Bella's pov

Today is another boring day of school but i know like any other day of school it will be interesting. I will be home a little bit later day after football practice I'm going to hang out with Zach. "Ok, just remember to be home in time for supper we are having a family dinner tonight." Carrie said. I will be home as early as I can it depends on where me and Zach go after practice which I don't think it will take that long. "Ok well I will see you later then." Carrie said.

Skip to school...

I walked to my first class and set down bored out of my mind.

skip to practice...(sorry for the skips and anymore in this chapter.)

"Dawson we are going to practice throwing and tackling." Coach said. Okay coach let go guys. We practiced this a few more times and we ran a couple of plays then it was time for me to go. Bye guys see you tomorrow. " Bye Bella!" The team yelled.

Bella- Hey Zach where do you want to meet up at.
Zach- Just meet me at the ice cream shop then we will go to the place from there.
Bella- Ok but I can stay that long my mom wants me home for dinner.
Zach- Ok I don't think it will take that long.
Bella- bye
Zach- bye
They met up at the ice cream shop and both of their teams were there. " look its the girl who thinks she can play football." Zach said. I knew what he was doing so I went with it sure I'm good enough of a QB to beat your team. They continued to argue outside the door. Both team looked at each other confused. "Sorry I didn't know they would be here my team didn't say nothing." Zach said. My team didn't either but they don't really share anything with me so that was kind of expected. Where are we going Zach? " You will have to wait to find out." Zach said.

Skip to the place...

The chili cook off I should of known you would bring me here well actually that would be kind of weird. " Ok well let just walk around and try some chili." Zach said. They walked a around for a while till it got a little pass dark and then they had to start on the way home.

Skip the walk...

Bella's front porch
I had a good time tonight with you tonight. " Yeah I hope we can hang out again." Zach said. They were looking into each other as we both started leaning in to kiss but we were interrupted by the door as we look towards the door it was my brother.

" Was I interrupting something." Jason asked. " No!" we both shouted. "Ok I'll just leave now." Jason said. I'll just come in with you bye Zach. "Bye Bella I'll see you later." Zach said as we waved bye. I waved to him as I walked in. " Isn't it bad to date somebody from a different team what if he hurts you or on of you get hurt when you teams play each other." Jason said. We wouldn't let that happen and we wouldn't date anyway it would be different if we were to date. "Whatever you say let go eat mom fixed dinner so it ready. " Jason said. we all set down and started to talk about our day. I finish my dinner and went to get ready for bed I lay down and thought what if me and Zach started to date as I fell asleep.


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