Because of the review, I decided to post this shorter chapter early. I know the appendix thing has been overdone so I didn't want to continue an already done thing and I'd researched a few things before settling on this diagnosis. Hope you all like it.

They arrived at St. Joe's very quickly and Lorelai was at the counter knowing that she couldn't get next of kin information as his girlfriend. So when the nurse finally glanced at her and asked who she was in relation to Luke Danes she said, "I'm his sister Liz, Liz Danes."

"Ok Ms. Danes. He's in surgery right now, it's a fast procedure and he should be out within the hour."

"Surgery on what?"

"I don't have complete information since it was an emergency but it looks like it was on his bowel. If you have a seat over there, an attending will be out as soon as there's any update to give."

"Thank you."

Lorelai sat down in the area next to Whitley with a worried and apprehensive look. It took her a minute to notice that there was a coffee for her in the young woman's hand.

"I noticed you practically breathe coffee," Whitley explained.

"Thank you. You know, Luke's coffee is a big factor as to why I'm such an addict. I love his coffee."

"I'm sure he's going to be ok- if for no other reason than that he loves you too much to leave you."

Lorelai smiled at the thought. "This is true. He and I… we walked a long road to get here. I just… I need him. He's my world, him and Rory. But Rory's grown up now."

Whitley didn't speak; she just listened and rubbed the blue-eyed woman's back. Being in the hospital reminded her of just 6 months ago when she was sitting there waiting, hoping that her mother would be ok. She tried to push it from her mind but a tear escaped. She quickly wiped it away so Lorelai wouldn't see.

An hour and two coffees later Lorelai jumped to her feet at the words "Ms. Danes"

"Yes? Is he out of surgery? Why did he have surgery? What's wrong? Tell me he's alright… Please."

"I'm Dr. Bailey. Your brother is alright. He's recovering from surgery for an Intestinal pseudo-obstruction. Basically that's a blockage in his intestines. This is probably a congenital disorder that just so happened to present now. It caused him a lot of pain because he probably ignored it until then. He was under anesthesia and now morphine so he's going to be very loopy."

Lorelai felt like she could collapse in relief but instead just let out a huge sigh and slouched into Whitley's arms a little. "Thank you. Can I see him?"

"Yes, a nurse will come out to get you. They're getting him set up in room 213," the nice woman said before taking her leave. Lorelai was relieved but still so upset and all the things that could have happened. Without realizing it, she was fully leaning on Whitley's chest sobbing while the young woman embraced her and stroked her hair. She began to realize and compose herself as she wondered whyshe felt comfortable around the girl.

"You're tall. I hadn't realized it, but you're one of a few women or men who I see eye to eye with. It's nice."

"I'm 5'10" on a good day… same as Tyra Banks," she smiled. She'd always been proud to be as tall as a model like Tyra and she was proud her Jazz was going to be tall- maybe taller than her. "Are you-?"

"I'm good. They're going to take me to see Luke. You can go back to Jazz. I know you haven't seen her all afternoon. You must miss her. I'm gonna stay here with him. We'll find our way back home when he's released."

"Okay, if you're sure. Let me know if you need anything." They hugged and Whitley was about to leave when she heard Lorelai curse.

"Damn it. Tomorrow, you're going to have to meet Michel without me as a buffer. Don't let him fool you, he's smart and he can teach you."

"Alright. Thank you, Lorelai." She said as she continued out the door.

Lorelai then realized she needed to call Rory, Jess, and the real Liz. She was coming back to reality now and reflecting on the past few hours. It was starting to sink in to her that if something happened and they'd questioned her identity, she'd be in that hospital with no answers right now. She was supposed to have been his wife over 2 years ago and now she didn't even have a ring. She hated the time they'd missed.

Luke woke up groggy with his left hand warmer than the other. He turned and realized it was being held by a gorgeous woman who looked like Snow White if she were real. It made him smile before he realized what pain he was in.

"Luke, sit still. You just had surgery. I know because they think I'm Liz. I lied for next of kin rule. God Luke, you scared me. If you ever scare me like that, I'm going to kill you and then revive you so that I can slap you with a glove three stooges style." Tears were escaping her eyes despite her attempt at humor. She hated how feeble he looked.

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again," he said sincerely. He hated that he hurt her even though it was beyond his control. "Wait, surgery? Why did I have surgery? It wasn't my appendix was it?"

"No. I'll let the doctor tell you but it was something to do with an intestinal obstruction. They said it was probably congenital. Anyway remind me to tell you all the poop jokes Rory and I came up with."

"You told Rory? What about-?"

"I told Jess too," She answered before he could finish asking. "He's on his way to visit. Rory wanted to leave the campaign trail but I told her you were okay and you wouldn't want that. I know how proud you are that she's out there."

"Thanks. I really am sorry." Luke pulled in his love by the hand she was grabbing despite the pain he was in and kissed her as the doctor walked in.

"Well I don't kiss my sister like that."

"Dr. Bailey," Lorelai blushed.

"Sister? Oh right, you said you were Liz. It's ok doctor, she's been the love of my life for 11 years." They looked at each other and both blushed a bit.

"I see. I'm going to glaze over that since you give retroactive HIPAA consent," she began with a knowing smile and an eye roll. "Mr. Danes, your surgery went well. You should be able to go home in a couple of days. We want to make sure you heal properly and there are no internal bleeds. If you move too fast, you could mess up the internal stitching we did so it's best to have you under observation."

Lorelai and Luke listened intently at the nice lady's instructions on diet, exercise, medications and the lot. Both were reflecting on how not being married was a barrier when it came to all of this hospital stuff. More than that, Lorelai was thinking how she wanted to be able to tell everyone she was Mrs. Danes. Luke was thinking the same thought.