"Everything looks the same, and yet…completely different," I heard Sarah say beside me. Our hands were intertwined and she was eyeing everything in the castle with wonder.

We left her apartment shortly after deciding she'd accompany me today to the castle so I could begin introducing her to my world – properly this time, with no games; I wanted to give her a tour of the castle and meet Lucis to start with. Perhaps even let her see her old friends like she wanted, given all went well and she felt comfortable with the notion.

Even though I was the one who encouraged the idea of her coming this morning, I was beginning to feel anxious for bringing her here almost immediately after suggesting it. I didn't wish to overwhelm her too soon, and this could have been a horrible idea. So far, however, she seemed to be doing alright. I, on the other hand, felt uneasy and tense. Especially now that she was taking in her surroundings, and I had much weighing on my mind still, like Angel and that damn book. I hadn't brought it up again to Sarah given everything that just happened, but I knew we'd need to revisit that subject again. Soon. For now though, I wanted her mind to settle.

"I thought it was a lot bigger from what I remember," she proceeded to say, still looking around. "Guess not."

"You were fifteen," I responded, somewhat offended that she insinuated my castle was small. "Everything probably looked bigger to you then as a teenager."

"I guess," she mumbled. "It could for sure use a picker upper. It's so dark and…dank. And yep, a bit filthy."

I couldn't help but roll my eyes as we continued walking. "Most castles are."

"They are?" she inquired, still looking around with curiosity. "Are you sure it isn't just yours?"

"And are you going to keep insulting my place of residence?" I snapped, looking straight ahead. "Because if so, perhaps it would be best to bring you here at a different time."

I instantly felt her hand leave mine, and realized her strides were no longer parallel to my own. I ceased my own walking, and turned around only to find her looking quite vexed, with her arms folded and one leg strewn out to the side. It was the typical female pose; a woman ready to argue. Despite her display, I couldn't help but think she looked beautiful, even in an annoyed state. The moss green, off the shoulder sweater she wore made her eyes stand out and the color of her dark hair pop. Simply put - she was ravishing.

Sighing, I took three large steps towards her. I didn't want to piss her off considering her fragile state. Well, the fragile state I assumed her to be in. "I apologize. I didn't intend for that to come out so harshly."

"What's up with you?" she asked, her face hardening. "You're the one who wanted me to come with you here today, but you've been nothing but a moody jerk since we left my apartment."

"I know. I'm sorry," I expressed. "I thought it would be a good idea. Then the reality of the situation hit me. You were right earlier – you just got your memories back. I don't want you being here to inflame any post-traumatic stress."

Her eyebrows furrowed as though my explanation didn't make sense. "So that's a reason to be all snappy with me?"

"No. I realize I'm taking my stress out on you, and I shouldn't," I admitted. "I'm just…" I took a deep breath, trying to compose myself. "I'm suddenly a little apprehensive, that's all. For you."

She lowered her arms in a truce-like way, and exhaled as well, taking my hands in hers once again. "Jareth, if I felt I couldn't handle it, I wouldn't have come. I get that you're concerned about me, but you don't have to be. I'm a big girl, I'll be fine. Stop worrying so much."

I felt a small smile unfurl on my face, and I kissed her forehead. "You're right. I forget how strong willed you are."

A chuckle escaped her. "Yeah, so maybe you can start being a little more so, then it'll pass onto me. Isn't that how the power between us works or something?"

I shook my head slightly at her nativity on our shared power. "Again, I still don't know how far that power of equality extends between us, precious. It's something we'll need to research at some point."

Kissing her knuckles, I once more led us down the hallway leading to my office, where we'd meet Lucis. On our way there, I mentioned random facts to Sarah about the history of the castle, how many living quarters there were, and when I was explaining who certain Fae in several paintings on the walls were, she interrupted me.

"Where's the Escher room?" she randomly asked, as we stood in front of one such painting.

I felt the blood leave my face, and my hands instantly became sweaty. Damn those new founded memories. Once again, something I encouraged and now I was faced with burdening questions from our past; questions that brought up unpleasant remembrances.

I turned to her, and she to me. "Why do you ask?" I questioned, trying to play dumb.

She shrugged. "I don't know, I guess I kind of wanted to see the room where we last saw each other."

"I thought you didn't want to come here today because you wanted to avoid depressing feelings concerning our last meeting," I pointed out.

She looked back to the painting of a family member who I had never even met, and sighed. "I know, but I almost feel like it's something I should see. At some point, anyway. For closure or something. Not now, but…someday."

Closure? I supposed I understood that reasoning, but I was also someone who enjoyed the phrase 'let sleeping does lie.' To an extent, that is. Why couldn't we just move forward without rehashing old wounds? The memories should have been closure enough.

"Can I be candid with you?" I asked her.

She bobbed her head up and down slowly.

"That room is…no longer what it used to be. You remember how it looked after you jumped to reach Toby?"

Her forehead creased, remembering. "Yeah, pieces of the stairs were hovering everywhere, right?"

I nodded. "Yes. It's remained that way ever since – fragmented."

Her eyebrows furrowed more. "Really? Why? Doesn't it just go back to normal after you face your runners there?"

I felt my face pull back in confusion at her assumption that I'd had other runners in that room in the same capacity as her. "Sarah…I've never confronted another human in that room. Let alone be rejected by one. After you told me I had no power over you, the room was left in ruins. You quite literally turned my world, precious thing."

She frowned and looked down to the floor momentarily. "Well, shit," she whispered, and her green eyes gazed into mine again. "I'm…sorry?"

I chuckled lightly, and took her hand into mine. "You should be. It really is an eye sore. If you truly wish to see it though, then I suppose I can arrange that."

We continued our trek and eventually reached the large wooden doors that granted access to my office several minutes later. I opened it slowly, and immediately saw Lucis sitting at the desk going through paper work. When we entered, he looked up and smiled joyously, standing to greet us.

"Lucis, I have someone very special I'd like you to meet," I announced, gently guiding Sarah into the room.

He walked over to us, the smile spreading on his face. "My, if it isn't the infamous Sarah Williams, defeater of the Labyrinth, and breaker of hearts. Here in the flesh." He took Sarah's hand and kissed it, causing her to blush. "It is so nice to finally meet you. I'm Lucis."

"Lucis, huh? I bet all the women call you de-lucius," she said to him. When no response came from Lucis, who looked absolutely confused, she spoke again. "That was a joke. A bad one, apparently." Clearing her throat, she tried to save face. "Um. It's nice to meet you too. I'm Sarah. But… you know that already."

I pursed my lips trying not to laugh at Sarah's attempted joke and Lucis' dubiety; he was always horrible with witticisms. He laughed lightly nonetheless to be polite, and offered her something to drink and eat.

"No, thank you, I'm alright for now," Sarah told him and looked around my office. "So… do you live in the castle, too?"

Lucis nodded. "I certainly do. When one is at dear Jareth's beck and call every hour of every day, it's necessary to live here." He winked, indicating he was slightly jesting.

"Don't act as though you aren't honored to live here in the South, my friend," I said, reaching for a goblet of wine to pour for myself. "Many would be grateful, especially those in the North."

"Not unless you're Orion," Lucis murmured. "Speaking of whom…he sent us another new agreement." Lucis then grabbed what looked to be a handful of papers, and handed them to me.

I cursed under my breath, taking the stack; why must everything with that Fae be so damn difficult? "I thought you said the trade deal was coming together nicely." I scanned through the agreement quickly, and scoffed before setting my wine down. "He's since added new clauses?" Agitation spreading through me, I threw the papers up in the air and put my hands on my waist. "I was hoping for this to be finalized before the ball."

Lucis sighed and his hands came up in 'I don't know what to tell you' way. "Apparently he's had time to think on everything and feels as though he is entitled to more ore from the mines. Not sure why he thinks that." Lucis turned to Sarah, who was being patient with our business talk, and explained to her, "Orion is a king up in the North. Jareth adores him."

More like loathe.

"I can see that," Sarah stated. "Why do you have beef with him?" she then asked me.

"Jareth doesn't get beef from Orion," Lucis disputed. "We grow our own food here."

I rolled my eyes at Lucis' stupidity. He was so unfamiliar with human terms. "She doesn't mean cattle," I said. "She's wondering why I dislike the imbecile." I picked up my wine again and took a seat on the edge of my desk. "I can't stand him because he's a perpetual know it all, thinks the world owes him something like Lucis suggested, and constantly tries getting under my skin. Intentionally, it would seem. And he's a trouble maker; he tried telling my mother I was distracted at court recently."

"What? How do you know that?" Sarah asked, surprised.

"Because I've known the idiot for years, he's…"

Sarah shook her head, and cut me off. "No, how do you know he said you're distracted to your mom?"

"She told me," I stated matter of fact and sipped my wine.

Her eyebrows pinched together. "You saw your mom recently? I didn't know that."

Narrowing my eyes at her sudden irateness, it didn't take me long to pick up on the fact that Sarah's feelings were apparently hurt. Thinking back to our past conversations, I remembered we'd discussed my mother a few times, and she was probably under the impression I'd been keeping my relationship status with my mother from her. I knew she was interested in being kept in the loop regarding said relationship. It simply didn't occur to me to mention anything.

"Yes, I've seen her recently," I admitted. "She came by and asked what had been going on with me. It would appear that our dear Orion mentioned to her that I was distracted, by...someone else."

Sarah crossed her arms and nudged her head forward, subtly telling me to go on. "And?"

"And I told her about you."

She sucked in her breath. "You…you did? What did she say?"

"That she's very much looking forward to meeting you," I told her ecstatically. My mother may have not said those words directly, but I knew she was thrilled to meet the woman who had my heart. That part was truthful. I left out the part that I was a bit hesitant to want my mother and Sarah to meet, but it would happen nonetheless since both women would be at the festival. That would be interesting. "I decided to take your advice. I plan to…work on things with her," I added.

Sarah smiled gently and reached out to touch my forearm. "I'm glad to hear that. Why didn't you say anything to me about it?"

Because I've been focused on my relationship with you, worried about your well being with that blasted book and your lying friend Angel, dealing with ridiculous trade deals, and trying to avoid a conspiracy against my kingdom. The conspiracy no one believes to be happening except me.

"I'm sorry, precious. I've been preoccupied with so many other things, it must have skipped my mind."

"Well, I'm excited to meet her too, I suppose," Sarah told me, then turned to Lucis. "Do you have a hot date, Lucis?"

Lucis perked up from being asked a question. "For the ball? No. Not yet, anyway. However, we are to meet Lady Alina soon."

Damn. I'd almost forgotten that was the reason I came here today. How the hell was I to navigate this situation? Sarah was here and was to meet my former lover now? No wonder I regretted having her come with me. I suppose I just wouldn't say anything to her about it. She wouldn't know otherwise, right?

"Lady Alina?" Sarah questioned out loud. "Who's that?'

"Lady Alina is one of the most sought out planners in the Underground," Lucis explained. "She's assisting us with the ball preparations."

"Cool," Sarah said warmly and seemingly unknowingly. "Well, then let's go."

"Good morning, your majesty," Lady Alina greeted me all too happily as soon as I walked into the ballroom. She was as cheery as ever to see me, and the first thing I regrettably noticed was that her breasts were quite literally about to pop out of her green dress. Her hair even looked more tousled today. She was trying much too hard to gain my affections, I almost felt bad for her.

Several goblins were around her, as they were the ones who guided her into the room. I dismissed them, and nodded my head at her. "Lady Alina," I said, kissing her knuckles. "Always a pleasure."

"The pleasure is always mine," she replied sultrily. I saw her brown eyes, which were intently staring into my own, suddenly look away from me and towards the entrance of the ballroom. I grinned and turned to see where her eyes had landed upon. I knew who she had seen of course; Sarah and Lucis finally entered, the two of them speaking and laughing with one another. They seemed to be getting long, something much to my delight.

"Ah, there you two are," I said, pretending to be surprised by their presence. "Lady Alina and I were just about to get started finalizing the details of the ball."

As Sarah and Lucis walked towards us, I noticed Sarah's disposition change slightly when she saw Alina; her smile was replaced with a wary expression, and it was blindingly obvious that she was taking in Alina's appearance. In fact, both women were undeniably picking one another apart, for I could see in my peripheral vision that Alina looked surprised to not only see the presence of a human, but a female one at that. She must be wondering who Sarah was and vice versa.

Surely Sarah will have no idea that Alina and I have a past together. Right?

"Lady Alina, you already know Lucis," I said when Sarah and Lucis were standing next to me. "Please allow me to introduce Sarah Williams. Sarah, this is Lady Alina."


Today had started out weird enough, with me regaining my memories and trying to sort through everything that had happened all those years ago. It was a lot to take in, but I managed to stay strong and just go with it. No big deal that I unleashed hundreds of moments in my mind that I had no idea truly existed. All this time I thought Jareth and the ballroom and everything else about him was just a figment of my imagination...only to find out that he's been real. He's always been real. And a huge piece of me and who I've become. I can't believe I was about to tell him I loved him earlier, either. What was I thinking? It was way too soon.

Just like coming here today probably was. I was hesitant to come to his castle because of my memories, but I knew it was inevitable and something I needed to do. For my own sanity, to make sure this really was real. When we left my apartment, I was nervous but as we walked throughout his castle earlier, I was delighted to realize that I wasn't dreaming and his home was a place I'd been to before. It was surreal to see it again, and my worries were starting to go away. Unlike his. He had been moody and tense, thinking I couldn't handle any of this. In one breath he gave me such confidence and thought that I could handle anything, then in another he thought everything would overwhelm me. When I managed to convince him that I'm not some delicate flower, his mood seemed to lighten. Especially when he introduced me to Lucis.

I had been looking forward to meeting his closest friend, and I was surprised by his appearance. Here I was thinking he'd be old and weary or downright ugly, but he was quite handsome; golden blonde hair that would give Fabio a run for his money, green eyes like mine, and he was tall - taller than Jareth. He was funny too, albeit a little slow with my sayings, but I could tell we were going to get along just great.

Unlike the female Fae I immediately noticed when Lucis and I walked into the ballroom together.

My first impression of seeing this redheaded, big breasted stranger was that she was striking. Her long, wavy, auburn red hair cascaded down past her waist and contrasted beautifully against her milky white skin, especially in the green velvet dress she wore. She had full, red lips and dark brown eyes which were giving me a scathing look. She was about my height, maybe a bit taller, and had one of the most symmetrical faces I'd ever seen.

I never considered myself an ugly duckling or anything of the sorts before, but seeing this Alina chick inches away from me sure made me feel insignificant; you could just tell she was an otherworldly being like Jareth. This must be what Bella Swan felt like in Twilight next to all those shiny and gorgeous vampires: inferior.

Despite feeling a little insecure, I stood tall. Neither one of us made any move to politely greet one another; we simply looked one another up and down with obvious indifference, trying to figure out each other's relationship to Jareth. She couldn't have just been a party planner like Lucis told me. No, this girl clearly was interested in Jareth in other ways, and given the way she regarded me and had her bimbo boobs falling out, I could tell they had history with each other. Did Jareth think I was stupid?

Just when I was about to say something, a goblin came running in and yelled for "kingy." Jareth groaned and looked down at the little guy who held a parchment of paper out for him.

"What is that, Griget?" Jareth inquired impatiently next to me.

"A letter, sire," Griget responded in a raspy voice. "From the Siren Warriors in the Southwest. Their queen has questions 'bout your upcoming soiree."

Jareth smiled proudly. "I see you're taking your vocabulary lessons seriously." Then he huffed when he took the letter from the small being. "What could those wanna-be Amazonian females want to know about the Fall Festival? Whether or not they can use their useless powers and prey on weak males?"

Siren warriors? Who the hell were these ladies? And why did Jareth compare them Amazon women? Was Wonder Woman real too?! I watched him read the letter, but I could tell that Alina was still staring at me with bewilderment. Why was she being so creepy?

"I need to respond to this," Jareth sighed a few seconds later and then turned to me with a frown. "I'll be but a few minutes, precious. Lucis, can you please stay here with Sarah and Alina?"

He nodded. "Of course."

Before I could protest or ask to go with him, he sifted out of the room, leaving me alone with her and Lucis.

Trying not to make direct eye contact with Alina, I was fidgety and looked around the ballroom, realizing it was the same one from my peach dream all those years ago. Although, it looked much larger now. Huge, in fact. Unlike the rest of Jareth's castle. That seemed to offend him.

The ballroom was mainly all white and made out of what looked like porcelain and marble, and there was of course a great chandelier that hung from the ceiling and intricate, golden designs around the walls. Stone pillars acted as décor across the vast space, and there were windows around the room with beautiful colored shades over them, half open and allowing guests to see out into a field which I assumed to be the Labyrinth itself. It was a beautiful room, as was the view. Something you'd see from a movie or something.

"How… fascinating."

The soft feminine voice distracted my thoughts, and I looked to the person speaking and saw that it was of course Alina, who was still regarding me warily.

I felt one of my eyebrows raise and I tilted my head, crossing my arms in the process. "What exactly is so fascinating?" I asked. Why did I sound so defensive! Don't let this bitch get to you.

"You," she answered, tilting her own head. "I mean, a human? In the Underground, who knows the Goblin King?"

Intimately, I thought. But I didn't want to brag or feel the need I had to prove something to her. Yet. "Why is that so fascinating?"

Lady Alina just scoffed, as though she couldn't believe she were talking to me. "I just never took Jareth as someone who dallied with mortals outside his silly job."

Why I oughta…

Before I could even counter and say something equally as offensive back, Lucis stepped in.

"She's not just any human, my dear Alina," he said as though he were talking to a child and stepped in closer to me. "She's Sarah Williams – defeater and champion of the Labyrinth. And Jareth will be escorting her to the upcoming ball. You might want to show her some respect."

Alina's face turned red and without moving her face or neck, her eyes scanned back and forth between Lucis and myself, trying to process what the hell was going on. The look on her face was priceless.

"I see," she finally stated, clearly embarrassed and cleared her throat. Still, she couldn't help herself. "I've never heard of a human conquering the Labyrinth before..."

I shrugged and flipped my hair nonchalantly. "Yeah, well. That not the only thing I've conquered from the Underground," I told her, hoping she'd get the hint.

She pursed her lips, and her nostrils flared a bit. She got the hint alright. Which only proved my hypothesis from earlier: these two definitely had history together. And this broad must really still have a thing for Jareth, based on her possessive demeanor.

"Well, I hope you enjoy yourself at the upcoming festival," she said insincerely.

I gave her the biggest smile I could muster. "Aw, thanks. I plan to. Are party planners invited, as well?"

She gave me a condescending closed mouth smile. "Of course. Jareth and I are close friends, and he very much depends on my expertise, should anything go awry."

I nodded and mentally rolled my eyes. "I'll bet he does."

"I apologize, everyone," Jareth suddenly said and all three of us turned to him. "Shall we finish up here?"

After Jareth finished his business with Alina about forty five minutes later, Lucis escorted her out. She didn't leave without giving me one last scathing look, and all I could do was give her the biggest smile again and tell her how Jareth and I very much looked forward to seeing her in a few weeks at the festival. That didn't seem to make her too happy. In fact, my entire presence didn't seem to make her too happy and there were times that we were both very obviously taking jabs at one another. I forgot how much fun it could be to dabble with another female over a man. A man who I knew wouldn't give another female the time or day. I'm not sure when I became so confident in the fact that Jareth only wanted me, but it was just a feeling I got.

"What a doll," I said when she left the room. "She was just lovely."

"Oh come off it," Jareth chuckled. "Alina is harmless."

My head shook from side to side. "Ehh...debatable. She might be a harmless party planner, but you forgot to mention she was an ex-lover of yours," I then pointed out cheekily, bumping my elbow into him.

He looked to me with a surprised expression. "You knew?"

Tilting my head down low, I raised my eyebrows. "Please. It was painstakingly obvious. You couldn't see the pissing contest? Really?"

Jareth shrugged. "I supposed I noticed some indifference..."

"Why didn't you just tell me?" I wanted to know.

He sighed. "Why would I? It was long ago, and I have no interest in her now other than for her reputation. She really is the best planner in the southern region. Even kingdoms in the West seek her assistance."

I'm sure they do.

Sensing that Jareth didn't want to focus on Tits McGee, I decided to forego the topic and move onto something more important. Something he'd sort of just brought up. "You know, one of these days you'll have to tell me all about the kingdoms and regions. I imagine I'll be meeting all these people soon, right?"

He smiled, and I could tell he was glad I was off the subject of his former paramour. "Yes. I think it's time we moved on to etiquette and a brief history lesson, actually."

He offered his hand which I took to mean he was going to sift us somewhere. I braced myself for the motion, as well as my brain, for I was more than likely about to be told a lot about this place he called home.

Luck don't fail me now.

Jareth and I sat in his study and had been for the past couple of hours, where he first taught me a brief overview of the nine kingdoms and who ruled where. He then went over some etiquette guidelines and how to address certain kings and queens in the different regions. The etiquette part was easy, but learning about the Underground and the nine kingdoms made my brain hurt.

Apparently, the duty of the kings and queens in each part of the Underground acted as managers of sorts, while the High King and Queen were basically the CEO's – the big guys, the ones who made the ultra-big decisions, and they trusted the little guys to make the small decisions. It still baffled me that at one point the Goblin Kingdom was the primary authoritative region. I still thought it should be, given the fact the Labyrinth was in the South, and the Underground depended on its life source to, well…be. But what do I know? Jareth said he didn't want that responsibility anyway.

"So, nine kingdoms," I began when Jareth was testing me. "The Capital is in the Northeast, ran by High Queen Merethyl and High King Ivlisar," I said. "Orion, your favorite, is king in the freezing far North, the dwarves in the Mid-North led by King Hendrom and Queen Fikhida. Trolls in the Northwest. I can't believe you associate with trolls."

"Go on," Jareth prodded, ignoring my comment about the trolls and not caring that I didn't mention their names. They weren't his favorite, as told by him.

I sighed. "The sea kingdom is in the far west. Elsthea is their queen and Udraen is king. Southwest is led by Melora and is filled with those female warriors who also happen to be…sirens? They lure men and like fighting?"

"Precisely," he said as though that were the most normal thing ever.

"So is Wonder Woman real?" I inquired, thinking about what I thought earlier.

Jareth's eyes narrowed. "Who?"

I waved my hand passively. "Never mind. Forget it."

"Keep going, precious."

I pursed my lips, trying to remember everything. "You rule the Far South, king of goblins and ruler of Labyrinth. Which, by the way I totally think you're underrated as a leader. But whatever." I paused before continuing. "The Centaurs and Centaurides live in the Southeast."

"And who rules there?" Jareth quizzed me.

"Kivil and Vistral," I answered confidently. "Then you've got the Far East where the elves live. And that's Ranlen and Zeaena as queen and king."

Jareth clapped his hands together. "Excellent job, Precious. Those are the basics, and all you really need to know for now. Just remember those names and where they all reside."

I smiled, proud of myself. Then that's when something hit me. "So why aren't you or Orion married like everyone else? Or Queen Melora? I mean even the troll kingdom has a king and queen. I don't even wanna imagine what intercourse between them is like."

Jareth laughed. "Believe me. No one does. And I can't speak for that fool Orion or Queen Melora, but I haven't married because I simply never felt the need to."

"And I guess those siren's enjoy the idea of polygamy too much to marry," I noted. "So you've really never gotten the urge to marry? Ever? In all your years of existence?"

I could tell my question was making him uncomfortable, though I didn't understand why. What was he hiding?

"You know, you still owe me a random fact today," I reminded him. "Spill."

Sighing as though he didn't truly want to divulge this to me, he waved his hand passively making it seem like it wasn't a big deal. "Fine. I almost did marry. Once."

Well that was news to me. "Wait, what?" Wasn't expecting that random fact.

"Yes. It was long ago, like many things are."

I wasn't going to let him off that easy. "Who was she?"

"Her name is Clarissa. She comes from a prominent Fae family, and many liked the idea of us overseeing the South together. However, she's an opportunist and would have made for a horrible queen. It started off as an affair between us, but it was pushed into something more. I chose not to pursue it any longer."

"So you dumped her," I clarified.

"Yes. Much to the chagrin of not only my mother, but her family as well."

"Uh, yeah, I'll bet," I said. "No one likes being the dumpee."

The idea that her family disliked Jareth after ending things with their daughter and thinking about the fact how Jareth ruled over an important entity made me think of something that I wanted to know. "Do...do you get along with everyone in the Underground?" I asked carefully.

Jareth pondered my question, as though he were thinking about how many enemies he had. I was worried it was a lot, given the fact he was really thinking this question over. But again - I imagine that being a part of a family who ruled over the Labyrinth for years and ended the dynasty of the ones before them, who were at one point the CEO's of the Underground for centuries, would lead to some bitterness from others. The idea worried me.

"Yes, and no," he answered. "I get the large impression that many fear me and because of that, they are kiss asses. Or simply assholes. But I also know many respect me and seek my advice on many issues. Genuinely, that is."

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Why would they fear you?"

He sighed again. "Precious…anyone who oversees the Underground's life source is considered extremely powerful. That's all I'll say on the matter."

I knew Jareth was powerful, but his statement made me question just how powerful. He mentioned he could bend time, and I've seen him do it. But did I really want to know what more he was capable of? I wasn't sure. "I never thought you to be humble," I teased. Biting my lip, I then stood up from my seat only to sit on his lap where he was sitting. I wanted to ease the tense conversation. "I didn't know you were almighty either."

His hands rested on my hips and I could feel one edging its way down to my inner thigh, the feel leaving instant effects. I then felt his lips on my earlobe, the sensation leaving goosebumps all over my body. "Would you like to see how almighty I can be?"

I quivered at his words. How could one question undo me instantly? I couldn't exactly respond, for his lips were lightly suckling and nipping at my earlobe still, and all I could do was whimper.

"What do you need, Sarah?" he asked softly.

"You," I managed to say.

A knock on his door interrupted us, and Jareth cursed out loud. "Who the hell is it?" he yelled.

"It's me, your majesty," Lucis answered.

Jareth only rolled his eyes and stood up, bringing me up with him. As he answered the door and spoke with Lucis through the small crack, I wasted no time in stripping, knowing Lucis couldn't see me.

My sweater came off first, followed by my boots and jeans. My bra was next, and I threw it in the direction of Jareth, where it landed on his hand and a small giggle left me. He turned to me, his eyes hot and avid.

"We'll pick this up later, Lucis," he said, still staring at me and shut the door on his friend's face.

Gazing at him hotly, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties, letting them drop. I stood before him naked, and I had to give him points for keeping his eyes on mine and not on my breasts. "I think you owe me, ace. About that rain check..."

His brow arched. "What of it?" he asked teasingly.

"I've been very patient all day and understanding with that twat you call a party planner. And don't think I forgot about the cleaners...I told you you owed me for that."

He tilted his head. "Would you like a reward or something, precious? For your bravery?"

I smiled. "Maybe."

A low growl rumbled through the air between us, and he stalked towards me. He placed his hands on my shoulders and squeezed, than caressed the length of my arms. "I suppose I can arrange that."

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