Natsu Conquers

Author's Note: I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

The three way battle between Fairy Tail, Alvarez and Acnologia has finally been concluded with Fairy Tail still coming out on top.

"Natsu." Speaking/Talking

'Natsu~!' Thoughts

"Natsu!" Telepathy

Chapter 1: The Valkyrie



Dimaria's voice rung in the air, back arching painfully over the bed. Her fingers gripped the sheets tightly in a vain attempt to withstand the powerful orgasm ripping through her body. Her toes curling in pleasure while her legs wrapped tightly at the waist of the man that instilled fear in her.

The same man that is now teaching her body pleasures only he could provide. She could feel his thick rod pulsating deep in her pussy and filling her womb with more of his hot and thick cum.

After what seemed like an eternity, her body went slack on the bed as her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, unfocused and tired. Her vision filled with the face of Irene carrying an amused look on her divine features now clad in her witch robe.

Irene sat beside her, legs crossed and gave her large breast a painful squeeze. "What's your opinion on men now?" Irene asked the blonde.

While she did not care about Dimaria's preferred choice of companion, nor her poor image of men in general. Their colleagues in the 12 and the emperor are the exception to her dislike, due to their abilities and position. It was the fact that she called her master a monster, trash and a disgusting male that struck a nerve in her. She would've been dead if it weren't for Natsu gaining an interest on her.

Dimaria's tired eyes focused on Irene's beautiful features. "They're still simple minded, violent trash whose only purpose is to serve beneath me…" Irene's eyes turned to slits, her lips forming a thin line as she waited for her to continue. "But I've to realize I'm powerless against Natsu's big cock."

Dimaria had to swallow her shame watching Irene's lips formed a smile. As much as she hated to say those words or hoped they were lies, but the fact of the matter is, it was the truth. A shameful and terribly pleasurable truth she'd come to realize as each spurt of his cum filled sack sent pleasure coursing through her nerves.

Dimaria closed her eyes as she hoped that this'll be the first and last time she'll experience such humiliation since once her Age Seal is unraveled, he would have to return to that accursed land. Her mind then brought her back to how her humiliation began.


"A guest just arrive," Natsu said as a lustful smile formed at his lips. The effects of her time magic all but useless against him.

Dimaria wanted to charge in and attack the man, but the fear he instilled in her was so ingrained in her being that she could only look in horror. Like before, he's moving inside her domain along with Irene who slowly pulled her head back to reveal his foot long meat. Dimaria saw her opportunity when Natsu tilted his head back while releasing a groan when Irene stopped her ascent on his bulbous head and tried to milk more of his cum.

'Now's my chance!' Dimaria thought as she requiped her backsword intent on beheading Natsu. Her eyes gained a wild edge to them as she crossed the distant between her and the couple in a few strides, arm outstretched and ready to deliver the deadly blow. His death won't be much of a loss to the empire since the leadership has change hands. Dimaria blinked when she felt her mass shift and her target's size grew as she landed on the hand of Irene who stood up from her kneeling position.

Irene licked her full lips clean of Natsu's cum, her shrewd eyes landed on Dimaria's new form, a mouse, and contemplated on ending the woman's life for her foolish attempt. Instead she squeezed her hand causing Dimaria to squirm in pain, "Foolish girl, do you think I'd let you harm my master? Is this the kind of loyalty you have for the late emperor?" Every question, her gripped tightened and the reply she could get are squeaks from the woman.

A loud squeak erupted from Dimaria's lips as Natsu stood up and looked at her with a grin and started stroking her now furry head. "She looks more harmless than the time I saw her in Brandish hands." He took her from Irene's death grip and held her by her tail. "Is she like this forever?"

Irene released a huff at the man's lack of malice and decided to requip her witch garb and staff. "You're too kind for your own good, Natsu." She chastised Natsu like she did his brother before him, but rather than getting a restrained glare, all he did was smile.

The seriousness in her vanished at his simple gesture and decided to release the woman, but not without an insurance.

Dimaria decided that this is the worst day in her life, she didn't want to lift her Age seal in fear of being seen in such a weak state. She didn't know who to fear more, the man that almost killed her or the woman that will most definitely kill her as she found herself being passed between the two until Irene tossed her in the air and she landed on her butt on the floor. She blinked realizing that she's human again but found her wrist glowing and the feint sensation that she lost control of her magic.

"Curious?" Irene asked standing in front of the woman. "Where do you think Invel got the idea for his Ice Slave?"

"That's not nice," Natsu commented as he stood beside Irene. His lower half wrapped with the blanket to cover his modesty which Dimaria greatly appreciated. He still remembered the sacrifice Juvia made to save Gray's sorry assand the suffering the first master endured in as a result of the spell.

Irene found it a good thing that Natsu's kindness can only be matched by his power. "I didn't rob her of her free will, though I did took her magic away from her." She shot Dimaria a cruel and sadistic look that earned her moniker the Scarlet Despair. "Stand up! I don't want to hear a word out of you."

Dimaria stood at attention, feet apart, hands clasped behind her back and eyes front looking at Irene's brown orbs. She couldn't look at Natsu's direction or she'll shake in fear. She's the epitome of a perfect soldier even though she left that rank years ago. She silently bore Irene's appraisal of her as she walked behind her and stood still for a few moment.

"Mmm!" Dimaria bit back a moan when Irene squeezed her large breasts from behind. It was starting to become difficult to control her voice as Irene fondled her tits, squeezing and massaging her now sensitive breasts. Her nipples popping out through the thin material of her suit as a dark patch began to grow between her legs.

Irene had to admire Dimaria's body that while the woman is more muscular than she'd like, she has the curves in all the right places. "I want you to apologize for what you did, Dimaria." She ordered standing between her master and the offender. "Bow your head!"

Dimaria flinched at the command and immediately bent to her waist in apology. "I'm sorry for trying to kill you!" She screamed in panic. She tilted her head up to see his expression but was greeted with the tent on his waist and returned to looking at the floor. She felt uncomfortable at how silent the two is, and the time she spent chained up in a chair seemed like a walk in the park.

Irene looked down upon Dimaria as a wicked idea formed in her head as she glanced back at Natsu. 'I think it's time to educate you about the pleasure only a man could give. Only my master can give.' She focused her attention on Natsu and smiled using magic to communicate her plan. "Natsu, how do you find Dimaria? Is she to your liking?" She didn't need any confirmation if she'll base it on the tent he's sporting.

Realizing that she's telepathically speaking to her, Natsu thought. "Well… she is a looker." His eyes landed on her shapely ass and how little that suit of hers hide her had to shake his head when his mind wondered what it would feel to rub his cock between her ass cheeks clad in that skin-tight suit of hers. "She's adorable when flustered. But if you're thinking of me forcing myself to her, I won't help you with that."

Irene had to smile at his last he forced himself on her the night before, it was due to her own invitation were in the end receive the most pleasurable fucking of her life. "It's not so much as forcing yourself to her but helping me dish out her punishment. I could simply tell Invel of what she tried to do and this will be the last time you'll see her." She began, baiting the Dragonslayer.

"You might've given up the throne, but you're still the only living relative of the late emperor. A threat to your life can only be punished by death." She gave him a level stare, but her eyes showed mercy for the woman.

The most Dimaria would get is a slap on the wrist for what she did as the twelve never really acknowledge him and simply tolerated his presence and nomination by his brother. But to Irene, he's her new reason for living and for Dimaria to try and snuff it out was a crime that can only be paid by blood.

Her problem lies in Natsu's endless capacity for good and she found a simple work around for it. Living for as long as she did, Irene has mastered the means to push people into agreeing with her demands. In Natsu's case, paint her less than innocent motives as an act of mercy or a challenge and he'll be more than willing to go along.

In her eyes it's a necessary evil to get him to make Dimaria his woman and stop her skirt chasing ways. Dimaria's arrogance comes from the knowledge she's untouchable but strip her of it and she's nothing but a petulant child.

Irene could see him deliberating her words and gave him the final nail in Dimaria's coffin when she shot him a pleading look. She knew she won when his shoulder sagged, and she'll make sure to erase all doubt in his mind when they're done.

"You're too kind, Natsu. I would've snuffed her out if only you'd ask. It would rid the Empire's women of its number one skirt chaser. Surely, you've heard of the things she's done to women that strikes her fancy during the war." She reminded and gestured for him to come closer.

Natsu suddenly seemed to like Irene's idea remembering the stories Erza told her of what the ladies of Mermaid Heel suffered. The humiliation of being naked in battle and the feint sensation of being groped when they fought Dimaria. "Fine. I'll help you punish her."

Irene went up to kiss the man, "You won't regret this." She smiled brightly at him then looked at her prey while removing the blanket wrapped around Natsu's waist. She kneeled beside Dimaria and forced her to look forward and come face-to-face with the bulbous head of Natsu's cock.

Dimaria tried to look away but the painful grip Irene has on her chin made sure she gets a close look of the most disgusting thing she knew. She realized that the mushroom like head, an angry purple, is a size of a small ball. The slit alone looked like it's a small eye crying as it leaked of pre-cum, and the musky scent filling her nostrils.

Another wave of fear washed over her when Irene grip her cheeks painfully to open her mouth, she wanted to plead for Irene to stop but couldn't speak as her grips tighten every time she tries. Her eyes begged the woman but only got contempt in return and simply accepted her fate. Unable to believe Irene's loyalty to the man.

"If I see him in any form of pain or discomfort…" Irene warned telepathically as she looked up to Natsu with a smile. "How about you first find out how much her throat could stretch, Natsu?"

"Ok," Natsu nodded and looked down on Dimaria and saw the fear in her eyes. It made him want to back out but was reminded of what would happen to the woman after and resolve to finish her punishment as Irene deemed fit. 'She's is a member of the twelve and her words could be treated as law, right?' Natsu thought still having misgivings about what he's asked to do but trusts her enough to agree with her plan.

Easily forgetting that she's also cruel and manipulative most of the time.

"Say ah~!" Irene mocked as she watched Dimaria's lips parted to allow the bulbous head entrance. Her eyes danced with delight as Dimaria swallowed both her pride and Natsu's head with great difficulty.

Dimaria closed her eyes and felt that her jaw would unhinged from how wide it's being forced open. She tried to slow his entry with the flat side of her tongue pressing against his glans, allowing her to taste his pre-cum and much to her shock she liked the taste. The more she tried to resist him, the more his pre-cum is smeared on her tongue, the more she could taste and get used to like it. Her tongue began running laps along his slit to get more of the tasty liquid.

"I think she likes sucking cock. Are you sure she's not into men?" Natsu asked moaning when Dimaria sucked on his head to try and make him produce more. He found that Dimaria sucked his cock with the same vigor that Irene did last night. He could feel her tongue trying to dip into his slit and decided to pull back to allow her tongue to lap along his head.

"Is that so…?" Irene raised an eyebrow and studied her captive. And much to her further amusement, feint slurping sounds came from Dimaria's packed lips and the swallowing motions she's doing. Irene realized that turning Dimaria into a slut loving Natsu's cock would be easier than she expected. "I think she'd tasted more than enough. How about you feed her the rest of your meat, Natsu?"

Dimaria was shocked at Irene's words at did her best to look to her side, but Irene kept her head straight to give Natsu easy access to her throat. She gripped her wrist tightly, hands still crossed behind her back, in preparation for what's to come.

"Don't worry, Mari, I'll take it slow." Natsu assured using Dimaria's nickname that she got from Brandish. "Just relax your throat." He instructed to avoid hurting her, his kindness showing despite the fact that he's tasked to punish her.

Irene shook her head in amusement while keeping Dimaria's head in place. Their captive glowered as best as she could at Natsu. Natsu countered her scowl with a carefree and reassuring grin and much to Dimaria's shock his action had the intended effect of calming her.

Dimaria closed her eyes to avoid looking at the long task in front of her. She could feel the thick column of muscle slowly push forward, filling her mouth with its girth, it finally reached the border between her mouth and throat. Tears started to pool at the corner of her eyes the moment his cock entered her throat and tried her best to suppress her gag reflex. Triggering her gag reflex and caused her mouth to produce a lot of saliva as it started to seep out of her packed lips, lubricating Natsu's thick cock as it continued to resize her throat.

"Mmm!" Irene moaned licking her lips as she watched Dimaria's throat expand as Natsu's cock continued unabated with its conquest. 'So that's how my throat looks like every time I took him deep. Such an erotic sight… now I want Natsu to fuck my throat again." She thought hungrily licking her lips but knew that it's not her time and Dimaria needs to be educated of how helpless she is against Natsu's mammoth cock.

Dimaria opened her eyes hoping his managed to cram all of his cock down her throat as breathing is starting to become an issue. Her face fell at the reality that there's still a few more inches left and before she could close her eyes again, but her curiosity got the better of her. Dimaria watched inch by agonizing inch of his meat is fed to her. Amazed at how she could take such a disgusting thing with relative ease until Natsu stuffed all 12 inches of his cock down in her throat.

'How long does he intend to stay like this…?' Dimaria thought desperately, sweat pouring out of her body, her knees bending forward as her body is now lower than Natsu's hips, with her head held in alignment by Irene. Her breathing becoming slow and ragged as her airway is blocked, her eyes slowly rolling to the back of her head, brows furrowed in frustration. She tried to pull back, but Irene kept her in place by placing another hand on top of her head in a tight grip.

"I think she's lose enough…" Irene smiled, sadistically inside, as she looked at Natsu. She enjoyed Dimaria's suffering and found it funny that despite all her self-professed dislike for men, her stiff nipples told her otherwise.

"Ok!" Natsu pulled back watching his drenched cock slip out of Dimaria's maw. He could feel her tongue being pulled along with how snugged his cock filled her mouth. A wet pop signaled his cock being freed from Dimaria's lovely lips, her tongue sticking out dripping in saliva as she did her best to glare at him for the humiliation. The head of his drenched cock landed on Dimaria's forehead, a mixture of saliva and his pre-cum made trails on her beautiful face.

And for the first time, since they started he found a reason to completely side with Irene. Those hate filled eyes of hers, telling him the painful things she'll do to him. Apparently, almost choking to death from his cock coupled with the humiliation she suffered killed the fear she had for him.

'Now, we have a game.' Natsu thought as he ran in his head the things he'll do to Dimaria, panting as she did her best to kill him with her glare. His cock throbbed painfully, telling him to have those lips of hers wrapped around it. "Tell me, Irene told me that you don't like men, is it true?"

"Yes!" Dimaria spat panting, "They're not as delicate as women." A sinister smile formed at her lips at the memory, seeing her female opponents in embarrassing positions, the humiliation in their face as she toyed with them. Dimaria shuddered and found herself more aroused. 'I just need to suffer this humiliation and I have all the time in the world to take out my frustrations.'

Natsu and Irene saw the change in her face the moment she described women as delicate. They immediately realized that her preference on women isn't based on attraction but control. The type of magic she possess and the reaction of women when they suddenly found themselves naked gave Dimaria the notion of liking women. Confusing attraction with amusement.

"Really?" Natsu replied his cock throbbing painfully amidst the challenging glare Dimaria is giving him. "I guess I'll just have to show you how I got Irene to my side…" He leaned forward and met Irene's hungry lips showing Dimaria the amount of devotion Irene has for the man.

Dimaria felt envy as she watched Irene melt into the kiss, enough for her hold to loosen but not enough so she could escape. Her moans was like the most beautiful sound to her ears and felt jealous that the man could coax such lovely sounds from the woman she has her eyes on for a long time. The couple finally parted and Dimaria watched as Irene tried to prolong the kiss but knew that enough was enough. Much to her frustration, she was aroused at the sight, the cause she didn't want to admit.

"Time to continue your punishment." Natsu declared shoving his whole length between Dimaria's panting lips. Gaining easy access with Dimaria's tongue sticking out of her lips as if guiding his shaft towards her throat that expanded with ease.

Natsu loved the sensation of Dimaria's tongue unwittingly caressing the underside of his shaft as she tried in vain to pull it back inside her mouth. Her throat contracting from the sudden intrusion as if trying to swallow his length to clear the obstruction. Looking down, he saw the burning hate in her eyes and wanted to replace it with unbridled lust and desire.

Loud gagging sounds accompanied by wet slapping noises filled the room as Natsu swung his hips with reckless abandon. Dimaria couldn't believe how easy his cock could move in and out of her throat despite how thick it is, her chin soaked with her drool and getting slapped by his heavy balls. The rage and humiliation she felt from the demeaning act is overshadowed by the need to breathe. She choked and drooled all over his cock as she tried her best to breathe, her chest started to hurt, as she felt that she'd been sucking for hours.

'To die in such a humiliating fashion…' Dimaria thought as her eyes started to roll in the back of her neck and spots started to fill the corner of her eyes.

Natsu swung his hips furiously as he felt the urge to cum. "Fuck! Here it comes! Cumminggg! Argh!" he grunted as he buried himself deep down Dimaria's throat, her nose pressed hard against his pelvis.

Dimaria's eyes shot open at the sudden surge of thick cum flooding her throat, thick ropes of cum filling her stomach with every spurt. Her eyes started to slowly close once again, as she fought to remain conscious from her inability to breathe as the gooey substance coated her throat from Natsu's endless orgasm.

After what seemed like an eternity, Natsu started to pull-out from her throat and filled her mouth with his cum, cheeks puffing from being filled instantly, spilling from her tightly packed lips as she tried to swallow his cum.

Irene watched the view with great interest as Dimaria tried her best to swallow, in her opinion, tasty sperm. Her admiration for Natsu grew as she watched him cum buckets in Dimaria's mouth, rubbing her thighs in arousal. Her eyes focused on his shaft slowly withdrawing from Dimaria's stained lips, inch by inch, and released it with a pop. His drool and cum covered cock is the most arousing sight she saw knowing that he used it to punish Dimaria and had a mind of receiving a punishment of her own.

"You really are a member of the twelve." Natsu praised rubbing the tip of his cock on her tongue dripping with drool and cum. He couldn't help the grin forming from his mouth as he saw the murderous look Dimaria shot him despite her exhaustion.

Irene on the other hand saw it as an affront to her master, "What do you say to Natsu?" she ordered her grip on Dimaria's chin tightening. Such blatant disrespect would be punished severely if her master isn't with her, but she took solace in the fact that by the end of this. Dimaria will be powerless to resist her master and would be craving for his cock.

Dimaria swallowed as many of the thick cum on her mouth, "Thank you… for… the meal…" She panted between words, his cum sticking along her throat. She winced when Irene's clawed fingers dug into her skin realizing she'll have to swallow not only his cum, but what's left of her pride. "Master…"

"Now, was that so hard?" Irene asked releasing her hold on Dimaria who finally collapsed on her knees on the floor. She stood up and kissed Natsu once again, turning him to face her so he would not have to look at Dimaria's pathetic form as she puked out his cum. "Let me polish your staff, Natsu…" she offered with a smile, not even waiting for an answer, she kneeled in front of Natsu so that she's eyelevel with his cock.

'Such a waste…' Irene sighed pointing his cock up as she licked one of his balls before placing it in her mouth and sucking on it. She treated the other pair with the same attention before she started on the shaft. She pressed her tongue on the base of his shaft and ran it up along its length making sure she gets everything. Once she reached the top, Irene sucked on the tip before placing it in her mouth, cleaning his glans with her tongue before deepthroating the rest of his shaft then pulled back leaving the head in her mouth and polishing it with her tongue.

Irene swallowed the sperm she cleaned then smiled at Natsu, "All clean… I've made sure to polish the head diligently." She turned to the side to find Dimaria's disbelieving face and smirked realizing that she was aroused at what she saw.

"I couldn't ask for a better partner, Irene." Natsu praised and watched as Irene grew stiff for a moment before blushing cutely. He would've called her his slave, but he realized that they were in front of Dimaria and he didn't want to embarrass the woman by calling her his slave. Natsu didn't realize that his words are viewed differently by Irene and saw it him taking her as his wife, one of the many.

Irene tipped her hat downward to hide the red on her cheeks. "Are you sure you'd want me as your partner, Natsu?" She managed to keep her voice even.

It was the first proposal she receive in her long 400 years, and like her daughter, she also fantasized of getting married. While she was already married, there was no proposal and love for the man, instead it was an arrangement for their kingdom's mutual survival.

"Yup!" Natsu confirmed with a grin. Unknown to him that he unofficially married Irene in Draconic terms. While Dragons don't have marriage, they take partners, either one or many depending on the male's strength or reputation among their race.

Irene raised her head and saw that same adorable smile and accepted his proposal. "I promise to help you in all of your ventures, Natsu." She said pledging her magic and life to him. The big smile he gave her and that stupid thumbs up of his melted her heart.

"So, what's next?" Natsu asked turning to Dimaria still kneeling on the floor. "I'm still not close to being tired."

"Of course, you aren't, Natsu." Irene agreed her voice gaining an affectionate tone when mentioning his name. "How about you show her your skills?" She suggested and Natsu nodded.

"Ok!" Natsu nodded as he proceeded to his bed and laid down waiting for Irene to guide Dimaria to him.

"Come. Don't keep your master waiting." Irene ordered as she all but dragged the woman towards the bed. They both climbed unto the bed, guiding Dimaria to sit on Natsu's chest facing away from him, then pushing her forward so that they're in the 69 position.

"This is embarrassing, Lady Irene!" Dimaria cried in her current position looking pleadingly at Irene sitting in air as she floated above the bed. Her crotch all but exposed to the man and once again, his cock is too close to her face. The damnable rod wedge between her large tits and could feel its heat between her breasts. His hands massaging his shapely ass sent shivers up her spine, whether it was disgust or pleasure is unknown to her flustered state. "Wasn't I punished enough?!" Her demands melted from Irene's murderous gaze.

"Your life is the only form of punishment I'll accept…" Irene whispered menacingly as she came face to face with Dimaria. "But… as a member of the Twelve, I'll give you a chance to escape the rest of your punishment…"

"I'll do anything!" Dimaria answered abruptly as she's starting to get aroused from Natsu's constant caress.

Irene found it too easy to bait the woman, surely she should've known that whatever she would ask would only hasten her fall. Yet, looking at Dimaria and her desperate expression told her that she didn't think her words through. "All I ask is that you do not cum from master's assault in the next five minutes." She couldn't help but smirk at her confidence knowing that she'll be cumming in less than the time she allotted. "You have free reign of the distraction you'll use as long as it will not harm him. Another way for you to escape is if he cums first before you."

"I understand!" Dimaria acknowledged confident that Natsu wouldn't be able to make her cum. Surely, only women knows their bodies best. An idiot like the man beneath her could never make her orgasm.

"Natsu, you can begin the punishment." Irene informed and saw the excitement in his eyes. She issued a challenge for him and she already knows the outcome. A digital timer appeared in front of her winding down to zero.

Natsu continued to caress and admire Dimaria's perfect butt and powerful thighs that reminded him of Erza with how toned they are. His eyes then landed on her crotch, placing his hands on the back of her thighs, he pressed his fingers on her nether lips and felt her twitch from the contact. He used his thumb to spread her pussy apart, the tightness of her suit gave him a clear impression of her exposed sex. Natsu adjusted his hold on her thighs to allow him to pull her closer to his face and placed his lips around her engorge clit visible through her suit.

"Oooh!" Dimaria moaned, startled when she felt Natsu's lips wrapped around her clit, sucking it and flicking it with his tongue while his hands massaged her ass.

'This is bad...! He's knows what he's doing... It feels too good~!' Thought Dimaria as she propped herself with her left arm as she looked behind her to find Natsu's head buried in her crotch. She found the sight disturbingly arousing, unconsciously spreading her right ass cheek with her free hand.

"Yes! Know your place... You can try all you can, but you'll never make me cum!" Dimaria mocked face flushed and enjoying her place at the top as he ate her out. Her words were meant to demoralize Natsu as it's meant to boost her confidence as she started to grind her crotch at his face. She felt him stop and saw those obsidian eyes of his bore down on hers that held a hint of mischief in them.

She heard a ripping sound and felt herself exposed. "Hey! Mmm...!" She collapsed on top of him, angling her body away from his cock, when she felt his tongue penetrate her slit and another wave of pleasure assaulted her body.

'Surely, time is already running out. This is the fastest I'd felt like cumming.' Dimaria thought with a smile, she didn't mind cumming as long as she wins. He's better than she could've ever imagined and thought that Irene thought him everything he knows in a single night. The smile on her flustered face collapsed when she saw that a minute a barely passed and she's close to an explosive climax she never thought possible.

Irene simply tapped her wrist signaling that time is her enemy and not her friend this time around. She then tipped her head towards Natsu's rigid member, the glans a bright purple and leaking with pre-cum. The clear liquid tasted salty from Dimaria's very recent memory, but she didn't want his cock to violate her throat once again, still sore from earlier.

Dimaria bit her bottom lip as she felt herself about to cum, tears pooling at the corner of her eyes as she looked at the timer hitting the one minute mark. 'Nooo! Please stop! I don't want to cum!' She closed her eyes as she could feel herself orgasm, holding it as much as possible but Natsu's skilled tongue probing her love canal would spell her undoing. "Cummii-! What...?!" She gasped looking at Irene who shrugged at her, looking back she saw Natsu's arms on the bed as he lay gasping.

"She's a hard nut to crack!" Natsu panted looking at Irene's direction. "My mouth's getting tired trying to make her cum. Time out!" he gestured with his hands as Irene nodded and stopped the timer.

"I guess, she really is into women," Irene said, "Should I reset the timer then?"

"It's only fair..." Natsu agreed as he caught his breath.

Dimaria looked back at Natsu, gaining some confidence back. "You can try all you want but it'll be the same as before." she taunted, face flushed and full of pride. 'I'll just have to hold out longer than he could and I'll escape this punishment.' Her eyes then landed on his still erect cock, and as much as she hated it. It'll be a victory for her if she made him cum.

'It's doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would... A little salty and Lady Irene seems to love it... Maybe...' She mentally shook her head at what she's thinking and reminded herself that she's doing it to get out of her current predicament.

Irene on the other hand had to ask Natsu a simple question. "What are you planning, Natsu?"She already had an inkling but she needed to make sure.

Natsu looked at the ceiling, not really caring about the weight on top of him. "Well, I thought of making Dimaria love sucking my dick, if I try to make her cum at the same time. You know, like making her think blowing me would make her cum, drinking my cum would make her cum." He scratched his head realizing how stupid he sounded and just make her cum already. "I'm not good at explaining stuff. Let's just finish this, I sound stupid."

A shiver ran up Irene's spine at what Natsu unwittingly wanted to do to Dimaria. The way he worded is indeed childish, but his goal was as clear to her as day. "It's not, Natsu, if anything else... It's very ingenious of you actually and I'll help you." Dimaria could hate men all she want's but when they're done with her. All Natsu has to do is flash Dimaria and she'll be on her knees sucking him like there's no tomorrow, no matter how much she says she hates him.

"Really?!" Natsu asked in disbelief.

"Anything for you, Natsu..." Irene replied affectionately as she now looked at Dimaria. "Are you ready, Master?" She asked openly as Dimaria once again prepared for the next assault.

"Yup! This time I'll make her cum for sure!" Natsu answered eagerly running his hands on Dimaria's ass cheeks before spreading her labia once again and admiring the pink flesh. Her pussy moist not only from his saliva but her own arousal.

"Hmph! You can try all you want, but the end result is the same." Dimaria boasts after recovering, but her body reeling from being rob of her orgasm. 'All I have to do is outlast him. No matter how many times I have to endure his mouth...' She thought with a little expectation. A need inside her to experience more of his oral skills grew.

Dimaria's whimpers and muffled moans filled the room as Natsu began his assault. She squirmed and pushed her crotch deeper to his face enjoying how skilled his tongue is as she tried her best to endure it. When she's about to cum she tried to pull away only for Natsu to hold her in place, his efforts doubling until all she need was a light push and she would be undone. But Natsu would stop all together from exhaustion.

Natsu continued playing with Dimaria, pushing her over the edge and leaving her hanging. He needed her to start sucking him, but she seems as stubborn as she made herself to be. He's starting to think that Dimaria is starting to enjoy enduring her orgasms. Luckily for him, Irene decided to help him in his efforts to condition the woman.

"Tell me, Dimaria, do you really hate what's happening to you right now, or you're enjoying yourself enduring your orgasms?" Irene asked the woman whose face is flushed and sweating profusely, a small smile plastered on her lips. A sign that she has grown to like Natsu's punishment.

"No! I'm just happy of his failures." Dimaria rebutted, looking at Irene's doubtful eyes. She had to affirm it herself that she's not slowly getting off from the man's skillful mouth and tongue.

"Is that so?" Irene replied, her tone filled with disbelief. "I gave you two options to escape yet you only capitalized on the first that you seemed to be enjoying a lot. You could make him cum and finish this, yet you didn't even try." She reminded the woman who resembled a child caught stealing and couldn't help the smile forming on her lips as Dimaria chewed on her words.

Natsu really needs to thank Irene for her ability to plan ahead as he noticed Dimaria adjust her position so that her body is on top of him once again with her hand now gently wrapped around his shaft. Natsu decided things are finally starting to get interesting once again and decided that he'd use his fingers and see how long she could last.

Dimaria whimpered as Natsu restarted his efforts once again and decided to focus on getting Natsu off. 'It's larger than I imagined now that I have it in my hand...' She thought in amazement at his girth as her fingers couldn't fully wrap around it, it's taller than her head and realized that she had it down her throat earlier. Its length, its girth and its heat filled her with wonder.

"Hey! Mmm..." She snapped looking back at Natsu when she felt a finger tease her folds as he sucked on her clit.

Dimaria released a huff when she saw his eyes carrying a mischievous glint in them and she thought of it as Natsu mocking her. She found it annoying and wanted to show him that she's better than him and what better way to do it than making him orgasm before her. With his current track record, he'd cum before she does with how easy he gets tired.

Dimaria stared at the bulbous head, the size of a small ball, leaking with pre-cum. It's shaft thick and veiny like a steel rod wrapped in silk that stood a good foot from his pelvis. Once again she's amazed that it fit in her mouth, much less her throat, and wondered how Irene managed to take it and love such a horrid thing. She decided to simply stroke the shaft, awkwardly jerking him with one hand with little to no lubrication that resulted in an uncomfortable hand job from the woman.

'Why is it losing its hardness?!' Dimaria thought frustratingly as she continued to jerk Natsu's cock with increasing speed and force. Her fingers now able to wrap around his girth and lost a quarter of its length and started to flop around.

Irene could hear the Natsu's pain filled grunts and had to admire his tolerance for pain. While she warned her about hurting Natsu, Dimaria is simply uneducated on how to return the favor and it's her job to help the two, especially Dimaria.

"Stop what you're doing, Dimaria, and take that stupid gauntlet of yours and listen to what I'm going to tell you!" Irene ordered stunning the woman that did as she was told. She smiled when Natsu telepathically thanked her and returned to the task at hand. "I want you to use both of your hands and place the head in your mouth... gently stroke the shaft from the base to the top."

Dimaria did as she was told, placing his head in her mouth and stopping at just the head and stroked his shaft feeling every vein along its length. She unconsciously licked the free flowing salty liquid, swallowing it every time it fill her mouth. She found his cock expanding once again and a sense of pride grew in her for making him aroused. It didn't take long before even she found her hand job uncomfortable due to the friction and looked up to Irene to ask for guidance.

"There's not enough lubrication." Irene pointed out patiently realizing that Natsu is taking it easy on Dimaria until she learns the ropes. "Make sure to lather the shaft with your saliva. Master's cock requires a lot of it." She watched as Dimaria kill her apprehension, watching her cheeks move as she gathered as much saliva she could gather. 'She's not as clueless as I thought…'

Dimaria stuck her tongue out, thick globs of saliva dripping from its tip and copiously coating the head and letting it roll down the shaft. She repeated the process three more times until she could feel her own drool coating her fingers and she started jerking him once again, this time with ease. Her hands glided up and down his thick shaft and watch it expand once again and the head change to a deep shade of purple.

"Oohh~!" Dimaria moaned as she felt Natsu groaned inside her folds and his reaction appealing. Her eyes bore on his cock, back at full mast, being jerked by her own two hands with gusto. When she felt that lubrication was lacking she would gather saliva in her mouth, pouring it over his cock head while jerking him constantly.

'As much as I hate it, he really is good with his mouth.' Dimaria thought, moaning every time his tongue would delve deep into her folds. She looked behind her and saw the mop of spiky pink hair pressed firmly on her crotch and wished he'd use his hands. She returned towards her current task, eyes trained on the bulbous head and the clear liquid it's secreting.

'It seems your enjoying this too much…' Dimaria traced the crown of Natsu's glans and couldn't help but be fixated on it. Watching it twitch every time she touched the glans realizing that it's the most sensitive part of his cock and made the decision to willingly use her mouth. 'If this is the only way to end this quickly.'

Dimaria opened her mouth as wide as she could and slowly swallowed the head. She used her tongue to caress the head and focused on getting more of his pre-cum that she gained an acquired taste. Her fist eagerly pumping his cock constantly lubricated by her drool seeping out from her lips, her tongue busily lapping on the bulbous head.

'Took her long enough.' Natsu thought and decided to start with her conditioning. While it felt nice having his cock in her mouth once again, she's not getting anywhere with getting him off and decided to reward her every time she does something he likes. He would abuse resetting the timer every time he fakes exhaustion like he did earlier and got Dimaria hooked on his cunnilingus.

Dimaria moaned on Natsu's cock when she felt his finger probing her folds his other hand spreading her ass cheeks apart while his lips focused on her clit. Much to her frustration, the addition of Natsu's finger only brought her closer to orgasm and realized she needed to distract herself. What better way than to continue giving Natsu a blowjob and make him cum, not only will it distract her but has a chance of getting her out of her current problem.

Dimaria's fist pumped Natsu's cock with gusto lubricated by her spit coming from her packed lips. It didn't take long before she learned to suck on the head once she heard him groan in pleasure. She wanted to capitalize on it as she found it difficult to hold out any longer as Natsu's finger kept gracing her G-spot while sucking on her clit. He's teasing is making her remember that she'll be rewarded every time he likes what she's doing.

'Please cum!' Dimaria begged her hands jerking Natsu as fast as possible. Her mouth left Natsu's cock, eyes shut closed, gritting her teeth in concentration as she found herself close to cumming. 'Please…!' She could feel her body tensing as Natsu continued to tease her G-spot and close to cumming sooner than she realized.


"This is tiring…!" Natsu gasped panting, once again robbing Dimaria of her orgasm. While Dimaria did improve, it was still nowhere good enough to make him cum. "I need another time out, Irene."

Irene smirked at Natsu's deviousness looking at Dimaria's pathetic form, lamenting on whether to give in or continue with such pleasurable torture. But she had to admit, she has serious will power to not just beg him to finish her off. She could also see that Dimaria is close to her breaking point with the pleading look she's shooting at Natsu's direction and it would be no fun if she gave up in the next two or three rounds.

"Giving up already?" Irene asked mockingly as she lifted Dimaria's head to meet her gaze, touching her lower lips and found it quite delectable. She could see the exhaustion on Dimaria's eyes and only her stubbornness kept her from breaking.

"No…" Dimaria whispered looking up at Irene. "This is nothing, he's nothing."

"Is that so?" Irene asked as Dimaria nodded weakly. "Well to commemorate your indomitable will. I think a change of the rules is in order!" She grandly declared landing at the foot of the bed. "You are now allowed to cum as many times as you wish," The predatory smile that formed in her lips was missed by the joy in Dimaria's face. "With the condition that you make my Master cum."

"Hey! That's not fair Irene-!"

"Silence~!" Dimaria moaned as she pressed her crotch at Natsu's mouth and nose grinding herself with gusto. "Will the same time period apply, my lady?" The excitement in her voice was palpable as her need to cum was all but addressed with the bonus of lavishing herself with his expertise. She will never admit it, but Natsu's skills are beyond what she expected and could make her cum faster than she could on her own.

"I'll double the time needed to make sure you could fully get to know Natsu…" Irene suggested maliciously that even Dimaria got scared at what she unwittingly agreed to do once again. "Though… this'll be your last and final chance to get out of this predicament."

Dimaria nodded and restarted jerking Natsu once more while using her mouth at the same time. She was startled when she felt his tongue probing her anus, tracing its rim and licking the whole bud, as she released his cock from her mouth. "Stop that-Ooooh!" She wasn't able to fully reprimand Natsu as her voice turned into a moan when his tongue suddenly entered her virgin ass. "Mmm… Stop that…Stop…! I'm going to cum if you don't-! Cuuuuummiinng!" She screamed, body arching as she did, when Natsu pinched her clit, drenching his chin and chest.

'How…? I didn't think it's possible to cum from there… Mmmm~!' Dimaria thought as she looked back once again sucking her lower lip when she felt his tongue lap up her juices. His tongue replaced with his thumb as it teased the newly explored grounds. 'It must be a fluke… I'm just desperate to cum that's why it happened.' She reasoned as she looked up to the time and realized that he made her cum in seconds.

'I need to make him cum.' Dimaria thought groggily as she looked at his cock. She swallowed the head once again, but this time she started bobbing her head while stroking his veiny shaft. With each cycle of her mouth, his cock head is inching closer to her throat until it would gently cause her to gag slightly and produce more spit. Strings of spit connected Dimaria's lips on Natsu's cock as she would pull back and study her work, and a small amount of admiration grew in her.

While Natsu found Dimaria's new found vigor in making him cum, her hands and mouth isn't as nice as having his cock down her throat. Not to mention, all the training he got from his insatiable girlfriends back in Fiore and their amazing techniques that would make him cum in minutes, if not seconds of he lowered his defenses. He knew that she's been having small orgasms ever since the first time he played with her ass.

Natsu decided to give her another big one for her efforts. He started to curl his index finger downward, applying pressure on the wall between her rectum and vagina, pressing his thumb over her slit. He pushed on her clit with his tongue in a teasing motion setting her up for another powerful orgasm. Sensing that Dimaria is close, Natsu pressed his thumb upward while he curled his index finger downward trying to meet them in the middle, he stuck his tongue into her urethra to push her clit out more and placed his right thumb on top of it and pressed hard, lightly rolling her clit stuck between his tongue and thumb.

"Fuuuck~! Cumming!" Dimaria wailed in ecstasy, her fist tightening around his cock as the powerful orgasm rocked her body. Squirting over Natsu's expecting mouth as he latched into the source drinking the sticky liquid. Her body shook as she enjoyed her orgasm, her legs shaking, collapsing on top of Natsu, her cheek pressed against his cock feeling its heat and weight. "Please… let me… Oooohh… rest…!" She asked as Natsu returned to eating her out as small orgasm started to course through her body.

"Is that the tenth time now, Dimaria?" Irene asked the woman enjoying her post-orgasmic bliss. "You still have seven minutes left. How about you let his cock back into your throat, it might get him to cum faster?" She suggested laughing at how she turned away, face turning red, and knew that Dimaria has grown accustomed to what she's doing and thought of doing it herself.

Irene loved hearing Dimaria purring from Natsu's efforts as she sat at the edge of the bed, leaning forward supported by her left hand. "How about using these lewd tits of yours that you enjoy flaunting to others…" She gave the left one a gentle squeeze amazed at its firmness, before drawing a line on top of her breasts and a loud tearing sound filled the room. Her skin tight suit couldn't contain her girth as it tore the fabric open with its weight exposing her tan breasts and pink nipples stiff from her arousal.

"I'm sure your hands are tired jerking him off to no avail… all you have to do is…" Irene sat up her sat up, cupping her massive tits and wrapped it around her witch staff floating in front of her. She gave her own staff a suggestive lick. "Maybe you'd be able to make him cum this time." She then looked at the timer to remind Dimaria that time is running out.

"If you think it… it would help…" Dimaria whispered as she cupped her breasts, her eyes stared at Natsu's cock as a deep desire to make him cum started to grow inside her. Dimaria started to slowly equate her orgasms with Natsu, that the mere thought of his touch is enough to make her cum.

She wrapped her tits around Natsu's cock feeling its heat. She sucked her bottom lip at the realization that even her large tits could not smother its length as the head all but stared at her. She could clearly feel his pulse from his cock that seemed to match hers. 'I'll make you cum this time…' Dimaria thought as she licked the tip before swallowing the head.

Dimaria stroked his cock with her tits, grateful that his cock is coated with her saliva making her job easier. She leaned down as far as she could wrapping her tongue around the bulbous head and sucking on it with gusto.

Dimaria quickly understood that every time she made him feel good, he would make her cum. The more she worshipped his cock the better she felt, even as she still hold a grudge with the man, she couldn't deny the allure of making him feel good.

'Oho!' Natsu was clearly amazed that Dimaria did what Irene said and seemed to have grown to like what she's doing. 'Fuck! Her tits feels nice! She's built like Erza, let's see if she could keep up like Erza.' "Your tits feels great! I feel like cumming!" he complimented her assets as he waits for her next move.

Dimaria felt pride swell inside her at his words and wanted to capitalize on the information as she doubled her efforts with stroking his cock. Her eyes landed on her stiff nipples and felt they need attention, so she adjusted her hold from under her breasts to near the tip allowing her to pinch her painfully erect nipples. Natsu took the opportunity to start swinging his hips upwards startling Dimaria as his cock suddenly hit the back of her throat.

'Bastard!' Dimaria thought angrily from his sudden movement, annoyed that he thought her efforts weren't enough to make him cum. She propped herself from her elbow so she wouldn't get shaken up from his movements as meaty slaps filled the room from Natsu's pelvis hitting the underside of her tits. 'You've finally shown you're true colors, Natsu. You're nothing but a mindless animal~! Swinging your hips desperately trying to get off using my breasts and mouth!' A moan erupted from her throat at the lewd act, along with Natsu's pleasurable mouth and fingers working her through countless waves of orgasms.

The demeaning act he puts her through drove her to the edge as the seed of having him dominate and use her body for his pleasure is equated to maddening pleasure.

'Cum you, filthy male! Cum in my mouth!' Dimaria pleaded as she felt another powerful orgasm coming, eyes glancing at the timer inching closer to nine minutes. "MMMMPHH!" She moaned on his cock as she came again, pinching her nipples hard while pulling on her tits. Her body went rigid as she flushed once again on Natsu's mouth, collapsing on top of him who stopped to allow her to catch her breath.

She looked at the timer once again and saw it reach nine minutes and counting. "I've got no choice…" Dimaria whispered as she shakily stood up from her spot, seeing the curious looks from her captors. She placed her hands on Natsu's shoulders and pushed him further into the bed until he's leaning on the pillows. "Just stay there…" Dimaria didn't have time to look at the timer to know that she's close to failure, but it didn't mean she'll give up.

Dimaria went on all fours in front of Natsu, held his cock by the base and began long process of swallowing his shaft. Halting her gag reflex as he struck the back of her throat, and continued to push more into her throat until her lips touched her thumb and index finger. Amazed at how she managed to swallow him with relative ease and began the long process sucking him again. Desperate to make him cum once and for all, her blonde hair became a blur at how fast her head is bobbing, his shaft drenched in saliva, her hands on his hips to pull her forward.

"Fuck! I'm close, Dimaria!" Natsu groaned at watching the timer reach its end with a loud ding. The tight passage of her throat coupled with her tongue caressing the underside of his shaft, to her full lips gliding all over his cock felt like heaven to him. But what really brought him closer to the edge was watching the proud and arrogant woman desperately make him cum despite hearing the timer, uncaring of her defeat and focused on her newfound goal.

"Fuck! Here's your prize, Dimaria!" Natsu was about to place a hand on top of Dimaria's head to hold her in place, but she stunned him at what she did.

In one quick motion Dimaria managed to wrap her arms around his hips while she swallowed all 12 inches of his cock, lips kissing the base, as she drank his hot cum. Her throat contracting in a practiced motion despite how deep his cock is down her throat and practically hosing her stomach with cum. The proud Valkyrie squirting all over the bed as she felt the first rope of cum explode gulping down his thick cum, as he hosed her stomach with his potent seed.

Irene and Natsu watch as Dimaria almost lay unmoving on top of his legs, as she continued to drink in his cum. They feared that she might've passed out and was about to check on the woman only for Dimaria began untangling her arms around his hips and slowly dislodged his cock from her throat. They continued to watch Dimaria who languidly sat up and tilted her head upwards as if the help his thick sperm go down. Swallowing what is left on her throat before her glazed eyes landed on Natsu then to Irene and finally the timer.

'I lost, yet I still continued on that disgusting act.' Dimaria thought hazily, 'I don't want to believe it but I came the moment he ejaculated in my mouth…' As much as she wanted to deny it, the post-orgasmic afterglow was still lingering in her body.

"I lost…" Dimaria began looking at Irene's amused face. "Do with me what you will." She hated herself and how her body betrayed her, succumbing to his experience in handling women. How he played her body like flute to produce whatever sounds he wanted and her resistance was nothing but a small hindrance.

"I'm glad to see that you still have grace even in defeat," Irene praised until her smile became twisted as she snapped her fingers causing Dimaria's suit to explode into pieces. "Or you're just excited to know what it's like to have my master's monstrous cock inside you?"

"I'LL NEVER FEEL ANYTHING BUT CONTEMPT FOR HIM!" Dimaria snapped, Irene's wrath be damned as she glared daggers at the woman. Finally understanding why her enemies gave her the famed moniker. But her raged felt like a soft breeze hitting a cliff as Irene's amusement didn't vanish. Dimaria released an angry huff as she decided to lay down on the bed facing the ceiling, head pointing at the foot of the bed waiting for Natsu to make a move.

Irene leaned on top of Dimaria, smiling that sadistic smile of hers hidden from her master. "Oh, I'm sure you'll be feeling more than contempt from my master. It's simply a question of how long until you're begging him to fuck you like animal." Irene's clawed hand trailed down Dimaria's navel and into the cleft between her legs and slipping two fingers up to the first joint.

"Screaming praises of how much you love his cock." She stopped whatever retort that will erupt from Dimaria's lips, her tongue invading the younger woman's mouth. Exploring every nook and cranny her tongue can reach.

Irene could still taste Natsu's cum in Dimaria's mouth, her fingers gently pumping inside Dimaria's sex.

Irene finally pulled back, smiling at the pacified woman caught in a daze from getting a kiss from the empire's most coveted woman. "She's ready, Master." She informed looking at Natsu's stunned face, her fingers spreading Dimaria's labia and presenting her drooling snatch for his pleasure. The pink folds as enticing as the ones he'd seen before, the canal contracting as if waiting to be filled.

Not to be told twice, Natsu moved forward and positioned himself between Dimaria's legs and lined his cockhead in Dimaria's pussy. "Time for your punishment, Mari." He rubbed his glans along her slit as Irene stopped spreading Dimaria's labia that now clung lewdly on his glans.

Dimaria tilted her head downward to meet the so-called punisher's eyes. "Just do it already!" she snapped, accepting both her faith and the bolts of pleasure his cockhead is giving to her. Surely, it won't be any different with her using just her fingers.

A groan escaped Dimaria's lips as she felt Natsu push his massive cock head into her vaginal openning, stretching the entrance beyond what she imagined possible as he did with her throat until she finally felt him inside her. "Is it all in?" She asked looking down where she expected their pelvis is connected.

"It's just the head." Natsu pointed out, raising her hips so that she could see for herself. "See?" He leaned on top of Dimaria supporting himself with one arm while the other is balancing her hips.

Sweat formed at Dimaria's face that's flushed red in concentration and embarrassment as she saw it was indeed just the massive head and the rest of his thick shaft is still out. A mixed feeling of fear and curiosity filled her knowing how the massive head alone was a painful and difficult task, what more the rest of his shaft thicker than her wrist.

On the other hand, if she managed to take the massive head, of his hammer like dick, surely, she could take the rest of his shaft, curious how far it'll go inside her that a moan escaped from her lips.

Natsu smiled at Dimaria's trance like state as she silently stared at where they are connected and kissed her neck, behind her ear, sucking on her ear lobe and leaning in to whisper. "I'm going to resize this pussy as punishment for your earlier actions. Then we'll see if your view of men will still be the same." He liked the way she whimpered in arousal at his words and how her hips slowly inch forward to try and take him in.

"Mmm… You're full of yourself." Dimaria fired back looking at Natsu's grinning face. For the first time in the few times they've met, she got a good look at his face and much to her discomfort. A sense of attraction is starting to form for the man, while he isn't the best looking guy she met, he wasn't hard on the eyes either. The intimate position, and her arousal did a great part in making her attracted to the man. "You're lucky that you're in Lady Irene's favor, otherwise I won't be here with you or any other woman for that matter." She tried to destroy his self-esteem and remove that stupid smile of his face.

Natsu simply raised an eyebrow at her words, "I'd like you to know that I have two incredibly beautiful and understanding women waiting for me back at Fiore. And unlike you're blundering attempts earlier, they made me cum in less time despite being inexperienced." He snickered at the disbelief in her face and knew that she's now accustomed to his size and he could start, breaking more of her in.

"Lies!" Dimaria countered looking away from the man. Her pride took another blow with his words, sure she isn't into men nor interested in doing such things, but the thought of not excelling, even as humiliating as it was.

She's a member of the Twelve, they're the Elite of the Elite, and yet facing the guild of Fairy Tail showed them how big the world is beyond their borders. "Just finish up already!" She couldn't even look at him in the eyes and realized that the dull pain and discomfort from earlier has disappeared and small sparks of pleasure are starting to reverberate from her core.

Natsu pushed a few more inches inside Dimaria's tight canal, squirming at the massive intruder. He released the hold on her hips liking that Dimaria, herself is maintaining her current position, and turned her head to face him. "You know, it takes me awhile to do that." He teased liking how her face exploded in crimson and turned her head away once again but noticed that her eyes focused on where they're connected.

Natsu finally sat up and placing both hands on Dimaria's waists and started pulling her towards him to stuff the last few inches watching her squirm: fingers gripping the sheets tightly, her eyes closed shut, head turned to the side, biting her lower lip to muffle the moan to escape from her lips.

"Oooooh!" Dimaria moaned when she felt the pressure of Natsu's cockhead pressed against her womb. Her eyes landed to where they're connected before landing on her stomach in what she guessed where he's at. 'It didn't feel good…I'm just overly sensitive from all the teasing he did earlier…' "Mmmmm!" She moaned, back arching im pleasure as Natsu's lips latched on her left tit sucking hard while his hand fondled the other.

Natsu began moving as he enjoyed her generous breasts, starting slow, teasing the woman and waiting for her to beg for more. It also allowed him to find what works for the woman and locate her G-spot, and he didn't have to look up to know that he found everything he needed. He would grin like an idiot every time he would feel her legs hesitantly wrap around his waist when he focused on her weakspot, it showed him that whatever hesitance she had before was crumbling faster than she expected and the realization of how good it felt is slowly beating her pride to submission.

"Still don't like it?" Natsu asked smugly as he now straightened himself and 'forcefully' wrapped Dimaria's legs around his waist. He loved the defiant look in her eyes in stark contrast to her pleasure filled expression.

"...No!" Dimaria countered her eyes boring down on his dark ones. Her body might've surrendered to the pleasure, but her pride is still strong and kicking. She'll weather this pleasurable humiliation and be rid of the man forever.

"Is that so?" Natsu leaned forward supporting his weight with his arms then reaching between her legs and rubbed her clit with his thumb. He watched as Dimaria arched her back, gripping the sheets tightly as her legs coiled around his waist as she came hard. Her walls clenching hard around his cock. Loving how she squirmed as he prolonged her orgasm by rubbing her clit. "Still No?" He asked once again and received a defiant glare.

"I think you should finish it, Natsu." Irene said as she looked at Dimaria then to Natsu. While she has full control of Dimaria's magic, once she losses consciousness, her control ends and their time lock would vanish. While she didn't mind Natsu taking his time with Dimaria, there is still the matter of getting him back to Fiore. "The moment she passes out, her hold –as well as mine- vanishes. You still intend on returning to Fiore, no?"

Natsu nodded towards Irene's direction and decided to finish her punishment. He leaned forward and wrapped his left arm around her lower back and sat her on his lap, her large tits mashed against his broad chest. He could feel her body tremble against him, still riding her orgasm from before, and liked it that she unconsciously wrapped her hand around his neck.

"Is that the best you can do?" Dimaria taunted breathing heavily, body sensitive to the touch, gently rolling her hips to get more of that lovely friction inside her. "You're all talk." She goaded him, even though she knew that she lost a long while ago.

Was it just her bravado or she finally wants him to finish her? Maybe she wanted to know if she could simply keep up with him.

Natsu grinned, "I'm starting to like that stubborn part of yours." He declared before he kissed her full on the lips, she hesitated at first, tried to pull away, but Natsu placed a hand on the back of her head and held her still. Her resistance only lasted for a few seconds before she gave in, her hands wrapping tighter around his neck, pulling him closer. Her tongue danced against his in submission and letting him explore as much as he wants.

It gave Natsu the freedom he needed, his hands cupped her shapely butt and started lifting her along his shaft, quite a task with how high she has to go, before he pulled her back down. He started slow, loving her whimpering voice as if begging him to go faster and harder on her hungry cunt. So Natsu did as she wanted and started to gather force and speed in his fucking.

"Fuuuuck~!" Dimaria cursed head snapping back, as her body is rocked from beneath her. She looked down and saw the mop of pink hair latched on her left tit. She couldn't believe how good it felt, the way he could reach so deep inside her and the pressure of his glans knocking on her womb. "Your cock is so deep inside me. Don't let up, you animal!" she cried helping Natsu in his task as she would slam her butt downward with a resounding smack.

Irene smirked as she watched the debauchery in front of her. "To think you'd turn a skirt chaser like Dimaria into loving your monster cock. You never cease to amaze me, Natsu. Serving you would be a pleasure.' It was difficult not to touch herself nor, join in on the fun as Dimaria rode Natsu like a woman possessed.

Their captive's pleasure filled cries and Natsu's grunts filled her ears, the scent of sex all but burned into her mind. Her sinful body all but telling her to take another turn with her master regardless of Dimaria's magic unravelling. A little bit impressed that Dimaria could last as long as she did but wished she would finally admit defeat or she won't be able to control her lust.

"SO FUCKING GOOOOD!" Dimaria screamed, vocalizing what she already knew from the first few moments of their coupling. She experienced another powerful orgasm causing her to lean back too far that she slipped out of Natsu's cock and land on the bed.

What happened should be funny for him, but all humour died as Natsu's cock twitched painfully when he got a good look at Dimaria; Head slightly cocked to the side, full lips slightly parted, eyes clouded with lust, fixed on his onyx ones. All he could read from her expression is 'Fuck me'.

And Natsu did as he crawled on top of Dimaria and filled her in one quick thrust. He placed his hands on her thin waist and entered a kneeling position between her powerful legs dangling on the side, lifting her upper body in the air, back arching like a bridge with her upper back suspended an inch from the bed, arms resting on the bed. With a little effort Natsu started fucking Dimaria once again.

Irene bit her lip in awe at how he managed to keep his balance and carry Dimaria's weight with ease. His powerful arms bore Dimaria's weight while he kept her balanced, dragging her body along his shaft like a doll, hips swinging furiously as he tried to hold off his orgasm. But as much as he wanted to prolong fucking Dimaria the need to cum and return back to Fiore forced him to cut their coupling short even though, to him, they're just starting.

Dimaria pulled her body forward arms wrapped around his back, legs around his waist as she allowed him complete control over her body as he swung his hips furiously while dragging her body up and down his shaft like a mad man. With one last push Natsu buried his cock as deep as he could into Dimaria, collapsing on his knees and leaning forward while holding unto Dimaria.

Dimaria released her hold on Natsu, back arched as her hands felt the sheets and gripped them tightly and screamed after failing to hold back her powerful orgasm.



Back to the present…

Natsu pulled out of Dimaria, his cock spent as the rest of his cum leaked out of her cunt. He walked off of the bed and stood beside Irene as time starts to move forward.

"Is she out of the woods now?" Natsu asked Irene noticing her cheeks flush with both envy and arousal. He could at least try and do Irene one more time, but he doubts about his ability to please the woman with his thoughts focused on getting back.

"She is, but..." Irene replied, her eyes held a look of concern. Her mind already done plotting the woman's faith and what come's next. "I fear for the women of Alvarez. Once we leave, she'll set her eyes on the poor women and vent her frustrations on them."

Natsu felt a headache forming, he's been called slow at everything aside from combat, but Irene wasn't exactly covering her intent for the woman. "Is there no one that can stop her?" He tried to reason with the conniving woman. But from what he could remember, the only other person that could, just killed himself for no reason back in the war.

"Her magic is absolute even August and Larcade is affected. They could only sense Dimaria's magic and set defensive measures, but they could not move through it." Irene explained and even she found Dimaria's abilities too powerful for a human. It just so happens that a child got it and treated it as a means for her desires. "Only beings that are on the same level as gods could be a match for it. A dragon..." she pointed to herself then to Natsu. "... ruler of all dragons and Etherious."

Natsu released a tired sigh, shoulders sagging at the inescapable reality of what he must do. "Is there no other way?" He tried one last time. She accepted Mirajane begrudgingly and he could explain Irene with some difficulty, Dimaria on the other hand might end up hurting Erza. He could just leave Dimaria on Alvarez, but he couldn't let people suffer if he could do something about it. "Let's bring her back to Fiore..."

"Very well... I shall gather the rest of the 12 and inform them. Please start packing and we'll leave once I return." Irene bowed tapping her staff as she vanished from the room.

Natsu groaned eyes landing on the unconscious woman and her ruined suit. It caused his dick to twitch at the arousing sight but decided to get dressed after a quick shower as he headed for the larger-than-his-living-room bathroom. But not before extracting the still unconscious Dimaria off the ruined bed and placing her into the chair she caught them in.


Irene waited as all members of the 12 filled the hall, all four of men: Invel, Ajeel, Nienhart and Jacob. Irene felt a sense of pity for the once powerful group, she felt no obligation to the empire nor to the group, her loyalty was always to the emperor.

"As of today, I'm returning back to Ishgal and have chosen to follow and devote my life to the emperor's brother." Irene cared not for their look of shock with her declaration as she continued. "I'll remain a loyal servant of the empire, but my life has always been for the emperor."

"This will cause great instability throughout the empire!" Invel tried to remain calm but found it difficult with this new development. The empire's stability relies on the remaining members of the twelve and Irene's presence. While the empire is vast, it was built on conquest and the promise of a once immortal emperor.

But after suffering a crippling defeat, those that might still hold a grudge might stage a coup, something that they do not need right now. Losing Irene's tremendous presence might loosen their grip on the vast empire.

"Such a pitiful display, Invel." Irene chided, looking at the desperate look at the usually collected man. "You are the man that manages the empire when the emperor would leave for untold amount of time and now you've suddenly become inept at it."

"The people of Alvarez may have always looked up to the twelve, but have you forgotten that the twelve has always been replaced with more powerful members ever since it was established all those centuries ago." Irene reprimanded as she looked down on Invel who did his best to stand firm against the woman's intimidating presence. "If you fear of loosing the people's faith, then I suggest you rebuild the Twelve as fast as possible."

Invel knew that Irene's point is valid and looked at Ajeel for support, a glaring example of Irene's words having inherited his position from his grandfather. He held back the urge to roll his eyes as Ajeel shrugged his shoulders, wanting nothing to do with pissing off Irene.

"But the Twelve has always been recognized by the Emperor, with his absence, I doubt if the people will accept the new members." Invel argued, his reasoning already falling flat knowing the people readily accepted Natsu when his relation the late emperor was known. Even his abdication and the twelve gaining power over the empire was easily accepted by the people. As of now he's grasping at straws to keep Irene from leaving.

"That's enough, Invel."

The gathered group turned their attention to the newcomer. Yajeel entered the room as Ajeel rushed to his side.

"The lady is right." Yajeel began as he stood beside his grandson. "The faith of the people might've been shaken from our defeat and the loss of the emperor, but it remains strong regardless. The lady hasn't withdrawn from her position but simply chose to follow her own sense of loyalty, like you who remains loyal to the empire."

"Thank you, Yajeel, for your support and understanding." Irene tilted her hat in thanks but raised an eyebrow at the elder's steely gaze.

"I see no fault in Invel's words regarding the respect gained by the Twelve is due to the emperor's acknowledgement." Yajeel began and placed Irene on guard waiting for the man's next words. "The people will accept the new members, but they might not gain the same power and respect as those of us here."

"What is your proposal then, Elder Yajeel?" Irene asked calmly but placed everyone on guard at the standoff that Yajeel and Irene seemed to have started.

"While I'm certain that the man named Natsu will never take the throne, the people will never accept someone not related by blood in the throne." Yajeel began and saw something he's old eyes refused to believe, he knew Irene easily caught on to his meaning, but her reaction surprised him the most.

The centuries old woman was smitten, when the only emotion she's known for is amusement and tranquillity. His old eyes, while poor, could not mistake the slight shift of emotion she had. The infallible woman is indeed enamoured to someone and if his hunch is correct, "Natsu will have to sire a successor to the throne..." He raised an eyebrow when Irene's hand almost reached for her abdomen.

Irene saw the realization on the man's eyes. "Indeed. I have already made the necessary arrangements. The empire will have it's new emperor in the future." She found the gathered men pitiful with their shocked expressions at the realization that she's offering her body to ensure a successor is conceived. "If you're all done acting like fools, I'll take my leave." She tapped her staff and vanished leaving the group of stunned men.

"I could not believe it..." Invel found his voice first as he looked at the gathered men. "Not only did the man defeated the emperor and Acnologia, but he managed to get the attention of Irene. You truly are a formidable opponent, Natsu Dragneel..."

Irene appeared in her room once again and found Natsu sporting a swollen cheek while Dimaria is once again back in her skintight body suit arms crossed and facing away from her. Irene was about to lash out at the woman when Natsu shook his head in the negative. Realizing that Natsu might've tried to apologize to the irate woman and got slapped in return.

"Very well... let us leave, Master." Irene declared as she morphed into her draconic form towering over Natsu and Dimaria. "Climb on my back and I'll fly us back to Magnolia."

"This is awesome!" Natsu exclaimed as he ran around Irene, running his hands all over the woman's draconic body. "I get to ride you all the way back to Magnolia!"

Irene's eyes grew wide for a moment for calming down at Natsu's innocent remark, her mind still reeling from all the sex she had. She wanted more but for now she has a task to accomplish. "Do try to behave, Dimaria..." she warned wrapping her tail at the woman and placing her besides Natsu on her back.

"Hold on tight..."

The flight was uneventful, permeated with idle chatter between Irene and Natsu. Irene find Dimaria's grunts and angry responses as an affront to her Master but stayed her hand as it seemed to not offend the man. Natsu who did his best to get to know the woman and apologize for what transpired earlier in the day.

They arrived at Magnolia in the dead of night, her colossal form obscured by the dark as they landed near Natsu's home outside of town to avoid the commotion. Where they are greeted by none other her own daughter and the woman she tortured during the war.

The moment Irene landed, Natsu jumps off and tackled the most important women of his life, lifting them of the ground in a one-armed hugged that disarmed both women at the sight of their former enemy.

"I missed you two!" Natsu yelled as he took a good whiff of Erza and Mirajane's scent as if he hadn't seen them for years.

"I missed you too, Natsu…" Erza responded with a smile, but aimed her sword at her mother and the woman beside her. "What is she doing here?"

Mirajane for her part felt a sense of dread at the sight, not because of what transpired at the war. But the realization that Natsu managed to increase his body count in a span of few days. "Are they with you?" Was all she could come up with and saw the guilty look in his eyes.

"Yeah…" Natsu began and saw the look of betrayal in Erza's eyes and knowing on Mirajane. "Let's talk inside." He did not wait for their response as he entered his house carrying both women.

A few moments later, Irene and Dimaria could here the subdued arguments inside the house about what happened. From what they could gleam after Natsu explained his side, the woman called Mirajane, backed-up Natsu and double teamed Erza to agree with what happened. Both women from Alvarez watched as the Trio emerged from the house, Erza leading the group and stopping a few paces in front of her Mother.

"As much as I am angry about what happened, I'll allow it." Erza's word carried no space for arguments. "But I will remind you mother that we are the ones to decide if you could sleep with Natsu."

"Not that I care, if anything you're doing me a big favor." Dimaria responded her anger overshadowed what's left of her fear of the man. She flinched as she saw the glare Irene sent her, but kept her mouth shut.

Irene understood where her daughter is coming from and responded, "Of course, we wouldn't want to rob you of his 'Time'. Am I right, Mari?" She turned to the woman a predatory smile crested her lips as Dimaria nodded in fear and understanding. "Even I wouldn't wish to be robbed of his attention."

Irene smiled at Natsu's direction causing him to blush then realize that she is up to something again. "All I ask is we get a seat at my Master's table once we've proven that we could come to a decent arrangement on how to occupy his time. A minute of his time is enough."

Erza and Mirajane looked towards Natsu when they heard Irene refer to him as her Master with such reverence. They could almost make out the slight inflection of desire lacing those words she just uttered.

Erza felt conflicted at the thought of Natsu breaking her Mother in such a way, that she'd become subservient to her man. She couldn't get angry at him for too long and realized that it could've been worse. Irene could've seduced Natsu and steal him from her and Mira as the elder Belserion's beauty outstrips her own.

Her mind quickly went into the gutter and thought that maybe she could try it sometime to add a little spice in their sex. But if Natsu would be asked, a little less spice would be nice as they've done things that even he had to question Erza's sanity sparking an argument about her love of less than innocent books.

Mirajane on the other hand was impressed with Natsu at conquering Erza's mother, the mature beauty all but smitten every time her eyes landed on him. "While I'm more open to sharing Natsu. Are you sure that a minute is all you need from him?" She felt there isn't enough time in the day to enjoy Natsu's company.

"Of course, a few minutes of the day is enough." Irene crafted her words carefully a smile gracing her lips at her impending victory. "For a week, if I or Dimaria cut into your time spent with my Master. We shall immediately depart to Alvarez. But if we can uphold our part of the deal then I get to spend as much time with my Master as my heart desires."

As much as Erza tried she couldn't find a flaw at Irene's words, "Fine. I accept your bargain." She looked beside Mirajane and raised an eyebrow at the look of curiosity at she has. "How about you Mira? Are you ok with this arrangement?"

"It's ok with me." Mirajane cheerily replied then hooked Natsu's arm and dragged him into the house. She wanted to see how the older woman would execute her plan. "See you tomorrow, Erza. Remember it's my turn with Natsu."

Erza release a sigh and herded both women towards the town offering a place to stay at Fairy Hills.


Dimaria found herself walking along the town alone trying to find something that will occupy her time. Clad in her regular clothes, a red bandeau the tips embroidered with lace. Paired with lose red and black capri pants that with the end tightening around her calves with her black jacket tied around her waist.

She then looked at her wrist to find it glowing, Irene placing a magical rune that will monitor her whereabouts and a hold on her magic. The only silver lining she has is the thought of seeing her dear Randi again, the green haired beauty is traipsing around in Fiore.

"Yo!" Natsu greeted as he appeared behind Dimaria.

"Get away from me!" Dimaria screamed in fear at Natsu's sudden appearance stumbling and almost falling into the road if not for Natsu catching her wrist.


Natsu and Dimaria chorused as the woman fell on her rump while Natsu rubbed his head after Erza's affectionate slap.

"What did you do to her, Natsu?!" Erza demanded shocked at the amount of fear the woman displayed for the man. "Are you alright?" She offered a hand that Dimaria slapped away.

"I kind of scared her during that war when I thought she killed, Lucy." Natsu apologetically replied as she looked at both Erza and Dimaria. "I could ask Irene to let you go. I think you've suffered enough." As much as he wanted another shot at Dimaria, he couldn't stand the thought of having her suffer from Irene's machinations.

"On the contrary, I think she hasn't suffered enough." Irene began as she walked past Natsu and Erza standing between the trio. "But If that is what you want, then I am obligated to comply on one condition."

"What is it?" Erza and Dimaria snapped in excitement while Natsu paled.

Irene lowered her head, her elaborate hat obscuring her face except her lips that drew a sinister smile as she raised her finger, "If Dimaria doesn't break in a week. She's free to go."

"I don't see any problem with it." Erza extended her hand towards her mother. "You have a deal." Titania thought that with their previous arrangement, regardless of how good Natsu is. He wouldn't break her if a minute is all they have. It meant that within a week, the only competition left will be her mother.

Natsu and Dimaria shared a look of understanding for the first time as both mother and daughter shared a victorious smile at their bargains. Their lives are now at the hands, of the Belserion women that staked claim on their being.

"Very well, can I have a minute of my Master's time?" Irene asked and as soon as Erza nodded.

Time froze for everyone except the three.

She turned towards Natsu and smiled deviously, "Every second counts Master…" Irene purred as she traced her clawed finger on Natsu's chest hooking the zipper of his coat to expose more skin.

Irene shivered as Natsu glared at her, legs quivering from his dominance over her. "You're not exactly playing fair, Irene." He hissed at the woman who whimpered in lust rather than fear. He looked to the side to see Erza smiling at her perceived victory and his head dropped. 'I should've told the two about Dimaria's magic…' he grumbled in his head.

"Oh, I intend to follow with our agreement." Irene began as she hungrily pressed her lips on Natsu, playing with his spiky locks her free hand landing on his trousers. Slowly rubbing his crotch over his trousers feeling it harden at her touch.

'I can't believe I'm doing this in the middle of town." Natsu thought his hand placed on the small of Irene's back drawing the woman closer to him. His eyes, landing on Erza, releasing a throaty growl in annoyance at having to do it beside her. His free hand squeezed Irene's massive tit as punishment that made her moan in delight.

But just as he was about to get in the mood and punish the woman, Irene reluctantly peeled herself of Natsu panting with eyes full of longing. "That's a good minute… ha… Now, the fun part begins." Irene's eyes landed on Dimaria, the blonde took a step back at the realization.

"No… was this your plan all along, Lady Irene?" Dimaria panicked the couples eye landing on her. 'How could she not have factored her own magic into this?' She tried her best to unravel her Age Seal to no avail.

If time does not exist? Then a minute might as well last an eternity.

"This isn't fair for her, Irene" Natsu reasoned looking at the woman who met his stare with her own.

"Don't be naïve, Natsu… Life isn't fair" Irene began her tempestuous side rising, something his brother knows all too well. "If anything, all she gets is a second of you time." She walked behind Natsu, pressing her body on his back, arms wrapping on his torso.

"Breaking Dimaria would be good for her…" Irene whispered to his ear, "Besides… aren't you curious if you can break her in a week?" A slyly disguised challenge was given, and Irene knew how much he couldn't resist a good one.

"I guess we'll find out…" Natsu declared peeling himself off Irene before grabbing Dimaria's wrist and dragged her towards the massive Sola Tree. "I'm not doing it in front of Erza." Causing Irene to shake her head in mirth.

Arriving at their destination, Natsu released her wrist and pointed towards the tree. "Untie your jacket and Bend Over…" He commanded meeting Dimaria's Baleful glare. "Bend Over!" he repeated taking a step forward causing Dimaria to flinch before reluctantly agreeing.

"No matter what you do, you wouldn't break me!" Dimaria shakily spat back, palms pressed at the tree's trunk as she did her best to intimidate the Dragonslayer.

Natsu simply shot her a confident grin while placing a hand on her firm butt. "I'm counting on it." He then gripped the waist band of her pants and pulled it down to admire her shapely ass and panty clad sex.

Natsu hooked her panty with his thumb to expose her sex and anus. He then placed his pointer finger his mouth, lathering it with saliva before burying it up to the 2nd joint pumping it in and out of her virgin ass. He grinned as he heard the light moan that escaped her lips. "I guess you like it in the ass too, huh, Mari?" He asked rubbing her shapely ass.

"Just… Mmm… get on with it!" Dimaria snapped biting her finger to stifle her moans, eyes glancing at Irene. The discomfort of having her anus violated by Salamander's finger slowly turned into dull pleasure, his finger radiating a pleasurable warmth as he teased her. 'This is bad… I didn't know it could feel that good in there…'

Another seed of has been planted inside Dimaria, wondering what it would feel if something larger violated her back entrance.

Natsu couldn't help but admire Dimaria's plump ass, his senses filled with her strong feminine musk. His eyes landed on her sex; labia engorged with her arousal as thin line of liquid began to trail down her thighs.

"Thank you for the meal!"

It was the only warning Dimaria had when she felt Natsu adjust his hands position, inadvertently stretching her anus a little bit wider. It was followed with the sensation of his tongue along her thigh before his lips landed on her quivering cunt made her cum. Her legs shook, arms losing their strength as she slumped on to the tree for support.

Natsu's tongue ran laps along her slit before entering her love canal, finger steadily pumping into her once virgin ass. Making sure that she would never forget how good it felt when he does it. The moment he felt Dimaria began rubbing her crotch as his face, Natsu decided to stop, just as Dimaria was at the peak of a mind-blowing orgasm.

"Eh…?!" Dimaria gasped as she collapsed on the soft grass. Her eyes landed on the two aggressors looking down at her expression switching from fear and anger to lust as her eyes landed on the prominent bulge on Natsu's trousers.

Irene's lips turned predatory as she saw Dimaria's reaction the moment her eyes landed on Natsu's bulge, her pussy squirting at the sight.

Clearly their efforts wasn't in vain.

"My, my… I think you have your work cut out for you Master." Irene commented clapping at Dimaria's faux victory. "Not once did she beg you to fuck her silly." While she already admitted that she's powerless against Natsu's cock, Irene wanted complete subjugation of the blonde.

Dimaria shakily stood up, using the tree as support to flash the couple a confident smirk. "I may have lost that day, but I won't admit defeat…" Her words though didn't match her current situation.

Natsu smiled at her confidence, a challenge has been issued and he will not back down. To hell with feeling bad about doing other women, he'll just make it up to Erza and Mirajane later. They have already accepted Irene, albeit reluctantly, giving him their blessing to be intimate with the women of Alvarez.

Natsu's smile turned lecherous that would've made Makarov proud as he stalked towards Dimaria. Like a predator sizing its prey, he assessed the woman's aroused and dishevelled look. Her aroused areola's now visible on her top, fat nipples straining against the fabric, and the snatch dipping with her arousal.

Dimaria realizing how much she ogled her body, covered her exposed nipples and sex turning to the side. "Don't star- Eek!" She released an uncharacteristic sound as Natsu attacked.

Natsu deftly went behind Dimaria, loving her the adorable sound she made, his hand right grabbing a hand full of her marvellous tit flesh as his left rubbed her wet snatch. "I don't think a week is enough to break her?" He turned towards the Belserion matriarch.

"Alas, it was what we have agreed upon…" Irene dramatically replied, giggling inwardly at how easy to trick the Blonde. "If you couldn't break her out her old ways… then I'm afraid we have to let her go despite your newly found interest for her…" Irene pulled her hat downward to hide the malicious smile she had. It was faint even Dimaria might not have noticed it herself, but there was no mistaking at what she saw.

A budding interest at the man…

'Damn him…' Dimaria thought in frustration, she was rob of her earlier orgasm as he now teased her again while conversing with Irene. His calloused hand squeezed her large tits just below her arching areola while his palm rubbed her slit and engorged clit. 'I just need to last until the week…'

"Just get it over with and satisfy your lust…" Dimaria demanded wanting to get out of her current predicament. She felt him stop as his pressed his head against hers and whispered.

"You can't satisfy me, Mari…" Natsu almost purred grinning as he felt her shiver. "Only Erza and Mira can do that. Maybe Irene someday…" He paused as if lost in thought. "You on the other hand… is someone I need to conquer!"

"Aaahh…!" Dimaria cried as Natsu pinched her nipple and began violating her folds with his fingers, cumming in an instant. The mind-numbing orgasm she was robbed of was paid in full, squirting all over the grass below.

"You say that you hate men, but you flaunt that sinful body of yours." Natsu remarked as he forced another orgasm from the woman.

Dimaria was about to issue a stinging retort, but she was met bet his lips. His tongue met hers in a lewd dance, closing her eyes to avoid seeing his face. 'I hate how he makes me cum so easily…'

"I bet you can't even cum without me after the last time." Natsu was stunned when Dimaria pushed herself of him and gesture for Irene to stand down.

"Don't fool yourself… That was a fluke…"

Natsu simply pulled Dimaria towards him, arms wrapping around her waist, gliding down shapely ass and towards her powerful thighs until it reached its destination. He hooked the back of her knees, lifting her of the ground before being impaled into his cock in one swift motion.

Dimaria's arms instinctively wrapped around his neck for balance as he fucked her from below. Using her own weight to bury his cock as deep as he could. 'This isn't as bad… if he continues to be this slow… wait…' Another grim realization hit her, as she felt his cock head kiss her womb with ease with each movement.

"Mira really loves this position. Knocking on her womb nice and slow…"

"Wait… Please… Nnnggg!" Dimaria pleaded before she came. It wasn't as explosive as before, but a constant stream of orgasms one after the other. Her cunt gushing with her juices in a steady stream. Turning her into a moaning mess in his arms.

"Giving her small orgasms non-stop…"

After awhile Natsu decided to change it up, pulling out of Dimaria's sopping cunt and placing her on top of her jacket acting as a makeshift bed. He proceeded to tease the woman once again using his fingers, amazed at how wet she has become.

"Are you done… Mmmm!" Dimaria pressed, half-lidded eyes met his fiery ones. Hating that smug grin he is sporting while positioning himself over her. Her eyes focusing on the bulbous head of his cock, making sure she could feel its weight, as he pressed it on top of her stomach. A sense of fear and amazement at the realization that she managed to take all of it.

"I haven't even cum." Natsu replied as he guided his cock head into her nether lips and slowly buried cock into her velvety grip. He leaned hunched forward using his right arm for support, he grabbed a handful of Dimaria's tits guiding the fat nipple into his mouth as he sucked hard.

'Damn it…!'Dimaria thought angrily as she endured another orgasm, the sound slapping flesh filled her ears, squelching noises from where their connected and his lewd sucking on her nipples. 'I just have to stay strong… nobody could last that long…'

Irene watched from the sidelines as Natsu dominated the woman, beating her own arousal and desire into submission to keep her end of the deal. Watching as Natsu shifts his and Dimaria's position into a mating press, pulling his cock halfway out of Dimaria's cunt, the meat of her labia clinging unto his shaft, before driving his full weight into the woman. A river of Dimaria's juices cascaded from her pussy down to her puckered anus, a testament of her body's betrayal to the maddening pleasure Natsu is giving her.

Natsu's declaration of how amazing Dimaria's love canal and guttural moan signaled his release just as Dimaria released a muffled cry.

Irene bit her lip watching as Natsu pressed his full weight on Dimaria untangling her legs as he pushed forward. The Belserion matriarch couldn't help but watch in envy as Dimaria's toes curl in ecstasy, finger raking Natsu's back at the mind-blowing orgasm while globs of cum started to seep out of her packed netherlips.

"Now that you're done… let me go…" Dimaria panted looking to the side as she rode out the rest of her orgasm, the feeling of his cum soaked snatch gave her a feeling of disgust and arousal. Her eyes widened when he felt Natsu to turn her over. "Give me a break… you just came..., you shouldn't be ready again…"

Dimaria hated the panic in her voice, but unable to do anything as Natsu managed to flip her over. She needed rest to gather her strength, but with the way things are going she feared that she might not finish the week.

"Sorry Mari, I was holding back during our first time." Natsu genuinely felt sorry for the woman not because of what he's about to do. But because she joined a loosing battle. "I fucked Irene till after midnight, we are just getting started."

It was all the warning Dimaria got as Natsu drove his cock into her waiting snatch once again as Irene watched the debauchery continued. As Irene time went by Dimaria's moans became unrestrained and became a willing participant at certain points.

A few hours later, Natsu finally peeled himself off the woman, body covered in sweat as his cock finally deflated. Irene stood beside her master and admired his work, the light smile in Dimaria's panting lips eyes unfocused as she basked in post-orgasmic bliss, body soaked in sweat, until her eyes landed on Dimaria's cunt stained in white, a pool of his cum between her legs.

"I'm amazed she didn't pass out." Irene thought out load before looking to her side to find Natsu's dishevelled state. She snapped her wrist and Natsu suddenly found himself clothed. "We can't have you smelling like sex in front of Erza." She answered his unspoken question and was rewarded with a bone crushing hug.

"You're the best, Irene!" Natsu cheered as he gave the woman a big sloppy kiss in the cheek. Not noticing the effect he's having on the woman. "But what about Dimaria?"

Irene coughed in her fist and with a flick of her wrist the world around them shifted and found themselves on Fairy Hills. Irene made sure that Dimaria would appear on her bed, as she teleported herself and Natsu back in front of Erza.

Irene released Dimaria's Age Seal, Erza none the wiser of what transpired and watched as her mother pressed herself on Natsu and locked lips. Natsu was hesitant at first, but a moment later pulled the elder Belserion close, soft moans escaping her mother's lips.

"That's enough…" Erza called as the minute ends and saw Irene pulled back, but unable to see beyond her elaborate hat.

"That was two minutes…" Natsu muttered meeting Irene's sensuous grin. He felt invigorated after sucking the literal fire that came from her lips. First the first time he felt that he might be in over his head with regards to Irene.

Irene pressed her finger on his lips and smiled. "I think we're even…" She turned behind her to find the annoyed expression of her daughter, but the red on her cheeks showed her arousal. "Now, go make up with her…"

"Natsu!" Erza gasped finding herself in his arms bridal style. "Put me-"

"Wanna do it?" Natsu cuts Erza as he began running towards Fairy Tail.

Glowing like a radioactive Tomato, Erza nodded as she clutched unto his vest as the world became a blur. Frustrated from before as Mirajane kidnapped her man upon his arrival, she wanted her share, a lion's share of his time and Natsu is more than willing to make it up to the woman.

The members of Fairy Tail didn't see Salamander nor Titania till sunset.


Day Five of their wager has passed as Dimaria looked back at the last three days. Eyes going back and forth between Salamander and her drink, her sex already wet with arousal in anticipation. The proud Valkyrie broken beyond what she could think possible.

It wasn't the non-stop sex that did her in, it was the day long break that broke her.

During those three days, the couple did their best to break her, abusing her Age Seal to extend her punishment beyond what was agreed.

The punishment depended on the location and Time of day; in the morning after his training, Natsu would have her clean him with her tongue as he played with her body. It was at this time that she learned to enjoy his dirty kisses, her tongue flailing wildly in his mouth, as his hands made her cum.

Irene introduced toys into the mix as Natsu trained her lips, she trained her ass, nurturing the desire in the Valkyrie to have Natsu take her ass.

By Noon at the guild, he would ask that he used her lips and tits to make him cum. It struck her as strange when she became wet at the order, even stranger as she came every time, he forced her to swallow his cum.

And by night, he would fuck her tirelessly to the point she'd grown accustomed to the act. Her body already broken, but she remained stubborn that she could finish the week.

By the fourth night Dimaria was already a slave to her desire as she walked up to the man lounging at the beach chair at the guild's private pool.

'I can't believe I've gotten accustomed to this…' Dimaria thought a lewd smile gracing her lips as she walked towards Salamander wearing a one piece bikini a size smaller unable to contain her shapely figure. Tits spilling out the sides of the top. "Do you like what you see?" She began panting the moment her eyes landed on the beast that tamed her.

Natsu put on a thoughtful pose as she looked at the ravishing blonde, his cock twitched painfully, while looking at the panting woman. Her nipples, areola and gushing cunt pressed hard against the fabric of the swimsuit, that she might as well not have worn one.

'I think I've grown to like her…' Natsu thought idly admiring the panting woman. Despite the short number of real time days that has passed. The amount of time they've spent inside her Age Seal made him learn more about the woman.

By the end of the second day, Dimaria has become more open and would openly talk to him, there was still a small amount animosity in her voice and action, but the fear she had for him has already vanished unbeknownst to the Valkyrie.

"I can't get a good look if you're that far," Natsu playfully remarked and saw the Dimaria returned it with her own.

"You just want to look at my slutty pussy, don't you?" Dimaria teased as she walked forward towards Natsu mewling as she felt his finger press into her drooling snatch. Digging into the fabric and into her expectant cunt just enough to feed her need.

"You've become quite a slut, Mari." Natsu shot back grinning wildly at her words. The Valkyrie learned to talk shop earlier in the night and he loved it. He loved the annoyed whimper that escaped her lips when he stopped rubbing her pussy, before he turned the woman around to find the training device Irene used. The end of the magical dildo moved back forth as it stimulated Dimaria's anal canal.

Dimaria looked backed bashfully as Natsu held on the dildo's end which in turn caused the buried portion to lash out inside her well-trained asshole. The magical instrument was designed to resonate with the owners arousal and would increase its intensity as the owners arousal rises.

"Mmmmmm….!" Dimaria bit her lip, eyebrows knitted in strain as the dildo inside her ass flailed wildly, as she hunched forward hands on her lap for support. 'Cumming!' She thought as she squirted all over her thighs as Natsu violently pulled the dildo out of her ass.

"You must be very horny for this thing to act like this?" Natsu remarked at the wildly vibrating toy. "I guess you really can't wait for me to shove it up your hungry cunt, Mari?"

Dimaria looked back at the man, her pride took a blow and responded, "That's absurd… Haa… it's because you… Ha… suddenly pulled it ouuuttt!" She screamed eyes shut in ecstasy, a stupid smile cresting her drooling lips as Natsu suddenly shoved the dildo back in another torrent of cum flushed down her drenched thighs. Before she collapsed unto her knees on the floor.

"I really like strong women like you, Mari." Natsu began as he laid back on the beach chair his left hand supported his head as his right held his mammoth cock for her to ride. "I'm going to miss our little games when this is all over." He fed her ego, or what's left of it, He and Irene knew Dimaria was already defeated, and they already have a plan to Conquer Alvarez' Valkyrie.

Coming down from her orgasm, Dimaria's eyes landed on his cock, a look of immense hunger burned in her eyes. She stood up with a lewd smile on her lips and proceeded to mount Salamander, showing her dripping cunt and shapely ass, the dildo flailing wildly to match her unrestrained lust.

"I bet you're going to be thinking about me while you jerk off…" She began, lowering herself, spreading her labia on his massive cock head.

"You're going to miss my slutty cunt around that mammoth dick of yours… fuuuckkk…" Dimaria moaned as her pussy devoured his cock in one smooth motion. She began swinging her hips lewdly, thick meaty slaps echoed in the open, looked behind her in confidence loving the strained look in his face. "You've fuck me 10 times in the past hour…"

Each of those time lasted for hours, Irene using magic to restore Natsu to his full strength. Just like she would after their current session to satisfy Mirajane as she managed to cajole her daughter to give her time for the Demonic beauty.

Natsu couldn't deny her words enjoyed the view of Dimaria wantonly shaking her hips, the meat of her labia stretching against his girth every time she pulls out, her juices splashing on his thigh and pelvis every time she took every inch. The dildo in her ass flailing wildly intime of her movements made the sight all the better. An ordinary man would've blown their load at the sight, their pelvis crushed by her powerful movements, but he isn't exactly ordinary as the women in his life would agree.

"I think it's the other way around…" Natsu responded and saw her smile disappear, "I think you're the one that's going to miss me, once this is over. I won't be bothering you anymore…" It was both a threat and a reality they will need to live with.

Dimaria's powers opened new possibilities for Natsu, her time stops will allow them to do all the debauched things they've come to enjoy without actually eating the time for their responsibilities.

Irene watched the event on the side as she always did as an eerie silence entered between the two, the sounds of lewd fucking permeated the area as Dimaria looked forward. A contemplative look crested her features as she fucked Salamander, the woman in denial at the small grain of truth Natsu imparted.

Irene's eyes flicked to the side and saw a woman in a skin-tight body suit with raven hair. She sent a sword at the woman's location a little shocked when the sword didn't draw any blood. A projection, she realized before it disappeared, and a sinister smile filled her lips.

The Valkyrie did her best to slay the Salamander but failed as her Age Seal unravelled and was told that they've did it enough for the day.

It was a shock for Dimaria when she found that both Irene and Natsu was nowhere to be found, Salamander took a job with his team while Irene wandered around her previous homeland, and for the first time since their bargain was struck.

She was free.

Dimaria did some training of her own despite knowing deep down she'd come to hate fighting, walked around town a wide smile on her lips. She didn't have to worry about Natsu, getting his hands on her. She now sat in the guild, sitting at a table near the wall, admiring the beautiful women of Fairy Tail.

Her eyes landed on Cana, eyes drawn towards the drunk's shapely legs, tone abdomen, and massive swell of her tits, bouncing with each gulp she takes on the barrel. She followed the trail the beer that made from her lips until it landed on Cana's marvellous tits. Mirajane beside the woman a slight frown at her lips, wiping the table from the spilled beer.

Time immediately stopped as a massive eye appeared in the ceiling of the guild, a reminder to Dimaria that Irene is always watching when she activates her magic without her consent. She ignored the watching eye as her hand scrambled into her crotch while the other fondled her breast. Dimaria filled her mind with lewd thoughts about Cana and Mirajane, as she furiously pumps her fingers inside her cunt, pinching her nipples hard.

Thoughts of having Cana's greedy mouth eating her out filled her mind, making the confident woman submit to her whims. Brown orbs filled with a mixture of lust and fear as she looked up to her, forced to masturbate while she eats her captor.

Her eyes then landed on Salamander's other woman, Mirajane's massive tits dangling deliciously as if inviting someone to suck on the sweet nectar. Her location high above the center of the guild allowed her to view Mirajane's shapely backside, understanding why Natsu is enamoured with the woman.

Mirajane sweet and sisterly demeanour and beautiful face, ran counter against her sinful body. Imagining her sweet voice, cracking and full of need, as she eats the demon trying to fight the oppressive pleasure.

But no matter how good the scenarios she could come up with, nothing could make her reach orgasm. Until the thought of Natsu was added into the mix. He takes the three of them, the confident drunk and kind barmaid, teased and toyed her body as Natsu, fucks her needy cunt, fingering both women beside her. Her mind then switched to her riding him, his head cradled on Cana's thigh as he suckled on her offered tit, Mirajane wrapped on his side kissing his chest while her fondled hers.

This thought continued to push her forward, the sinful scenario of her sweaty body ridding him, three pair of eyes watched as she brought herself to orgasm.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Dimaria cried on top of her lungs, sullying her pants, squirting from the powerful orgasm. The disappeared as it quickly came, as the grim realization hit her.

"They weren't breaking me… they were training me…" Dimaria whispered as she cleaned herself up and returned to Fairy Hills as fast as her feet could carry her.

Dimaria tried to deny the small epiphany she had, as the hours that she spent alone in her room felt like an eternity, her body began to crave the Natsu badly. To have his cock gouge her pussy, stretch her throat, and fill her belly with his cum.

"No! It's not enough…" Dimaria's body felt feverish, as she did her best to relieve the torturous need until sunset. Her eyes landed on the dresser, going up to it to look for something that exacerbated her fall.

Her eyes held a crazed and desperate look in them as she stared at the dildo, activating upon sensing her magic and desire. Moments later Dimaria is face first on her bed, ass high up in the air as she fucked her ass with the dildo, she came seconds later.

After the first orgasm, nothing followed and thus began the two days of torture Dimaria had to endure.


Mirajane couldn't figure out what to make of their current situation as she watched Dimaria from behind the bar. A week since they arrived and the last day of their wager, Dimaria hasn't left Natsu's side, while she wasn't exactly clinging to her man, she's always around him. Another peculiar thing Mirajane noticed is that even though all Dimaria does every day is sit on a chair, she would find her tired, face flushed and unable to stand as her attention would switch from the clock on the bar to Natsu.

At first, there was anger and disdain in the woman's eyes, now though, a lingering sense of annoyance and expectation as her head switch from the clock to Natsu. If she didn't know any better Natsu was fucking the woman in the middle of the guild without anyone noticing.

As much as she loved the thought of her Natsu dominating the woman, maybe join in on the fun, but there is no way that a minute a day could've turned the proud woman into expectant child.

Mirajane looked at the clock, eagerly waiting for it to hit noon so she could drag Natsu into a closet, a little hungry for attention herself. His return after the job was monopolized by Erza, unable to get a little loving for herself.

Another problem was, she finds it difficult to get close to him with Irene nearby. Still wary and afraid of the woman, who by all intents and purposes has become amicable and even offered her to take Erza's attention away so she could have some alone time with Natsu. She never apologized for what she did to her, but she made amends by giving her a day with Natsu.

Just as the clock would strike noon, the guild doors opened, and two familiar faces came into view. Lucy Heartfillia and Brandish Nu came back after a weeklong adventure in trying to find clues about Aquarius lost key. Mirajane released a sigh once she saw them walk towards Natsu who in return called the two over eager to hear all their adventures.

"There goes my only chance to get Natsu..." Mirajane muttered placing the glass she's cleaning under the counter. "Oh… Hello…" Greeted Mirajane as Irene was now sitting in front of her while offering her a curt nod.

"Feeling a little left out?" Irene asked as Mirajane caught both its intended meaning. "I could help you if you can help me find someone?" She offered.

"A little" Mirajane responded with a smile, while Natsu made sure both Erza and her is not left out. She could not get the feeling out of her mind that they are not getting as much as they could. "What kind of help are you offering and who are you looking for?"

Irene smirked at the Demon, "I know that you've noticed something strange has been happening between Natsu and Mari." She began and saw the realization in the woman's eyes. "Natsu's been diligent in breaking that girl, I once saw Dimaria face first on the bed, ass up in the air as she drove her dildo in her ass."

"Too bad she couldn't cum on her own." Irene pitied the woman, "Once the minute ends, shell be completely broken by Natsu."

"What do you mean…?" Mirajane began as Irene reached for her wrist as the world stopped and gasped at the sight.

Natsu standing on top of the table carrying Dimaria under her knees as he drove his cock deep into the Valkyries ass, squirting all over the table in front of Brandish Nu looking towards Dimaria's direction. A pink dildo drenched in the woman's juices flailed on the table, quickly deducing that it came from the woman's ass.

The sound of slapping flesh filled Mirajane and Irene's ears, along with the lewd cries and squeal of the broken woman who's forced to cum in front of her cherished person.

"You've been playing with your ass haven't you, Mari!" Natsu grunted as he swung his hips upwards, amazed at how easy he took his girth. He was shocked to find the dildo plugging Dimaria's ass, that and her appearance as she requipped to show her lewd body.

A few moments earlier…

Dimaria wore a bikini top, or what's left of it, the patch of cloth that should be covering her areola and nipples was non-existent, the triangle shaped hole it made highlighted how engorged they are. The bottom composed of three strings, two on the side further highlighted her aroused labia while the middle one buried into her netherlips, a hole that lined perfectly on her asshole completed the look.

Natsu kissed Dimaria hungrily, her tongue desperately lapping his mouth eyes glazed in lust and adoration for the man. He fondled her ass making her squirt in arousal, her hardened nipple digging into his chest, as Dimaria did her best to be one with the man.

"You've been expecting this are you, Mari, ever since Irene first shoved it in your ass?" Natsu spread her ass cheeks apart as far as it could go, the vibrating dildo begins to slip out despite the horny woman's attempts to keep it in.

Dimaria didn't respond as she continued to ravish his mouth, lost in a lust filled haze not hearing the audible pop nor sound of the dildo landing on the table.

Natsu knew that Dimaria finally accepted her faith, he destroyed her pride at the war and instilled fear into her being, and now he conquered the woman's desire and got her devotion and adoration as his prize. Being the nice and caring guy that he is, Natsu decided to end the woman's torture as she turned her around ignoring her whimpers as his lips left hers.

His arms traced her side, before lifting her up by the back of her knees and shoving his cock in her expectant bum as she released a strangled cry filled with joy. Joy that the maddening need to cum and have the last hole in her body taken accomplished.

This was the sight the Mirajane met when Irene finally showed her what was happening behind the scenes.

"Ha… haa… I'm sorry Randi… you're still the most important person for me~" Dimaria began her eyes crazed with lust as she looked down on Brandish, "I don't want you to see me like this but…" She cupped her face with her hands as she smiled brightly at the woman, she's enamoured with. "But Master has already broken meeee~!"

An ear-splitting scream filled the room as Natsu filled her ass with cum, pumping it deep inside her bowels as her hand fell to her side, body tensing from in rapture. Her arm wrapped around Natsu's head to prevent herself from falling as Natsu hunched forward.

Natsu gently lifted Dimaria of his cock with and audible pop

'Why was I against this again…?' Dimaria hazily thought after her orgasm, eyes landing on Brandish, as Natsu guided her face first into the table with her ass high in the air. "Natsuuu~!" her voiced sang as she felt his cock enter her ass once again and resumed her training.

"Your ass feels amazing, Mari." Natsu praised as he leaned forward placing his right hand on top of Dimaria's their fingers intertwining in a sign of affection. "I don't think I could live with myself if I lost our bargain."

'Please stop saying such things…' Dimaria thought face flushed, her heart beating in her ear. Her eyes fixated on Brandish but her body, heart and mind captured by the man on top of her. 'I'll fall in love.'

"Be mine, Mari…" Natsu whispered as he sucked hard on her neck, feeling her fingers hold unto his desperately. "You can stop fighting, just stay by my side and we can do this forever…"

'I still love you Randi, but Natsu is the only person that could make me feel this way…' Dimaria finally made up her mind, after the war, it was plunged in conflict after her terrible defeat, that the person everyone saw was a mask of normality. "I'm yours, Natsu!"

The desire to abandon fighting came to be just as the fear for the man was born, a false sense of bravado was left after the war to keep up with appearances. The moment she was pulled out of her role as the Empire's shield and introduced to a peaceful life, the desire to swear fighting off altogether grew, and the joy of living a peaceful life became ideal.

After the loud declaration of Dimaria, Irene and Mirajane continued to watch the sight before them making sure to not let the couple know that the Demon found out about their little secret. In what seemed like hours to Mirajane, somewhat normal duration of their trysts with the Dragonslayer, time flowed normally once again.

Mirajane and Irene watched as Dimaria shakily stood up and walked out of the guild not to be seen until the following day.

"Who are you looking for and how can I join in on the fun?" Mirajane asked, a little bothered herself after watching her man's sexual prowess. Deciding to keep this little info a secret from Erza, the event that transpired in front her was the solution to all her sexual woes.

Irene raised an eyebrow at the silver-haired beauty and felt a sense of kinship with how mischievous the woman is. "Do you know of a mage that uses some sort of time magic?" Irene began leaning closer to the counter voice barely above whisper. "I saw a woman, watching us at the pool last time. I tried to capture her, but it seems she's some form of projection."

Mirajane pondered the woman's words, she knew of Ultear, but after the dragon festival she was considered dead through her sacrifice that gave them a chance of victory. "There is one, but she died at the festival…"

Irene watched curiously as Mirajane's face went from curious to sudden realization before the woman called the other dragonslayer in the guild. The Bluennette warily approached the two as she made sure keep a safe distance from the master enchantress. Still reeling from having their bodies switched, intimidated at the Dragon queen's figure.

"What is it, Miss Mira…?" Wendy asked eyes darting from the paragon of adult beauty to Mirajane.

Sensing Wendy's fears, Mirajane went around the counter and place a comforting hand on her shoulder, "Tell me again how you and Sheria defeated Dimaria?" Her comforting voice calmed the young woman.

"Umm… Ultear came in and saved us," Wendy responded and saw both women exchanged looks that got her curious. But didn't bother to dig any further as she had another pressing matter that she wants clarified. "Umm… Miss Mira, these last few days… the guild smells different… have you noticed it?"

When Wendy asked Gajeel, the man simply said that she's imagining it while shooting daggers at Natsu, telling her to leave while he goes towards Levi. She looked at everyone and nobody seemed to notice but her with the only information she knew is that it only happens when Natsu or Dimaria is in the same place.

Wendy's head went beat red at the thought, sometimes hating Sheria who would rant about love and its different forms. One of them, requiring to be shared with a man.

Then a memory she tried so hard to repress flashed in her head, the night after their battle with Bluenote, she was about to talk with Sheria about leaving with Natsu when she heard a moan from Sheria's room. Thinking that her friend was injured worse than what she let on, she rushed to open the door but stopped the moment she heard her mention Natsu's name.

She peeked through the keyhole and saw her pink haired friend masturbating at the thought of her brother figure. The powerful scent of sex filled her nostrils, confusion and arousal ran into her head before she passed out. Waking up in the morning on her bed, they gave their farewells to each other as the memory of the night lay dormant in her head.

Only now did she realize the strange smile Sheria had when she told her that 'She should go with Natsu, because of her sibling love' before the young woman, embraced Salamander as if taking in his scent before saying goodbye asking him to take care of Wendy.

'Are they…?' Wendy thought blushing madly as everything became clear in her head, not wanting to put two and two together. The strange feeling returned, but this time she knew what it was and who caused it. It all started when Natsu announced that he was going out with Erza and Mirajane, the so called sibling love became infatuation.

Irene saw the look and placed a pointed finger under Wendy's chin forcing the girl to look up to her, leaning forward, she whispered. "Once you've stepped into the doors of adulthood, Maybe I'll let you borrow my body and have Natsu show you its wonders." The smile Irene had was predatory loving the look of shock the girl had.

"Oh dear… I think that was too much," Irene chuckled holding the unconscious girl as she gave her to Mirajane. "I think the woman is alive, though she had to pay a heavy price for that little stunt." She tilted her hat forward in a gesture of respect before disappearing.

Mirajane looked at the unconscious girl and saw the redness in her cheeks. She didn't want to think about what Irene whispered to the girl, but she knew that it was too early for Wendy to entertain such thoughts.


"Who are you and what have you done to, Dimaria?" Lucy vocalized the same thoughts as the green haired woman beside her. Meeting the woman early in the morning as she came from the direction of their old temporary guild house.

Dimaria who now wore a perpetual and content smile on her face while carrying a basket of vegetables. The woman now carries the same demure air as Mirajane, the staps of her lace top visible as it supported her breasts, now wearing a red off-shoulder dress with a bow on the back with adorable salamander prints, black bands on her arms and sandals.

"Good morning, Mari, Lucy!" Dimaria greeted brightly, a huge weight has been taken of her shoulders after her acceptance of defeat from Natsu. "I didn't know you had a small farm at your old guild. You wouldn't mind if I take care of it?"

No more fighting for her, a simple life filled with peace and sex is what she is looking forward to. The suns rays did well to hide the light blush on her cheeks.

"Umm… I don't think they would mind…" Lucy began as Brandish walked towards Dimaria and held her cheeks and gave her a once over. "Brandish…?"

"Are you ok, Mari?" Brandish asked curiously genuinely worried for the woman, while Dimaria always picked on her. She wouldn't be able to accept if someone has done something as terrible as brainwashing the woman. The familiar blushing of the Dimaria's cheeks assured her that it was the same person, knowing of the blonde's attraction towards her.

The smile Dimaria gave was so bright and innocent that both Lucy and Brandish had to cover their eyes. "Thank you for your concern, Randi, but I'm fine." She placed a hand on her cheeks, swaying shyly at the woman's concern. "Better than fine, actually."

'She has the same aura as Mira.' Lucy thought as they all walked towards the guild.

After Irene revelled in her daughter's dismay at losing their bargain, she gave her assurance that they wouldn't steal him from them. As a sign of goodwill, she left Natsu to console her daughter as moans erupted at the Master's room. After coming down the steps of the second floor stopping beside Mirajane, Irene's staff made a loud thud as it fell into the floor.

There in front of their eyes, Dimaria Yesta, known as the Valkyrie, a shield of the Empire, walking around the guild with a bright smile as she handed drinks and food to its members. They watched as she walked towards Wakaba and Macao to defuse their fight, preaching about peace. Once they relented, she gave them a hug, their face landing on her breasts, as she thanked them for seeing her way.

"Natsu might as well have enchanted a new personality at her." Irene began before she broke into laughter holding unto the demon's shoulder for balance. She could not believe what a good dicking did to Dimaria, not only did she stop harassing women, but she's an entirely different person now. The woman who once revelled in the misery of others now championed peace and full of worry and care. "If the others could see her, they might've had a stroke."

Mirajane for her part was just as impressed and felt a sense of kindred with the changed woman. The moment she met her that morning, asking if she could assist her in the bar, it was like looking at a mirror. Both turned 180 in both appearance and personality, albeit for different reasons, it was nice to find another source of calm in the guild aside from Wendy.

"Are they doing it upstairs?" Mirajane turned to her partner in crime, an unspoken accord regarding how to spend Natsu's time using Dimaria's powers was struck. "Did you made sure they won't be heard?"

Irene wiped the tear from her eyes as she held Mirajane's wrist, granting her the same means of control both she and Natsu has over Dimaria's magic. "This will allow you to activate Mari's magic and moved through her world. The only thing you need to remember is it will disappear once she passes out."

Mirajane gave Irene a mischievous smile, finding a friend and co-conspirator in the elder Belserion. "I guess I was wrong about you?" Her mind raced with all the fun and naughty things She and Natsu could accomplish, maybe even play with Erza. She needed a little practice with her Dom-play as she's become a little rusty and the red head is the perfect target for the Demon.

"I feel the same…" Irene responded as both women looked at Dimaria and a whole world of possibilities.

At the master's quarters, Natsu felt a shiver ran up his spine stopping in the middle of eating his guild master on top of the table. A sense of danger washed over him from out of nowhere.

"Something wrong, Natsu?" Erza asked the building lust in her subsided as she saw the fear in Natsu's eyes. A fear that she wasn't the cause.

"I'm fine." Natsu assured steeling himself for the new world he's about to enter. "Thanks for the meal!"

Erza's moans filled the room once again, as he made sure to give their guild master his best. Fucking the woman for hours and in every position she wants.


Mirajane opened the door to find Natsu and Erza well dressed, the stench of sex filled the room as the couple did their best to fix the mess they made during their romp. A little envious with the woman, she tried her newly gained Time manipulation powers.

"Oh my…" Mirajane gasped watching the world turn gray with Natsu's mouth hanging agape while looking at her. "This is kind of interesting."

"Mira?! When did you…?" Natsu trailed off then realized who could've given the Demon control of Dimaria's powers. "Irene…" He hissed, the older woman needs to be punished.

With a beat to her step, Mirajane wrapped her arms around her man and gave him the most adorable pout she could muster. "How could you lie to me, Natsu? I thought you love me?" She used a little water works to bully the man, knowing full well he can't stand the women in his life crying.

"I kind of forgot Mira." Natsu began panicking not knowing what to do. "Tell me what I can do to make it up to you. Just don't cry Mira!" Her smile hit him like Acnologia's fist at the realization of what just occurred. "That's not nice, Mira."

"That's punishment for not telling us about this little loophole," Mirajane began as she walked behind Erza frozen while fixing the document on the table. "Erza really has a cute butt~!" Mirajane giggled before giving it a loud smack, as more followed.

Natsu felt a mixture of arousal and annoyance as he watched Mirajane, spanked Erza's firm ass as she vents out all her frustration on the woman. Mirajane cackled, having fun in tormenting Titania, making sure that the moment time moves forward she won't be able to sit for a few hours. The best part about it is, Titania would not know what or who hit her.

"Now Natsu, we will keep this our little secret, Okay?" Mirajane reminded panting a little, aroused at what she just did to the woman. "We'll let Erza in after I've had my fill. We'll tell her in a month." Mirajane thinking that she could get a months' worth of sex in the span of a week by abusing the Age Seal.

She could now get as much sex as she could want without worrying about it interfering with her life.

Mirajane waved her hand and time moved forward waiting for Titania squeal from the pain. Colour her shocked when a moan erupted from Erza's lips, body tensing before collapsing on the table with a puddle of clear liquid on the floor.

"You naughty boy~" Mirajane teased realizing how Natsu made her job easier.


While she found joy in her new role, it was sex with Natsu that she was looking forward too. With complete control over time, he could take as long as he wants and still have enough time for the other women in his life. So, Dimaria let out a disappointed sigh when time began moving again, she was expecting for Natsu to take her the moment it did.

"Hey Natsu!" Lucy called at the descending Dragonslayer.

Dimaria's face flushed as the moment she heard his name, time stopped, then felt a hand on her shoulder pushing her over the table until her knees are on top of it. Her skirt hiking up her waist exposing her shapely ass that Natsu claimed once again.

"Ahn! Oh, Natsu!" Dimaria moaned as Natsu fucked her ass. Loving the feel of his mammoth cock tearing through her rectum. "Amazing!" She screamed in joy gripping the end of the table for support.

"I like the new look, Mari!" Natsu compliment as he fucked Dimaria from behind, his hips soaked with the woman's juices squirting with each thrust. Her asshole felt like heaven as it clings tightly to his cock with each pull. "I'm going to train this ass a little while longer, Mari."

"Yes, do as you please~!" Dimaria screamed a look of joy in her face, panting like a bitch in heat, drool trailing out of her exposed tongue and lips. "I'm yours, Nat-!" She wasn't able to continue as he claimed her lips in a lewd and sloppy kiss.

Natsu pulled back craning her neck as he stuck out his tongue as Dimaria greedily drank his spit. This lewd act simply spurned Natsu on as the desire to fill the woman with his cum. A powerful sense of ownership filled him with how subservient Dimaria has become, "Who do you belong to, Mari?!" he growled eyes brimming with lust.

"Yours Master!" Dimaria declared cumming as she did, the puddle underneath the table growing. Collapsing on the table, her hardened nipples dragging along the hardened wood as his thrusts shook her body with his strength.

Natsu groaned unable to prevent his release from Dimaria's strangle hold on his cock, pumping copious amounts into her rectum and bowels. "Fuck, Mari, you're milking my cock worse that Erza." Having experienced both mother and daughter's asshole, Erza edges out her mother by a mile, but Dimaria, is on a whole different league.

He pulled out with a pop as thick globs of his cum rushed out of her vacated bum, body twitching, experiencing an orgasm each time Natsu's cum is pushed out. "Please fuck me more…" She asked, half lidded eyes and faced flushed, drunk in lust.

He's cock twitched painfully at the sight and wanted her again, his balls filling with cum ready to empty it to Dimaria's backdoor. "Show me that thing you wore yesterday!" Natsu ordered as he turned her around the table, her body enveloped in light as she once again wore the same outfit.

Dimaria whimpered as Natsu rubbed his cock on her slit arms above her head gripping the end of the table as he teased her. Spreading her labia with the massive head and rubbing it against her clit using his waist. "That's no nice, Mari" He teased pulling back when she tried to raise her hips to push his cock inside.

"Natsu, please fuck me again…" Dimaria asked shyly, shaking her hips lightly. "Mnn~!" She moaned as Natsu plunged his fingers at her pussy, pumping up to the second digit. Lewd squelching sounds filled her ears, unable to believe how wet she is at the mere thought of having her pussy filled.

Natsu abruptly pulled his finger causing Dimaria to squeal at the sudden movement, eyes landing on him with great expectation. Natsu simply pressed his palm on her pussy, rubbing her slowly, before placing it on top of her womb. "Not today, Mari. For the next week I'll only fuck your ass and you're not allowed to touch this pussy without my consent, understood?"

'How bad could it be…?' Dimaria wondered before her mind and ass is filled with Natsu's cock as he began fuck her in the ass once again. "Yes, Natsu…"

Just as Natsu promised, Dimaria only took it up to her ass whenever Natsu felt like it. Her morning routine involved drinking Natsu's cum, using her mouth and tits to relieve his balls of its bounty. The rest of the day would pass with Natsu taking her in the middle of the guild, her trips through town, tending the small farm and garden of their old guild and her room in Fairy Hills.

There were times that he would be rough with her while asserting his dominion over her being, then there are times that Irene would join, both dragonslayer would dominate her body. It was either Natsu would take her from behind as Irene had her pussy and ass eaten by her, or Irene eating her out while Natsu used her mouth and throat.

It was in the middle of the week that she would find out that Mirajane has a means to control her Age Seal, when she walked up to her and Natsu while they were doing it in the pool. Dimaria became infatuated with the silver-haired beauty the moment she joined in the fun. The lovers were gentle with her, showing her another side of sex that she honestly liked more. After their first time, Mirajane told Natsu to be gentle with her from time to time and he did, when they are alone or with Mirajane.

True to his word, he would ask her what she preferred. When he is gentle it would make her heart beat so loudly that it felt it would pop out of her chest. While she didn't mind the rough sex, she is a willing participant after all, it was the times he was gentle that she enjoyed the most. She loved it so much that she declared her love for him, much to her embarrassment.

It was later in the week that, Dimaria's respect and admiration for Natsu grew as he took her, Irene and Mirajane all at once. It was also the first time she saw the Scarlet Despair's face took the colour of her hair as Natsu took her slowly, like a lover would, the older woman all but declared her love for the man, shocking the three of them. It was also the first time she saw the wilder side of Mirajane, as Natsu and her fucked like animals in front of her and Irene. Both Alvarez women, realized why Natsu was such a beast in bed as Mirajane showed them why she and Erza are the top women in Natsu's life.

By the end of their orgy, Natsu's head is nestled between Irene and Mirajane's tits, as he sucked on Irene's engorged nipple while Mirajane supported his head. Dimaria on the other hand collapsed on his chest, feeling his still rigid cock in her cunt, body unable to move from exhaustion and passing out moments later. She later woke up to find herself on her bed with Irene laying beside her, a content smile on the older woman's face, she then took the sight of Mirajane riding Natsu as the lovers continued beyond what the women of Alvarez could handle.

"I hope Natsu would be gentle with me again…" Dimaria whispered giddy at the thought, face flushing as her mind brought her back to when she confessed to him.

"Having naughty thoughts, are we?" Mirajane whispered appearing behind Dimaria while grabbing and handful of Dimaria's tits and giving it a squeeze as all the men in the guild hall passed out at the sight. "Can't wait to have Natsu back in your dirty little cunt?"

Dimaria moved away from the demon as she fixed her dress. "That's not nice, Mira!" She replied angrily in embarrassment, covering her breasts not from the woman, but to hide her aroused nipples from the guild. She found a new kind of respect for the Eldest Strauss, unable to believe words like that would come from a woman as sweet and innocent as her.

"It's all in good fun, Mari." Mirajane replied smiling sweetly at the woman. "Why don't you be a dear and get us some vegetables from the old guild house." Her smile turned mischievous before leaving for the Bar Counter.

Dimaria blushed again realizing that Mirajane just pointed her to where Natsu is. She nodded dumbly and began her journey towards the old guild house. In her rush to get to where Natsu is she did not notice a pair of green eyes follow her out.


Natsu enjoyed these few moments of calm as he sat under a tree, the hill where the 2nd Fairy Tail Building gave him a good view of Magnolia. It was the place he calls home, a place that Dimaria and Irene seems to see as one. He laid his head on the tree trunk and closed his eyes, his thoughts drifting on to his friends that have started planting roots in Magnolia and wondered the same.

He loves Titania and the Demon, the three of them are sure about their feelings for one another. It was Irene and Dimaria that made him think after their confessions while in the throes of passion. Outside of their master and slave arrangement, he really enjoys their company.

While he finds Dimaria's lost of will to fight a waste, the sweet woman she is now is fun to be with as it caters to his protective instinct. Dimaria's magic is pretty broken even in his standards, but she was no Mirajane that has no problem putting anyone in their place if they had the misfortune of angering her. He feared the new Dimaria would not be able to defend herself properly now that she all but stopped using magic all together.

Irene on the other hand, while subservient to his every whim, is a conniving woman that revelled in her power over people. When she makes up her mind, nothing would stop her, so much like her daughter. He wondered if his brother had to deal with Irene's stubbornness, and brought him back when Irene declared that she would build him a harem of powerful women at his beck and call. An argument broke out between the two of them about her plan that ended in sex.

What aggravated the problem, Mirajane seems to have no problem with Irene's proposal having developed a friendship with the older woman. This somehow placed Erza at a disadvantage, while he doted on his lovable red head, she somehow drew the short end of the stick as she's bound to the normal passing of time while Mirajane, Irene and Dimaria is not.

It felt like he's lying to her, the last thing he promised he would do to the woman, despite her tough exterior. Another memory passed and felt like crap, the disappointed look in her eyes when she turned him down since she needed to attend to her duties ate at his conscience. It's the reason why he spent as much time with Erza as possible to make amends.

He really needs to stop getting hoodwinked into agreeing with their little games. "Two more weeks and I could finally tell, Erza." He shivered in fear at the thought. He would either be beaten half to death or watch him break her trust, the later a much darker prospect for him.

He heard footsteps behind him and looked behind him to find Dimaria catching her breath, a little sweaty from her travel from the guild to reach him. "Hey, Mari, what's up?" He asked feigning ignorance of what she wants and began approaching the blonde.

Dimaria gasped feeling that she stepped out line realizing that she came to him, "Uhm…!" She began to panic. 'I've become such a slut!' she thought darkly covering her face in embarrassment. Forgetting that Irene and Natsu was the culprit of her change.

Natsu smiled at how adorable she looked. 'It's like she's a grown-up Wendy,' He thought as he placed a hand on top of her head, patting her gently. "Are you ok, Mari?" He snickered when he saw her peek between her fingers and mumbled going beat red at how close he is.

Having had enough of teasing the blonde, Natsu wrapped his arm around her waist startling Dimaria as he grabbed hold of her wrist and raised it above her head. Natsu grinned after seeing how close to passing out Dimaria is, "Just breathe Mari and tell me what's wrong." His words had the desired effect as it managed to allow the woman to gather her wits.

"Umm… I'm not used to this, I'm used to you just taking me whenever you like… not that I mind…it's just…" Dimaria trailed off seeing Natsu through rose tinted filters.

Natsu smiled at how adorable she looked at just wants to take the woman right then and there, but he would be gentle with her. It was the first time she approached him without her magic in effect, and he couldn't make himself just treat like he usually do. "Why do you prefer it when I just fuck you like a wanton slut?" Time stopped as he finished before pecking Dimaria on the lips while undoing her Age Seal. "Or do you want me to treat you like a lover…" he whispered on her ear.

Dimaria tensed as a powerful shiver ran up her spine, unable to believe that she came from just his words. "I love you, Natsu…" She repeated once again, her mind not addled by lust. "I don't mind if you use my body, but if it's just us… can you be gentle… I love it when your gentle with me." She admitted almost crying in embarrassment.

It was Natsu's turn to blush at her open declaration, it reminded him of Mirajane when they declared their love for each other. "I can't say that I feel the same… but maybe someday I could say the same…" Natsu scratched his cheek unable to look at Dimaria's expectant face. "So, you'll just have to settle for this instead."

Natsu pulled her into a kiss, slow and deliberate letting Demaria take the lead as he massaged her back and ran his fingers on her blonde locks. Dimaria ran her hands on his spiky locks, admiring it soft texture for the first time. A moan escaped her lips, feeling his hand ran up of her sides before cupping her tits, massaging the fleshy globes before pulling the top of her dress to expose her lacy top.

"How is it?" Natsu teased grinning at the panting woman. He continued to play with her exposed tit over her bra.

"Please take me, Natsu…" Dimaria pawed at his chest. Realizing that this was worse than Natsu just taking her, not used to being this slow. She loved every second of it, but her body felt so hot. "Mmmm…!"

Natsu squeezed her breast, "Not yet… You wanted this, Mari… I haven't showed you how much I appreciate you." He pulled back and have lean on the tree trunk. Giving the woman another kiss before kneeling between her legs and entering her skirt. "Your drenched, Mari!" He remarked coming out of her skirt to look at the embarrassed woman.

Dimaria puts her fist in her mouth as she looked to the side, "It's your fault, Natsu… I haven't touched my pussy as you said, and I can't believe a kiss could be that good…"

Natsu grinned as he entered her skirt once again, massaging her waist, loving the sounds of her voice mewling in anticipation. He hooked his fingers, on the waste band of her panties and gently pulled it down, watching as it clung to her drenched cunt before burning the lacy piece of garment.

"Thanks for the meal!" Natsu exclaimed before digging in, lapping up her juices with his tongue, digging into her folds. He could feel Dimaria's hand on top of his head as she began grinding her crotch in his face moaning as she did.

Natsu used pumped his finger into her cunt as he sucked on her clit, face wet with her juices as he continued to make her orgasm. Deciding to finish the woman, Natsu traced her slit with his thumb, digging into her meaty flesh until he reached the end, pushing his index finger into her anus and squeezed, he pressed his lips against her netherlips, tongue going as deep as it could.

Dimaria panted grinding her hips as fast as she could, pushing Natsu's face as much as she can. She could feel her orgasm coming, the biggest she'd ever experienced, ever since she met him. The moment Natsu pressed on her clit, Dimaria released a strangled cry as she came hard. Her body shook as her legs felt like jelly, using the tree to support her weight.

"Was it that good?" Natsu teased as he supported her weight, loving the moan that escaped her lips when he sucked on her neck leaving a mark. He began pulled his trousers off showing his erection to the woman. "Ready for this?" Her hands wrapping around his girth showed him her need.

"I need it, Natsu…" Dimaria breathe looking up to the pink haired man she gave him a chaste kiss. "I'll lose my mind if you keep me waiting any longer…" Her voice filled with desperate need, letting Natsu lift her left leg as he aligned his cock into her slit.

"Cumming~!" Dimaria screamed as Natsu penetrated her slit after a week, stretching her pussy walls to the limit before knocking on the entrance of her womb. She wrapped her arms tightly around his head.

"Even your womb is happy to see me." Natsu whispered on her hear, the tip of his cock kissing the entrance of her womb. "I'll move now, Mari."

Natsu treated Dimaria like she treated Mirajane, his movement slow and deliberate, peppering the woman with kisses. Her raised leg wrapping around his waist trying to get him to move faster.

"Cumming again, Natsu!" Dimaria cried wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. It was the second powerful orgasm that she received from the man in a short span of time.

Natsu grinned at the former Valkyrie. "Aren't we a little sensitive today? Letting the woman come down from her high just enjoying her velvety walls cling into his cock.

"It's because we haven't done it in a week…don't!" Dimaria pleaded feeling empty as Natsu pulled out confusing the woman.

Natsu simply removed his coat and laid it on the dirt as he pulled the rest of her dress causing it to pool into her waist, exposing her lacy bra. He gently ran his fingers on top her breasts before cupping it into his hands and pinching her hardened nipples causing her to whimper in ecstasy.

Natsu then guided the woman to sit on his coat upper body leaning on the tree, legs spread apart. He kneeled in between her legs and slid back inside her warm folds, taking both of her hands into his and intertwining their fingers. Dimaria's expression melted into ecstasy as Natsu began to move once again and began fucking her with increasing speed.

Beads of sweat trickled all over her body from the exertion and the heat of the morning sun gave her blemish free skin a nice sheen. It only added to the arousing sight of the woman's face scrunching in concentration when he would go deep and relax the moment he pulls out.

"Here it comes, Mari!" Natsu growled as he pumped her pussy full of cum watching in amazement as Dimaria came.

Dimaria's head snapped back feeling the mind-numbing orgasm as his thick cum filled her womb to the brim, the excess cum seeping out of her packed walls. Her body trembling with each spurt of his cock into her hungry cunt. She looked forward with unseeing eyes, tongue lolling out after the wonderful ordeal.

"Did you enjoy yourself, Mari?" Natsu asked as he pulled out, cock still hard and ready for more. "I'm going to fuck you like the horny slut that you are."

Dimaria's eyes regained focus and gained shot him a lust filled gaze. "Please do, Master-"


Titania's rage filled roar echoed throughout the clearing as the couple looked behind them to find the woman in her Purgatory Armor ready to beat some sense into the man. Her stupid lover broke the single rule they have, and that was doing it in public. Titania didn't mind if they did it within the guild since powerful sound proofing runes are erected everywhere to give them privacy.

It was the public and the council knowing about their less than innocent coupling and the depths of depravity the three of them could do that scared her. It was one thing to explain to the council the damage they caused and the occasional show of skin or lewd sideshows that would occur from time to time. But in reality, Titania was afraid that the moment they do it in public that she might get addicted to it. It was the only thing in her vast collection of smut they have not done, that and a threesome with Mirajane.

The Demonic look Titania had as she charged at the two caused Dimaria to scream in fear before passing out. This only confirmed Natsu's fear about Dimaria before they found themselves beside Irene.

After the event, Titania tried to apologize to Dimaria but the woman all but crumpled in front of her as the former Valkyrie did her best to hide behind Mirajane. Erza hated herself for what she did and even told the woman that she could have her share of Natsu's time for a week as payment for what she did. This naturally caused every men in the guild to pile on the Dragonslayer at realizing that not only was he in a relationship with Erza, Mirajane and Irene. Dimaria was on it to.

Mirajane assured Erza that she would explain things to the frightened woman, and just allow her to get adjusted at her own pace. While Titania ruefully accepted, Mirajane and Irene saw it as an advantage since they could effectively hoard Dimaria's Age Seal for the foreseeable future.


Dimaria followed behind Irene as they walked through a clearing on the forest, it took awhile but she finally managed to find her target. Her new ally in Mirajane, allowed her to track the woman faster as she used her connections.

"We are here." Irene took in the wooden cottage and found the scent of a woman inside. "I'm curious about the price she had to pay for abusing time magic."

"Ok, I hope it wasn't too much…" Dimaria responded as she followed Irene.

Irene used her staff to knock on the door and hear rustling inside the room, before opening and was greeted by and old lady who's eyes widen in shock.

"How…?" Ultear breathe her old body lacking the ability to put up any fight simply held the door open.

Irene's smile was predatory as she watched the woman's face held a mixture of fear and acceptance. "Dimaria… if you don't mind."

Ultear saw the blonde woman, the same one wantonly riding Salamander, step forward. Fear gripped her being before a sick sense of humour filled her, then acceptance.

Who would have thought that her death would come because she saw them fucking by accident?

Ultear didn't hear the blonde's words as burst of magic washed over her and came to the familiar sight of her Take Over Form. She found herself enveloped in a flash of light before unimaginable pain, filled her being, the same amount of pain she endured when she used Last Ages.

After what felt like an eternity, she collapsed into unconsciousness and her world turned into darkness.

"Where am I?" Ultear began as she woke up looking up at a unfamiliar ceiling. "I'm Alive?"

"Of course, you are."

Ultear turned to the side to find a woman resembling Titania but exceeded the woman's proportions. "Who are you and what have you done to me?" She asked, a felt something off about her voice.

Irene simply stood up from floating in the air walked towards the immobile woman. "Call me Irene, as to what. See for yourself." She snapped her fingers as a mirror appeared on top of Ultear.

Ultear gasped as she touched her face, the same one she had a year ago, Irene removed the blanket over her to see her youth restored. Tears began to fall at the corner of her eyes, a year ago, she was finally able to cleanse herself of her since, and now a second lease on life.

"Why?" Ultear turned her head to look at Irene, a little difficult as the woman's massive bust almost obscured her face.

"Because Dimaria has sworn off fighting and the magic she posses is wasted on her." Irene began looking at the woman on the bed. "I simply need someone that is capable of using the same magic as Dimaria."

"You did it out of convenience." Ultear remarked looking at the mirror and her youthful body. "Do I have the same control of time such as her?"

"In a sense, you can activate her Age Seal at will since I've enchanted half of Chronos power into you." Irene explained watching the wide-eyed look Ultear had at the realization. "I wouldn't try to turn back time again, a minute is all Last Ages can provide."

"I'm guessing you own me now." Ultear asked knowing that her second lease on life has a chain attached to it.

"I like you, you're quick." Irene began as she sat on the bed beside Ultear placing a hand at her massive tit, rolling it gently. It did not take long before the familiar scent of arousal wafted into her nose. "Don't feel to bad though, I'm sure you'll enjoy serving my beloved Master."

Ultear's face flushed and bit her lip when she felt Irene's finger enter her folds. "I'd rather kill myself than be your master's plaything." She spat back.

Irene simply grinned and pinched Ultear's clit, covering the woman's mouth to muffle the sound. "I didn't know you had a bad relationship with Natsu?" She asked liking her fingers.

Ultear's eyes widened in shock at who the woman declared as her master, while the man was quite easy on the eyes, and would like to experience the same depths of ecstasy Dimaria felt that fateful day. "I'm not going to join those orgies of yours."

"We'll see how long before you change your mind." Irene grabbed her wrist and used her magic to bind the woman to Natsu. "I can't wait before these full lips are wrapped his cock," She pressed her fingers on Ultear's lips, tracing her jawline and neck, the valley of her tits,

"These lewd tits drenched in his cum…" Her finger continued down her Navel and into her very wet snatch.

"This unsullied cunt stretching around his girth…" She pulled her finger and buried it deep into Ultear's unprepared anus as she came again.

"I've bound you to Natsu." Irene finished as she stood up, enjoying the look of anger and lust in the woman's eyes. She wants to see her break just like Dimaria. "Since you have a habit of being a voyeur, every time Age Seal is activated, you will be transferred to where Natsu is giving you an unobstructed view of his prowess."

"I'll just tell Salamander to stop," Ultear countered but Irene's laught killed any retort she could come up with.

"You can't interact with him unless you're begging him to fuck you senseless." Irene revelled at Ultear's defeat. "Have fun, I'll be sure to be there the moment you accept defeat."

Time moved fast after that fateful encounter and she found herself as a new member of Fairy Tail. She managed to meet with Meredy and Jellal once again, life was good, aside from the one little problem with Irene. She didn't realize how often Age Seal would be used and how long each duration lasted, this ingrained Irene as a person she personally didn't like.

She couldn't even look at Salamander straight or the other women his been intimate with without her mind being filled with depraved images. It was slowly, tearing her defences as there are times, she would see herself as the one being taken by Salamander. Ultear did her best to relieve herself, but it was not enough as curiosity was slowly beating her down.

It didn't take long for her to realize that Titania wasn't privy into the happenings between Natsu, Mirajane, Irene and Dimaria. The Fairy Queen turned guild master was a stark contrast to her Mother, straightforward with no ulterior motives. She needed an ally and Titania was the best option, while Mirajane was kind, the demon did have a mischievous side.

Ultear watched again as Natsu takes the trio of women in the middle of the guild, the way he expertly played with their bodies, coaxing such wonderful sounds from their mouths filled her ears. She was already at the end of her wits, but before she fall, she'll give Irene a gift she won't forget.

Ultear walked towards Titania frozen in time eating a cake, she held her wrists, and gave Titania access to the world beyond Time.

The spoon in Titania's hands fell as she watched the debauchery happening in the middle of the guild, their members frozen, as she looked to the side to see Ultear. The raven-haired beauty's eyes crazed and filled with lust.

"I want Natsu to fuck me senseless, Erza…" Ultear panted ignoring the shocked looked at the woman's eyes. "They've been going at it like rabbits behind your back, in the middle of the guild, in the middle of town, no one is the wiser."

"Take this as an offering…" Ultear whispered as she began to walk towards the orgy.

Titania's mind raced, from anger at the debauchery in front of her eyes, to anger that she was left out of the fun. She couldn't believe she felt bad for Mirajane for taking most of his time, she even felt bad for her mother and Dimaria.


The group of women all paused the moment they heard Erza's scream and the demonic look she has.

Ultear was brought back to her senses, but since she admitted to wanting Natsu, she became visible.

Dimaria passed from ecstasy and fear of seeing Erza.

Irene and Mirajane on the other hand shared a look before snickering.

Natsu went pale a look of horror plastered in his face at how livid his beloved Titania is.

"At least she isn't crying…"

Those were the last thoughts the great Salamander had, before Erza's hand grabbed him by the neck and started comically strangling him for keeping such a wonderful secret from her.



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