A/N: This was my very first attempt at fanfiction. I was just finishing it and starting on the editing when I stumbled across Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1. Unfortunately this story got set aside for almost 10 years while I was consumed by all things Stargate. I've always hoped to finish this story at some point.

This story is a crossover between Smallville and Roswell. It is an AU (obviously) that basically replaces the final episode of Roswell.

A huge thank you to sdcheeshead who wrote the fanfiction story The Pod Squad Kryptonian Adventure. Your encouragement to try my hand at writing my own fanfic story is something I will always be grateful for.

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Spoilers: All of Roswell and over 2/3rds of Smallville. If you are worried about being spoiled it may be better not to read – sorry.

1 – Welcome to Roswell

"Again, why are we going to Roswell, New Mexico?" he asked as he drove them down the open road.

She laughed as she rolled her eyes, "Because Clark, I was asked to write a story about the UFO Convention being held there. You'd think my best friend would be happy for me. Getting a paid free-lance story like this is simply amazing. You know… if I do a good job on this story I could get other free-lance gigs or maybe even impress the paper enough to finally get moved out of the dungeon."

"Chloe, you and I both know the reason you got this gig is because of your reputation for writing about the meteor freaks back home." He didn't want her to get too excited about an article for a conspiracy rag that not many reputable journalists or publishers would even read.

"Don't you think I know that? The only reason they chose me was because of my legendary "wall of weird"; this could still be a break for me. This convention draws a huge gathering of a bunch of quacks, but the guest of honor is Bryce McCain, a best-selling author. Besides," Chloe sighed, "this is going to be fun, Clark! They have a UFO museum and everything. Maybe we'll get to see some real aliens!" she teased. Chloe looked sideways at her friend to catch his indulgent smirk as they drove past a sign that read "Welcome to Roswell".

Kyle looked towards the clock in the shop as he reached to pick up the ringing phone. He hated answering the phone this close to closing. It was almost never good news. Not that he had anywhere pressing to be after work. His nightlife usually consisted of dinner at the Crashdown before heading home, a few hours of channel surfing and then off to bed. He let out a sigh as he brought the phone to his ear. "Valenti," he barked into the receiver.

"Is this a garage?" asked a very cautious, but feminine voice. He figured the woman was probably close to his age judging by her voice. Kyle wondered what she looked like and started to run through several options and scenarios in his mind. His wandering mind was snapped back to the present by a very sarcastic 'hello' in his ear. He mentally slapped himself out of his musings. "Uh, yes, yes it is, can I help you?"

"Well, sure, we seem to have blown a tire just inside city limits and need a tow and repair," Chloe relayed while wondering if the shop would be very competent considering the caliber of employee she seemed to currently be speaking to.

Kyle glanced at the clock again, "Well, I'm the last one here so I'll have to close the shop up. I can be there in about five."

"Remind me again why I'm in Roswell, New Mexico," Clark complained as they waited for the tow truck. It was so brown and barren, nothing like home in Kansas. He didn't know if he could handle this place for a week.

"Because," replied Chloe indulgently, "a best friend just wouldn't be a best friend if he didn't humor you once in a while. Face it Clark, you love me. We always have each other's back. Besides, a girl can't leave her own personal super hero at home now can she?"

Clark just glared at her, but she saw the mirth in his eyes. She also knew he'd never let her travel all this way from home without feeling the need to protect her. She'd used that to her advantage but she was sure he knew that too.

"And why are we here now when the convention isn't till the weekend?" said Clark as he looked down the road again hoping to see a tow truck heading their way. He and Chloe hadn't eaten since they'd crossed into New Mexico and he was starting to feel it. If he was more familiar with their surroundings he would've contemplated super-speeding to grab some food for the two of them to eat while they waited.

Chloe started to explain, "I want people to be used to seeing me around, and I want to know my way around, absorb some of the atmosphere and observe some of the inter-workings of this town. It'll help me write from more of an inside angle rather than a spectator, makes the story more compelling and insightful…"

Clark had already started to tune her out when he heard a vehicle approaching. Turning to look up the road he confirmed a tow truck in the distance. "Hey Chlo, here comes the tow truck."

Clark watched as the truck came to a stop just ahead of them off to the side of the road. The driver looked to be rummaging for something in the cab before he hopped down and turned to look over at them. The driver fumbled with the clipboard and it clattered to the ground. He turned away from them to pick it up and as he straightened up he paused. Clark could hear a very mumbled, "Wow, way to go Valenti, that's the way to impress the babe from out of town."

Clark snapped his head over to see if Chloe heard and realized it was his super hearing that now had him smirking and coughing to cover it up as the driver approached. Clark was always amazed that Chloe was so oblivious to how beautiful she was and the effects she had on the opposite sex. Even he was not always immune. Wait until he experiences Chloe up close and personal, they're always goners after that, Clark thought as the driver held out his hand in greeting.

"Hey, I'm Kyle, uh… welcome to Roswell." The girl's face lit up as she shook his hand and introduced herself as Chloe. She had such a beautiful smile that transformed her whole face. Kyle could tell right away she was someone who must get the biggest kick out of every part of every moment life threw at her. He watched her very animated face as she introduced the guy standing next to her as Clark. Kyle pulled his gaze away and looked Clark over as he shook his hand. It was a very firm handshake and Kyle begrudgingly thought they looked very good together.

With a sigh Kyle gathered the info needed from Clark and loaded the vehicle onto the tow truck. As they piled into the truck Kyle asked them where they wanted to be dropped off. Clark named the hotel and they were off. Sitting next to the blond in the cab was making him a nervous wreck and small talk had never been so hard to come by… and enjoyable at the same time.

"So have you always lived in Roswell, Kyle?" Chloe asked as she studied the guy next to her. He seemed to be around her age, he had a kind of young Johnny Cash look to him that was appealing. As he talked about Roswell and acted as a mini tour guide, Chloe noticed that when he smiled it reached his eyes and gave him a mischievous look. She could tell that Kyle would be fun to get to know and she wondered if she'd get a chance to do just that while she was here.

Kyle dropped them off at their hotel. Clark shook his hand and thanked him for the tow. Kyle told him he'd fix the tire first thing in the morning and he'd leave a message at the hotel. He then turned to Chloe who also thanked him. As he looked at her he found he didn't want to drive away yet.

"If there is anything I can help you guys with don't hesitate to call." He watched Chloe smile again and had to remind himself to breathe. He heard Clark ask where he thought they should eat dinner in town. He laughed as he finally pulled his gaze away, "Well I would have to say the Crashdown since that is where I eat dinner nearly every night. It's a short walk from here and the dinner rush should be over by now."

Chloe thanked him and mentioned maybe seeing him there. Kyle nodded and waved as he escaped back into the truck. He tried to convince himself he didn't hope the same thing. Hadn't he already embarrassed himself enough for one night?