Chapter Notes:

The prompt for this chapter is from my good friend Bgnsteal involving the theater family going to Zootopia for a performance. This will be a multi chapter short story so hope you all enjoy!

Chapter One:

As Buster Moon just finished gathering all the theater members around he was enjoying them guessing what he called them all together for, he heard a lot of close things but none hit the nail on the head. "Don't bother sitting down guys cause you will just jump back up again. Drum roll please." he paused as he did a small drumroll of his index fingers. "We are going to Zootopia!" he exclaimed wide eyed.

"Where?" Ash asked not sure if she heard Buster right. But by the looks on everyone's faces it was clear that she wasn't the only confused one. Zootopia was a very popular place to hear about a few months ago thanks to some city wide attackings, but that was only in the news because the city was across the ocean from them.

"You heard me right Ash. We are going to Zootopia." the koala said as he rainbowed his paws in front of him showing his excitement for this show, as he did this Miss Crawley handed out little brochures to everyone that they had been faxed over to help convince them to come.

However despite the inviting words and colors some of the group were a bit more nervous than others. "You mean the place with all those savage attacks?" Meana asked as she sunk in on herself slightly in fear.

"Me and Norman saw that on the news too, is it even safe Mr. Moon?" Rosita asked too as everyone began getting a little bit nervous together.

"Yeah I'm not trying to get eaten by some wild mammal." scoffed Mike as he clearly remembered the incident with the bears from the Russian mob; and they knew what they were doing too.

Not letting any of the doubt or worry get to him or his happy mindset. "Yes but that is a thing of the past. Now the grand city of Zootopia is looking to bring the life back to their city and they want us to help with that. They are having concert sponsored by their own pop artist Ga-" he was cut off by an even more excited member of their little group.

"Gazelle! Oh she is so amazing! And her performance is so spicy!" Gunter delighted as he gave a happy little dance of excitement. "Her songs are so spectacular!" the male pig's German accent becoming more prominent in his happy and cheery mood.

This only helped to add the Buster's case. "See look how pumped Gunter is." the grey furred mammal said as he got back everyone's attention; thankfully now with more smiles rather than frowns or grimaces. "Now I have been told that for our time there we will have our own police escort if it would make us feel a bit safer."

Hearing this made all the mammals feel a decent amount better knowing they would have officers watching over them to make sure that nothing went wrong. "When do we go? I would need time to get a babysitter and make sure Norman would be okay." Rosita asked while starting to think about all the planning and phone calls she would need to make.

"The concert is set a month from today so there is no rush my dear. Now keep in mind this is all voluntary and you don't have to come if you don't want to, but for Johnny and Meana because you are both still underage we need to get your parents to sign off first." the director of the group explained as he read over some notes he had written down.

With that he dismissed them to go about their day practicing their songs here at the theater or going home to enjoy their own time. Johnny and Meana however were both told to call him some time today or tomorrow when their parent's would be able to talk about the performance.

With Johnny done rehearsing his song for the day he was the last one still there. "Excellent work today Johnny, you are improving everyday with that song." Buster said as Johnny closed the keyboard cover.

"Ah thanks Mr. Moon, but it's only because Miss Crawley's tutoring." he said modestly not wanting to be the one taking the credit. "Uh Mr. Moon, would you be able to talk to my dad today? I'm pretty sure he'll be back at the garage right now." the gorilla asked politely to the smaller mammal.

"Sure thing Johnny." he nodded as he stepped into his office to get his satchel before heading out the door and letting Miss Crawley know he will be back later tonight. Johnny rode his skateboard with his director rode his bike beside him on their way back to Big Daddy's Garage.

"Hey dad I'm home." the black furred mammal announced as he kicked his board up into his hand and telling Mr. Moon he can park his pike against the wall.

The sound of punches being thrown at a boxing bag could be heard and then the bag being stopped as Johnny called out. In a moment the larger ex mobster stepped out from the back area, "Hey Johnny boy. How was rehearsal?" he asked. Ever since he got out on parole with his brothers they were all making a strong effort to leave the gang life filled with violence behind them for their Johnny. For the proud father that included having a big part in Johnny's life; which both of them were glad to have back.

"It went good dad." The rebel said with a pleasant smile from his dad's efforts. "I brought Mr. Moon so he could talk to you about the next gig." he told his dad as the koala stepped up next to him.

"Hello sir good to meet you again, nice garage you got here." Buster said as he held his paw up to the father as his greeting.

Roscoe took the smaller mammal's paw firmly but not hurting him, "Thank's Moon, put a lot of work into it. So what's this about a gig?" the massive mammal questioned wondering why Moon came himself to talk about it. Needing a place to sit and talk the shop owner took them over to the workbench table pushing aside the tool box making room.

Sliding a stack of papers over to the parent Buster began explaining what was planned so far about the trip. "Now the reason why I've come is because Johnny's age the theater needs your permission to take him for the concert and-" once again Buster was cut off, but this time it wasn't in good spirits.

"No." Big Daddy said firmly and shortly.

"What? Why not?" both Buster and Johnny asked in unison at the dad's outburst.

"I heard all those things about them mauling each other there. I'm not letting my son in some wild zoo." the large mammal said unwavering as he stamping his finger on the pamphlet.

"Come on dad, just hear him out." the smaller gorilla said with a slump of his shoulders. "They will have police officers escorting us." he tried to reason.

The blank look that Roscoe gave him made the son quiet down a bit, "Police? Johnny do you think the police can do anything?" he asked seriously in a hard and gruff voice. Because the area they lived in there was not a lot of police in their part of the city, in fact before their gang got arrested they had more influence on this side of town than the officers. Now they were trying to go straight but they still but heads with law enforcment.

"Well what if you came along?" The smallest mammal cut in before things went any further. "You could be there every step of the way with Johnny and he would still get to perform with the rest of the concert. Everybody wins." he offered quickly getting results.

Now the father was in thought about it as he leaned back putting a berly hand to his chin. "Well-"

"You can even check out the sites if you want." The koala baited the good sides of the deal; this was something he was always good at, bringing the good parts of it up front.

"Alright, I'll think about it." he gave in at the thought about getting to hang out with his son and go see him perform. "But I want in on the details." he said still keeping his son's safety in mind.

"Excellent. I look forward to hearing back from you sir." Buster smiled as he and Johnny shared a look of relief. He left the papers for them to look over and discuss the trip and Johnny walked with him to the door.

"I'm sure I can convince him to say yes now, thank you Mr. Moon." the singer was grateful that Moon came along because he would never have been able to get his dad to agree otherwise.

"Any time my good boy, now I'll see you tomorrow at the theater." He said as he headed out on his bike hearing the metal door pulling shut behind him once he got to the road.

As Buster was for once enjoying the cool breeze that came with ride a back rather than rushing against the clock he phone began going off in his pocket. Slowing down enough to reach in and answer it he saw Meena's name pop up on the screen. "Meena how are you, is everything alright?" he asked paying more attention to the call and ended up drifting into the car lane.

"I'm great Mr. Moon. How-" her answer was interrupted by the sound of a car blaring its horn as it drove around the theater director. "Uh Mr. Moon is everything okay?" she asked unsure if this might have been a bad time or not.

The sound of the horn made him jerk his bike back into his lane with a glare on his round face at the car. "Yes Meena no need to worry, just some lousy drivers." The koyla said not looking away from the turning vehicle. "So what can I do for you?" he asked getting back to a good mood for their conversation.

"Oh, I wanted to ask if you would be able to talk with my family about the Zootopia concert today?" her voice was less shaky than it used to be when she would talk to him; and that put a smile to his face. "They want me to go, but they still want to talk to you first."

Hearing that his smile only grew, "Sure thing Meena, where do you live? I'll be right over." She happily gave him her address before he said hi goodbyes and that he would be there soon. Looking at his cross streets he saw he was on the opposite side of town from Meena's house. With his smile still plastered on his face he made a sharp turn cutting off a car or two in doing so ad sped down the street.

Thanks to his driving antics like not stopping at a red lights and several related patterns of negligence he managed to make it to the elephant's house in under thirty minutes. "Who is it?" an elderly elephant greeted loudly as he through the door open. He looked around seeing nobody there before glancing down and seeing the dressed up koyla. Buster was just about to introduce himself when he was cut off "I ain't buying nothing." The tusked mammal said as he tried to close the door

"Grandpa that's Mr. Moon. I told you he was coming to talk about the concert." Meena stopped the door from closing using her trunk.

Grandpa looked between his granddaughter and the third animal there at the door. "Well why didn't you say something? I'm Meena's granddad. Nice to meet you." He said reaching down and shaking Buster's hand excitedly.

After being set back down and straightening his suit the director smiled back. "Buster Moon, and I'm glad to be here. Did you want to talk inside?" He said trying to get the conversation going. After being taken inside they went and sat down at the kitchen table; well Buster stood on the chair and a stack of phone books that Meena brought. Meena's mom was in the kitchen doing some cleaning but stopped to sit down and talk with them.

"So Meena said you want to do a concert somewhere away from the city?" the mom asked as she sat down next to her dad. "Now we want our Meena to go, but we want her to be safe." She added with a firm voice that she usually didn't use.

"I understand. And I can assure you that the safety of the performers is our number one priority. I have been told be the mayor that we will have a team of the best police officers to accompany us during the whole stay." He tried making sure the elephant family knew their daughter would be safe. And while the police escort seemed to almost backfire with Johnny's dad he was almost positive it would help here.

The two older elephants looked at eachother for a moment before the younger mammal spoke up, "Would it be fine if her grandpa went with her? She's still in highschool." Meena's mom tried seeing if she could at least make things more comfortable for them.

"Yes that would be a great idea." Buster said happily that things were going so easy this time around. After that they signed all the paperwork for the Meena to be cleared to go with her grandpa as her guardian for the length of the trip.

It was a couple of days later now and Johnny was with his dad at the courthouse talking with a judge about getting his parole lifted for the during the concert at Zootopia. With them they had brought all the paperwork that Mr. Moon left them; the trip's schedule including times for everything they were doing, and more importantly for the judge an invoice signed by the mayor and precinct one police chief that the group would have police escorts.

"Alright, I will allow this. You will have your ankle bracelet on at all times still, and should you try to escape we will know. And when we catch you, you will spend the next ten years rotting in prison without seeing that son of yours." The lion sitting at in the power seat declared, his warning very clear.

"Thank you, your honor." Big Daddy lowered his head as a sign of respect. He would have never done that to anyone if it wasn't for the fact that he could be thrown in jail or his son taken away from him if the judge wanted.

Ever since he had been released to parole he had been wearing his tracker day in and day out, so it made no difference to him. And even if he wasn't wearing it he wasn't just going to run and leave Johnny alone.

The two exited the courthouse and Johnny hugged the older gorilla next to him. "Thanks dad." He said happy that his dad had agreed to all of this. Johnny couldn't believe that it was only about a year ago when he couldn't even sing around the house because he was afraid of being heard, but here he was with his dad fully supporting his passion.

Johnny's dad didn't want to get his hopes up for the concert so he was waiting to sign off on the paperwork until he was cleared to go by the judge, and so as soon as the two gorillas got back home at their family garage he went to the table where he had left the papers he signed his name on the marked lines.

He wasn't going to admit it any time soon but seeing his son's face light up made him happier than he had been in a long while. "Alright go on, time to open up shop." He said smirking at his son. It was a bit later than it normally was but Johnny had talked him into getting to the courthouse early so that way they could get done faster.

The next day Johnny rode his skateboard to practice with a wide smile on his face and the signed papers in his hand. "Johnny where's the fire?" Buster asked as Johnny blew past him pulling his bike up to the doors.

The speeding gorilla skidded to a stop. "Mr. Moon! I got the papers!" he shouted happily as he waved the couple of papers in the air and taking them over to the director.

Looking them over briefly Buster nodded as he saw all the proper places signed. "Alright Johnny, you're good to go." He gave an affirmative nod paired with a smile which made Johnny even more ecstatic.

He went off to join the others to go over their songs that they had to choose from. And in the meantime Buster went up to his office to make a quick call. "Nana. How are you?" he said bobbing his head as he listened to what she had to say in return. "No Nana, I don't need money. I have some good news."

"Everyone is able to make it!" the koyla was more than glad to tell the theater owner the good news. "But I needed to tell Johnny's father and Meena's grandfather that they could come too." He let her talk for a couple of minutes before speaking up, "Yes Nana I knew you could do it, tata." Buster said trying to play up to her before she hung up on him. While it wasn't originally discussed with the Zootopia officials Nana said she would let them know about the situation.

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