Summary: Okay, first off; this story will only include concepts and references to the Inheritance Cycle. Secondly, this is not a tenth walker story; this is a tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth walker story! Ha ha! Anyway, if you want to get down to it, this will be a crossover between LOTR, IC, and real world. Woo hoo! Let's get to it!

Disclaimer: I own the any OCs and my personal character (Christine), plot, and my friends own the inspiration of their characters (Hanna, Kayley, and Sandi). Paolini, Tolkien, and the whole world, I guess.

~Real world, 04/31/2017, Author POV~

"Hey, what do you want to do this weekend?" Christine asked her friends.

"Umm, I don't know." Sandi replied.

"We could go get something to eat." Kayley said.

"We could go look at horses." Hanna suggested.

"Ooh, we could watch Lord of the Rings!" Christine exclaimed.

"Oh, yeah, we could!" the other three exclaimed.


That Saturday, the three girls met at Christine's house. They got some popcorn, and sat down to watch the Fellowship of the Ring. Right before the Counsel of Elrond, there was a blackout. Suddenly, a bright light exploded into existence and temporarily blinded them. All the girls suddenly screamed. Hanna, Kayley, and Sandi were turned into elves, but when they looked over at Christine, they saw that she had turned into a dragon and was slowly shrinking, until she became an egg.

Her egg was completely white with golden veins running along it, and it sparkled like a polished diamond. "Oh no, Christine!" was all the girls managed before they found themselves in a wood. Hanna instantly picked up the egg, which weighed about eighteen pounds. It was two feet long, half a foot wide, and the same deep.

"Wow, she's way lighter than I would have imagined." Hanna exclaimed.

"Halt, who are you and how have you entered Rivendell without alerting us?" an elf said from the place he had appeared at.

"I'm Sandi, this is Kayley," She gestured at the red head, "and this is Hanna." She gestured at the blond. Sandi has brown hair. "And we don't know how we got here." Sandi finished.

"Odd, I shall have to take you to Lord Elrond. He shall see if you tell the truth." He said, then he noticed the gem-like object in Hanna's arms, "What is that?" he asked.

"Umm, it's complicated." The three eleths answered together.

"May I see it?" He asked.

"No!" all three girls exclaimed. "Who are you, we never got to ask that?"

"My name is Glorfindel." The blond elf proclaimed. "Now, I shall bring you before my Lord Elrond to be judged." He added.

The girls followed him dutifully.

~ Counsel of Elrond, as introductions are taking place~

"What is the meaning of intruding on us at this time if you could just bring the eleths to the healing ward for me to check later?!" Elrond asked Glorfindel angrily.

"Well my Lord, it is because they got here without our detection, have no memory of how they did so, and they have this strange stone." Glorfindel gestured at the 'stone' Hanna was holding. "They will not let me examine it, so I brought them here." He finished.

"Oh, let me see the stone, please." Elrond kindly asked the girls.

Hanna looked at the other two for confirmation, before taking the stone to Elrond. He nodded at her, and she went back to her friends. Elrond then started to study the stone, but could find no flaw on it. He then gently tapped it with the pommel of a small knife he had on him. It created a hollow ringing sound. Suddenly, a loud, high-pitched squeak pierced the air…

~To be continued~