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For the record I was only planning on this being one or two chapters, but everyone seems to be really loving the idea of this one so I'm glad to present to you…another chapter (btw there are bits of mature context now so be advised)~

A Whole New World:

A couple hours later after everyone was rested and ready to hit the streets they were all going room to room just hanging out until everyone was ready to go. Picking the short straw Rosita went to go get their officers so they can get going before it's too late; and not wanting to sit around Ash went with her.

The mamma pig came up to the door the officers were staying in and gave it a light knock. "Um excuse me, it's Rosita." She announced not remembering either of their names. She heard a muffled response of the male saying he'll be right there and sure enough the door opened a moment later. "We wanted to-Oh that's a lot of fur!" the pink mammal exclaimed as she averted her eyes from him trying her best not to turn red; trying and failing.

Ash on the other hand did not look away, and instead looked his lean figure up and down; visibly. "Well hello officer~" she purred making him go wide eyed just before the door slammed on them.

"Nick why are you answer the door shirtless!?" his partner's voice could be heard clearly through the door unlike his.

"I thought it was room service." He tried defending himself.

"So you answered it shirtless?! Go get dressed!" she scolded him and opened the door putting on a positive vibe for the two singers, "sorry you guys had to see that, so is everyone ready?" she smiled to cheerfully for them to be at ease before heading down the hall in front of them.

"I sure don't mind see that." Smirked Ash as she glanced back at the officer's door with a wide grin.

Which of course earned her a light swat on the shoulder from Rosita, "Young lady that is inappropriate." She tried to scold sternly but the blush still there on her cheeks prevented her from doing being as stern as she had tried for.

Nick was the last one into Nana's room which had been designated as their little lobby; much to the older sheep's displeasure of having them all in there. Upon entering he received general glances from everyone for the most part just checking who was coming into the room. That is except for Rosita who quickly looked away, Judy who glared at him from the corner of her eye, Ash who winked at him, and Judy who turned a glare even more.

Much to the delight of the theater family's delight there were ready and headed out the door. Well everyone but the two older females, Mrs. Crawley said she was far too tired tonight for a late night outing and Nana insisted on staying for no other reason that to stay put; but that didn't stop everyone else from heading out the door with smiles on their faces.

"Hey how are we all gonna get around this place? I ain't walking all night fox." Mike was barking up at him as the twelve of them all gathered in the first floor lobby. "That is unless a certain officer wants to carry me." He cooed turning to Judy with a flirtatious look in his eye; a look that caused Nick to growl slightly under his breath.

Several of the theater family heard and overall they were a bit surprised by the show of aggression. Meena for one was getting nervous at the sharp teeth showing, despite her much larger size, "Is he going wild?" she asked as she hid slightly behind Johnny, who in turn gladly stepped in front of her to keep her safe.

"No-No. There is nothing like that to worry about. Everyone just relax." Judy said trying to defuse the situation that Nick started. "Nick calm down, it was just a joke." She raised her paws at him telling him to calm down.

After another moment of hateful looks at the white mouse he stepped away and started walking out of the front door. While nobody felt truly in danger from him they all felt themselves relax a bit seeing the rabbit officer handle things between the two males.

"I hope he gets wild." The rockstar insinuated to Meena giving her a nudge in the leg with that same mischievous look glistening in her blue eyes, which earned her a few wide eyed stares from the rest of the theater family.

"Young lady!" Rosita spoke up hearing what she had said; and knowing full well what she meant. "I am going to have a word with you." She told her while dragging Ash away by the ear walking sternly as she did so.

Judy looked away from the retreating figures and back to the rest of them, "Well everyone how about the shopping center?" she asked enthusiastically getting an agreement from everyone, and with that they headed off to go meet up with the other three who were already outside.

The transport arranged for everyone was two large black limoes, with Judy and Nick leading the way in their cruiser the drivers followed close behind them through the busy night streets. The front car had Rosita, Ash, Meena, along with Buster and Eddie. Following after them was Johnny, Mike, Big Daddy, Gunter, and Meena's grandpa.

When they all got out at the mall everyone was amazed at seeing all the grand lights and displays covering the building. Even back where they were from there weren't that many big places that were as extravagant as this; and it was wonderful to see. Pretty much everyone took out their phone for pictures of the colorful mall against the night sky.

"Alright everyone how do we wanna do this? Does everyone wanna split up and go check out their own stores or what?" Buster questioned to the group as a whole, trying to figure out what to do.

"Let's all stick together Moon, it would be funner that way right?" Ash brought up seeing as they did come here to have fun together. And with that everyone agreed without much else to say besides Mike who wanted to put his two cents in.

Buster taking charge as the leader then turned to the Zootopians as their guide, "So do you guys know any good stores here?" he was hopeful they could at least take them to the good places first rather than walking around aimlessly till they found something, and with that Judy led the way down the mall to the clothing store. Buster and Eddie seemed more than happy to be talking with her on the way, Nick preferred walking at the middle of the group just before the larger animals.

"So how long have you been on the force, office…?" Rosita prompted him so she could try to remember his name this time, but also wanted to get to know about them a little more over the next few days they are here.

"Officer Wilde, but you can call me Nick ma'am." He told her politely. But even then she wasn't happy with it. "But I've been an officer for a only a couple months now actually." Nick admitted

A little frown broke through her normally happy expression, "Please just Rosita, I'm really not that old." The pink mammal cringed at the thought of being a 'ma'am' it took her a while to get Johnny to stop; and even then he still calls her Mrs. from time to time.

Pretty soon both Meena and Ash jumped into the conversation and the questions were coming from all three singers. Nick hadn't had this much attention at once in awhile, but he didn't mind the little chit chat; it sure beats awkwardly walking in silence.

"Ah look at em' all cooin' over the uniform, eh Johnny?" His dad nudged him with a chuckle as the and the older elephant started their own conversation; well they did, Johnny just kinda nodded and laughed at his dad's jokes.

Now at the fashion outlet everyone was having a look around at all the variety. And while it was all enjoyable for them, it made it a bit harder on Nick and Judy to make sure they had eyes on everyone. Trying to keep track of the different groups was a bit hard considering some of them were looking in completely different areas thanks to their sizes and styles.

What made it a bit harder for them was partly the fact that they couldn't exactly see over more the racks of clothing to find everyone; especially Mike, who had just become the source of another problem for Nick. "What did you say to me?! Come here, say that to my face!" he shouted angrily at the store clerk as he jumped and pulled him down by the collar.

Nick cleared his throat loudly at the edge of the counter getting both of their attention. "What's going on?" his voice was clearly a warning on its own.

"Just having a little talk with him officer." Mike said as he let the staff member go who them got away quickly into the room behind the counter. "You should be after him, saying they don't have anything for rodents. The nerve." He complained as he fixed his own collar and tie.

"Listen, just stay out of trouble and we won't have anymore problems." Nick groaned as he walked off while Mike hopped down from the counter and headed elsewhere. As Nick walked around the store checking on the other performers from the theater he saw Johnny sitting with Ash on a bench, both with a somewhat bored look plastered on their face. "What's with the long faces kids."

"Kids?" Ash shot back quickly on reflex.

The quick response wasn't really heard however, "Nothin' officer, just this store ain't really for us you know?" Johnny added in getting a nod from Ash. There was far too many pastel colors or sparkling clothes for either of them to really want to browse the store.

The predator gave a slight smirk, "Yeah I see what you mean, don't worry I know a few places we can go after this." He told them getting relieved sighs. "So what got you guys into music?" he asked as he leaned up against a pillar.

"Well I always liked singin' but I didn't like piano till Mr. Moon made me play it actually." The large teen explained with a chuckle, but now he didn't seem so bored at least.

"Yeah and I've always loved rock and that's why im going to be a rockstar." She stated confidently and proudly.

Nick couldn't help but get I smirk out of her she was interesting to say the least. "Yeah you guys were pretty good at your concert, me and Judy saw some of it online." He admitted before having to walk around and check on the others some more.

Buster was busy trying on different suits in the fitting room and making Eddie wait outside just kicking his feet as he sat on the chair when Big Daddy and Meena's grandpa came over seeing what he was up to. "Hey guys I'm gonna run to the bathroom, you wanna let Buster know when he comes out?" the sheep asked as he hopped up from his seat.

"Yeah sure thing." The gorilla responded as he was looking around the leather jackets there on the wall.

A few minutes later the theater director came out of the back fitting rooms, "oh hey, Eddie said he was headin' off to the can." The mechanic told him as he fixed the collar on the jacket he was trying. "'Ey what do you think ol' timer?" he asked the elephant next to him who was trying on different hats.

On the other side of the store Judy was walking with Gunter and Rosita for a little asking how they became partners, and it was really a great story to her. "Wow it sounds like you guys had an amazing time getting to know each other."

"Yeah, it was totally fun. She just needed a super cool warmup." Gunter was more than enthusiastic with all the energy from being on a vacation; currently he was twirling around with a feather boa showing how excited he still was. "Nick seems totally fun too, you get along good yeah?" he asked in thick accent.

A smile parted her lips quickly at the mention of her partner. "He's a pawful sometimes but I wouldn't trust anyone else more than him." she admitted to the performer, "But actually when we first met he wasn't on the force and I wasn't exactly nice to him." The memories started playing back like a movie in her head. "He actually conned me into buying him an elephant sized popsicle and then got me stuck in cement." Judy's voice was almost angry at the memory but not at her partner.

"He left you in the cement?" Rosita asked shocked.

"That was before he was an officer, he I was just a meter maid then too." Judy told them, "But I guess I deserved it, I said some really bad things to him; even after he started helping me I said some bad things." She was going to elaborate more on it before the familiar voice called out to her.

Nick along with Meena, Ash, and Johnny came over together, "Hey Carrots- I mean Judy, I see you guys are having fun. Is everyone ready to move on? I got some rockers over here dying to see some good stores." He smirked at her because she liked this store while he likes the other ones a bit more.

"Yeah I had my look around, we can go if the kids want." Rosita nodded with a smile looking around the group of them. "I can go ahead and text the others." She told them before pulling out her phone.

A coughing behind Nick made him turn around to face Gunter, "Do you know where the bathroom is officer?" Nick was more than happy to offer taking him while they waited for the others while Johnny was going to find the others instead of waiting.

With Nick gone Ash had little question she had been dying to ask, "So…Judy, are you and Nick dating?" her curiosity getting looks from the others and a coughing fit from the officer.

"W-why do you ask?" She defended as she caught her breath.

"So you guys are dating." Ash clarified outloud with a blank face.

Judy was now caught in between a rock and a hard place. "No, well kinda, it's complicated you you wouldn't understand." She huffed.

"I wouldn't understand?" the angry in the Rocker's voice was clear, but not as clear as her quills rising up in response.

"Ash wait just breath." Meena tried being her voice of reason as she usually was.

"I can't help it okay?" the officer broke down, "I can't help it because… because I'm a rabbit. I like Nick, he is really the best friend I could ever ask for, but I can't be with openly because work and we I'm a rabbit and he's a fox. Predator and prey relationships really frowned upon here… and I have to think about my career first..." The officer started putting everything out on the table. "We kiss sometimes when it's just us but it's not serious because… I have a mate already." She confessed to just about everything without knowing how to stop and without meaning to say any of it.

It was quiet for a while as everyone just kinda looked at one another taking in the officer's words, "How does Nick feel about all of it?" Rosita spoke up first.

But fate had other idea, "How do I feel about what?" the mentioned mammals voice came up behind them.

"Judy wanted to know if we would let you guys sing a duet for the concert." Meena said thinking quick on her feet.

He looked at his partner who looked away quickly, "Sorry kid, but I don't sing." The orange officer responded to her. Just then Johnny came back with all the others from over by the changing room with mike riding his left shoulder. "Alright if that's everyone-"

"Wait where's Eddie, he was just headed to the bathroom?" Buster cut in wondering what could have been taking him so long.

Eddie's phone was vibrating from the texts coming in from the theater family. "Aww look at that Eddie, your little friends are worried about you." An innocent voice chuckled. "It's been so long since I saw my little cousin."

"Yeah it feels like it's been ages Dawn." The tall sheep laughed nervously.

"What brings you here Eddie, did you come to visit your favorite cousin finally?" the other sheep asked as she was looking through his phone and started texting on it. But after about a minute she didn't get any response from him. "What's wrong Eddie? Aren't you glad to see me?"

The younger sheep had no idea a trip to the bathroom would lead to something like this. "You're on the news and- and the cops, they said you're a criminal Dawn." He chattered as he was shaking in his wool.

"Eddie Eddie Eddie, who are you going to believe? Your little cousin, or those cops looking for a medal?" she asked innocently but saw it was getting nowhere before she turned to the two larger sheep next to her. "Do you officers think I'm a criminal?" she questioned.

"No Mrs. Bellwether." They said in fear and unison.

The stagehand swallowed hard, "What do you want with me?" his own fear causing him to tremble.

"I just wanted to see you is all, and maybe seeing the rest of the family would make me happy again you know?" she asked almost genuine in her words, that was when chatter on her radio cut her off.

"Judy he isn't by the bathrooms I don't know where he would have gone." Nick's voice came through the radio on the officer's uniforms.

"They are calling his cellphone and he's not answering." Judy responded.

In the maintenance hallway Bellwether growled with a very displeased expression which cased the other the all three flinch away from her. "Well Eddie looks like you can catch up anymore, but don't worry I'll be reaching out really soon; let's keep this our little secret; I'd hate for something to happened to your friends." She warned before tossing him his phone and snapping her fingers.

One of the uniforms followed her into the unlit hallway while the other opened the door and walked Eddie out before calling on his radio. "Officer Wilde, this is Officer Shepherd working security, I have an Eddie Noodleman, he says he got lost but is looking for you." The wooly officer lied.

It was only a minute later when the two mammals in blue met up so that way Nick could take Eddie back. "Geeze Eddie, everyone was worried about you, what happened?" he asked curious that security had picked him up.

"Umm nothing, I just got lost cause the uh crowd." The dark sheep said nervously.

"Alright he's all yours Wilde. Stay out of trouble Eddie." The other officer excused himself and headed back the other way.

The group had made their way over to one of the stores Nick had mentioned with all the dark colors and everything the little rocker had wanted. Nick followed her around mindlessly as she enjoyed looking at everything and seeing how it would look on her. "Hey so, you know, I've been wondering something." He started out his question with first deciding how to even ask it.

"What have you been wondering? Officer?" Ash in turned questioned him with a smirk on her face as she turned around with a 'tie the knot' shirt.

Nick paused for a second, "You know, I'm gonna go see how everyone else is doing." He told her with a flushed face as he walked off leaving her to look at his tail swaying behind him. But little did the two of them know; there was several others who also saw the exchange between them.

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