A/N: I'm sure most readers realize that this story is AU... especially after seeing that it is a crossover between Smallville and Roswell. I have kept most of the history leading up to this last episode of Roswell, with one exception that Jim Valenti is a Deputy in my story. The events that were in the original last episode of Roswell will be altered throughout this story.

2 – Incident in the Alley

Chloe and Clark made it to the Crashdown shortly after being dropped off by Kyle and checked into the hotel. Kyle'd been right; the dinner crowd was long gone. In fact it was really just the two of them, a woman a few tables over and a guy at the counter chatting up the waitress. The service was quick and in no time they were done and ready to leave.

Chloe went to use the restroom while Clark paid the bill and he was now waiting by the front door. In fact, at this moment the other female patron had just left the restaurant and the waitress was obviously waiting for them to leave so they could lock up.

Chloe waved to the waitress at the counter as she walked by and out the door with Clark. "Well they looked anxious for us to leave."

"I'm not sure why since they don't close for …"

At that moment they both heard a noise from the alley that sounded like a scuffle.

"Clark" Chloe started to say but before she could get it out of her mouth he'd already rushed down the alley. Chloe snuck down the alley after Clark but at a much slower pace ducking behind dumpsters and things as she went. Unlike Clark, she was not invincible and didn't make it a practice storming into harm's way, she preferred to sneak into harm's way, very slowly and very quietly.

"We have to go after her," Liz whispered to Max.

"We can't go rushing past the last customers on our way out the door; we have to wait until they leave."

Liz watched as the last customers walked out the door and out of view. She grabbed Max's arm and ran for the front door. They rounded the corner and stopped before the first dumpster and saw a man holding a purse with a gun in his other hand leveled at the woman from the diner. Max began to raise his arm when he felt Liz grab his arm and yank it down. Max snapped his head towards Liz to ask what she was doing when she yanked him down behind the dumpster.

"What are you doing?"

"Look," whispered Liz, pointing down the alley.

Max looked around the edge of the dumpster to where she pointed and saw what had gotten her scared. The other customers from the Crashdown were also in the alley.

"Do you think any of them saw us?" Max whispered.

"I don't know, what should we do?"

"I don't know, but we can't let her get hurt."

Before a decision could be made they were startled by the loud sound of a shot fired. As they jumped up and looked down the alley they saw the male customer was standing crouched down next to the woman on the ground and the would-be-mugger was unconscious against a wall about 10 feet further down the alley. The girl he called Chloe was sprinting down the alley to help.

Liz let out the breath she was holding and the hero in the alley snapped his gaze to hers, almost like he'd heard her. After she broke her gaze with the man she noticed everyone else in the alley had turned to see what the guy was looking at.

Max turned worried eyes on Liz, "Call Valenti, but Liz…."

"I know, I know, I'll ask him to hurry before this gets broadcasted. Max, be careful," she said in a hushed voice. Liz wasn't sure what they just saw, but they had to act as normal as possible given the situation.

"Valenti," came the bark through her phone.

"It's Liz, Max and I are in the alley beside the diner and there was a gun shot, please hurry."

"What's going on Liz, is anyone hurt?"

"No, but something isn't right, we need you here before this gets complicated."

"I'm already headed your way. Hang on I'll be there as soon as I can."

Clark could see the guy from the counter of the diner running his way. He had no time to think, he pocketed the bullet he'd caught and turned to calm the frightened woman. "You're going to be alright."

"Thank y-y-you," she stated with a shocked look on her face, "it just happened so fast and… I think I froze. If it weren't for you…"

As Max quickly approached, he could hear the woman thanking her hero for his intervention. He couldn't see any blood or obvious injuries. "Is everything okay? Did either of you get hurt?"

Both the woman and her hero assured him they were not harmed, but Max still couldn't shake the feeling something was off, that he was missing something important that was just eluding his grasp.

Max snapped back from his thinking when he noticed the couple from the diner stiffen slightly, he followed their gaze and watched Liz and Valenti approach.

Clark was a little uncomfortable seeing the police officer. Usually he didn't stick around too long after helping someone. He liked to avoid all of the inevitable questions as much as possible. Clark offered his hand to the officer, "My name's Clark and this is my friend Chloe." Clark turned to Max and Liz and shook their hands also.

"Deputy Valenti here."

"I'm Max and this is Liz."

"I'm Marilyn," stated the woman Clark had rescued as she moved forward from where she was standing just behind Clark. "This young man stopped that man from mugging me and possibly shooting me," she said as she pointed towards the man lying on the ground.

"Have any of you seen that man before?" the deputy asked, but got a negative response from everyone. "Can I ask what each of you are doing in Roswell?"

"I'm visiting family," Marilyn volunteered.

"I'm on a free-lance assignment here doing an article about the UFO convention. My friend Clark here came with me to keep me company."

Clark couldn't handle the scrutiny from the deputy and felt the need to speak too. "I had some free time with high school over and college not yet underway."

Chloe chimed in, "We're from Kansas."

Clark looked at her and she shrugged her shoulders, the deputy made her nervous too.

"So… who wants to start telling me what happened here tonight?" asked Valenti as he gave Max what he hoped was a reassuring look.

The deputy looked over his notes again. It was getting late but he didn't feel the lateness. His mind was telling him that something was off, but he tried to ignore that feeling for now. The victim was fine; the attacker had regained consciousness and was on his way to the hospital. Max and Liz seemed very on edge, but had insisted they were okay when he'd had a chance to pull them aside and ask.

The other two involved, Clark and Chloe seemed on the up and up. They were visiting from Kansas, heard a commotion and without thinking jumped in to help the woman by catching the attacker off guard. The gun went off in the struggle, but Clark prevailed. The part that was bothering him was that, like the shooting in the Crashdown a couple of years back, there was no bullet at the scene that they could find.

His men would go over the scene again in the day light. He'd discreetly asked Max if he'd healed anyone, but had been assured he hadn't intervened in any way. Valenti could tell that something had Max and Liz preoccupied. He'd have to get them alone later and ask what was going on.