Kitsune of the Hakurei Shrine

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Chapter 1: Rest(?)

Hidden deep beneath the magical lands of Gensokyo was an underground cave sealed to the world since very long ago, forgotten even by time and destiny themselves. A set of deep azure eyes gazed at the stairs inside the ample room of the cave, even though it looked so easy to get in and out of the place in reality it was anything but that.

Those eyes belonged to a beast that was currently resting, enjoying it's solitude ever since it had sealed itself. It had been sealed there since...



"Crap I forgot"

Since very long ago, the beast was sure it had been away from civilization for at least five hundred years, his eyes zeroed again on the set of stairs. He had made them when he had created the cave, his latest home. Those stairs weren't meant to be used to go outside but only get inside, powerful seals and charms powered by his energy since the stairs creation made sure that almost nothing short of Gods could get in.

The beast shifted in place, one of his clawed paws idly scratched below its neck. Once the beast was sure the itch was gone it started to stretch, his massive body barely fit inside the cramped cave, with a blissful sigh the beast suddenly shock its body and the action made some fur dislodge itself from his body but the beast was unaware of this, it took another deep breathe and paused when he felt a ticklish sensation in his nose.

It sneezed.

And the seals and charms that had been empowered for years broke down like asphalt being hit by a Nokia, the sneeze made the cave tremble almost as if it would fall apart any second. The rumbling continued for minutes but the beast only smiled bemusedly at this, with a twitch of his snout the trembling stopped and so did the rumbling.

However the beast knew he would have to reseal the entrance to his cave, again.

When it was about to move to create new seals a new sound caught its attention, something akin to a heavy rock hitting rock echoed inside his den. A nonexistent eyebrow rose at this as the beast peered at the stairs from where the sound echoed the most, something was coming so the beast simply waited patiently for whatever was rolling down to reach him.

And reach it did, spectacularly so.

A blur of black and white rolled down the stairs, the beast caught a glimpse and noticed it was a little girl that couldn't be past 5 years. The girl kept cartwheeling literally head over heels all across the ground and tumbled all the way to his body, stopping only after colliding with his nose.

"Awawawa... Stupid Genji!" The beast hadn't even tried to make a prank and he had somehow managed to make someone's life miserable.

He took a few seconds to analyze the little girl, her jet black hair reaching just above the nape of her neck. Dressed in a traditional white miko(shrine maiden) outfit, the girl was holding her red nose in pain, she had obviously hit it way too many times on her flight down the stairs. The beast grinned as he noticed the girl had yet to take notice of his presence, and so with a devious plan already in mind the beast silently inhaled deeply.

And then exhaled all the air directly into the girl's face, her expression instantly matched perfectly that of a deer caught in the headlights.


The little girl shock turned into an emotionless mask, an action that surprised the beast a bit but her mask was wore for naught since he could read her every emotion just by looking deeper into her eyes. What really surprised the beast was that the girl felt no fear towards him, only curiosity.

As the girl felt curiosity welling up, she brought both of her tiny hands above her head and formed fists with them before starting to punch the beast in the nose, trying her damned best to tear his snout apart.

"Well that's not nice..."

"Shut it dumb beast!" The girl suddenly exclaimed at the top of her lungs, she knew she was in trouble. Big trouble, but even so she didn't feel anything but curiosity and a sense of familiarity from the beast however seeing as she wasn't doing any sort of damage to him she focused harder and an energy surrounded her tiny fist for a spare second before she punched him with all her might.

The beast eyes widened, not because it was hurt but simply because he recognized the energy the girl had used and also just now he truly felt her tickling him with that last punch.

"Nghhhh!" The child fell down to her knees tiredly but kept her hands on his nose and defiantly tried to push him back.

The beast smiled bemusedly at this, taking another deep intake of breath he focused it a bit more this time before exhaling, sending the girl tumbling all the way to the wall of the cave. Once she hit the wall her eyes turned into swirls as she tried to regain sense of direction, as soon as she did she curled up and started hiccuping.

The beast rose another nonexistent eyebrow at this, he was far too old and experienced in the way of tricks that he couldn't be fooled by her fake act, he moved one of his paws to the girl, it being almost four times her size he very carefully used one of his claws to tickle the girl.

Her act instantly broke as she started giggling.

The beast smiled as he kept tickling the girl for a full minute before he retracted his paw back and placed it under his jaw, holding it in what one would call an amused stare.

"Are you feeling better now?" The beast voiced in a much softer tone, his tails swishing a bit anxiously behind him.

"Mhmm~" The girl hummed happily now as she took a formal seat in front of the beast, with both of her legs folded beneath her.

"How did you get in here little one?"

"I playing with Genji when ground open and he threw me here!" The child explained with a frown, something that caused the beast to silently snicker.

"And who is this 'Genji'?"

"Genji my pet turtle!" The child started to wave her hands in the air "He is thiiiis big and he flies and..." The beast silently kept listening to the child talk, had both of them been aware they would've noted how time went by faster than both expected.

The beast didn't mind this though, he had been away from civilization for so long but that didn't mean he hadn't met anyone in his slumbering years either. There had been a lot of people whom he had met while he was sealed ranging from power-hungry fools, Gods claiming that his power belonged to them, archaeologist whom thought he was a God of an ancient civilization and that one nut job who thought he was a living doll and tried to bring him back to his home as a gift for his daughter.

Yes, he had met a lot of people indeed, but the little girl being the latest one was by far the nicest contact he had with the outer world.

That was why he didn't mind and kept listening to her talk and talk. She jumped from one topic to another, her inability to make coherent sentences didn't stop her in the least. However when a startling thought crossed the beast mind he stopped the talking girl.

"Child, how old are you?"

The little girl tilted her head sideways "I turn 5 weeks ago!" She looked past the beast head and it was only now that she truly took in how the beast looked like.

The first she took in was that the beast was enormous, massive even, in fact if it wasn't because the beast had his head somewhat on ground level she would have had to raise her head and look straight up to see its face, one that was distinctly shaped like that of a fox with thick whiskers included and the pointy ears that twitched every so often.

The coloration of his fur was just as distinctive, it being a deep crimson around its chest which turned to a lighter tone around his neck and each of his limbs. The chest of the beast resembled that of a human male to a certain point, with ripped muscles that twitched at his every move. Currently he had one hand supporting his face while the other was laying lazily next to her, this one she did notice it was at least ten times her height.

The little girl returned her gaze at the beast and leaned slightly to a side, with this she was able to see on the very far and damp end of the cave something moving, when she narrowed her eyes to get a better look she saw his tails... tails!?

"Woah! why do you have so many tails!?"

The beast blinked at the suddenness of the question but he did reply back nonetheless.

"You see, one was too common, two were not enough, three were overrated so I got myself all ten tails!" The beast exclaimed with a smirk, he had no doubt the child only understood half of his words but probably caught onto the ironic tone "Am I not the best!?"

"Yes you are a beast..."

"I said best, little one."

"Isn't it the same?" The fox would've pinched the bridge of his nose had he been any younger and not-wiser, still it was a really nice change of pace spending time with the little girl.

"No little one, however as much as I enjoy your company I think you should return to your parents"

At that the child blinked before turning pale.

"Oh no! Kaa-san is going to be angry!" She started looking around for a way to get out of the cave, finding none she turned to the beast who smiled amusedly at her and pointed with one of his fingers the stairs behind her. She facepalmed at that before running to the stairs however she stopped just short of reaching it and turned one last time to the beast.

"Ummm your name?" The child asked in genuine curiosity, the beast had to hold back a snort that threatened to escape his nostrils as he watched the girl hide her hands behind her body in a shy mood.

Had he truly been so enraptured by the girls innocence that he had forgotten to introduce himself?

"Juubi" The beast, now identified as the Juubi replied back with a small smile "and yours little one?"

"Reimu!" The girl gave him a million watt smile before she turned and ran up the stairs leaving the beast alone to his thoughts once again.

- o - Hakurei's Kitsune - o -

The moment she had gotten out of the cave she had called Genji but the turtle didn't head her call, angry she had decided to walk her way back home intent on telling her mother about the beast she just met. Luckily for her the place where the cave was located was about 15 minutes away from her home so she wouldn't have any trouble finding her way back.

She giggled to herself thinking about the weird meeting, with a smile she started skipping and humming as she drew closer and closer to the village. Maybe today her mother would forgive her for escaping the early ceremonies. She was so lost in thought that it wasn't until she cleared the trees that she noticed what was happening to her village.




Her eyes widened, she recognized all of it yet her mind didn't want to register any of it. She looked in horror at what once was her home, a small village that once was divided in two sections by the main street all the way to the shrine at the end with modest homes at either side now was nothing but a pillar of flames and ruins, people running away from monsters, the houses all set in flames as they crashed down.

She understood what was happening, it wasn't the first time after all her family was supposed to keep the evil monsters away so how had this happened? What was her family doing that they were letting this happen!? Why was her mother! Her mother!

As little as she was, she knew that if things had turned out this bad then most likely her family had to be dealing with worst things. She started panicking and without thinking she rushed to the village.

"Kaa-san!" She screamed as she ran through the ruins of her village, scuffle marks adorned her knees, elbows and cheeks. She had since long ago lost her sandals as she kept running through the main street of the ruins ignoring everything in her search. Her blessed luck kept the monsters from noticing her as they had better prays in the form of bigger villagers but that didn't mean she didn't had her fair share of close encounters with her demise.

Those very same villagers had kept her safe and had begger her to leave and escape but she couldn't do it without knowing what happened to her mother, so she kept running and screaming, stumbling and being saved again and again until she finally reached the shrine at the far end where a small group of people were together holding farming tools as their weapons and trying to fend off the monsters.

But she ran past them, ignored their calls and subsequently screams as they met their demise. She only had one thing in her mind and it was her mother.

"Kaa-san!" She scramed yet again as she gazed at the biggest pillar of flame in the village, her home, her house... her shrine. The wood creaked as the shrine started crumbling down and with it all her hopes of seeing her mother. She had been explained since young that her family held rituals and ceremonies to bestow protection to the village folks but all of it had to be done from the special altar they held inside the shrine that's why when it crashed down she... she...!

She wouldn't see her mother ever again!

And thus she started crying as she fell to her knees, the monsters without anything else to entertain themselves turned to her. Quietly yet obviously each and every one of them closed in, but she didn't care... She had lost her most important person in the world!

The leader of the monster crept right behind her crying form, one claw posed to murder the last remaining thing in their path.

It descended.

But never touched her.


The girl recognized the deep voice behind her, she turned around and had to stare straight up to see the massive beast she had met an hour earlier standing tall in all it's glory, beneath one of it's massive paws was the monster that had threatened to end her life. She watched mesmerized as the beast lowered it's head and snarled, all the monsters around them whinned and turned on their tails to run but...

It was too late for them, with a single swing of one of his tails everything around the beast and the little girl literally disappeared, all around them everything flattened out for at least ten kilometers but the girl saw none of this, her eyes transfixed with the beast ones. In his eyes she could see loathing, rage and hatred but none of it was directed at her.

She saw as the beast slowly lowered it's head further down, his angry visage turning to an apathetic one as the beast and girl stared at one another. A barrier rose up around them but the girl didn't notice it either, she could only stare at the beast.

Silence reigned as they looked at one another, a single emotion shared in between the two.








The silence was broken... Not by words, but by the single tear that fell from one of the girl eye.

She didn't make a sound nor did the beast, no words were needed and no words would be said either. The girl shuffled a little closer to the beast, one hand raised up and softly touched his snout shortly after joined by her other hand.




Like glass breaking, the silence was broken yet again as the girl hugged the beast's snout tight and cried her heart's out. The anguished wails of the innocent girl echoed everywhere, minutes passed by as her cries finally started subsiding to soft whimpers but she did not let go of the beast. Affraid the he would also dissappear. She started feeling tired, oh so tired and emotionally drained. She couldn't hold herself together and finally the events of the day caught up to her, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she started falling backwards uncounscious.

But she never hit the floor, her small body was caught in the arms of a young man. He held the girl like a father would hold their newborn, with all the care in the world the man craddled the broken girl to his chest and looked around him one last time, the only remains of what had transpired this day were a necklace tied around a Gohei(purification rod) where the altar of the Shrine should've been.


Author's Note: And that is chapter 1 of Kitsune of the Hakurei Shrine or "Hakurei's Kitsune" for short. Just as I stated at the top, this story will contain very dark elements and heart wrenching moments. It'll also have comedy down the line and the eventual lemons and relationships but it still has a plot nonetheless.

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