Ok guys just a head's up, I've broken this into parts for each of the characters.

Sombra ran as fast as she can into an alleyway, something she was not used to. She had felt fear before, but not like this. This was true fear, as she ran she glanced behind her to try and spot her pursuer but didn't see anything. But just like in a Hollywood film she was then caught in something that caused her to fall down. Looking at what she was in she could see that it was a white thread, sticky white thread.

"Wha..." she muttered before a purple gas put her to sleep.


"Aughhh." Sombra moaned before she woke. "Eh, ¿dónde estoy?" (where am I) she said as she looked around.

As she did her eyes widened as she saw Tracer, Zarya, D. va, Mercy, Mei, Pharah, and Symata all hanging from their hands in a white web like substance. Each one of the was unconscious and not aware of anything, but what shocked her the most was that each one of them was devoid of clothing. She gulped and looked down at herself to see that she was also devoid of clothing. But her nipple piercings and clit piercings where still there. The glowing pink piercings just hung like decorative bauble on her body.

Given that she was on the only one awake, mostly due to her cybernetics, she looked around the place. The place she was in was one of the old Talon merc bases given the décor. This was of no surprise due to the fall of Talon almost 3 months ago. Since then the 'heroes' she had faced had been dropping off the map one by one. First Tracer, then D. va but here they where but for what reason? She looked up and began to try and tug on the white webbing she was bound in to try and break it. Doing this cased her to swing but nothing else happened.

"Ahh so you're awake?" a familiar voice said making her turn to see Widowmaker on a catwalk in front of her.

"Ahh Widowmaker, can you get me down from here?" she asked politely.

"Non, my dear." she said making the hacker look at her with wide eyes.

Widowmaker just had a lustful smile as she looked at the hacker. Unlike the hacker who was naked the sniper more a dark purple bodysuit similar to her normal clothing but even from this distance, Sombra could tell, it was latex. Just then Tracer awake.

Part 1, the breaking of Tracer.

Tracer awoke slowly but the warmth of the air made her comfortable. As she opened her eyes, they where blurry but it soon adjusted and she saw Widowmaker in front of her.

"Amélie?! Let me go ya blue fog!" the Brit yelled but Widowmaker only smiled at her with a very evil lust filled smile.

"Oh non, non, non I cannot have disrespect." she said as she walked down a set of stairs to the platform under her victims.

She moved over to where Tracer was and used something on her wrist which brought the fast woman down. As soon as Tracer's feet touched the floor Widowmaker over in fast and locked lips with the Brit who had wise eyes. Then the kiss was broken making her eyes gloss over with red cheeks making the French sniper smile.

"Oui, oui very nice, so this is what a British lesbians lips taste like." she said before getting to one knee and wrapped her legs in her white web to prevent her from moving.

She then cut the web before throwing the Brit over her shoulder and walking off. Unfortunately for Tracer, her mind was still spinning from the kiss from someone who wasn't Emily. That made it easy to move her to Widowmakers 'training room'. Once she was in Tracer was placed up against a cross and removed the webbing before cuffing her to the cross. As she did the Brit came out of her shock and began to fight, but given her weakened state it was sluggish. Soon she was restrained against the wooden cross.

"Get me off this thing!" she demanded.

"Non, not going to happen." Widowmaker said as she stroked Tracer's chin lovingly. "Lena, you remember all those times we had together? Those lunches? Why can't this time be like those times?"

"Because I'm naked and tied to a bondage cross." Lena shot back.

"Oh, don't tell me you and Emily didn't experiment with bondage." Widowmaker said seductively as her hand drifted to Lena's nipple bar and lightly pulled it.

"Ah? Ahhhhh!" she cried as a spark of pleasure shot though her.

"Did you like it? You masochist?"

"I'M NOT A MASOCHIST!" Tracer yelled before Widowmaker kissed her again but this time something inside her mouth.

She unintentionally swallowed it before Widowmaker broke the kiss. All of a sudden her body surged with heat

"Ahhh my body… it's… soooo hooottttt..." she muttered.

"It's what Talon gave me, it makes the body hot in order to erode your will. The more sexual stimulation you receive the more your will will erode, and the more agreeable you'll become." she said in her ever attractive French accent.

"Ahh noo..." Tracer muttered as Amélie moved down the Brits body to see her pierced snatch.

"Ahh so pink." she said before leaning in and began to lick the lips first.

Her tongue moved around the lips first and around the stud piercings. Her tongue then slid into Lena's pussy making her yelp in pleasure. Widowmaker looked up and enjoyed the sight as Lena thrashed around in pleasure but she could only do so much. The sound of the chains rattling made the sniper smiled. With the stimulation her pussy began to leak pussy juices to which the sniper licked and drank with ease.

It was a sweet taste with an addictive nature of it. Her tongue moved in deeper into her victims pussy making her cry out even more. Tracer came there and then making her fall in her chains which held her up. The mixture of heat and stimulation from Widowmaker made her cum faster then she normally would. The sniper then stood and licked her lips as she moved to one side before coming back with a pair of headphones, a blindfold and ball gag. Tracer was in an orgasmic bliss haze as the sniper tied the blindfold over her eyes first, then fitted the ballgag on then slid the headphones on.

"Now for the brainwashing." she said turning the device on.

'Obey… Amélie… Widowaker… she is your mistress… she is your lover… you are a slave… you are nothing…. Obey her…' the programmed voiced said through the headphones.

Widomaker then unzipped her front and a 7inch erect blue cock came out. She stroked it gently as she got down and unclipped her ankle cuffs then stood. Letting go she then grabbed onto Lena's big ass she pulled her hips up opening up her pussy. Pressing her cock against Lena lips, she smiled before pushing into her making the pilot and herself moan. The cock reached the entrance to her womb, and she began to move.

"Ahhh, I've been waiting for this feeling forever." she said as she began to move slowly but picking up speed.

Tracer could only grunt and moan though her gag as Widowmaker fucked her. Each thrust cased her to moan in pleasure as her cock slid into Tracer's silky soft pussy. The cock stretched her insides making her moan in pleasure. She wasn't a fan of raw cocks, she was a lesbian after all, however that didn't mean she wasn't experienced. In her minds eye she could see herself tied to a bed with her hands tied to the bed frame.

A hand slid into her mouth forcing her to lick the two fingers in her mouth. Her girlfriend, Emily, knelt in front of her with fingers in her mouth. She soon withdrew them forcing Lena to groan as she looked up at her ginger girlfriend. The tall ginger slid a strap on and moved her hand up and down it making herself look sexy to the British pilot.

"Now then are you ready for this?" Emily asked in a surly voice.

"Yeah, please fuck me!" Tracer's demanded.

"Not yet." she teased as she rubbed the tip of the plastic cock against her girlfriend's wet pussy. "What am I?"

"Mistress, please put it into me!" Tracer begged.

That made the ginger smile and she slid the plastic cock into her stretching her out making her cry out in pleasure as the trusting began. The face of experience great pleasure that Lena put on made Emily smile as she continued her trusting deep into her girlfriend's pussy. Her back arched as the plastic cock invaded her deeply with each trust. Her body begged for more and her hips pushed back against the cock trying to get more pleasure.

Looking up she no longer saw Emily but Widowmaker fucking her with a raw blue cock. Her mind buzzed.

"No, Emily.." Lena muttered.

'Love Widowmaker… you love Widomaker… you are her slave…' a voice said in her head.

"Ah, noooo….." Tracer moaned as she shook her head but her mind began to change. "Mistress."

In the dungeon Widowmaker picked up her pace and soon came into Tracer's pussy before letting her go causing white cum to spill onto the floor.

"A good few more hours will make you fully mine." Widowmaker said before walking out of the dungeon.

OOOOO 4 hours later

Widomaker looked at the soils of her victory. Tracer, now dressed in a yellow/ orange full body spandex suit with black sections over her pussy and breasts and a hole where her belly was. The back of her suit was open with a tattoo of an orange and black widowmaker on her back showing her loyalty to her mistress. Her legs where encased in thigh high heeled running boots with cuffs around her ankles that had a ring on both sides. She had similar cuffs around her wrists and a metal ringed collar around her neck that had her name on it.

"Well mistress?" she asked.

"Very nice, you tidy up nicely my little slave." Widowmaker said as she walked up to the brit and kissed her on the lips. "Who shall we brainwash next?"

Tracer smiled with an evil smile.

OOOOO Part 2 submission of Mercy.

Dr. Angela Ziegler groaned as she woke only to be blinded by a light pointed at her. She tried to cover her eyes but the sound of chains alerted her to something that was wrong. She looked up to see her hands in metal shackles. Looking down she saw herself on a birthing bed, something she never expected to see. Her legs where tied to the stirrups holding them in place, she tried to move but nothing happened. She then tried to call out but she discovered a plastic ball in her mouth preventing her from talking.

Looking around fast, a familiar figure then approached, she mentally smiled as she saw Tracer walk up to her. But was surprised to find the British pilot wearing nothing but latex elbow length gloves, and thigh high heels with cuffs around her ankles and wrists. Walking up to her she then got to her knees leaned in and began to lick the Swedish doctor's pussy lips making the good doctor moan.

'Wha… what is she doing?' Mercy asked as she felt the pilots tongue explored her pussy.

Tracer continued licking the doctors pussy with her newly pierced tongue. Her pussy nectar was delicious making her tongue explore more. As she licked the pussy Mercy began to try and move in her restrained position. She tried to get out of her pedimented but was unable to as she was fully tied to the bed. As the licking continued Mercy just sighed as the licking was not only pleasurable but relaxing despite the shocks of electricity she got from it.

Just then Tracer stopped and stood before walking away. She came back a few moments later with a trolley with several items on it. Some where phallic while others where quite clearly needles. The pilot then picked up a ribbed purple plastic cock and gave it a good licking making it all wet and dripping with saliva. She looked to Mercy which a seductive smile making her eyes wide and shaking her head knowing what she was about to do. Lena then moved up and knelt in front of her before sliding the cock into the doctor's pussy making her yelp and thrash in her restraint's.

She masturbated yes but this with Tracer, scared her. Mercy knew that the British pilot was a lesbian but this… this was something she couldn't put her finger on. Her hips began to move as the lesbian moved the plastic cock in and out of her, just then another figure came form the shadows making her eyes widen even more. A naked Widowmaker stood in front of her and stroked Tracers head as she continued moving the cock in and out the Swiss pussy.

"Angela." she said. "My dear, welcome to my lair."

Widowmaker moved round to the back of the bed and moved her hands round and lightly squeezed her breasts. Mercy yelped as her tits where being squeezed making her thrash even more. The sniper could only smile with an evil lustful smile. She then placed a capsule onto her tongue before pulling the gag off and placing her lips onto the doctors lips. Wide eyed she swallowed something that was forced into her mouth. As soon as she did her body felt like it was going to melt with the heat she was feeling.

"Ahhh ugmfff." she moaned before she was gagged again.

She then realised that the dildo stopped moving looking down she then saw Tracer handed a set of headphones and a blindfold to Widowmaker. She slid them on and Mercy heard a female voice as soon as the headphones where on.

'Obey… Amélie… Widowaker… she is your mistress… she is your lover… you are a slave… you are nothing…. Obey her…' it said.

The blue sniper then walked around as Tracer picked up an anal bead stick and slid it onto Mercy's ass making her squeal. Widowmaker then picked up a small ring with the style of a spider. The top part of it was open with a needle pointing upwards. She then picked up a small needle and placed it to the side of Mercy's nipple. Smiling she then pushed the needle into her nipple making her cry out in pain and pleasure while thrashing slightly. She then slid the needle end of the ring into the hole before closing it giving her her first piercing.

Mercy whimpered as Tracer continued to masturbate her with the toys she had as Widowmaker did the same to Mercy's other nipple. She cried out as pleasure and pain sparked through her making her body shake. The sniper then knelt next to Tracer and readied another needle pressing it up against Mercy's clit. The medic felt and grunted shaking her head desperately but this was ignored as the needle was pushed though the bud making a hole before sliding a spider like piercing though it.

Widowmaker then stood and slapped her dick against Tracers cheek. Smiling the pilot took the long dick into her mouth making the eat stick wet before sliding it out of her mouth. Tracer then removed the dildos before putting them on the trolley and walked away with it. The sniper then slid her cock into the medic making her squeal in pleasure and shudder making Widowmaker smile.

"My my, did you just cum?" she asked as she began to trust into the medic. "Well, punishment is in order later, right now time for you to get pregnant."

Mercy just moaned though the gag as the cock slid in and out of her slowly but with increasing speed. The blue cock moved in her as her velvet vice walls where wet enough to make it slide in and out of her with ease. She had sex before but no like this, this was eroding her like crazy, her mind felt that she was becoming someone else. She didn't mind it and that was the most troubling. Her mind was changing to that of a submissive woman the kind she hated. But the pleasure, the voices where calming to her, it relaxed her as the change happened to her.

She felt like she fell into a pit with a light at the bottom, she opened her arms to be embraced it's light. All she felt was pleasure, just pleasure the change was complete. She was a slave now. Widowmaker began to move faster and faster with each thrust making her grunt and making mercy moan in pleasure, pure absolute pleasure. That sound was like music to her, the medic had fallen who would be next? She picked up speed faster and faster before cumming into the Swedish doctor making the two moan in pleasure and satisfaction.

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