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Part 3 the hacking of Dv.a.

The Korean gaming Idol, Dv.a moaned as she woke up to find herself in a dark room.

"Eh? Mwoya? (What the?)" she said as she looked around.

Her suit was still on but her hands and ankles where chained so that she was in an eagle spread position. The chains held her tightly preventing her from moving them. A table was next to her for some odd reason but she paid it no mind.

"Ugh Ige mwoya? (What is this?)" she called out.

But then the tapping of heals sounded in her hears and she looked forward. A woman dressed in latex nurse outfit approached. Her head was covered in a white latex hood with a red ballgag in her mouth. Her blond hair was tied in a ponytail that came out of the back of the hood. She also had elbow length white latex gloves with the red cross on the top of them. For leg wear she had a pair of thigh high heeled boots in white latex.

The woman walked up to Dv.a and set a tray down onto the table and Hana noticed the items on it. Just then another woman came up, one the Korean Idol knew well.

"Widowmaker!" she yelled in English. "Let me go you ttong jogag (piece of shit)"

The blue sniper just laughed out loud. "Do you ting your in any position to make demands?"

The woman in white said nothing as she picked up a cloth cutter. A laser that was too weak to puncture skin, but it would fell like a little heat on the body. She brought it up to Dv.a's body suit collar and brought it down cutting the suit in half.

"Mwoya?" she asked again as her body suit was cut in half.

A 5 inch cock fell out of the bottom making the gamer blush and cry out in shame.

"Aniiii (No)." she cried while Widomaker smiled.

"My, my. Another futa? I'm amazed that she managed to keep that in hidden in that suit."

looked away in shame. The woman in white took a hold of the cock and began to massage it gently making the Korean Meka pilot moan.

"Ani." she said as the cock hardened.

"I never expected another futa to be with my slaves. This is going to be fun, humm maybe you can be my second in command."

"Second in command for what? Ahhh." said as lube was placed on her cock.

"Why my dear, a mercenary force. You, me and all the other women we faced or allied with in the past. We'll become mercs for the most part. I then intend to open a school, a school of bondage, a school of slaves. Anyone who we capture, we'll sell to the highest bidder. But I'll keep you all to myself."

"You're mad." said.

"Maybe, but nothing will stop me."

"Ahhh!" cried out as the white latex clad woman slid the cock into her mouth.

While the gamer and sniper where talking the woman removed her ballgag in order to suck on the Koreans cock.

"Ha, my my this slave is eager to get started." Widowmaker said with an evil laugh and smile. "But she didn't do her job. Punishment is required later, right now..."

Widowmaker walked up to the gamer and proceeded to rip her clothing off making her as naked as the day she was born.

"Ahhh." was all said. "Whh why..."

"Liquid latex." the sniper said as she stroked the head of the white latex clad slave. "This one recently developed it, it acts like a second skin. Like a flexible armour for us and you are the tester."

just moaned as her cock was being sucked by the latex clad woman. She felt shame brew inside her. This was something she was born with and only her family and doctor knew. She was a virgin, in all sexual ways. Inside her was a war for shame and excitement. Amélie looked on with amusement as the blond sucked on the cock. The cock was now fully hard as such the blond then slide her fingers into the gamer's pussy. That made her squeal as the two fingers slid into her virgin pussy. As she did so she withdrew the cock out of her mouth and took in in her latex covered hand and began to stroke the shaft.

"My my, you seem to be a virgin. But you seem to be well versed in pleasuring yourselves." she said with a German accent. "Mmm I love young blood." she said she she licked the cock before sliding a finger into the hole at the top.

cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she came spraying all over the blond who quickly opened her mouth to get a taste of the cum. She caught some in he mouth and swallowed it.

"Mmmmmm, delicious." she said before pulling her gag back on and standing.

She the pulled the reaming pieces of clothing off the pro gamer.

"You made me cum why?" asked but all she got was a stroke on the chin by the woman who made her cum.

Widowmaker just said nothing as she watched the scene unfold with an evil smile. The blond then removed her gloves and brought up a metal bucket with place stuff inside it. She placed it in front of before she picked up a syringe and tapped it a few times. Turing to the gamer she then approached and injected the syringe into both her breasts. She cried out in pain as her breasts began to expand until they where natural DD's.

"Wha… what have you umphhh." she tried to say but the blond put a ball into her mouth preventing her from speaking then tied it round her head.

"Ummphh…" complained but couldn't do anything.

The blond then picked up two DD breast shaped cups and placed them onto her the gamers breasts then picked up a flexible cup similar to the middle strap of panties. She placed it onto the gamers pussy, cock and brought it up behind her ass fitting it between her ass cheeks. The blond then dipped her hands into the bucket before bring her hands out which where covered in a shiny black liquid. She then placed her hands onto the gamer's belly and began to move the liquid around her.

winched as the cold gel like substance touched her skin. The blond occasionally dipped her hands into the bucket to get more and cover the teen's body in the substance. Soon it covered her from neck to toe. After she was done the blond disappeared before coming back with the liquid washed off her hands. She then slid her gloves back on before turning to the table. As she did this Hana could feel the liquid hardening fast. Soon it became like a second skin as Widowmaker said, it felt nice, natural and less restrictive then her normal combat suit. Looking up the woman then held a needle in hand and a silver open ring. She knew what it was.

She pushed her breasts outwards making the blond and Widowmaker internally smile. The blond removed the breast cups and set them on the table before placing the needle next the Meka pilot's nipple. The two looked at each other and the pilot nodded. The blond slid the needle into the nipple making wince in pain but not cry out due to the gag. The ring was then fitted into her nipple, the same as then done to her other nipple, belly and pussy lips. The blond then walked away with the bucket and table before coming back with a blindfold and headset.

"You have been willing." Widowmaker said as she moved around to face her ass. "But, I need obedience but this has been modified to that you'll be dominate like me."

nodded and didn't resist as the blindfold was tied around her head then the headphones came on. As it did Widowmaker stroked her cock against the freshly pierced pussy. She was already we fro the pleasure she received during the piercings and cock and pussy fondling. The cock slid into the Korean teen with ease and her cherry popped. Blood came out of the hole but just a bit before the sniper then began to move. It was easy to do so.

moaned in pleasure as she was slowly being fucked in her now none virgin pussy. She grew accustom to the pain and invading object, it was different to the dildos she was used to but the raw fleshy feel was too good to ignore. Her hips moved in time with the snipers movements, with each trust the sniper did her ass jiggled. The former virgin's pussy was tight and it felt amazing to the sniper.

The voice from the headphones relax her and the pleasure she felt, with each thrust she felt the pleasure of becoming a woman. The latex skin she wore enhanced her pleasure senses and she was falling deeper and deeper into the depravity that Widowmaker wanted. Her mind altered and the pleasure filled her up completely. Her cock was rock hard and she wanted to stoke it badly. A soft and then found it's way around the rock hard cock and began to stroke it and fast. The hip movements from the sniper as well as the jacking off could feel her limit approach fast.

'Ahh yes yes, my love yes!' she cried out in her mind.

The movements increase before the sniper came inside her. The heat of the white cum filling he made the Korean idol cum from both her cock and pussy. She spayed cum all over the floor in front of her making the sniper smile.


looked at her new outfit. Blue latex high heeled boots garter and cup-less corset with blue elbow length fingerless gloves. She also had four black triangles tattooed on her cheeks. Her large breasts and cock hung out with pride, she felt no shame in showing them off any more but a sort of pride showing the off.

"Like your new body?" Widowmaker asked.

"Yes, I love it. But I feel we need a new one to make sure the slaves stay in line. Symmetra is the best choice. She's very strict." said turning to her lover.

"Indeed." widow maker said with a smile.

Part 4 Symmetra's fall