states while eating her cashews.

"Just proves that intelligent life can be dangerous in all worlds." Oscar sagely exposits.

"Some of them could be misguided?" Blake offers.

"So if Koromon is living data, does that explain how it changed shape?" Yang quickly asks, wanting to move past the idea of evil Digimon.

"Digimon have a unique way of growing. Either by their own strength or an outside influence, they Digivolve into higher forms. Changing shape and becoming more powerful."

The room becomes quiet as everyone lets it sink in.

"So does that mean Koromon already…Digivolved?" Blake asks remembering that Koromon was a black slime before.

"He did. Another thing I have to mention is that Digimon have different stages of Digivolution. Botamon was the 'Baby' stage. Koromon is the next stage, being 'In-Training'."

"So does that mean Koromon isn't the last stage?" Jaune, intrigued.

"Not even close. The next stage is called 'Rookie', then 'Champion', next is 'Ultimate' and finally 'Mega'."

"Like levels in a Video Game?" Qrow sceptically asks.

"You can say that."

"Okay! I take everything back. This little dude sounds awesome." Yang ecstatically claims "Just as long as he keeps his mouth to himself."

"I wouldn't be so sure. I mean he's all cute now but what if his other forms aren't so friendly." Qrow explains to his niece, still not trusting the pink balled Digimon.

Unbeknownst to him, Cloak is mentally chuckling at his worries. He lets the viewing play with the Huntsman being none the wiser as the audience pays attention.

Yang is flabbergasted that the digital creature can expertly communicate with them and clumsily kneels down. Koromon is expressing his love for the children as the best friends he ever had, only for Ruby to remind him that they're the only friends he had.

Which makes him start smooching Ruby as thanks like he had done prior.

He gets off and faces Yang and smooches him, as thanks for saving him from Zwei which doesn't remove the dazed look on the blonde boy's face.

"…Just warn me before you… Kiss me again?"


"Let's have a warning for this too."

They all smiled at the declaration of friendship and then look away in disgust at the vulgar act.

It is now nightfall and the city is now quiet and silent, with only rumbles of thunder being heard in the distance. However, nearly all of the electronics are starting to glitch and go haywire throughout the city.

Digital clocks were resetting. Microwaves were short-circuiting. Lights were flickering on and off.

Seeing the different technology was surprising for the audience because of how different they were from their world's. Still, them going berserk was concerning and they knew it wasn't a normal occurrence.

What was going on?

Yang was sleeping, blissfully unaware of what was happening until he was woken up by a whistle.

"I'm awake!"

He wakes up abruptly and finds Ruby sitting at the foot of the bed. She looked worried and signals him to come down to her bed. He does and sees Koromon underneath her blanket, shivering violently and has adopted blank white eyes.

This wakes Yang right up as he asks the sweating Digimon what was wrong. Both kids are scared of what was going on with their friend.

"Oh no. What's happening to Koromon?" Ruby freaks out.

"Is it something to do with the machines going haywire?" Weiss hypothesizes.

"Guy doesn't look so good?" Qrow sincerely worries despite his wariness of the Digimon.

But before they could comprehend what was going on, they start to hear the bed creak and the blanket starting to rise. They both realise that Koromon is growing but can't see him as he is still hidden by the blanket. He reaches the top bunk and breaks through it, the blanket flipping off and revealing a very different creature.

What stood before them was now a towering reptilian beast that had smooth amber skin and big green eyes. He had gained broad arms and legs with sharp claws for hands, a long snout and a stubby tail.

Quite different from the bouncy pink balled Digimon, that he was before.

"WHAT THE...!"



The room turn to Ruby, Yang and Nora who were starry eyed at seeing Koromon Digivolve into a big lizard monster.

"He looks jacked!" Nora notices the Digimon's strong appearance.

"I don't know how but how does he go from a pipsqueak into a giant lizard?" Yang couldn't bring down her giddiness as she smiles in awe.

"From what Cloak said this should be his 'Rookie' stage?" Jaune regains his bearings and begins to see how cool the Digimon is now.

"Is it wrong to say I'm afraid and excited to see the other forms?" Oscar sheepishly states.

"So if he's not Koromon anymore. What do we call him?" Blake wonder before hearing Cloak's voice.

"He is Agumon now."

"Where do they come up with these names?" Maria huffs.

"Now that we have you here." Weiss speaks to Cloak "Is he just going to keep on… Digivolving until he reaches his final stage?"

"Excellent question Miss Schnee. Normally Digimon can Digivolve by themselves but normally not as fast as the Agumon you're watching. But he has created a bond between your friends onscreen. A bond between Human and Digimon can cause the latter to achieve great power. Especially when they're children."

This revelation befuddles everyone.

"So Digimon grow stronger when they're around…children?" Ren asks, incredulous.

"That's not creepy at all." Nora states candidly.

"Strange as it seems, yes. Ideally they would have Digivices, trinkets that regulate a Digimon's power to Digivolve. But this Agumon wasn't supposed to cross into that world so no Digivice came with him."

"Hold on." Yang interrupts "What do you mean he wasn't supposed to cross into their world?"

"I won't go into details. But during this time, the Digital World was going through a conflict and there was a rift between the two worlds. Agumon came through by accident but seeing how things played out in the future, perhaps it was destiny."

"What do you mean by destiny?" Ruby questions.

"I will explain after this viewing has concluded. Now hush, we're about to get to the good part."

With no other choice, the audience turn back to the screen to watch the supposed 'good part'.

Agumon growled lightly and had a distant look on his face while Yang was trying to keep his cool.

Just then they all hear footsteps and whispers on the other side of their door and listen to their father and uncle arguing.

"Qrow go to bed."

"Yaaaaaaaang. Ruuuuuuuby."

They continue to hear their father trying to calm down their inebriated uncle to no success.

"They're both already asleep." Taiyang reasoned with his step-brother.

"Jus' gonna say gud nite to dem." Qrow slurs as he reaches for the door handle and tries to open it to no avail.

Yang is shown to be holding the handle with all his might so the two adults don't see the giant monster that destroyed their bed.

Qrow exhales in frustration in his hands. Not believing that he is a complete joke for the second time! In a row!

"Please tell me I wasn't like when you girls were kids?"

He took their stuttering and nervous incoherent answers as a sign that he should have quit drinking long ago.

"Too drunk to open a door held by a seven-year-old." Maria snickered "Talk about a low point."

Qrow scrounges up just enough dignity to give a scowl to the Grimm Reaper.

Something she shook off with a mouthful of cashews.

"Geez. Your too drunk to even open a door." Taiyang tiredly observed "Come on buddy let's get you some water."

Taiyang manages to steer Qrow away which gives his son relief until he sees his little sister open the glass door leading out to the terrace and hop onto the Digimon's back.

"Ruby! What are you doing?!"

Agumon walks to the window and squeezes his head out, breaking the doorway and stands over the terrace.

"Yang? What's wrong? Ruby?"

Yang hears his father calling them but watches Agumon jump off the balcony with his sister still clutching his back.


He races to the ledge and watches them both drop and crush a car without a care in the world before wandering off. Yang rushes out of his room, zips past his father and comatose uncle and runs outside to look for his sister and digital monster.

"Yang Xiao Long! Where are you going?! Yang!" Taiyang yells at his son but couldn't stop him.


Ruby covers her ears in protection from her sister and uncle shouts. She then offers them a sheepish smile and a shrug.

"Different universe?"

They're both still steaming at the other Ruby's actions and everyone is wise enough to not speak up.

"Why didn't you invite me for a Digimon joyride?" Yang complained which got a glare from Qrow.

It was now Yang's turn to get squeamish while her uncle now had a troubled look on his face. Loathing how even in another universe his drunk ass was a liability to his family.

With Ruby and the reptilian monster, they both visit a variety of street corners and locations before stopping at a row of vending machines. The Digimon stares at them before slowly raising his claw and jabbing one of them until soda can rained out.

"Dad normally just puts money in but I guess that works too." Ruby commented before she tries to pick up a can for herself and the Digimon.

Though Agumon loses interest and moves on without her leaving her in confusion and quickly catches up to him.

Yang is quickly going around various spots in the city, desperately screaming his sister's name.

"Damn. Agumon looks like he has the strength of an Ursa Major." Yang comments, gripping her seat of seeing her other self, searching desperately for his sister.

Ruby notices this and places her hand onto hers in support.

"I know. That's one way to cheat the vending machine." Nora says and then grins "I wonder how strong Agumon is?"

"I have a feeling he's stronger than the average Grimm but Cloak did say Digimon do get more power. Maybe he'll be more than a match for some of the more dangerous Grimm?" Ren wonders.

"I'm beginning to wonder what else he can do?" Jaune states "I mean he blew bubbles earlier, maybe now he can shoot out lethal amounts or pure water?"

"That is plausible. It does seem like Digimon have something similar to a Semblance, but I think we have to watch Agumon further to assume anything else." Weiss suggests.

Ruby is still clinging to Agumon's back telling him gently that it's not wise to play on the street. A truck drives past them, almost hitting them to illustrate her point. But the digital monster fortunately leapt up in the air so there wouldn't be a collision.

One of the passengers in the truck saw the beast and quickly tells his buddy.

"Hey did you see that?"

"No I was sleeping."

"But you're driving."

This gets a laugh out of everyone that lasted for a bit before anyone can resume.

The Digimon lands back down on the road and stares at the truck with a giddy Ruby asking to do it again. Her innocent request falls on death ears as her digital friend's mouth lights up.

"Ember Flame!"

A red hot fireball is launched out of the Agumon's mouth aimed at the truck but luckily hits a phone booth instead.

Jaws were dropped and eyes were wide.

"…that's not water?" Jaune whispers.

"Nope. It's fire!" Yang joyfully exclaims.

Fire had always been her favourite element.

"Agumon just became more awesome!" Ruby and Nora ecstatically announced.

"You guys do know that he almost blew up that truck with two people inside it." Blake spoke in a frank tone which killed the buzz.

This explosion doesn't faze the digital monster but terrifies his human friend. The girl finally realising the danger that her once cuddly friend could unleash and stops being a fun game to her.

"Should of thought of the consequences before you jumped on his back." Qrow mutters under his breath in worry and disappointment.

As this is happening, Yang stands before the broken vending machine and scattered soda cans before yelling his sister's name once more.


We cut back to Ruby trying to reign in her monster friend's violent tendency to vehicles but to no avail as he is about to blow up a bus filled with people. His attention is quickly cut short by him hearing helicopters and menacingly gazing at them.

"I wanna go home now okay?"

Ruby whimpers but again her words fail as Agumon shoots out multiple fireballs at the helicopters. They all miss and he walks off still looking at the sky for them.

"OK Agumon. Fun and games are over." Yang nervously pleads, hoping her other self would find them before someone got killed.

"Your scaring her?!" Qrow barks.

"Guys there's nothing you can do." Ruby says to her family but even she looked scared of how aggressive Agumon was being.

"What's up with him?" Nora asks with a pained expression "He shouldn't be like this."

"We don't know about Digimon behaviour Nora." Ren says, even he is disturbed by Agumon's actions "Digivolving could have a personality effect on them."

"Maybe the more they Digivolve the more violent they become." Jaune suggests.

"Remember what Cloak said?" Weiss reminds them "That some Digimon could be malevolent."

"I don't believe that." Blake snaps "No one can just be pure evil out of thin air."

"I never said that." Weiss defends herself "But Agumon is destroying property, putting people in danger and doesn't seem to care for Ruby's life. He's not evil but he is in the wrong."

This gets Blake to back down and gets Oscar thinking of his farmhand days and of Ozma's sage wisdowm.

"He doesn't seem to have a sense of right and wrong." Oscar notes "It's like he's a…"

Oscar stops himself but everyone knew what he was going to say.

He was acting like a Grimm.

Agumon stops himself cold and gazes intently at the night sky.

The electronics in the city are now violently going haywire as children start to wake up and either head towards their balcony or look outside their windows.

The children included were a younger Nora Valkyrie, Neptune Vasilias, Jaune Arc, Weiss Schnee, Whitley Schnee and Blake Belladonna.

"Look Renny it's me!" Nora excitedly points at herself.

"I see you Nora."

Nora was giddily smiling at the mere image that another version of her had a home. No matter how long it would last, she had a home. Even if it wasn't her.

"I'm back again. Are those glasses?" Jaune notices how scrawny his other self looks.

"It's me and it looks like I'm still wearing the bow." Blake comments before squinting "Is that Neptune?"

"It is and is that me?" Weiss stares at what she thought was her but as a male?

"Hah. Join the club Weiss." Yang proclaims with a smile.

"You look good as a boy." Ruby comforts her best friend who is still reeling from the truth "Is that your brother?"

"Yes. Whitley." Weiss is knocked out of her stupor by the distasteful memories of what her brother last done to her.

"Now that we're done with the ego trip of seeing yourselves on screen. Can anyone figure out what they're looking at?" Maria irritably asks.

This leaves the children confused at the question.

"That's right! You don't know! Can we watch to find out!"

They all quiet down to continue watching as Maria stares intently at the screen. Having a gut feeling this is where things get interesting.

"Bet she's jealous." Nora snipes which resulted in her getting whacked on the head by Maria's cane.

Even Yang stops to look up at the sky and is scared of what he sees.

A gigantic pale egg eclipses the sky with digital clouds forming around it.

The room goes quiet and confusion is plastered on their faces.

Why was there an egg in the sky?

"Why do we keep seeing weird things in the sky?" Jaune notes with a blank stare.

"Is that an egg for a Digimon?" Weiss comments which makes everyone stare more intently.

It hatches and a smaller creature than the egg, flies over the city but is still bigger than the average house.

Ruby and Agumon observe the flying creature as its wrapped in shadows.

"That's a big bird."

"You said it." Ruby agrees with her onscreen counterpart.

"So I guess that bird is also a Digimon?" Maria said while trying to get a good look.

"If so why did it come from the sky?" Ren inquired "Why not a computer?"

Just then a golden note appeared in his hand he read aloud.

"There was a temporary tear through the realms at the time, which allowed Parrotmon to pass into the Human world."

"A bit on the nose, but at least we have a name." Ren deadpanned.

"There was a dimensional tear? Is that safe?" Nora asked, concerned.

A golden note appeared in her hand.

"Don't worry about it."

"OK!" Nora bluntly accepted and focused on the screen.

Ruby notes as the bird creature flies past them, its mere shadow eclipsing them which prompts the lizard Digimon to start attacking. He shoots fireballs which the recoil makes Ruby lose her grip and roll to the ground.

The attacks miss the bird creature and hit an apartment complex but again luckily no one was visibly hurt.

"He's just attacking whatever is in his sight." Blake said in defeat.

The Cat Faunus did not want to label Agumon as a wild beast or a malicious being. She had thought that the Digimon were capable of intelligent thought like Humans and Faunus. But it's actions were like the Grimm.

Just attacking anything in front of them.

"He doesn't even care for Ruby's safety?" Qrow barked out, his fists shaking.

"Let's give Agumon a chance here." Ruby defends the Digital Monster.

"I agree with Ruby." Yang supports her sister "Maybe Agumon knows something we don't?"

Qrow just shakes his head of his nieces grasping straws and focuses on the screen.

This shocks and scares the child audience that were viewing the two creatures and the resulting destruction. Jaune even calls an emergency service trying to explain the situation.

"Not sure who to call for something like this?" Jaune admits, trying to comprehend the things he's seeing.

Yang runs into an open road and the bird creature flies past him as fireballs shoot past the creature and demolishes property. This finally lets him catch up to the fire spewing Digimon and his terrified sister as he runs towards them.

The bird creature lands on the road and faces them, its entire being now being shown to them. It was a gargantuan parrot with green feathers with a yellow backside. Wings protruded out its back and red feathers sat atop its head. Muscular arms with golden bracelets and three fingered hands with claws. It stood on strong teal talons with leather cuffs adorned on them and had metal plates on its head and stomach.

It looked mean and ready to attack. Not even flinching when fireballs bombard it like they were nothing.

"That bird is jacked." Nora says bewildered "Do all Digimon hit the gym before they're hatched?"

"That is one big birdy all right." Maria comments, trying to adjust her prosthetics.

"Kind of jealous." Qrow mutters.

He always wanted to have wings in his human form for better combat advantages. Also it just looks awesome.

"Now that we know it's a bird. Why is it here?" Weiss asks "And why do I have a bad feeling this won't end well?"

"You're not the only one." Oscar said with a pit developing in his stomach.

Ruby desperately tried to stop her friend from attacking as her brother reaches them.

"Koromon please don't fight!"

She cries at her friend and goes back to begging after Yang tries to pull her away.

Hearing the onscreen Ruby's wails was heart-breaking to watch.

She was just a kid who wanted to have fun and bond with a new friend. She didn't want this.

Her efforts are once again ignored by the reptile Digimon as he attacks once again.

"Ember Flame!"

The fireball connects with the parrot Digimon but like all other attempts fail. In fact, it makes the bird monster cackle.

"My turn."

Parrotmon's head feathers charge with electricity and before anyone could react fast enough, the attack discharges towards the other Digimon and kids.

"Sonic Destroyer!"

Lightning destroys the bridge that were above the children and their Digimon as the rubble and debris rain down on them. The lizard monster cries in pain as the broken remnants of the bridge supposedly crushes them all.


Nearly all of them fall out of their seats after witnessing such a horrific attack.

Yang holds onto Ruby for dear life after seeing both of them possibly being crushed to death.

Qrow was shaking in his seat, cursing under his breath and just couldn't believe his eyes. No longer jealous of Parrotmon but just filled with rage and despair.

All the rest were trying to come to grips with what they just saw and said nothing on the matter. Just hoping their friends are all right.

The children around see this and are bewildered by what they're seeing and the possible deaths of two children.

Weiss and Whitley are seeing this through binoculars and are devastated.

Nora is trying to comprehend what is happening. Neptune is frightful and stuttering.

Blake is pressed up against her windows and is too afraid of the destruction she's seeing.

Jaune is still on the phone but loses connection by all of the technology going haywire again.

The lights from the buildings are flickering on and off before being cut out completely.

No one speaks up but they wonder what's causing the technology going haywire this time.

When it's over all the young spectators see something take the place of the reptilian Digimon and two children.

It was an even bigger reptilian monster that was a deeper shade of orange but with blue stripes across its body and had an overall even more muscular appearance. Its most eye catching attribute was the brown beetle like skull on its head that housed his piercing red eyes.

Eyes that said it was ready to kill.

"…we're alive?" Yang peeps out and then exclaims "We're alive!"

"He must have Digivolved at the last moment." Ruby guesses, happy to see them all survive.

"….to protect you." Qrow finally says.

His distrust for the Digimon finally began to wane after seeing him protectively hover over his onscreen niece and nephew.

"Now that is awesome!" Nora lets out, ogling the new Digivolution.

"This must be his 'Champion' form." Jaune deduced, giddy seeing the reptilian Digimon.

"I wonder what his name is now?" Blake asks and receives her golden note.


"That is certainly an impressive name." Ren comments in admiration.

"Just look at his eyes. You can tell it's on now." Maria says with a cheeky smile. Excited to see a monster smack down.

Yang and Ruby were revealed to be safe from the debris and are surprised by the change that their Digimon went through again. They are both clearly scared, Ruby about to cry as their friend gazes intently at the other Digimon.

"Koromon?" Yang squeaks out.

"I'm Greymon now."

Greymon growls his name as he shakes off the debris on his head as Yang stares at him in awe.

"You can be whoever you want… Big guy."

In fact, everyone stares in awe by hearing Greymon's deep subdued voice.

"…so cool." Yang whispers out.



Both of the giant Digimon fiercely roar and screech at each other to start their battle as Greymon gets up and charges up his attack.

"Nova Flame!"

A bright white hot fire blast launches itself towards Parrotmon which it tries to take off but itsleft wing is clipped by the blast. The giant bird Digimon falls flat on the road as Greymon charges towards it.

"Cool." Weiss lets up as he and his brother both stare at the clash of the titans.

"Indeed." Weiss gasps out.

"That was awesome!" Yang shouts with glee "He totally grounded that bird!"

Qrow flinches at the comment.

"Shooting his wing so he couldn't fly to escape. Genius." Jaune notes at the stratagem.

"Looks like he's not only brawn anymore." Blake adds, happy at his development.

Greymon rams himself into Parrotmon but the avian beast holds its ground and the two monsters get in a death grip. Not one side budging, an intense glare being shared between the two, feathers falling around them.

"Gr…gre…Geymon!" Ruby was now balling her eyes out, just wanting to have fun with her digital friend instead of him being in a death match with a parrot.

"Don't quit." Yang was mesmerised by what he was seeing. A few hours ago, he wasn't all that impressed by the digital monster. He had lost to his family's pet corgi but is now taking on a monster bird.

He can't help but be blown away by the spectacle.

"COME ON GREYMON!" Ruby and Yang cheer for the Champion Digimon.


"GO!" Jaune and Oscar yell in support.

The death grip between the two digital monsters were still going strong until Parrotmon starts to push back Greymon. Even going so far as to strangle him which makes the gargantuan reptile tear up in pain.

Greymon falls on his back and Parrotmon is ready to claw his opponent's eyes out. It was intercepted by Greymon as he holds Parrotmon's hand in place as he impales its beak with his horn. Pus and saliva spew out as Parrotmon shrieks in pain as it pushes Greymon with all its might.

This makes some look away at the sheer brutality of the fight.

"And I thought Huntsman fights were ugly." Qrow notes with bile developing in his throat.

"You said it." Maria says, reminiscing of her last fight where she lost her eyes.

The reptilian monster isn't out of the fight yet and snarls at the avian monster which is starting to charge up its attack.

"Sonic Destroyer!"

The lighting blast hits Greymon dead on and is engulfed in a gigantic explosion, sending the poor Digimon careening down the road and landing next to his human friends.

"Greymon no!" Yang yells in concern.

"Get up!" Ruby also shouts.

"It can't over now." Qrow muttered in concviction.

"Oh no! Yang he's hurt!" Ruby notices that Greymon is not moving and is unconscious.

"Ruby there's nothing you can do." Yang quickly holds his sister back but has his own look of worry "Greymon."

Parrotmon menacingly saunters over to the downed Digimon, ready to finish it off.

"Greymon! Wake up! He's coming!" Yang desperately calls out to his friend who doesn't respond.

The giant bird Digimon's head feather crackle with electricity.

This sends chills down everyone's spines.

"…who knew parrots can be terrifying?" Oscar squeaked out.

Yang meanwhile shakes her prosthetic arm in utter fear.

"...get out of there." she croaks out.

Yang seeing the hopelessness of the situation starts to tear up along with his sister but she beings to whistle. She hopes to wake Greymon up but her sobs and coughs interfere and she's not loud enough.

"It worked on me."

Yang realises what his sister is doing before grabbing the whistle and blowing hard in it with all the breath he can muster.


The sound blares throughout the damaged street, as the audience of children continue to stare in astonishment. But this time, it was at the blonde boy's courage.

Although this wasn't their Yang, everyone's respect for the blonde grew exponentially. Even in their world, her courage to get back up when she got knocked down was commendable.

It was good that blazing courage was a universal constant.

Seeing this made Yang calm down a little at seeing her younger self fight through his fear. Finding strength to get through this viewing.

"Godspeed kid." she prayed internally.

"That boy?" Blake muses, her face still plastered to her window.

Yang's breath gives out with sweat drops forming on his head. His eyes filled with fear that his efforts were in vain when Greymon didn't wake up.


The giant reptilian Digimon's red beady eyes blink open which makes Parrotmon recoil in surprise.



Everyone hollered at Greymon's awakening. Ready to see him ruffle Parrotmon's feathers.

Greymon roars with anger as he rises from the ground, debris flying around from the impact. Yang is clutching his sister to keep her safe but is overjoyed that the plan worked.

"Go for it." Yang mutters out as he sees Greymon ignite another fire blast.


A gigantic white hot fire blast lights up the street and engulfs Parrotmon in fire, screaming in pain until he was no more. The attack doesn't stop however, as it soon immerses Greymon in the fiery force and everything goes white.

Everyone is silent before erupting in cheers and celebration.

"He totally smoked that bird!" Yang loudly exclaimed.

"Hey." Qrow says.

"No offence Uncle Qrow."

"And he did it in one shot." Ruby idolises "He's so cool."

"You can say that again." Nora dared.

A moment passes as we Yang shielding his eyes from the bright blast with small pieces of rubble in his hair.


Ruby is back on her feet and worriedly calls for her digital friend amidst the broken and melted street, dawn shining in the background.

"Don't you want to play horsey with me anymore?" the silver eyed girl begs with tears in her eyes "Where are you?"

Yang is too star struck to comfort his sister as he tries to contemplate what they had been through as they both stand in a vacant battlefield.

The screen turns black.

"Hey. Where did Greymon and Parrotmon go?" Yang asks Cloak, knowing she could be heard.

"The rift between worlds was open by Greymon's attack and the Digital World took them back."

Cloak appears before all them.

"It can't just be it. Do they ever meet again?" Ruby asks in concern.

"Their journey with the Digimon had only just begun. They will meet Greymon again along with a few other digital friends."

This brings smiles to everyone's faces as they converse of what they saw.

"Greymon was awesome! Seeing him clobber that bird puts a fire in my belly." Yang admits, her fighting spirit ignited.

"To think that he can cause so much damage. Matches the power of a fully realized Maiden." Oscar sagely comments.

"And he has two more forms more powerful than what we saw." Qrow notes "Definitely a cut above the Maidens."

"If that impresses you. Parrotmon was a stage above Greymon and fell to his might."

"You mean Greymon defeated an 'Ultimate' level Digimon?" Jaune gasps "…awesome."

"Defeating an opponent that was supposed to outclass him. Very impressive." Weiss notes, impressed.

"Just imagine if we had Greymon to help us against Salem." Nora exclaimed "We could ride him into battle."

"It would be beneficial to our cause but if Greymon was to act animalistic again…" Ren reasoned.

"It wouldn't exactly be good for us to worry about when we fight." Blake finishes.

"You know even if this scared us a bit, I really enjoyed watching this." Yang admits "Really shows us friendships can be found in unlikely people."

"You said it. Really hope we get to see Greymon again. Especially in his Koromon form." Ruby agreed and cooed.

"We would get back to the adventures of the Digimon at another date. For now I think a break is needed."

"Now, Cloak, said it." Maria says, getting down from her chair "I need a little R&R from all the excitement we experienced."

"Ditto." Qrow agrees, stretching his legs.

"Walk into the door and I made arrangements that will everyone's needs."

A door materialized in front of them and without further prompting they walked in and found themselves blinded by light.

They all open their eyes and find themselves in a hot spring with various relaxation items stacked on the sides.

Another thing they noticed is that they were separated by gender.

"I took the liberty of making this similar to a Mistral style hot spring house. Also dividing you to avoid tension."

The shy and self-conscious ones of the group sighed in relief of avoiding awkwardness with the opposite sex.

The bolder ones were more disappointed.

Nora really wanted to see Ren's beach body.

"I leave you to rest before we start again."

Cloak disappears again and they all begin to relax before they begin watching again.

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