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*Nim Dune took care of the Oliphants in Pelinor fields, along with many orcs and men of the East. She was also able to kill a few of the Nazgul's beasts. At the Battle of the Black Gates, she destroyed two of the Nazgul. She also destroyed one-fifth of the enemy army. Legolas and Celebmeril had their private union, but were forced to wait to publicly announce their marriage until the fall of Sauron, which made them greatly frustrated. Being unable to cement their bond more than once.*

Legolas looked back toward Mordor, and smiled at the sight of smoke billowing up from the wretched place. His smile warmed when he felt Celebmeril lean back against him. They were riding Nim Dune, who was walking instead of flying because of exhaustion.

'Indeed, Loved One. I hope that I will be allowed to rest when we get back.' Nim Dune said, in response to his thoughts.

'Of course, Young one. You may rest as much as you wish when we arrive, I will make sure of it.' Legolas replied.

'Thank you.'

'Of course.'

"I can't wait until we get home." Celebmeril whispered to Legolas, kissing under his chin.

Legolas growled in response, and started to nip at her shoulder. "Nor can I. I don't know that I will." He mumbled against her neck.

"You know we must." She whispered back.

"I know… I wish we didn't."

"Me too."

Three days later, they reached the city. Legolas and Celebmeril stayed only long enough to be polite. They then retired to Legolas' room, and recemented their bond.

Thranduil arrived in the city of Gondor two days later. "Legolas!" Thranduil shouted, and that was all the warning the elven prince got before being swept into his father's embrace.

"Ada." Legolas replied, the air rushing from his lungs because of the force of Thranduil's crushing embrace.

"Why didn't you send a letter back with your guard?! Where did you Go?! I was so worried, my ONLY son!" Thranduil asked and said, while examining Legolas' face with the worried expertise of a frightened parent.

"Adar, I am fine! I didn't send a note because I didn't know what to say. And, there is someone I wish for you to meet." Legolas responded, hoping to sooth his father's fears.

"Oh?" Thranduil asked.

"Yes, meet Celebmeril… My wife." Legolas said, proudly.

"Very pleased to meet you, Celebmeril. I- wait, WIFE?!" Thranduil exclaimed.

"Yes, wife." Legolas replied calmly, as though this was usual. In fact, it was not. At all. Legolas had been thought of, for the last four centuries, as a permanent bachelor. The news that he had gotten married came as a shock for his father.

"YOU got MARRIED?! When, where?!" Thranduil asked hurriedly.

"It does not matter where, but we married about six months ago." Legolas responded.

"Oh, you mean an 'unofficial' marriage?" Thranduil asked quietly, so as to not embarrass Legolas.

"Yes." Legolas replied.

"Very well, You and Celebmeril shall wed as soon as we return to Erin Lasgalen." Thranduil announced to the room. Everyone cheered, except for one, young ellith from Rivendell. She had loved the elven prince since she had first seen him in Rivendell, five hundred years ago. They had courted for a while, but he had refused to bed her, and they had broken up after a year.

She now felt betrayed, for had he not just given this Avari, this dark ellith, what should have been rightfully hers?!

~The End~

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