"Carl, did LoriMom sing?"

Carl glanced at his younger sister, a little surprised at the question. It was rare that Judith asked about their mother, Michonne being the only mother she'd ever known. But Judith kept a distinction between the two of them by calling Michonne "Mama" and Lori "LoriMom". Carl always tried to answer Judith's questions about Lori and the "before" since few people would talk to her about those subjects.

"No, Jude, Mom couldn't really sing." He paused for a moment then continued. "Mom used to sing when no one else was around but she wasn't real good. Why do you ask?"

Judith thought for a moment. She could hear that voice sometimes – soft, gentle, comforting. Finally, she answered Carl. "Sometimes when I'm just falling asleep but not quite there, I hear a voice singing. There are words, but I can't really understand them. But they're soft and sweet and … beautiful."

Carl stared at her, a look of astonishment on his face. "Anything else?" he asked.

"Like what?" asked Judith.

"I don't know, Jude. Ummm, can you see anything or feel anything or is it just singing?"

Judith paused for a moment, thinking. Then she responded, "I don't really see anything, but I feel … warm and … safe. It's like nothing bad can ever happen to me when I'm wrapped up in that song."

Judith noticed a tear beginning to well up in Carl's eye. "Beth."

"Maggie's daughter?" asked Judith.

"No, Maggie's sister. Back when this all started, Maggie's sister and father were still alive. After Mom died, Beth took care of you. She sang to you ALL the time. And her voice was so beautiful. Sometimes, I would hope that you were ready for bed at the same time that I was so that I could listen to Beth sing you to sleep."

Just then they were interrupted by a nibble on the line. They returned to their fishing, while Carl silently remembered Beth, his first major "crush".