Darkside Of The Moon

It has been 15 years since Usagi crossed the Vail into the Elemental Nations. Why would Usagi Tsukino leave her home in Tokyo and everyone she loves behind. That simple to explain.

After the battle with Galaxia there was once again peace and her beloved Mamoru Chiba had return from the dead. All was going well for about a month after the Sailor Stars and their Princess had returned to their own home planet to begin to rebuild and return to their lives.

But, during this time Usagi did not know that Mamoru was working in the shadows behind her back. He had come back as something dark, something evil. Maybe the Chaos has effected him during the time he was in the afterworld.

It was June 15th and Usagi had just finish taking her finals and was leaving school. Parked in front of her school was Mamoru. He was leaning against his black sports car. His black sunglasses shielded his eyes from her view. Like normal Usagi was happy to see her boyfriend.

"Hey Usko. How were your exams?" Asked Mamoru.

Smiling looking up at him she softly spoke. "They went pretty good I guess. I'll find out next week what my scores will be and what classes I'll be taking in the fall."

"That's good to know." Said Mamoru.

"So, Mamoru. What's with the unexpected visit?" Asked Usagi.

A small grin crossed his lips.

Just something about that grin placed Usagi on edge.

"Do I need a reason to come see you?" Asked Mamoru.

"Well, no. It's just a very nice surprise." Said Usagi a little nervous. She slowly took a step away from him.

"I just wanted to let you know. I'm planning on going and studying abroad again." Said Mamoru.

"But, I thought you said Harvard would not except you in the program again?" Asked Usagi.

He looked away from her. His arms crossed over his chest. His body taking a darker tone to it.

"They did tell me that. But, I never said I would be heading back to America." Said Mamoru.

"Oh." Was all Usagi could say. "Then where will you be studying at?"

"Listen Usagi don't worry about it. There is another reason I came here today." Said Mamoru.

Just then the other girls came out of school and saw Usagi and Mamoru talking. Something with how they both stood there didn't feel right. They each turned and looked at each other.

"What is it? That you want to tell me?" Asked Usagi.

"Well, Usko…there isn't any easy way to say it. So, I'm going to be blunt. I don't love you. I haven't loved you for awhile now. I just carried on the act to ensure I would be come the Future King of the Earth. As well I kept the act going for Chibi Usagi's sake. But, to be honest it isn't worth it." Said Mamoru.

Usagi's jaw hit the ground and she took a few steps away from Mamoru.

A dark Aura slowly emanated off of Mamoru. The energy rolling gave off of him made her sick. Just then she knew whose Aura it was Queen Metaria.

"Queen Metaria." Said Usagi softly.

Just then Mamoru began laughing his clothing changed into black armor as his hair grew out longer it reached to center of his back. His eyes had become a eerie emerald red.

As the girls watched on as the scene unfolded before them. Before they could even move the 4 earth kings appeared before them.

A man with blonde hair up in a ponytail smirked looking down at Minako. "Miss me?"

"Zoisite, how in the world are you even here before me?" Asked Minako.

The three other men stood before their respected scout. Their former loves from the Silver Millennium.

Before any of the other girls could react to what was happening the four men placed their hands on their foreheads and a blast of dark energy had engulfed them. Their eyes losing their shine and becoming dull with a dark shadow could be seen within them.

Usagi had seen what had happen to her friends and see looked on with fear at Mamoru.

"Don't worry Princess you will be joining your friends very soon." Said King Metaria. "I should tell you. That your beloved Mamuro did die in battle and that fool Queen Beryl thought she was able to use my energy to save him. But, all she did was transferred my soul right into him. His will was strong enough for awhile to keep me at bay. Thanks to what Galaxia did. I was finely able to over come his will and finely take over my new body for good."

"W-w-what do you have planned for me?" Asked Usagi.

"Well I do need you alive and I do need to ascend to your role of Queen of Neo Crystal Tokyo. After that is done my dear. As well as produce me an heir. After all is said and done you will meet with an untimely accident and I will rule the universe with no one to challenge my authority." Said King Metaria.

"I refuse I refuse to be your puppet." Said Usagi as she clenched her fists.

"Oh… But, my dear you will not have any say in this matter what so ever." Said King Metaria.

He raised his hand to place it on her forehead. When a golden silver light shined in front of him. Usagi had taken on her form of Neo Queen Serenity. Her moon staff formed in her hands. A long silver staff with a golden crescent moon and strange orange spiral on it.

"You will not and shall not take me without a fight Metaria. I refuse to play this sick twisted game of yours." Said Neo Queen Serenity.

Just then the four outer scouts appeared.

"Neo Queen Serenity!" the four outer scouts cried out.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune ran in front of their Queen. "Let us handle this scum." Said Sailor Uranus.

Usagi was still weak and knew she couldn't last in battle against Metaria.

Sailor Pluto and Saturn turn to look at the four inner scouts to see them being spirited away by the four kings.

"My Dear Serenity. This will not be the last time you will see me." Said Metaria. With that he vanish spirit himself away with the others.

She breathed in a sigh of relief as she transformed back onto her school uniform. But, the moon rod stayed in her hands. She looked at how the crescent moon had a strange orange spiral circle at its base.

"Thank you girls." Said Usagi as she looked at the four outers.

"We must be leaving. People are beginning to gather around us." Said Sailor Saturn.

With a nod they all vanished into the trees near by. But, unknown to them someone had gotten a video of Usagi turning into Neo Queen Serenity.

By the time they reached Tsukino residence. The video footage was being played on the news. But, Usagi and others had no clue of this.

"Usagi, that was reckless of you to transform into Neo Queen Serenity." Said Meiou.

Luna was sitting on the couch with Usagi's mother watching the news footage of who Sailor Moon truly is.

"Oh…No." Said Luna

As Usagi's mom looked at the black cat and she narrowed her eyes. They both heard Usagi coming in as she was talking to someone.

"Momma, I'm home" Said Usagi. Usagi and the four outer scouts walk into the living room just in time to see the news replay the footage of Usagi transforming into Neo Queen Serenity and transforming back to herself.

The group of girls gasp at seeing the news.

Usagi just sighs as she wraps her hand tighter around the new moon staff. See looked up at her momma. "Momma, I'm sorry for never telling you I was Sailor Moon."

Her mom looked from the TV to her daughter and to her daughters friends and a flash in her eyes when everything just clicked.

"Now, I understand everything that has been happening for the past few years and while you been needed new uniforms." Said Usagi's mom. "You girls. Your also Sailor Scouts?"

The four girls nod their heads. They couldn't find the words to say anything.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Tsukino. I was the one who told Usagi to keep this secret." Said Luna. "It was to ensure you and your family safety."

"It don't care. You should have told me. I would have found away to help you. To protect you. That is what a mother's job after all." Said Usagi's mom.

"But, momma you have. You have helped me. Especially when Chibi Usagi was here." Said Usagi.

Her mother's eyes widen. She looked at the family picture she had next to the TV with Chibi Usagi in it.

Just as her mom was going to speak. Two figures formed in front of everyone. The ones who stood before them were Queen Serenity and Queen Nehelenia. Both royal women looked down at Usagi.

"My Dear sweet Serenity. I am truly sorry." Said Queen Serenity.

"Oh, dear Princess. The time is not right and your power is to weak to even try to save those of your royal court." Said Queen Nehelenia.

Everyone just looked in shock of the two woman. Both could have been mirror images of each other. But, for Queen Nehelenia had black hair and several more buns in her hair as well for the face she had three Crescent moons. To where Queen Serenity had only two buns and silver hair and a single Crescent moon.

"W-who are you?" Asked a nervous Mrs. Tsukino.

Both women turn to face her and both just smiled.

"I am Queen Serenity. Princess Serenity's mother from the Silver Millennium. Your daughter Usagi is the reincarnation of my daughter Serenity." Said Queen Serenity.

"I am Queen Serenity's sister Queen Nehelenia." Said Queen Nehelenia.

Both women bowed before Usagi's mother.

She looked from woman to woman. Her brain trying to process what she was told.

Luna stood before both Queens. "My Lady's what brings you to Earth?" Asked Luna.

Queen Nehelenia looked down at Luna and smiled. "Luna we were called here by the Silver Crystal."

"But, how?" Asked Usagi. "The crystal has been in a state of sleep since the battle with Galaxia."

"Yes, we know but the crystal will warned us of the danger you where in." Said Queen Nehelenia.

"My Dear Serenity. I am afraid it isn't safe for you here anymore. I fear you must journey to the Elemental Nations. There you will regain your power and strength that you will need for the battle to come." Said Queen Serenity.

"To where?" Asked a puzzled Usagi.

"Back to our true home land." Said Queen Serenity.

"Before you ask. We are not really from this world. But, from be on the Vail. Our sister had us flee from our homeland. To ensure that we would live on as she battled a great evil that threaten to destroy our world." Said Queen Nehelenia.

"We must make this quick. My spirit is fading and I must awaken your chakra coils before I fade." Said Queen Serenity.

"Sister know I will make sure she makes it safely to our old home." Said Queen Nehelenia.

With a nod Queen Serenity walked forward to her daughter and placed her hand onto her forehead. Her hand glowed a gentle silver as Usagi's body was engulfed by the Silver light. Seconds later the light faded. As well did Queen Serenity.

"My Dear daughter I love you and please forgive me. With the burden I have placed on your shoulders." Said Queen Serenity as she faded away into nothingness.

A single tear rolled down Usagi's cheek as she looked to her momma and to Queen Nehelenia.

"My Dear girl you must gather clothing for your journey and I will help you pack. For we must make you appear to be from that land." Said Queen Nehelenia.

All Usagi could do was nod her head and walk to her bedroom with Queen Nehelenia in tow.

Everyone else still in a form of shock fallowed behind the two.

Usagi's momma was able to shake herself from what she saw and went to her bedroom and pulled out her husband's old military duff bag. She took it to her daughter's room.

"Sweetie here take this." Said her momma. "Your father doesn't use it anymore and I believe you need it more then what your brother does for summer camp."

"Thank you momma." Said Usagi.

Queen Nehelenia was looking thought the closet and pulling out all the dark and neutral colors of clothing she had in there.

"Ummm….Aunt Nehelenia?" Asked Usagi. "What type of place is the Elemental Nations?"

"My Dear niece. It is a world of ninjas and warriors alike." Said Queen Nehelenia.

"Ninjas?" Asked Haruka.

"Yes, ninjas. They are the warrior in that world." Said Queen Nehelenia.

"Now I really want to go with." Said Haruka.

"I am Afraid you will not be able to journey along with her. For I only have the power to only send one person." Said Queen Nehelenia. "Lucky for us it will take King Metaria a very long time to even figure out where I sent her or even to have the strength to fallow after her."

Everyone just nodded their heads.

Opening her dresser Usagi packed all her undergarments and socks. She pulled out all her dark colored pants and skirts and shirts and leggings.

Queen Nehelenia was laying out a black mesh long sleeve shirt and silver tank top along with that she somehow made a black leather duster appear and along with it a baggy leather jacket with a silver hood inside it. She saw the black cargo pants in Usagi's hand and took them laying them next to the outfit she was putting together. She looked over back at the closet and pulled out the calf high leather boots with a 3 inch thick heel and thick sole. Along with a pair of black boot socks.

Along side the other items was a black pouch that appeared out of nowhere and a larger black pouch. Next to that was three rolls of white bandages and a what look to be a black headband with a metal plate with a swirl on it.

Usagi and the other looked at the other items and looked back at Queen Nehelenia.

She smiled looking at them. "I want you to go take a quick shower. Use this special soap and do not put any perfume on or use any products that have a scent." She handed her the soap and odorless deodorant and pointed to the bathroom.

Usagi did as she was told and vanished into the bathroom to shower and change.

Queen Nehelenia looked at Usagi's momma. "I am sorry. But, this will be the last time you see your daughter."

Mrs. Tsukino just had a small sad smile and looked up at the woman before her. "I know. I wish things were different. But, I know for her safety she must leave us. May I call my husband so he can tell her goodbye?"

Nehelenia just nodded her head and Mrs. Tsukino vanished out of the room and down the hallway.

"You four will look after her family and fight to save the others. When I have regain more strength and my sister Serenity is once again able to appear we will call her back or send you to her just depending what happens in this world." Said Queen Nehelenia.

They nodded their heads.

Mrs. Tsukino had return to the room. "I called him and he will be here in ten minutes and my son is on his way home now as well."

The regal woman before her nodded her head.

They finished packing everything for Usagi. Her momma even added a few of her father's old flannel shirts that he had outgrown and would suit her daughter well.

Usagi came out of the bathroom towel drying her hair. She had it wrapped up as she made her way to her bed and sat down putting on the boot socks and slipping on her boots. She slipped her pant legs back down and looked up and smiled.

Michiru and Hotaru walked up to her and pulled the towel out of her hair.

"Let us braid your hair Usagi." Said Michiru.

Hotaru grabbed two hair brushes and handed one to Michiru and they began brushing her hair out.

"I really should cut my hair a little." Said Usagi.

"No." Said Queen Nehelenia. "You will not cut your hair. Just keep it braided."

"O-okay." Said Usagi.

Hotaru giggled as she brushed out her hair. Michiru just hummed. After 15 minutes they had her hair braided and her father and brother had come running into the bedroom.

Sammy looked up at his big sister. "Usagi is it true? Are you really Sailor Moon?"

"Yes, I am Sammy." Said Usagi.

Her poppa looked at her. Tears in his eyes. "You are really leaving us?"

Usagi nodded her head. "I must. I am too weak right now as it is and I couldn't live with myself if I got everyone hurt just to stay here. I have to protect you. Please poppa don't fight me on this."

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. He knew then his little princess was already out of his reach.

"Please be safe sweetie." Said Mr. Tsukino.

"Usagi." Said Queen Nehelenia.

She turn to face her Aunt. Looking at her with wonder in her eyes.

"Please sit down." Said Queen Nehelenia.

She did as she was told and sat down at her desk chair. For that was where her Aunt had motioned to.

The tall woman knelt down on to her knees and took one of the three bandage rolls.

Everyone looked on to what the regal woman was doing.

Queen Nehelenia smiled at Usagi and began wrapping one of the rolls on her left thigh and when she was done wrapping that area of Usagi's thigh she took the small pouch and strapped it to her leg. "In this pouch are kunai knife. You will need them to protect yourself with." She pulled one of the small throwing knives out of the pouch and showed it to Usagi. "In this new world you are going to…you will have to kill."

Usagi's eyes widen. Before she could speak Nehelenia held up her hand to stop Usagi from speaking.

"I know you have truly never killed before besides the yokai. Please Usagi understand some people you will face will be as evil as those yokai. Maybe even worst." Said Queen Nehelenia.

"I understand. But, I am not happy about taking someone's life Queen Nehelenia." Said Usagi.

"Let me see your hands." Said Queen Nehelenia.

Usagi nodded and raised her hands and Nehelenia quickly wrapped each hand and slipped on black fingerless gloves with metal plates over the top of the glove.

"These will help you in a fist fight. As well with the metal plate you can shield your face from small blades. As you block." Said Queen Nehelenia. With a heavy sigh she looked into the girls deep blue eyes. "This will be a test of your will as well of you're endurance to handle anything that comes your way."

Usagi nodded her head. "What would I do for money?" She looked up at Nehelenia.

Nehelenia just smiled. "Simple." She handed Usagi several scrolls. "In each of these scrolls are money, gold, and jewels. Are sealed up in them and when your out of money you can sell the other two."

"Umm…Nehelenia how am I going to get the stuff out of those scrolls?" Asked Usagi. She had a confused look on her face.

Unrolling one of the scrolls. They saw the kanji for money. "Just place your hand here and focus some chakra to your fingertips."

"Umm…how do I use chakra?" Asked Usagi.

Nehelenia had a blank look on her face and then giggled. "We did forget to explain how to use chakra to you didn't we? Okay here is the cliff notes. Just close your eyes and focus on the energy in your body and push that energy to your fingertips."

Nodding Usagi did as she was told and focused and felt a warmth traveling though her body and it ended at her fingertips and with that there was a puff of smoke and a good size pile of money was before her. She blinked looking down at the money.

"They call the money there ryo. But to reseal it just do as I told you and it will go back into the scroll. Mind you there are about 100 sections in the scroll that holds money so spend it wisely." Said Queen Nehelenia.

Nehelenia looked at the other pouch on the bed. She stood up and walked over to it. "Come here and I'll clip this to your belt. Inside this pouch are some small justus scrolls and explosive tags and shuriken. You will also find plasma pills and soldier pills. But, be warn only use the soldier pills if you are true low on chakra and even then do not over do it. They can harm you to the point of killing you. The plasma pills are to only be taken when you have lost a great deal of blood. For they will help you stop the blood lost and replenish your blood." Said Nehelenia.

Usagi nodded her head and walked over to her Aunt and had her put the pouch on her.

"Now, Usagi this headband before you is of the village Hidden in the Leaf. The Konoha. In your duff bag is a sealed scroll you must give to the Hokage there. The Hokage is a good and justice man and you will be able to trust him. But, do not easily trust everyone. For there are many within the village that just seek power and will do whatever it takes to get it. As for your new moon staff. Hand it over to me."

She handed the woman her new moon staff. Nehelenia looked it over and grinned. "It appears all you have to do is put chakra into the staff and it will shrink down to the size of a kunai and you can put it in your pouch." She focused some chakra into the staff and it shrank before their eyes.

Usagi was all wide eyed watching this. She took back her staff and put it in the pouch on her back of her pants and closed the pouch once more. She looked at the headband and took it into her hands and examine it. Before tying it around her neck and took her brooch fixed it on the back side of her new headband. She walked over to her desk and took a good amount of money and set it aside and resealed the rest. She open her desk draw and pulled out a black chain wallet with the crescent moon on the front of it. She unsnapped the wallet open and put the money into it and snapped it shut and put it in her front pocket and hooked the chain to her belt loop.

"My Dear it is time to go. Say your final good bye." Queen Nehelenia looked at everyone else. "If anyone asked where your daughter, sister, friend has gone off to. Tell them she is traveling abroad for now. With this you are not lying to anyone." Said Queen Nehelenia.

Everyone nodded their heads.

Luna walked up to Usagi and Nehelenia. "My Lady will I be able to go with her?"

"I'm afraid not Luna." Said Queen Nehelenia.

"I see. Please Usagi be safe and please come back to us someday." Said Luna.

Usagi bent down and picked up her friend and hugged Luna tightly. "I will Luna. I promise." Said Usagi.

With that everyone said their final goodbyes. Usagi grabbed the duff bag and swung it over her shoulder. She smiled at everyone. With that her and Queen Nehelenia where gone.

Outside of the Konoha

"Usagi please be careful my dear girl. Now head straight to the Hokage Tower. If the guard at the gate asks who you are tell him you been away for awhile on an undercover mission and need to report quickly to the Hokage." Said Queen Nehelenia.

Usagi nodded her head to what she was being told. She looked up to her Aunt. She had a small sad smile cross her lips.

"Thank you for everything Aunt Nehelenia. I will do all I can to make you proud of me." Said Usagi.

"I know you will my dear. I know you will." Said Queen Nehelenia.

With that they parted ways and Usagi walked up to the main gates to the north of the village.

Sitting at the gates were two chuunin just watching all who came and went. One of the men spotted Usagi walking up.

He looked at her and smiled. "What is your purpose for being in the village?"

Smiling Usagi looked at the man before her. "I have returned form a long and lengthy mission and I must report to the Hokage at once."

"What is your name and how long have you been gone?" Asked the chuunin.

"My name is Usagi Tsukino and I have been gone for 3 years." Said Usagi. She thought to herself. "That sounds about right for when I became Sailor Moon." She watched the man before her.

He had gone to a filing cabinet and looked at sign out sheets from three years ago and who would have known there was a sheet with Usagi's name on it. He returned with the sheet. "Sign here. This will show you are back and active within in the village."

Usagi nodded her head and signed the sheet. Before she could say anything an ANBU appeared before her and placed his hand on her shoulder and they vanished in a swirl of leaves.

Outside of the Hokage office stood Usagi next to Tora masked ANBU. "Wait here." The Masked man vanished into the office only to come back out seconds later. "Lord Hokage will see you now."

Nodding Usagi walked into the office and saw the blonde hair man sitting in front of her. He was rather very young. But, his eyes held wisdom of one much older.

Usagi bowed her head. "Lord Hokage."

The man before her raised an eyebrow. "I have been informed you have returned from a mission. For the life of me I am unable to place you with in the ranks."

"I am able to explain that. But, first I was told to give you a sealed scroll. The information within it is for your eyes only." Said Usagi. She dropped her duff bag to the floor and went to open it. After opening it she pulled out a large scroll wrapped in silver and gold.

Seeing this The Hokage dismissed the other ANBU in his office. "Where did you get that scroll?"

Usagi looked down at the scroll and back at the man before her a little confused. "My Aunt Queen Nehelenia gave it to me and told me to just give it to you and no one else. As well I should be very careful with who I trust." She handed the scroll to the Hokage.

The Hokage reached over and grabbing the scroll from the girls hands and pushed his chakra into it unsealing the scroll. After it was unsealed he slowly unscrolled it.

Dear Minato-sama.

I know it's been ages since we last spoke. But, what I have dreamt has come to pass and I must send you my only daughter. Please watch over her and protect her from Metaria. For sadly Metaria had reincarnation herself into my daughter destined love. With King Metaria return the four kings of earth past the four Generals that served under Queen Beryl have returned as well. For now my dear Daughter Serenity (Usagi) is too weak to fight back. I have sent her to you to build of her strength and train her to be a warrior. For the battle that a waits her will test her will and her endurance. I beg you take good care of her.

Sincerely Queen Serenity.

Minato put the scroll down and looked at the girl before him. She couldn't be more then 15 years old. She looked too fragile be a ninja. Let alone a warrior. She was better suited to be place up on a high shelf and protected.

Usagi glared at the man before her. For she knew the thoughts racing though his head. "I am not a porcelain doll. Just to be seen and never to be taken down to play with."

That snapped him from his thoughts. "Forgive me. But, your not like the kunoichi from here. The female ninjas are very strong and fearsome warriors."

"I am in my own right a warrior. I am the guardian of love and justice. I was once Sailor Moon." She looked away. "But, my power was greatly weaken in battle against Galaxia and I haven't been able to transform. Until today when I took the form of my future self. The form of Neo Queen Serenity."

Minato looked at the girl before him. He saw the pain and saw the wounds in her spirit. "I am sorry for judging you so quickly. For normally princesses do not go out to the battle field. They leave it for one's such as myself."

"I do understand. Please allow me formally introduce myself. I am Usagi Tsukino also known as Princess Serenity and future Neo Queen Serenity. As well as known Sailor Moon. But, please call me Usagi." Said Usagi. She smiled bowing to him.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Usagi. I am Minato Namikaze the 4th Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaf." Said Minato.

Just then a fiery red hair redhead came bursting though the office doors. Usagi jumped to the side trying to get herself out of the way of the unknown threat.

"Minato the baby kicked for the first time. He kicked." Said The redhead.

A sweat drop formed on both Minato and Usagi's heads.

"Kushina my dear I'm in a meeting." Said Minato.

Kushina turned and look at the blonde hair girl to her side. She squealed and ran over to the girl. "Here feel my belly. The baby is kicking up a storm."

Nodding her head slowly Usagi placed her hand on the woman's swollen belly and felt the baby kick. Her eyes open wide. "He has a very strong kick."

"I know he is going to be stronger then both his parents." Said Kushina.

"Kushina dear. I have never seen you warm up to someone you just met so quickly. Even Jiraiya-sensei still has troubles talking to you so freely." Said Minato.

"Ero-sannin is a big old prevent that likes peeping on woman. The girl right here has something so pure, so innocent that I can't help but feel safe with her." Said Kushina.

"I'm glade to hear that." Said Minato.

Both women turned to look at him.

"For Usagi will be staying with us for awhile." Said Minato.

Kushina grinned and grabbed the poor girls hand and dragged her out of the office. Kushina turned and looked at Minato. "Make sure you bring home her bag and do not allow Ero-sannin to look through it." With that both women where gone.

Minato sat at his desk shaking his head. Never in his life had he seen his wife become so close to someone she had just met. As well he had always thought the dreams he had with the two Queens were just that "DREAMS" nothing more. But, after today he knew better.

"So, whose the blonde hottie that Kushina is treating like a rag doll?" Said the voice from the window.

Looking up and turning his head to his right he saw Jiraiya sitting in the window. "Jiraiya-sensei."

Jiraiya looked over at his former student and grinned. "I don't believe I have ever seen that cutie around here before."

"She isn't from around here." Said Minato. "Sensei you remember those dreams I used to have?"

"You mean about the two Queen Goddesses?" Asked Jiraiya.

Minato nodded his head. "Well I guess they were not dreams. But, they were visiting me to inform me of the dangers that were to come and befall that girl there."

"So, she is the little princess that you are to save." Said Jiraiya

"I guess so. But, what truly bothers me is they also warn the day Kushina gives birth the Kyūbi will get free and attack. That a man in an orange mask will set the beast free for his own dark purpose." Said Minato.

With Minato saying that Jiraiya grew serious and looked at the blonde hair man. "We will not allow that to happen. I shall stay closer to the village with the final month of Kushina's pregnancy to ensure that her seal doesn't break during labor."

Minato just nodded his head.

Down on the street of Konoha Kushina dragged Usagi around showing her the sights. Suddenly Usagi stomach growled. Kushina stopped and looked over at the girl with wide eyes. But, she couldn't help but laugh.

"I thought my stomach sounded like angry beast when it was hungry." Said Kushina

Usagi just blushed. "I have been told I have a black hole for a stomach."

Both just giggled.

"Is there anywhere good to eat?" Asked Usagi.

Kushina's eyes lite up. "Yes, Ichiraku. They have the best Ramen in the world there."

"Well let's go have Ramen." Said Usagi. Both women walked down the dirt street heading to the small noodle bar.

"Welcome to Ichiraku Ramen Bar." Said the man behind the counter. He looked up and saw Kushina and a young blonde woman. "Ah, Kushina. The baby craving ramen again?"

"Appear he is Teuchi. As well I wanted my new friend Usagi to try your ramen." Said Kushina.

They enjoyed their late day snack and chatted about random things. They paid their tab and went back to Minato and Kushina's home. There waiting for them was Minato and Jiraiya.

"Ero-sannin what brings you to town?" Asked Kushina.

"What I can't come and see my favorite redhead in the world?" Asked Jiraiya.

She gave him that look that made him hold his hands up in the air in defeat.

"Fine, I return from gathering information from my spy network. It has gotten out that Minato has or is going to have a kid. Someone from the civilian council has been selling information to line their pockets with." Said Jiraiya.

The room grow cold. "Who will I be murdering?" Asked Kushina as her hair flow around like nine tails.

Usagi watched in curiosity.

Minato sighed. "I'll call for Ibki and Inoichi and have them handle the security breach."

"Also I wanted to meet the Princess that has so kindly graced our village." Said Jiraiya.

Usagi looked down and blushed. Kushina looked over at the girl.

"You're a Princess?" Asked Kushina.

Usagi slowly nodded her head. "But, please don't treat me any different then what you have." Pleaded Usagi.

Kushina smiled and hugged the girl. "I wouldn't dream of it."

"So what proof do you have?" Asked Jiraiya.

Usagi just looked at him and tilted her head to the side looking like she was thinking. "Who does this old guy think he is demanding proof? Should I trust him?" She looked at Minato and back at Kushina.

They both nodded their heads as if they had read her thoughts.

With a small sigh Usagi slipped off her leather duster and laid it on the side of the couch and reached into her back pouch and pulled out her mini crescent moon staff. Closing her eyes she focused her chakra into it and it grew to about a 6ft tall staff. Granted Usagi at the moment stood 5'8 with the boots she had on.

Everyone's eyes grew wide as they saw a mystical Aura come off the staff.

"This is my Crescent Moon Staff and Wand. I use it in battle and also to heal the enemy or the victim that has been placed under the enemies control." Said Usagi. Then grabbed her brooch from behind her forehead protector that is around her neck. Holding the brooch in her hand she showed it everyone in the room.

They looked at the tiny gold and red heart shape brooch with a tiny crown at top and tiny wings on the side.

"This brooch here helps me transform into Sailor Moon. As well it houses the Silver Millennium Crystal." Said Usagi as she waved her hand over the brooch and the cover disappeared to show a beautiful jewel.

"Wow it's so pretty." Said Kushina.

"Are you able to transform into your Sailor Moon look?" Asked Jiraiya.

Shaking her head no. She softly spoke. "With the final battle I was in with Galaxia I had used so much of my power that it had weaken and I lost my transformation in the mist of battle. But, I took on my future form as Neo Queen Serenity and was able to defeat and heal Galaxia. She wasn't evil. But, to save her world she took in a great evil within herself known as CHAOS and the evil entity slowly took her over to the point she didn't have the will nor power to fight him no more. So, she came to Earth where she felt a great power that was strong enough to save her. After the battle was over she return to her world back into her slumber til she was once again strong enough to rebuild what she had lost."

A small smile crossed her lips as she remembered her brother Sammy had given her his video camera that had all the video footage he could ever find on Sailor Moon and her last transformation before coming to her new home. She saw her duff bag and quickly went over to it digging out random things. She was shocked to see they had also packed her laptop. She pulled both the laptop and video camera out.

"Well, my brother Sammy had sent his video camera with me and I'm also shock to see them sent my laptop. But, that's besides the point. I do have video proof of who I say I am." Said Usagi.

She looked around the room and saw the TV. She walked over to it and hooked up the camera and turned on the TV and camera. She hit play. On the screen they saw footage of Usagi fight yokai and then her final battle with Galaxia and then her transforming into Neo Queen Serenity and stood before King Metaria and then the four outer scouts standing before her. She turned everything off and looked at the others in the room.

"Oh my. How old were you when you became Sailor Moon.?" Asked Kushina.

She looked up. "I was 12 years old. When my life changed and I had a talking cat appear before me telling me I had to find the Moon Princess and fight the Dark kingdom."

They all looked at the girl before them in shock. This girl before them has been in battles no one would ever truly understand and when she looked at the screen at the other girls dressed like her. One could only see sadness.

"In the final battle with Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom she had killed my friends, my fellow scouts in battle. But, after defeating her I used the Silver Crystal to being them back to life and give them the normal life they so truly deserved and took the memories of them being Sailor Scouts." Said Usagi as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Kushina took the girl in her arms and held her. "My poor girl. At such a tender age you had been forced into a life no one should ever have to live."

Usagi just laughed. "In away it's like your ninja world."

Jiraiya just nodded his head. "Yes, it is."

Minato looked at Usagi. "How could no one ever tell that was you? Come on the bun pigtails are a dead give away." Said Minato.

"To be honest I have wondered the same thing. I have even come face to face with my family several times as Sailor Moon and they never once said or questioned me if I was her. Only to say she had my old hair style." Said Usagi.

They talked into the night about what Usagi would learn and came up with a cover story for her. Oddly enough Jiraiya said he would say she was his daughter. That shocked everyone. For they thought of saying she was Minato's long lost sister. But, Jiraiya had a point it would be safer for him to claim her as his own. They finely agreed.

Time skip

It was finely the day Kushina was going to have her baby. Jiraiya was present along with Usagi.

Kushina had demand that Usagi be there with her while she had the baby. No one had the courage to tell her no. So, she got what she wanted.

Everything was going well until the final moment when the baby was born and a man in an orange mask appeared and took the baby hostage. "Give me the Kyūbi no Kitsune or the baby will die." He held a kunai to the baby.

Minato appeared behind the man. "Give me my son."

He threw the kunai at Kushina and Usagi quickly reached out caught it in midair and threw it back at the man hitting him in the shoulder.

He dropped the baby but Minato quickly caught him and flashed away to the safe house where Mrs. Sarutobi was waiting for the baby and Kushina.

"Here take Naruto." Said Minato as he handed the elderly woman his son. With in seconds he was gone again.

She smiled down at the baby boy with three whisker marks on his cheek. On each side, his clear blue eyes looked like the sea when it was calm and his bright yellow hair reminded her of the early morning sun. "My Dear Naruto. You will be the shining hope of this village." She spoke as she clean him up and dressed him and wrapped him in a blue blanket.

Minato had return to see Jiraiya had been knocked though the wall and Usagi holding on tight to Kushina. "What happen?" was all he could ask. When he heard the roars and screams coming from the village.

"He knocked out Jiraiya and unsealed the Kyūbi while keeping me at bay. He held a kunai at Kushina's heart and I couldn't risk it." Said Usagi.

"Please don't feel bad. You did the right thing." Said Minato. "I'll take Kushina to the safe house and go face the Kyūbi."

Usagi nodded her head and went to wake up Jiraiya and head to the village to help fight the beast.

Minato picked up his beloved bridal style and flashed to the safe house where their baby awaited them. "Please watch over them." With that said he was gone.

The old 3th Hokage appeared behind his wife. "My Dear I must go help." He kissed her cheek and he was gone.

The Northside of the village Usagi appeared holding her Crescent Moon Staff. Her crystal was softly glowing. "Mother give me the strength I will need to face this beast."

"Moon Princess Make-up!" Yelled Usagi. A blinding silver light wrapped around her and when she reappeared she was dressed as Sailor Moon.

Minato and Jiraiya had appeared just when she transformed. Their jaws to the ground.

She looked over at the two men. "What?"

They shook their heads and went to work fighting the Kyūbi.

"Crescent Lunar Eclipse!" Yelled Usagi as she spun in a small circle delivering her attack. A crescent moon beam hit the Kyūbi. Slowing it down.

"Whatever you have plan do it now Minato, Jiraiya-papa." Yelled Usagi.

Before them Kushina appeared she was so pale. But, she stood her ground and summoned up golden chains that wrapped around the Kyūbi. "I'm sorry Kurama. But, you must return to me." When she saw the foxes eyes she gasped. Her chains were strong but she didn't have the energy to pull him back within her.

Sadly out of nowhere Minato appeared with Naruto in his arms. "Please forgive me Kushina. This is the only way I know how to stop him." Tears fell from Minato's eyes.

His hands flew though many hand signs until he summon the death god and for exchange for his soul the deal was stuck to seal the Kyūbi no Kitsune within his son. As the fox was being seal he brought down one of his huge paws with a sharp and mighty claw. Seeing this Kushina and Minato put themselves into the line of fire and took the hit. Sealing both their fates to the afterlife.

The Kyūbi no Kitsune disappeared and a seal appeared on Naruto's belly. Both parents said their final goodbyes and passed away.

Usagi ran over to them and picked up Naruto as the Masked man tried attacking her. But, lucky Jiraiya kicked him out of the way.

Usagi turned to look at her adopted father. "Please take him and swear no one will find out he holds the Kyūbi no Kitsune within him."

Jiraiya doing as he was told and took the infant from his daughters hands as she fall backwards before her body could touch the ground she was in case in crystal.

There Naruto's secret was hidden for awhile until someone found out and waited til Jiraiya was away to run their damn fat mouths.

Usagi was taken to the hospital where she was watched over. She was put in cryogenic sleep where she did not even age a day. Jiraiya would come every time he was in the village to check on her and Naruto and beat a few people that hurt his godson.

It was a beautiful sunny day in May when Usagi awake. She saw she had crystal around her. She slowly raised her hand and the crystal shrunk back down to her silver crystal and stood up and slowly walked up to the door of the room she was in.

Jiraiya was walking down the hallway with Naruto in tow. Just talking to him about random things and about how he wanted him to sign the Toad contract when he was a little older or stronger to handle it.

She slowly open her door and stepped out. She looked around and saw Jiraiya. "Jiraiya-papa."

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked up. "Usagi? My little bunny your awake and damn you didn't age a day."

"Hey Ero-sannin whose she?" Asked Naruto.

A tck mark formed on his forehead. "My daughter Usagi."

The ANBU at her door had vanished and brought back the 3rd Hokage with them.

Usagi looked at the new face that had joined them. "Usagi it is good to see your awaken."

"Thank you Sarutobi-sama. But, what happen? How long have I been sleeping?"

Jiraiya grinned. "You've been out of it for almost 15 years."

My eyes widen and I fell to my butt. "I didn't think I was that weak. By the way whose the boy with you?"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I was told that you knew my parents." Said Naruto.

"Yes, I did know them." Said Usagi. "Maybe one day I'll tell you about them." She saw the looks she got from both older men and knew just then Naruto didn't know the whole story about who his family was.

Back to the present day and moment before I told you what happen to me.

Here is where we left off at.

I was sitting in the last raw of desk. Next to me was Naruto. Below us was Iruka-sensai talking about something. I have no clue what. I had spaced him out to tell you how I got here and still look 15 years old when I should be looking like I'm 30 years old.

With a sigh Usagi focused back on what Iruka-sensai was saying and smacking Naruto's hand from stealing her candy she had in her bag next to him.

Tears streamed down his cheek. " Aww Usagi. Can't I have any?"

"No, you ate all my chocolate twenty minutes ago and I want to have some candy too." Said Usagi.

He pouted looking up at her. Giving her his best puppy eye no justus.

She just giggled at him. This caught Iruka's attention. "Would you two like to share with the class what is so funny?"

Usagi grinned and stood up. "I was telling Naruto that he couldn't have anymore of my candy. He thought he could use puppy eye no Justus on me."

Everyone turned and looked at the two golden blonde's.

Naruto just started laughing his ass off. "Sorry Iruka-sensai. We'll behave."

"You two I swear." Said Iruka.

Mizuki just watched the two and thought about kidnapping Usagi after he kills the demon brat.

Usagi looked at Mizuki and felt the evil aura around him. Her eyes flickered from the gentle nature to a wild storm. She took her seat. She thought to herself. "I better tell Jiraiya-papa something is off with that man. Maybe he could have Jiji have Ibki check him out."

"Like I was saying before these two had their little laughing fit. Tomorrow will be your final exam and it will determine of you will become Genin or remain here with me." Said Iruka-sensai.

Just then the bell rang and everyone got up and made a mad dash for the door.

"Naruto we are going shopping." Said Usagi.

He looked at her. "Why?"

"I hate that kill me orange outfit you have on. We are going to dress you like a true ninja and if those asshole try to give you and crap about shopping in their shops. I'll handle it." Said Usagi.

Since she had awaken about and found out what they have been doing to him. Let's just say she wanted to level the village with her strongest attack.

"Awwwww…..Usagi I like my outfit." Whined Naruto.

"No, you don't I can tell. You can fool Jiji and Jiraiya-papa. But, your not fooling me." Said Usagi.

They walked into a Ninja shop that sold weapons and clothing. She knew she needed to get Naruto better equipment and pouches. Everything he had was old or crappy.

"Welcome." Said a girl with brown hair with it up in two buns. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Yes, I need new ninja clothing for him and equipment." Said Usagi.

The girl smiled and pulled Naruto to the three mirrors in the corner of the shop. "Take off your jacket."

He nodded his head and took off his jacket. He was shocked. This girl touched him and didn't freak out or scream at him. He just stared at her.

Usagi saw this and giggled.

"Hold your arms out so I can get your measurements." Said The girl. "Is there any color you want?"

"Yes, black and dark blue." Said Usagi. "Also NO ORANGE!"

The girl giggled and nodded her head. She vanished into the shop and came back with several ANBU pants and cargo pants all in black. Black, silver, royal blue shirts and hooded and a black leather duster. "Would these work?"

Usagi looked them over and nodded her head. " Also I want some combat boots for him. No sandals."

"Naruto go try those on and let me see what you look like after you have them on." Said Usagi.

He nodded his head and went into the dressing room.

Usagi walked around the shop and grabbed some thick boot socks and new pouches for him and several boxes of kunai knives and shuriken as well as explosive tags. She had placed it all on the counter top.

Naruto came out of the dressing room with the black cargo pants and black mesh long sleeve shirt and a sliver short sleeve over it and was hold the Silver hoodie and duster. When he saw Usagi he put on the hoodie and duster over it.

"So, do you like this new look better?" Asked Usagi.

"Kami, yes." Said Naruto.

"Thank God." Said Usagi.

Naruto looked at her tilting his head to the side he had an amused look in his eyes. "Usagi?"

"Yeah?" Asked Usagi.

"Why do you always say God and not Kami?" Asked Naruto.

She blinked and looked at him. She softly blushed. "Well where I'm from we always said God. Only very few said Kami." Said Usagi.

"Oh…okay. Will you tell me about where your from some day?" Asked Naruto.

"Sure, I'll tell you some day." Said Usagi as she smiled at him. She walked over and took off the tags. "Did you want the other cloths?"

"Yeah, if that's okay with you." Said Naruto.

She smiled. "Yeah it's fine with me. Go and get them so we can pay." She walked up to the counter and took out a pair of socks and took the boots.

Naruto came up behind her with the new clothing. "I'm going to go and change."

"No, just leave that on. I have to tags right here. Also put these on." Said Usagi as she hands him the socks and boots. She pointed to the chair beside the counter.

He nodded his head and went and sat down and put on the socks and boots. He stood back up and went and looked in the mirror. "Man, I look good."

Usagi giggled as she laid the tags on the other cloths and grabbed several rolls of bandages.

The girl smiled and rang them up and Usagi paid. They took his stuff and went home.

"So, what should we have for dinner?" Asked Usagi.

"Ramen!" Said Naruto.

"We had that last night." Said Usagi.

They walked into their house. It was Minato's and Kushina's old place. But, how Usagi was living there in the past no one could do or say anything. Many on the civilian council we're displeased with her actions. But, she could careless. After all it was his family home and they couldn't do a damn think.

I think I'll leave off here. Next time we will pick up with the exam and creepy Mizuki.

Will Usagi beat him to the ground or will it be Naruto?