After Zero and his friends came back from defeating DNA, the first thing they did was go to the WBBA. Gingka however didn't go with them, because he said he had some things to do. "I can't believe we actual met the Gingka Huggani!" Squeaked Ren. "I wish he came with us" replied Zero sadly. "Don't worry Zero, I'm sure he'll be back before you know it" said Shinobu trying to make him feel better.

When they finally reached WBBA, they entered Tsubasa's office. But what really surprised them, was that all the legendary were right there in front of them. When Tsubasa saw them, he motioned them to step forward which they awkwardly looked at each other and did what they were told. "Congratulations! You guys took the DNA down once and for all, or maybe twice and for all, not sure" replied King.

The rest of the legends nodded and shook the young hero's hands. "Speaking of saving the day, where in the world is Huggani" snarled Kyoya. "He said that he had somethings to do" replied Zero in fear.

The lion beast tried so hard not to strangle Zero. "So you're telling me that you just let him go" yelled Kyoya. "

Um...yeah, was I wasn't supposed to do that?" Asked Zero in fear.

"You were supposed to do what ever you had to do and bring him back with you"Zero shuddered with fear of the beast.

"Uh Kyoya, I never said that" replied Tsubasaas he set protective hands over Zero's shoulders.

"I don't care what you said! I don't care what you thought!"yelled Kyoya.

"Well someone seems to be missing his rival" teased King which he immediately regretted when Kyoya growled at him.

"I don't miss him! He just got electrocuted and now he's going to battle Ryoga!" Yelled Kyoya.

"But he seemed fine" said kite while fixing his glasses.

"Huggani has his way of hiding the pain" Kyoya said in an almost lion tone voice. (Don't ask how).

"So how do you know Gingka is going to battle with Ryoga?" Asked Kenta.

"Because before Gingka left to battle Ryoga and into this mess, me and him were battling" he replied.

"Oh, so you're telling me that Gingka battled you, got captured by the DNA, and now he's going to battle Ryoga" asked Aguma.

"That pretty much sums it up" replied Kyoya. "Do you know where he's battling him?" Asked Aguma.

"Well Gingka was in the middle of the dessert, so I think he's battling there" said Chris.


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