This is my first attempt at FanFiction and I'm a little nervous to be posting this. I've been wanting to write one for a while, but I've never been a writer or a storyteller. I only write long research papers for school. I just get so inspired by the stories I see here though, and figured I'd try and see what happens. I have absolutely no idea where this story is heading so far, so bear with me. And please give me feedback, whether it's constructive criticism, where you'd like to see the story go, or just any thoughts you may have. Also, there's soooo many different stories out there, so if this sounds faintly familiar to anyone else's story, then I apologize. That is not my intent and this is meant to be an original. Thanks, guys!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing from Labyrinth, nor am I making a profit from it. All characters are owned by Jim Henson, et al.


"Yeah dad, everything is good. I'm okay. I promise."

"We're just worried about you, you know…? Karen and I… we would like to see you happy, Sarah."

"I am happy dad. Life just sucks at the moment. But I'll be fine. Shit happens, you know? I appreciate you being concerned. Thanks for everything lately. Look, I gotta go, Alexa is going to be over soon to help me unpack. I'll call you later this week. Tell Toby I miss him."

"I will. I love you honey. Talk soon."

"I love you too. Bye dad."

I hung up the phone with my dad and took a deep breath as I closed my eyes for a few brief seconds, leaning against a wall in the kitchen. What a fucking day. More like month really. I looked at the time on the microwave; 6:17 PM. Uggghhh, will this day never end?

It had been nearly four weeks since I found out that my boyfriend of seven years, Paul, had been cheating on me and finding a new place had been hell. Since I found out, I had been squatting at my dad and Karen's place until I was able to find decent living quarters, and while it was nice for the first two weeks being with them and Toby, I was ready to be out of there. Apartment hunting turned out to be more difficult than I thought, and while I made a decent living being a paralegal, I forgot how expensive it is living alone. On top of that, work has been crazy, my mom is crazy, social media these days is crazy… She isn't even cute… I suddenly thought to myself. Ugh. Stop thinking about her. I brushed off the painful thought and walked over to my newly purchased couch and looked around my apartment as I sat down and contemplated my new life. 25 and single. At least I have a good job. And friends. And an amazing family. Despite trying to boost my ego, I felt really alone all of a sudden and I stared at my belongings in the corner of the room with disdain. I had absolutely no interest in unpacking the boxes that I hastily packed from mine and Paul's shared condominium. Thank God for Alexa. I guess I should get started, unless I want to live out of boxes for the rest of my life.

I begrudgingly scooted off the couch and crawled towards the boxes. Sitting indian style, I felt overwhelmed at just how much stuff I actually had and wiped my hand down my face, suddenly feeling stressed. Letting out another exasperated sigh, I finally opened one box and quickly regretted it. How in the hell had I managed to pack the pictures of me and Paul in my supposed haste? Stupid bastard. He never deserved me, I thought bitterly. I took the picture on top out anyway, forgetting my feelings of contempt towards Paul and took a long hard look at the photo. It was a picture of me and Paul on graduation day three years ago. I chuckled to myself, thinking about that day and all the amazing times before that. I still remember the day I met him in philosophy class my freshman year of college and how cute I thought he was; smart, funny, cocky… god damnit, knock it off Sarah! He cheated on you! A single tear fell down my cheek just then, and I abruptly wiped it away and threw the picture across my small living room. Remind myself to burn all those someday.

I suddenly heard a knock at the front door and stood up to go answer it. My best friend of thirteen years was standing on the other side and had a huge smile plastered on her face when I opened the door.

"What are you so excited about? We're just unpacking" I reminded her, chuckling. I moved to let Alexa in and she walked over to the kitchen and set down her purse and Lululemon bag on the kitchen counter. I saw her rummaging around in the bag and what I saw next had me smiling.

"Yeah, and look what I brought for us: pizza rolls, chocolate cake, and your favorite wine: St. Francis!"

I took the frozen treats out of her hand and looked on the back for its nutrients information.

"Pizza rolls? We ate this stuff back in high school, and I don't think I've eaten them ever since I overheard you and Conner getting it on in your bedroom after Summer Spectacular. Plus these are full of sodium and have a ridiculous amount of calories for being so small."

"How do you remember these things? That was like… ten years ago. And so what? You look like you've lost weight, you could use the calories."

"Actually it was seven, and I could never forget such lovely sounds."

I set the pizza rolls down on the kitchen counter, ignoring her comments about my weight. I realized that I was lacking glasses for our wine. "Shit, I don't have any wine glasses."

"Yeah I assumed that. Lucky for you I brought over some plastic ones" Alexa responded as she sat down at the kitchen table and pulled out the plastic wine cups from her bag.

I joined her, grateful for her friendship. "And this is why we're best friends."

She looked around the apartment and then back at me. "I'm guessing you don't have a bottle opener either."

"Damnit, no. My life is chaotic right now, I haven't exactly thought about these things."

"I figured. That's why I came prepared." Alexa took out a small, cheap bottle opener out of her purse; "Ta-da! Hand me that wine."

I got up and grabbed the bottle of cabernet off the kitchen counter and handed it to her. I watched as she opened the bottle and poured us some wine. I felt so appreciative in that moment that I had a best friend in her. She then handed me a plastic cup filled with wine, and I took a sip, feeling relaxed already. Alexa and I sat in silence briefly, letting the wine take over our senses.

I could feel awkwardness in the air, like she was waiting for me to bring up Paul. I wasn't going to bite, and Alexa knew it. No longer being able to stand it, she broke the ice first. "So. How are you? I know I keep asking, but…"

I quickly interrupted; "I'm fine. Well, as fine as I could be, I guess."

We stared at each for a few seconds, and I could tell she was waiting for me to finally say something. I gave in this time.

"Do you even think he cares? He hasn't called me once. NOT ONCE! Isn't he supposed to like… pretend to want me back? Or feel bad for what he did? We were together for seven years for fuck's sake! Does that mean nothing to him? And that girl….gah, she is so ugly! What does he even see in her? I gave him everything. Why can't things just go back to normal?"

I was breathing heavily at this point, trying not to cry all over again. Alexa gave me a sympathetic look.

"Would you even want him back if he asked? No offense Sar, but...Paul was always kind of a dick anyway."

"Yeah, I know he was. And I don't know… I miss him. But I'd never trust him again. And he has horrible taste in women to cheat with, so what does that say about him? But maybe I'd consider it, if he wanted me…"

I took another swig from my cup and felt pathetic for even considering taking him back. I looked at Alexa with uncertainty, and she gave me a half grin, letting me know she wasn't judging me.

"I know it's hard. But speaking from personal experience, I never trusted Conner again after he cheated on me. It changed everything. You're better off."

"I guess so. Blaahhhh, can we just not talk about it right now? Let's heat up those pizza rolls, get drunk, and unpack these boxes."

Alexa laughed and took a huge gulp of her wine. "Sounds good to me! Let's put some music on first."


Three hours later we had barely made a dent in unpacking and somehow ended up in my dress-up clothes instead, laughing hysterically in my closet over our old mutual friend, Lauren.

"God she is psycho. I can't believe you still talk to her. Why I'll never understand." Alexa was just finishing up the remnants of her near empty cup of wine and laughed even more when some drizzled out the corner of her mouth.

"Gross. And I know, I know. But I can't just kick her to the curb… I feel kind of bad telling you her secrets. Maybe I should shut up and stop talking about her to you."

I too, finished up what would be my third 8-ounce cup of wine. Fuck, I am so going to regret this tomorrow, I thought.

"Whatever. You're nicer than I am, and she'd share your secrets with the whole world if she could. She's such a bitch."

"Yeah, well, luckily for me I don't really have any. Dude I'm drunk."

Alexa laughed; "I am too."

We both let out satisfying sighs and briefly shut our eyes, our heads falling back against the wall. I feel way too warm in this puffy ass dress. A few moments passed by, and a David Bowie song came on in the background. "Put on your red shoes and dance the blues…"

Everything's dancing. Yep. Definitely drunk. I suck at drinking. Hmm… dancing. My thoughts turned towards the dream I had nearly every week where I was in a crowded ballroom, searching for him. God, he's so beautiful. Now that's a fantasy every girl would be happy to have. I felt even warmer all of a sudden, thinking about his hands on my waist, and where else I would like them to go… lower and lower, under my dress…

"Speaking of secrets… I'm sort of seeing someone."

My pleasant thoughts were interrupted by this statement and I opened my eyes and saw that Alexa's were still closed. She was afraid to tell me.

"What? Who? Since when?"

I suddenly felt anxious and hurt. First of could she have not told me? Second... I was supposed to be throwing myself a pity party here, yet now I'm having to hear that my best friend is seeing someone while my ex is screwing some homely woman. Will this shitty day never end? Wait no, shitty month.

She sighed and opened her eyes to meet mine.

"His name is Patrick… it's new and it isn't serious yet. I only met him about a month ago, shortly before you found out about Paul, and I wasn't sure if I should tell you, considering…" she looked down, ashamed.

I looked at my best friend, studying her waiting for a better explanation as to why she had waited so long to tell me. One didn't come, and I didn't want to be a bitch; clearly she felt nervous, which made me feel bad. I guess I understood her reasoning. I thought about what I should say next, and decided to be supportive. Well, one of us deserves to be happy.

Sighing, I gave Alexa a smile. "Look, I'm not mad. I appreciate you telling me. Do you like him?"

Alexa looked relieved almost immediately. "Thanks. Like I said, it's still new. Our work schedules conflict, so I haven't really seen much of him. But I do like him. He's really sweet. We should go on a double date soon!"

I rolled my eyes at this and laughed.

"Lex… I just got out of a relationship that I'm not exactly over yet; I haven't even met this Patrick fellow; and...does he even have cute friends that you've met? You know how picky I am." Not that I'm ready to date...unless it's fantasy man I thought giddily.

"Actually, he does have a really cute friend. It's his roommate, his name is Blake. He's blonde" she said in a sing song voice. Blondes were my weakness.

I let my head fall back against the wall again, closed my eyes, and smiled in contentment.

"There's only one blonde I would ever want."

As soon as I said the words, I instantly regretted doing so. Fucking wine. I hadn't told anyone, not even Alexa, of the fantasy man from my dreams. Maybe she didn't hear me...

"Wait, what? Who are you talking about? Please don't say Paul."

God damnit. This was going to require another glass of wine, as Alexa wasn't gonna give this one up.

I immediately stood up and quickly felt the effects of the wine. Scratch that idea about another glass. I waited a few seconds until my head was clear again and sauntered over to my bed where I plopped down on it. Alexa followed suit; yeah, she's definitely not giving this up.

"No... it isn't Paul. And I don't know who he is, really. It's just reoccurring dreams I have. About this man. Like I said, I don't know who he is, but I dream about him often. Usually we're in a ballroom together, or somewhere in It's silly, I know. But I don't know… it's almost like I know him somehow. I just can't figure out from where. Anyway..."

I tried changing the subject, but Alexa wasn't having it.

"Wait, hold on. This is reoccurring you said? How long has this been going on? What does this guy look like? And what exactly happens in these dreams of yours? You certainly have a vivid imagination. Though I'm not surprised, you always have. You and your fantasy novels, I swear."

I laughed lightly at all her questions and her last comment. I love Alexa, but she's always given me shit for my interest in what she calls "nerd stuff", AKA fantasy themed books, movies, topics… the works. And this is why I didn't want to bring up mystery man.

"Yes, they're reoccurring. I've been having these dreams for about seven years now. Since I started dating Paul, now that I think about it. And the situations and settings change sometimes, but usually the dreams involve sex, obviously. The man in them, he's... well he's indescribable. He's tall, blonde, lean, has a glorious head of long, rocker style, blonde hair. He has blue eyes, though one pupil is dilated, and even though he wears gloves, I imagine he has amazing hands... he wears these tight breeches that leave nothing to the imagination, black riding boots, and he has this aura to him that screams dominance, and…"

I stopped myself right there, realizing how detailed oriented I was getting, and could feel Alexa gazing at me with curiosity mixed with haughtiness. I looked over to her, and she was smirking at me.

"Interesting. And… does this tall drink of water have a name in your dreams?" she asked in a somewhat joking tone.

His name? Do I know his name? I thought about this for a minute, when the realization dawned on me that yes, yes I do know his name. Before I was about to say anything though, a feeling of dread washed over me as I had never said his name aloud before to anybody, and it felt way too taboo. Why do I suddenly feel so nervous? It isn't like he's real.

I sighed loudly. I should just say it; it'll be nice to finally share this with someone. She probably won't remember tomorrow anyway.

"Jareth. His name is Jareth. And he's the Goblin King."


Character Backgrounds:

Sarah: Sarah is 25 years old in this story. She works as a paralegal for some law firm in NYC, and loves her job. She studied criminal justice during her undergrad and then did a course for paralegal school. She met Paul, her ex boyfriend, when she was 18 during her first semester at school. I imagine Sarah to look like how Jennifer Connelly does in the movie The Hot Spot during this story, even though JC was only around 20/21 in that movie. Sarah has an assertive personality but she's a little sad when this story starts off so she feels vulnerable and extra sensitive. Her memories from the Labyrinth have been wiped out (supposedly), but that explanation will come later as to why. She's been dreaming of Jareth ever since she and Paul started dating, thinking it's from all her years of reading of romantic fantasy books.

Alexa: Alexa is Sarah's best friend and she and Sarah are the same age. They met when they were 12, living as next door neighbors, but Alexa moved about 20 minutes away a year later, leaving Sarah feel more alone when Toby was born. Alexa is a nurse and works night shifts, hence her hectic schedule. She's a very serious individual, but a good and caring friend. She may come across as cold sometimes, but it's due to her lack of imagination. In this story, Alexa looks like Emma Roberts, just with more of a brown hair color.

Jareth: How do I even describe Jareth? Jareth is Jareth. In this story he will be more sensitive than what we're used to seeing. I don't do Dark Jareth for a few reasons, so in this story he'll be "romantic" Jareth and will actually care for Sarah very much. It's still Jareth, so he is moody, bossy, selfish occasionally, arrogant, and intimidating but sweet and quite loveable too. He isn't aware of Sarah's dreams at the beginning of this story. Obviously he's the GK, and rules in the southern part of the Underground.

Paul: Paul is Sarah's ex boyfriend and he's 25, extremely intelligent, going to law school, and working his way up to being a partner in a fancy law firm in NYC. He, like Sarah, studied criminal justice during his undergrad. He's a bit cocky, has a big ego, and tends to use people to get where he needs to be. He cheated on Sarah with a girl from his class. He looks like Cam Gigandet in this story.

Angel: Angel is the owner of the psychic shop that Sarah visits. She's an older woman, appearing to be around 55-60 years old. She resembles Lynda Carter (presently) and has quite the get up. She's always wearing baggyish clothes, and as affinity for Tarot Cards and other topics that revolve around the mysterious or supernatural.

Lucis: Jareth's best friend and advisor. They've been friends since they were children, and Lucis has pretty much grown up with Jareth. His father died in battle with Jareth's father and grandfather, and his mother is on her death bed when he is introduced in this story. He resembles Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in this story, with the longer hair style.

Jareth's Mother/Elysia: Jareth has a strained relationship with his mother when she is introduced. She lives in the Capital in the underground, which is the northeast region, and fell into depression after the death of Jareth's father. She couldn't stand living in the place that reminded her of him, so she left, abandoning Jareth and leaving him to be raised by his uncle when he was a teenager. She's been trying to reach out for years now, with little to no success. She resembles an older Sharon Stone, just with green eyes. She cares for Jareth very much, she just isn't sure how to act as a mother anymore since Jareth tries pushing her away constantly.

Will add major characters as they come. Toby and the rest of Sarah's family won't be in this story; only mentioned throughout it.