Inquisition: The Beginning

Summary : What happens when a black clad agent with long silver hair is on the brink of making connection between a suspicious little boy and the feared, non-existent silver bullet! What happens when the rope snaps, patience shatters and revenge becomes the Goal!

Flimsy rays of sunlight peeked through the cracked floorboards of the ceiling and splashed murky blotches across the filthy vacuum, reflecting the slow ticking of time and scantily illuminating the infinite darkness. The place indefinitely reeked of an inexplicable amount of decomposers, as well as a strange combination of air pollutants and crimson fluid. Cobwebs and mold adorned most of the dusty infrastructure, while four- legged and six- legged creatures reigned the expanse with superiority and arrogance. Barely visible onerous footprints were the only indication of living human presence. It was an easily comprehensible image straight out of a nightmare or a horror movie, except that it held as much truth in existence as the person locked in this inquisition held 'truth' dear.


Gin was no slouch, period! Sure, he was not a detective, but he could still piece two and two together. Two times they had lost control of their helicopter while in war, and both, by something that came flying out of nowhere; he sure had a gut feeling of an impending doom. Someone out there was courageous enough to challenge them, someone who was hidden behind shadows and playing his pawns. And he could notice the obvious, that this someone was able to unite all the forces that were against them, and also for some unexplained reason, change hearts of his loyal subordinates.

He was not afraid, but he feared this someone. And if this person was the famed non-existent silver bullet, then he would make sure to terminate him before the bullet could be fired. It was a challenge now, and somehow somewhere had grown into a personal insult.

The bottom line was; that he would slaughter the hand before it could slap him.


Degradation of carbonic substance evidenced the fact of the battle that had gone so horribly wrong. He was chained and fixated on a column of wood with his appendages roped in a manner of starfish, spread out and screwed on the wooden plank. His nightmare had begun long ago but this was the extreme that he had dreaded and never wished for. Blood, grime and sweat made a permanent abode on his skin, marking rivulets and permanent flow-beds. Lack of movement and unrestrained torture resulted in a disgustingly live remain of a human. He was provided with basic necessities only to the extent of being alive. It was endless torture since the past two weeks, endless torture by a psycho named Gin.


He knew that the evidence had been building up and it would just be a matter of time when someone will figure out his identity. He could feel being sniffed; the cheese was suspiciously oscillating in front of him with the captor nowhere in sight.

But Kudo Shinichi was no slouch, and he knew that this hidden monster knew this. And he also knew that the final showdown with the Black organization was near. His 'danger signal' was blaring and his intuition factoring; the way Gin particularly had gotten rid of Stout, Aquavit, Riesling and Curacao was a clear reflection of his work; actions first and questions later!

The bottom line was; he needed to plan and move first and always be a step ahead. No, scratch that, he needed to make sure that his near and dear ones were safe and out of reach of their hands, especially Ran, and no doubt, Haibara.

The biggest unseen battle was about to begin, and he had garnered enough recognition to be the epicenter of activity, to be the eye of hurricane. If only the winds would not falter this time.

-To be continued-

A/N: This idea hit with an incomparable force and took away my sleep and appetite too. And the reason, is because Taliya and co. killed Shinichi, Ku10-41 killed Ran in the dream and Becky Tailweaver left 'Coming Home' at the worst possible cliffhanger and I finally watched movie 20 (very late isn't it ;P). Plus, I wanted to write angst and crime.

I know this is very short, but I was itching all over to post it, so here it is! Hope you liked it, and are hooked!