Chapter 1: Along came a Spider

New York City. to be specific, Times Square. This little corner of the city was teeming with people going back and forth about their everyday lives. One such person, dressed in a black hoodie and keeping his face down, made his way over to the center of the square and knelt near some electrical cables covered by a grate. He grabbed it, resulting in him getting electrocuted, though not at all phased by it, as he pulled back the grate and grabbed the cables.

All the electricity in the area kept going in and out. The screens in the square were majorly on the fritz, and everyone was baffled as to why. One police officer present took note of the man grabbing the cables and approached him.

"Sir!" the officer called out reaching for his gun. "Sir get your hands away from the cables!"

The man slowly looked up to reveal his blue and seemingly electric face. The officer recognized this face as Max Dillon, AKA Electro.

"Is there a problem officer?"

"Hey Gwen, Sorry I'm running a bit late. Got a bit held up with… something."

Peter Parker, AKA the Amazing Spider-Man, was currently swinging through the city while talking to his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy.

"Hey, you're Peter Parker," she responded. "Late is right on time for you."

Peter chuckled at her comment.

"Yeah well one of these days I will be on time for something I promise you that."

This time it was Gwen's turn to laugh at the other's comment.

"Well I look forward to that."

While Peter continued swinging, he thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned and saw the power going in and out of Times Square. He knew what he had to do, but he hated what it also meant.

"Uhm…. Gwen," he started to say. "Looks like I'm going to be a bit later than I thought."

"Is everything alright?" she asked.

"Yeah just a… disturbance. I think the Bugle might want photos."

Gwen sighed.

"Alright... Just try and hurry."

"Have I mentioned how awesome you are?"

"Tell me more when you get here."

"Will do."

With that, he hung up and made a beeline for Times Square.

"Why is it there always seems to be more supervillain threats then back when I didn't have a girlfriend?" he asked himself.


Times Square was in a state of panic. People were running for their lives as Electro shot out one bolt of electricity randomly after another.

"What's a guy gotta do to get some attention around here?" he yelled.

Inside a nearby building, an elderly man in his 70's with glasses and a mustache walked out only to just barely dodge a bolt of lightning.

"Yeesh, supervillains these days," the old man griped. "No respect for anyone."

A police car came racing to the scene sirens blaring. Electro noticed this and blasted right under the car sending it flying in the air. One police officer tried to run away from the collision but tripped and fell to the ground. Meanwhile, Spider-Man had just arrived and landed on top of the flying cop car. Once he was close to the ground, he landed on his feet and caught the car, much to the cop's surprise.

"Glad you're not one of those cops that rides a horse," Spider-Man joked before putting the car down. "Need a hand?"

The officer looked back at Electro causing havoc.

"Yeah knock yourself out."

Spider-Man then shot out a web and swung onto another car near Electro.

"Yo sparkles!" he called out, getting Electro's attention.

"Spider-Man." Electro responded, turning to face his long time enemy. "Just the freak I wanted to see tonight."

"Aw you missed me," Spidey responded sarcastically.

"Yeah I missed you," Electro replied, charging his hands. "I also remember saying I'd do something if I ever saw you again."

Electro then shot Spider-Man, who quickly jumped up to dodge it and shoot a web to swing on while Electro shot one bolt of electricity after another at him.

"Nice aim," Spidey commented, deftly avoiding another shot. "A few more years of target practice and you might actually hit something."

"Yeah keep joking web head," Electro replied. "That way I'll know where to zap ya!"


On a nearby rooftop, a man in a black shirt and pants with sunglasses was watching the fight unfold.

"This is Agent Barton," the man said into an earpiece. "I have located the target. He is currently engaged with the supervillain known as Electro,"

"Roger that Agent Barton," The man on the other end of the radio acknowledged. "Maintain visual on the target and report findings. Do not engage."

"Affirmative," Barton replied, turning his attention back to the fight. "Alright kid, let's see what you can do."


Back on the ground, Spider-Man had just landed on the side of a building and was leaping up it just barely avoiding Electro's lightning blasts. As he made it to the top, he turned around to see Electro flying over him, looking quite irritated.

"Finished running yet?" Electro asked.

"Well, I wanted a private matchup," Spidey explained. "Away from innocent bystanders."

"Hey, don't sell them short Spidey," Electro taunted, landing on the building. "They were able to bring you to me."

"So what, you used innocent people as bait?" Spidey shook his head, clicking his tongue in dismay. "That's low. Even for you."

"Hey, you do what you do," Electro responded. "And I do what I do. Simple as that."

"Okay then. Well what I'm gonna 'do' now is make sure the first thing you see after the coma I'm about to give you are the steel bars of a jail cell."

Electro charged up his hands with electricity.

"Good luck with that," he responded before firing at Spider-Man.

Spidey back flipped out of the way of each shot until he flipped off the edge of the building. Electro was quick to follow.


Agent Barton kept following the battle across the rooftops, impressed by the fight before him. Admittedly when he was first given this assignment, he was less than thrilled. But seeing Spider-Man in action, he was kind of enjoying it.

"Gotta admit, you have potential." Barton commented. "We might be able to use you after all."


Spider-Man was swinging through the street with Electro hot on his tail, dispensing seemingly endless lightning bolts. Spider-Man then shot a web at a nearby street light. He swung around on it, circling behind Electro, and giving him a hard kick in the back of the head. Spider-Man flew over Electro as Electro tried stabilizing himself. Spider-Man then turned around mid-air and shot two web lines and used them as a slingshot, shooting him forward and tackling Electro to the ground.

"You ready to give up?" Spidey asked his opponent. "Please say no."

Electro simply responded by shooting electricity from his mouth at Spider-Man. Spidey let out a scream of pain as electricity surged through his body. Thinking fast, he looked around and saw a nearby fire hydrant. Fighting against the pain, he raised his arm and shot a web onto it.

"Hey sparky. Drinks are on me!" he shouted, tearing off the side of the hydrant.

Water poured onto Electro, causing him to cry out in pain as he was shorting out. Then, he fell to the ground unconscious. Spidey then proceeded to web him up. Once he was done, let out a sigh of relief before swinging off to meet up with Gwen.


Inside the coffee shop, Gwen was sitting by herself in a booth looking down at the table. She casually looked up to see Peter Parker walking in the front door. Her face brightened up as he walked towards her.

"Excuse me have you seen a Blonde Bombshell looking rather impatient," Peter joked. "I think she's looking for me."

Gwen chuckled at her boyfriend's joke.

"Nice of you to finally make it."

"Right. Sorry, again," he apologized sitting down across from her.

"Hey like I said, late is right on time for you. So, what was your little disturbance."

"Turns out Spider-Man was fighting Electro in Times Square."

"Really?" Gwen raised an eyebrow, "Did he win again?"

"Yeah," Peter nodded, flexing his fingers, which were still a bit numb from the electricity, "by the skin of his teeth."


Back on the rooftop, Batron got in communication with his superior.

"Coulson, got enough for the profile."

"So, what's your assessment?"

"Kid's got potential. I think Fury's got a winner here."

"Alright. Go ahead and return to base. We'll have your next assignment up and ready by then."

Barton signed off and started to make his way back to base. Spider-Man was just one of many heroes under consideration for his organization's special project: The Avengers Initiative.


A/N: this is the first of several standalone chapters for each of the individual members of the Avengers before the main story. Also, several characters will be based primarily on their MCU counterparts, their versions from Avengers: EMH or a sorta hybrid of both.

Spider-Man: mostly Spectacular Spider-Man

Hawkeye: mix of both MCU and EMH with look of MCU