Chapter 2: The Man in the Ant Hill

The terrain was rough and continuously shifting. Though it hardly deterred Dr. Hank Pym. He just continued running until he came up to a large cave. He stopped right in front of it as he heard something coming out. He braced himself as a giant ant came out of the cave and towered over him. While the creature was imposing, Pym didn't move. Instead he placed a hand on the helmet he was wearing. It was a special silver helmet with red eyes and antenna on the side.

"Alright," Pym said adjusting his helmet. "Let's see if this works. Back off."

As if on command the ant backed away. Pym smiled at the results.

"Kneel." he commanded.

The ant did so, and Pym climbed onto it.


The ant then moved forward as Pym rode it through the terrain.

"I think it's safe to say the test of the new cybernetic helmet was a success." Pym said into a communication device in his helmet.

"So, you can talk to ants now. Hooray!" Janet Van Dyne, his financial backer and girlfriend replied.

"It's more practical than you think." Hank countered.

His testing ground was an ant farm that was being monitored by Jan in Hank's laboratory at Grayburn College.

"Yeah this will come in handy if some supervillains go on a picnic." Jan joked.

"Very funny." Hank responded dryly. "Ants can be very versatile and useful in certain situations."

"If you say so." Jan dismissed.

"Fine, go ahead and mock my life's work." Hank retorted.

"Well if you insist." Jan responded coyly. "I can mock some more over dinner if you'd like."

"Just give me a few minutes to get out of here." Pym responded.

Jan just laid back in her chair waiting for boyfriend to return. While his fixation on science did come across as a tad obsessive to her, she did admire his enthusiasm in seeing his work through.


While that was going on, a white unmarked van drove up to the college and pulled up alongside one of the buildings. The eight men inside were dressed in yellow suits that resembled beekeeper suits and were preparing specialized weapons.

"Remind me again why were at some university?" one man asked.

"Because one of this university's top scientists has developed a breakthrough technology," another man explained. "Something that would be of great use to AIM."

"Then let's get moving." a third agent ordered.

The others nodded and exited out of the van. They made a beeline for a nearby door and kicked it open. Once open, they rushed inside, dead set on their goal.

Jan leaned back in her chair, really starting to feel bored. As she casually glanced over to a set of monitors Hank had set up and saw the mysterious men making their way through the campus.

"Hank." she alerted sitting up straight in her chair. "We have a situation."

"What is it?" he asked.

"Looks like guys have broken in." she informed. "And they're wearing… beekeeper suits."

"Beekeeper suits?" he responded confused.

"Well they have guns too." Jan added.

"Sounds like agents of AIM." Hank surmised. "The Advanced Idea Mechanics."

"Those tech-based terrorists?" Jan guessed.

"That's them." Hank confirmed. "What are they doing here?"

"No idea." she answered. "But it looks like they're looking for something."

"I'm on it." Hank declared, altering his course and running towards a glass wall.

He then leapt through the glass of the ant farm and landed on the table. As he ran towards the edge, an ant with wings flew out of the ant farm and awaited Hank at the end of the table. Hank wasted no time leaping onto it and flying towards the door. Thinking fast, Jan rushed to the door and opened it for him. She then watched as her boyfriend rushed off into uncertain danger to protect the lives of those on campus.

"Be careful." She spoke softly


Five of the AIM agents continued their search through the halls of the campus. Kicking open every door and checking each room and lab in search of their target. Their search was unfruitful unfortunately.

"This isn't working." one agent complained.

"Keep looking." another agent ordered. "We can't return without-"

Before he could finish, he fell to the ground with a thud, as though he'd been punched. The thing was though, there was no one there. The remaining AIM agents readied their weapons and looked around the room looking for the mysterious interloper. They continued moving down the hallway completely on edge.

"What was that?" one AIM agent asked.

"I have an idea." another agent replied. "It could be what we're looking for."

"Then keep your guard up." a third one instructed. "We don't know where-"

Before he could finish, the agent was taken out in the same manner as the first one. On instinct, the other three AIM agents began firing around the room in the vain hope that one of their blasts would hit their mysterious attacker. Their ammo was wasted however. While they were aim all around the room, their attacker, Pym shrunken down to the size of an ant, was on the floor running up to one of them. He then pressed a button on his left glove that grew him up to normal height, upper cutting one of the agents as he did so. The other two saw this and began firing at him. Pym however pressed another button on his right hand shrinking him down as he jumped towards them. He landed on one of the agent's weapons and ran across the barrel towards him. Pym then leapt up and punched him in the face, cracking his visor. As the agent fell to the ground, Pym landed on the nearby wall and bounced off it towards the final agent. He grew to full size as his shoulder collided with the final AIM agent. The force collided the agent with the wall.

Back in the lab, Jan watched as Hank finished off the last of the AIM agents. She couldn't help but smile at seeing her boyfriend at work. Just then, there was a loud thud at the door. As she turned around, the door was busted open, and the three remaining AIM agents poured into the room. Janet stood up in shock as the agents entered the room and surrounded her.

"Um… hi fellas." she replied trying to sound nonchalant. "How ya doing?"


As the agent slumped over, Pym stood over him looking a little irritated.

"Why are you here?" Pym demanded.

"We were sent here to obtain a rumored technology called the Pym Particles." the agent replied. "Though it doesn't seem to be rumored anymore."

"Guess not." Pym responded before punching him out.

As the agent fell unconscious, Pym activated his communicator to get in touch with Janet.

"Jan, I've got things wrapped up here." he told her. "Think you can let the police know we've had some uninvited guests?"

Hank had expected some sly comment or witty remark, instead, all he heard was dead silence.

"Jan?" Hank called out again. "Jan?!"

Fearing something was wrong, Hank shrank back down, hopped on his flying ant, and started making his way back towards the lab.

Jan just froze in place as one of the AIM agents, presumably the leader, walked towards her, while the other two stood at the doorway on lookout.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" She asked jokingly.

"Where is Dr. Hank Pym?" the leader demanded.

"Who?" Jan asked, trying to act dumb.

"Don't play dumb with me." the leader threw back. "We know he's developed a substance that allows size reduction but amplifies physical strength. We want it."

"Hmm… doesn't ring a bell." Jan replied. "Sorry. You must have the wrong lab."

The leader then grabbed Jan by the shirt and pulled her close to his face.

"Don't play games with me girl." the leader threatened.

Outside in the hallway, Hank flew towards the two agents standing guard. He then jumped of the ant he was riding and grew back to full size. The two agents saw this and began shooting at him. As he ran towards them, he leapt into the air and shrunk down. As he flew, he struck one agent across the face taking him out. He quickly grew back to normal size as he landed. He then leapt towards the second agent and shrunk down as the agent tried firing at him. Hank sailed past the agent's head and grabbed hold of one of the cables attached to his mask. As Hank grew to normal size, he threw the agent forward, causing him to crash into one of the tables in the lab.

"Don't move!" the leader called out, getting Hank's attention.

He turned to see the leader holding Janet around the neck with one arm and the other holding a gun at her head. Hank held his hands up near his head in surrender.

"Hold it!" Hank called out. "Don't hurt her."

"I want the Pym Particle technology." the leader demanded.

"You're looking at it." Hank informed, discretely activating a feature on his helmet. "It's the suit. It was designed as an environment suit to study ants."

As Hank continued keeping the leader occupied, one of the ants from the ant farm on the table was crawling out and towards the leader.

"Then give me the suit!" the leader ordered.

"It won't do you much good." Hank told him. "I'm the only one who knows how it works."

"Stop stalling and take off the suit!" the leader demanded, unaware of the ant crawling on its back towards the arm holding the gun.

"I'm not stalling, I'm telling you this suit can't be used by just anyone." Pym insisted.

The ant, after crawling along the leader's arm and under his glove, finally made it to the hand.

"I'm in no mood for your games!" the leader yelled. "Give me the suit or I'll-"

Before the leader could finish, the ant bit his hand, causing him to grunt in pain and drop the gun. Jan took the opportunity to stomp on his foot, causing him to let go. She then grabbed his arm and flipped him over onto the floor. As the leader laid on the floor groaning in pain, Hank walked over to Janet, flipping open his faceplate to reveal his face.

"Still think talking to ants is dumb?" Hank asked smiling.

"It… has its uses." Jan conceded smirking. "So, do you seriously think that suits only good for studying ants."

"Well partially." Hank admitted. "It started as a scientific tool, but I have come to see it being used scientific purposes, but I have come to see greater uses for it. As a tool to help people."

"I can see it." Jan agreed. "Hank Pym, the astonishing 'Ant-Man'."

Hank chuckled in response.

"Ant-Man?" Hank questioned.

"What?" Jan replied. "It seemed appropriate."

"Fair enough." Hank conceded, crossing his arms. "Any more suggestions you'd like to give my superhero career?"

"Hmm…" Jan pondered for a moment. "How about a partner?"

Hank raised an eyebrow in confusion, before he went wide eyed as he finally pieced together what she meant. Jan just chuckled in response.


Hope you guys are enjoy the story. I'm enjoying writing my own Marvel universe.

Ant-Man: EMH with the pacifism dialed back a bit. basically more willing to get in the fight. Look is the suit from the Ant-Man movie. just thought it looked cooler.