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He lied Gingka down carefully on the hospital bed and stood next to him not wanting to leave him. Kenta sat on the bed next to Gingka while Madoka sat on the other side. Gingka's eyes were closed. His face was pale. And his breathing was slow. Almost too slow. Kyoya stood next to Aguma hands folded on his chest. Tsubasa and the others stood around the bed watching the doors opened and a doctor and a nurse walked in.

"How is he?" The doctor asked.

"He hasn't woken up doctor Akemi" answered Tsubasa.

Aguma and the others moved out of the doctors way when the doctor came closer. Dr. Akemi felt Gingka's forehead. (I suck with medication, so just role with it). He felt the pulse on Gingka's wrist. He also got his stethoscope (you know the tool that is used to listen to the heart) and put it on Gingka's chest (heart) and listened. They saw him frown. He then looked at the wound itself.

"No wonder why he's unconscious, he lost a lot of blood" he said in a panicked tone.

He then told the nurse to get blood to transfer it into him. Dr. Akemi then sat next to Gingka.

"You said he got stabbed again on the same place?" He asked.

They all nodded.

Dr. Akemi sighed. "After we transfer the blood to him, don't expect him to wake up instantly. His body is tired from all the pain and it will need time to rest. When the nurse comes back I want you guys out" he said softly.

They all nodded.

"Did you mend his injury, madam?" He asked looking at Madoka.

Madoka nodded trying to wipe her tears. "You did a good job, as good as a perfectionist" he complimented trying to cheer her up. She smiled.

When the nurse came back, the doctor motioned for the rest to leave so they sadly left without a word. But deep down, they were praying that he would be okay. The door closed behind them and they sat near some chairs. "Crying won't help us, only hope and faith will" said Dynamis. They all nodded. Aguma sat leaning on a wall. He blamed himself for everything that happened. If he had just tried harder. If he just was stronger. None of this would have happened.

(Aguma's P.O.V)

As we left the room, I felt a pain in my heart. A pain that resembles guilt. A pain that was saying that it all was my fault. I would never forgive myself. I'm sure Gingka wouldn't. I told him I'd protect him and now he's on the edge of life, because I~ Couldn't protect him. Because I~ wasn't strong enough.

I sat down away from everyone and leaned on a wall. I remembered Pegasus's face when he saw Gingka in that state. The way he flew and knocked all those damn murders out. While I just stood watching in surprise. Why? Why? Why did it have to be like this? Why does Gingka have to be the one that suffers? Why can't it be me for once?

He always had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not once but four times. Once against Ryoga, the second against Dr. Ziggurat, the third against Helios's father and the fourth against nemesis.

And on top of all of that he was happy. Had an apprentice. Was famous. Was literally loved by everyone.


Why does he have to experience something like this?


He doesn't deserve this. If Gingka doesn't make it, I will never in my life forgive myself.

I then got up and joined the other group. I saw Madoka crying her eyes out. I feel sorry for her. Here she confessed her love to Gingka and now there's a possibility that he won't make it. Sure the doctor said that he would. But I learned in this journey to expect the unexpected. None of us thought that the guy would stab him where he stabbed him last time. That's why I'm more sad than I should. That's why I'm praying, hoping more than I should.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" I herd Zero ask me.

I saw the tears in his eyes. He looked up to Gingka. He idolized Gingka like me. He was probably terrified seeing his idol, friend and mentor in this kind of state.

"He should be, the doctor said after the blood transplant he'd be alright?" I answered.

I saw him nod and sat back down next to Madoka who stopped crying a while ago. I saw Kyoya's sad face. Whether he'd admit it or not, He needs Gingka. Gingka is the only one that keeps on pushing him forward. As a personal opinion, I think he should stop seeing Gingka as just a rival. Gingka is his friend whether he likes that or not.

I then looked at Kenta. Trying to calm himself from breaking down completely. He loved Gingka. And seeing him like this would probably kill him. To me, I think he sees Gingka more than a friend. He looks up to Gingka. Like they're brothers. I noticed that everytime someone would mention Gingka, his eyes would light up. His smile would form and his ears would listen to what ever people had to say about him.

I really hope Gingka feels the same way Kenta feels about him. Brothers. That would be nice. Looking out for one another. Doing their best to make the other one happy. Doing the impossible do just see the other one smile. What's more beautiful than that?(End of Aguma's P.O.V)

(No ones P.O.V)

They all waited for the doctor to come out. All hoping that their friend will be alright. After an hour the doctor came out with the nurse. (I have no idea how long it takes to transfer blood). The group literally ran to them aiming to get an answer. They waited until the doctor finally spoke:

"the blood transplant was successful, but I'm afraid he won't wake up anytime soon. His thigh has been cleaned and stitched properly. We had to cut the stitches Miss Madoka did to just see if there was anything wrong with it or out of place. I'm really surprised that it's not broken. With all the stabbing. Only the tissue was damaged not the bone itself"

Aguma looked up and couldn't help but sigh in relief.

"Well Aguma had Gingka san in his lap the whole time so that must be the reason" zero spoke up.

Dr. Akemi nodded and said: "well that's good, whether you know it or not Aguma, you probably saved Hagane from not been able to walk again" he put his hand Aguma's shoulder.

Aguma nodded and felt a smile peek through his lips.

"When can we see him?" Asked Kenta.

"You could see him now if you want, but he's in deep sleep but not in a coma" replied Dr. Akemi.

They all nodded and ran to the door racing to see their friend. They closed the door behind him and walked towards the hospital bed. There they saw Gingka laying down, eyes closed, showing no movement. He looked peaceful, he looked like he was just sleeping, which he literally was. They walked near the bed and saw the bandages covering his thigh. Kenta sat in the bed looking closely at Gingka's face. He put a hand on Gingka's arm and noticed just how fragile Gingka was. He was a strong blader and all. Okay, the strongest. But when it came to fighting and defending himself without Pegasus, he was easy to take down.

He then laid his head on Gingka's chest listening to his heartbeats.

"When do you think he will wake up?" He suddenly asked not getting up.

They all looked at him not knowing how to answer. How were they supposed to know?

"Kenta give him time, he's tired" replied Dynamis.

kenta nodded. He laid on Gingka's chest for a while. Hearing the sound of his heartbeat. It was calm, somehow it made Kenta feel safe. He smiled and closed his eyes.

Not one of them had the nerve to get him off. Even Kyoya didn't. And if Kyoya didn't do anything, no one did. It was too cute of a moment to ruin. They smiled and kept on looking at them.

"You know, it's kinda of cute" chuckled Madoka.

"Yeah, it really is" replied Tsubasa.

Half an hour past and Kenta still didn't get up. They peeked in noticing that Kenta was asleep. Half an hour passed and Kenta slowly woke up. He got up and looked at Gingka's face. He frowned at the still closed eyes.

(Aguma's P.O.V -I know again!-)

Gingka was still asleep. I actually felt happy when the doctor said that I saved Gingka life, not life... um, his thigh. You know from not being able to walk again. It made me feel a teeny weeny less guilty.

I looked at Kenta that was sitting next to Gingka and noticed the frown that was on his face. He wanted to see Gingka awake. We all want that too, but he has to understand that Gingka needs his rest.

What caught us off was when Dr. Akemi came in.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"Oh no, nothing is wrong, I just wanted to check on Gingka, see how he's doing" he replied.

He went to the other side of the bed. The opposite side of where Kenta was at, since he didn't have the heart to tell him to move. I saw him lean in and then he said: "his breathing seems a little weak, but it would go to normal" he then got up and sat next to him. "His thigh may not seem to hurt him now, but when he wakes up, he is going to be in serious pain" Dr. Akemi said. And with that he left the room.

I walked to the side that Dr. Akemi was once on and looked down. I just want him to wake up. But that would be selfish if I did. He needs the rest after all the pain he's been through. I looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall and noticed it was now 8pm.

Wwwwwwwwait, it was just 3, how can five hours run by so quickly.

I looked behind me noticing that Tsubasa left since you know, he's the director. But the rest were here waiting for Gingka to wake up. I noticed Zero sitting next to Kenta. The others were sitting on some chairs and Kyoya being Kyoya leaned on a wall.

Gingka's breathing went back to normal, like a long time ago. Which made everyone less worried than they were before. As I look down on Gingka I notice something odd, out of place. I felt different when I looked at him. Maybe that was the oddness. But still I felt something on my chest. I looked at Kenta and he looked back at me noticing the same thing. Something was different about Gingka's face. It seemed more...how do you put it?... more Bright.

We looked at each other and back at Gingka once more finally noticing the difference.

He was smiling in his sleep.

He felt safe, I guess. His tensed body was now relaxed. His eyes showed no pain. I saw Kenta nod noticing the difference I did. We couldn't help but smile too. Gingka would wake up soon, I felt it deep down in my heart.

Two hours passed, and none of us left the room. Kenta still where he was seven hours ago. I herd a low movement and looked down at Gingka. I saw him move his face left and right showing a sign of waking up. Kenta looked down too. A smile of joy crept on his small face.

(End of Aguma's P.O.V)

(Nobody's P.O.V)

Gingka's eyes flattered open, opening them was hard at first. Soon his eyes opened completely. He first saw black everywhere but then the colors began to form. He looked up and noticed a green blur, which was obviously Kenta. He blinked a couple of times to adjust his eyes. When he finally could see clearly, he saw Kenta above his face staring down at him. He looked slightly uneasy, surprised and he couldn't help but feel scared. He didn't know why, but he was a little scared of his surroundings. Then suddenly Kenta jumped on him (not literally) and gave him the BHE (best hug ever, or in this case, it was the biggest hug ever).

Gingka gasped not expecting the sudden hug. He herd Kenta say:

"I was so worried about you, don't ever do that again"

by his little outburst the others herd and ran to Gingka. Gingka's eyes were wide in shock or in surprise. He couldn't hug back since Kenta blocked his arms from moving.

"How do you feel?" Asked Madoka as she played with Gingka's hair.

Gingka looked up at her and answered: "I'm alright".

She nodded and then Kyoya asked: "does anything hurt?"

Gingka didn't know how to answer that one. Because everything hurt. His head, his chest, and mostly his thigh. Kenta then finally broke the hug and said: "Gingka, do you feel okay?"

He looked at Kenta and smiled and answered: "well, I guess. I mean just the usual pain I guess" he then noticed the dried tears that were on Kenta's cheeks and said: "come here" he pulled Kenta closer and hugged properly this time. Kenta smiled accepting the warm loving hug. The door of them room opened and they saw Dr. Akemi come in.

"Oh, I see you have woken up, how do you feel? Does your head hurt?"

"I feel alright, but my head does hurt" he answered.

The doctor walked to Gingka and sat on the bed. He touched Gingka's forehead and saw Gingka cringe for the touch.

"What's wrong Gingka?" He asked.

"I don't know, my head just really hurts" Gingka answered.

"I could give you a shot to make it better" Dr. Akemi.

Gingka flinched when he motioned the needle.

"Or a pill, but the shot would work better" Gingka sighed. And Dr. Akemi went to get the needle.

"Gingka san, are you afraid of a taking a shot?" Zero asked.

"What? No. I'm not. It's just I don't like people poking me with stuff, that all. I'm not scared of them, I just don't like them" Gingka answered.

Gingka couldn't help but picture the knife that was thrusting in his thigh. That's the reason why he didn't want to take it. Sure it's a needle, a very thin needle. But it was very similar to the knife. It would go through the skin like a knife. The thought of the knife made him shudder. The doctor came back with needle in hand.

"Are you ready? I'm going to put it in your arm, okay?" He asked.

Gingka nodded. So he walked to the bed and was getting it ready. Gingka looked at it and cringed away looking at the other side.

"Are you alright?" Asked Dr. Akemi worriedly.

"I don't know. Its just that it reminds of the..." and that's all he said. Not wanting to remember. The doctor frowned at this and sat on the bed trying to comfort him. He turned Gingka's head so he would be facing him. "It's alright okay? Everything will be alright. It will only hurt a little then it's like it never happened" he said comforting him. Gingka nodded.

"Gingka, if you want I can hold your hand while he does his thing?" Asked Aguma.

Gingka looked at him and nodded. So Dr. Akemi took out a wipe and wiped a tiny area from Gingka's arm. Aguma held Gingka's hand when the needle got closer. Gingka looked away not wanting to see it. Aguma felt a light squeeze from the redhead when the needle was in his arm. He smiled and patted Gingka's hand. And just how it quickly started, it quickly ended. Aguma let go of Gingka hand and Dr. Akemi put a bage bandage on the spot where the needle was once at.

"Did you feel anything?" Asked Dr. Akemi.

Gingka shook his head no. And with that Dr, Akemi left.

"Gingka?" Asked Kenta.

Gigka nodded.

"Can I give you a hug?" Kenta asked looking up.

Gingka chuckled. "Why you ask now? You've been doing it without asking since I've met you" he answered.

So Kenta hugged Gingka tight resting his head on his chest. Zero folded his arms pouting.

"Oh, come here" Gingka said pulling Zero to the hug.

Zero gasped at the sudden hug and it took him no time to hug back. Gingka chuckled at this. And the rest awwed at the cute moment. They stayed like that for a while. For neither Kenta or zero wanted it to end. But all happy cute moments have to end, right? So they broke the hug and sat on either side of Gingka.

"Well someone is feeling better" chuckled Madoka.

"I do actually feel better" Gingka replied.

"That's good" whispered Aguma.

"How long am I supposed to stay here?" Gingka suddenly asked.

"Well, the doctor did say it was up to you to decide?" Answered Madoka.

Gingka's eyes instantly lit up and he said: "then if it's up to me to decide than I say as soon as posible"

"whoa whoa whoa, hold your horses Gingka. You're not gonna go anywhere, and besides how are you gonna to B-pit if you can't even walk?" Kyoya said.

"Well, anything is better than staying in a hospital room" Gingka answered.

"But even if we went to B-pit it's not like you're gonna be moving" answered Aguma.

Gingka glared at Aguma and said: "not helping"

"and besides, I really need to change and take a shower, I don't wanna be covered in blood for the rest of my life" Gingka said then smirked knowing that he did have a point.

"You know what Gingka, Damn you for having that point" Kyoya said then sighed knowing Gingka had won the argument.

"Do you want me yo carry you again?" Asked Aguma.

Gingka nodded shyly. So Aguma knelt down and put one of his hands behind Gingka's knees and the other behind his back, Bridal style. (I love that kind of carrying) he picked him up carefully and stood up. Gingka rested his head on Aguma's chest. Aguma smiled and nodded to everyone, so king opened the door and the legends stepped out.

"Leaving already?" Asked Tsubasa walking to them.

"He was stubborn" replied Kyoya.

"Yeah, well I'll call someone to transport you guys to B-pit" Tsubasa said pulling his phone and calling a WBBA taxi driver. (I know that sounds silly, but that's all I could think of)

"hope you feel better, Gingka" waved Tsubasa walking away.

So the group left the building and went outside seeing a waiting taxis on the driveway. So they decided who's to get in which. Gingka, Aguma, Kyoya, Kenta, and zero in one and the others went to the other. The second cab left already, leaving Gingka's group. Kyoya got in the front and Gingka in Aguma's lap and Kenta and zero sat next to him. And the taxi drove off. It took a few minutes till the taxi arrived at B-pit. When the taxi stopped Kyoya got out and opened the door for Aguma since he had Gingka on his lap. Kenta and Zero got out of the other side. Aguma carefully got out and the taxi drove off.

Zero opened the door for the B-pit and they walked in. It was already eleven o'clock when they got there so no one was really out to see them. Madoka closed and locked the door. Aguma set Gingka on the couch and sat next to him.

"Wow! This place hardly even changed!" Gingka said looking around.

"Well, yeah. What do you think?" Asked Madoka.

"It's always been amazing Madoka, especially that couch in the basement" Gingka said stretching his arms forward.

"About that, someone's been using it lately" she said motioning to Zero. Zero looked down.

"Oh, okay. But Zero you'll have to share you know" Gingka said looking at Zero.

Zero nodded and sat next to Gingka. Gingka smiled and said shyly: "Madoka do you have any extra clothes I could use?" Madoka thought for a bit.

"As a matter of fact I do, I actually went shopping after your battle with Ryoga before we left and bought a few clothes for you" Gingka looked at her with a surprise look "you did?"

"Well yeah, a girl has to go shopping for her man even when he's not around you know" she said standing right in front of him.

Gingka looked up and said: "oh, I never herd that one before, but thanks I guess"

"your welcome, I'll put them in the guest bathroom right now and get everything ready for you" she said leaving.

"You look creeped out" chuckled Kyoya.

"I actually am" Gingka admitted.

Gingka then started to get up. "Here I'll help you" said Kyoya.

So he pulled Gingka's arm behind his shoulder and stood up making Gingka lean on him a bit. And with that they started walking. "You alright?" Kyoya asked. "Yeah" Gingka answered.

"You weren't kidding, you do smell like blood" said Kyoya.

"Well excuse me for having blood" said Gingka annoyingly.

They all chuckled at his answer. When they finally reached the guest bathroom, Kyoya let go of Gingka and Gingka walked using the wall for balance closing the door behind him. Kyoya then walked back to the room.

"You know Madoka, I was wondering how do you know his sizes?" He asked.

"I just guessed, I mean he's skinny, and a little tall. Wwwwwwwwait! Do you really think I checked him out?"she asked with a gasp then she turned from happy Madoka to an angry women who has a volcano on her head.

"That's the only solution" Kyoya simply replied.

They all looked at her with face that was saying: 'admit it'

she sighed and said: "fine, fine, maybe I checked him out a little" her head looked down in embarrassment.

"Okay! Hold it right there you guys! I'm too young to understand this stuff but when someone says checking someone out, doesn't it mean like looking at their body" Kenta said with an outburst but in embarrassment at the end.

They all nodded. "Oh okay" he sat back down.

"Okay what?" Asked everyone at once.

"That I was right about you having a crush on Gingka" he simply answered.

"Yeah, about that. I already confessed I him" she answered.

"And what did he say?" Asked Kenta.

"He said he loved me too" she said getting more mad.

"That I do" came a familiar voice.

They all looked at him and smiled. His hand was leaning on the wall supporting his body. He wore black skinny pans (skinny like his other one) and a blue skinny shirt that the sleeves came down to his elbows. Madoka blushed and hesitatingly walked to him.

"They fit!" She said with a smile.

"Thanks" Gingka answered.

"Come here" she said and with a instant she gave him a hug. He hugged back. They then stopped and Madoka guided Gingka to the couch. He sat down and she sat down next to him.

"Is she really your girlfriend?" Asked Kenta.

Gingka looked at Madoka and Madoka looked at Gingka and he answered: "not for long" he simply answered.

Madoka let out a little frown. She then herd Gingka whisper in her ear: 'because she's gonna be my wife'

Madoka eyes lit up and she answered: "I'll be practicing on how to say yes" and with that she laid on his shoulder and Gingka rested his cheek on her head.

"Wow, you guys are the cutest couple ever!" Squeaked King.

They all nodded in agreement, even Kyoya nodded.

"Hey, Madoka. Could you check on Pegasus? I'm pretty sure he did something when I blanked out" Gingka asked.

"Sure, honey. Where is he at?" She asked getting up.

"It's on the table I think" he answered.

She got up got Pegasus and went down to the basement followed by: zero, Kenta, king, and Dynamis. Leaving Gingka, Kyoya and Aguma behind on the couches.

"I can't believe it's finally over" said Kyoya.

"Well I can" replied Gingka.

"Yeah, I'm really surprised that you can walk, the doctor said that you'd be in pain after you wake up" said Aguma.

"Well, I choose if I want the pain to bother me or not" answered Gingka.

"And that's why I idolize you" Aguma whispered.

"What?" Asked Kyoya and Gingka at the same time.

"Oh, nothing" answered Aguma quickly looking away.

"Well I'm gonna go see if Madoka can fix my bey after she's done with yours" said Kyoya getting up and walking down to the basement.

Gingka and Aguma sat awkwardly with each other. For neither of them knew what to say to the other. "Hey Aguma, I want to thank you for everything you did" Gingka said breaking the silence.

Aguma looked at him and answered: "um..your welcome"

Gingka then suddenly said: "something's on your mind, I can feel it. Could you at least tell me what's bothering you"

Aguma didn't know how to answer. "I feel guilty" he admitted.

Gingka's eyes went wide with shock. "W..why?" He asked.

"Remember what I told you before what happened?" He answered.

Gingka's golden brown eyes stayed wide in shock.

"About protecting me?" He asked.

"Yeah, if I would have tried harder you wouldn't be hurt again. If I would have kept my promise like I said I would do, you wouldn't have been almost dying" Aguma replied looking straight at Gingka's eyes.

"I blame myself for everything that happened and-" before Aguma could finish Gingka cut him off:

"stop talking. Just stop talking okay? None of this is your fault! And if you feel guilty? Just stop, okay? What's important now is that I'm alright. At least I can walk again. You don't have any idea how grateful I am to you! You let me sit on you lap that eased the pain. It hurt at first but you're the one that let me feel less pain" Aguma's eyes went wide after what he had just herd.

"And I'm sorry for the way I treat you. I mean when I come near you, you leave. Did I do something to you? Cause if I did, I'm sorry and I'll try to make it right" Gingka continued.

"Gingka, you didn't do anything, I'm the problem really. It's just..." Aguma said.

"Just what?" Asked Gingka.

"You have to promise that you won't creep out, okay?" He said scooting closer to Gingka.

Gingka nodded in curiosity. "I...I...I...I idolize you. I look up to you. You mean a lot to me, Gingka. I want to be like you" he said looking down then looked up seeing Gingka's shocked face.

'Oh geez! Now he's really creeped out' he thought.

It took a few seconds for Gingka to snap out of his trance and answer: "y..you I...Idolize me?"

Aguma nodded.

"Oh, that's something I clearly did not expect" Gingka mumbled to himself.

He looked back at Aguma and could help but ask: "why?"

"Well, if you really want to know, I guess I could tell" Aguma grinned.

Gingka rolled his eyes.

"You're kind, you're generous, you're famous. You put others before you. You're literally the strongest one in the world. People like you. People respect you. You have everyone's respect. You're always the first target. You're smart in beyblade. You can come up with a plan in a matter of seconds. You have rivals. You have an apprentice which he admires you like, a lot! You have a girlfriend! You forgive people even when they don't deserve it! You're fun to be with. You're beautiful! Don't get the wrong idea, because everyone thinks that! You're eyes light up when you talk. You always find a way to protect us. You always calm people down. You make people feel better! How in the world am I not to idolize you?" Confessed Aguma.

The whole time Gingka's eyes were wide open, in shock. He didn't see this coming to be honest. This big guy idolized him? No one would ever thought anything like that.

He then snapped back to reality. He looked at Aguma and saw that he was looking down. He smiled and scooted over, so he was right next to him. He put his hand on the huge shoulder and said in a calm soothing voice:

"I never knew that you idolized me, Aguma. That's really a surprise"

Aguma then looked up and turned around so he would be facing Gingka. "When people say you're always oblivious, they really mean it" Aguma replied.

"Yeah I guess I am" replied Gingka with a chuckle.

Aguma smiled happy to see Gingka smile and happy. He then pulled Gingka into a hug. He squeezed Gingka tight causing Gingka to struggle a little so he should breath but he didn't break the hug. His face was mushed into Aguma's chest denying Gingka any chances of speaking. What really surprised him was when he felt tears.

"I'm sorry, Gingka. I really thought I'd lose you. You mean a lot to me, and just the thought that feeling that I'm losing you makes me cringe. You don't deserve to be treated this way. It's my fault. I promised that I'd protect you, and I failed. You're probably in the worst pain you've felt in your life, all because of me. If you don't forgive me, I don't know what I'll do with myself" he herd Aguma saying between tears.

Aguma is crying because of him? Surely he was hurt badly, but it wasn't Aguma's fault. Something's happen unplanned. He tried to say something but his mouth couldn't open. He felt Aguma's hug loosen so he got his chance and laid his head sideways so he can be able to talk to Aguma and not have to break the hug.

So he said: "Aguma it's not your fault, okay? Something's happen and we're not ready and unplanned for them. To be honest, my thigh stopped hurting as much as it used to, you know why?" He felt Aguma shook his head. "It's because of you. If i haven't been on your lap, it would have been broken. You're the reason why I don't feel pain. You're a great guy, an amazing guy! You're a legend! What's better that that? You have friends that depend on you and love being around you. You even have me. You can always come and talk to me about anything about anything. I'll always have time for you. Let's forget what happened and move on, okay? And you saying that I won't forgive you, you're so wrong. Here you said that I forgive too much. Even Ryoga said that, and I'm not gonna change because of what happened. I may forgive too much, but that's just me, how I want to be. So Aguma, I forgive you"

Aguma was shocked by Gingka's words. He hugged Gingka tighter giving Gingka the signal that he understood. He leaned back in the hug and rested his back on the couch. They stayed like that for a while, until the rest of the group came up.

"Hey Gingka I fixed you're bay, but it didn't have anything to fix so I just admired like every ti-" but she was caught off when she saw the two.

They all looked at where she was looking at and smiled. There on the couch, was Gingka leaning on Aguma's chest and Aguma's arm tightening the embrace. But what was different about it, that they both were fast asleep. So she went to get a blanket and covered both of them up. Gingka's bangs covered Gingka's closed eyes, so Madoka careful not to wake him up, pushed them back. She smiled and leaned down to kiss his cheek.

"I guess we have to go to bed too, it's like two o'clock in the morning" she said while lookingt the others.

So Kyoya and the others left.

"Hey Madoka! Could I use your phone please?" King asked.

Kyoya and the rest stopped to see why he wanted the phone. "Yeah, I'll go get it" replied Madoka.

After a moments, she came back with her phone and handed it to King. So king dialed the number he wanted. He called but no one answered, so he decided to put it in voicemail. "Dear loser, this is the winner speaking. I'm very sorry, okay not sorry at all to tell you that I~ the winner had one the bet. If you would please send the prize to me I would be very thankful. And also, I would like to tell you that you are a loser and will always be a loser" and with that, he sent the voicemail.

"Why did you have to be so formal?" Asked Zero. "Because he's an idiot, it will be hard for the idiot to understand" relied king walking out.

They all stared at him with disbelief and then shared s laugh. Oh, someone is going to have the time of their life.


Somewhere in America

Masumane came home and checked his phone. "Oh, I have a voicemail" he said. So he pressed on it and put it on speaker: "Dear loser, this is the winner speaking. I'm very sorry, okay not sorry at all to tell you that I~ the winner had one the bet. If you would please send the prize to me I would be very thankful. And also, I would like to tell you that you are a loser and will always be a loser" the voicemail ended and Masumane's face was so red with anger that he felt a volcano was on top of his head. "Just you wait, king. Just you WAIT" he yelled.


In lovely Japan.

King smirked knowing that Masumane probably was upset which he didn't really care since he won the bet. And he sleeped for the rest of the night peacefully.

In B-pit

Madoka went to check on them (Aguma & Gingka) and noticed something and smiled then went back to bed.

They both were smiling!

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