A/n, I'm going to try and make Symmetra autistic (aspergers since that is what she most likely is given her actions and personality.) but I cannot promise anything. Also sorry for the delay so that's why this chapter is short

Symmetra's fall

walked up to the rest of the hanging members of the heroes and smiled.


The Indian architect slowly awoke before she found herself staring at a light above her.

"Wha…." she muttered before slurping sounds met her ears.

She looked up to see her naked body and her former colleague sucking on her cock. Her face turned bright red. The Korean idol looked up and smiled as her tongue moved up and down the thick shaft.

"Ahhh." Satya cried out. "Stop please…." she moaned.

"No." said as she continued to lick the shaft moaning as she did.

She then took the cock in had and began to jack the shaft slowly at first then fast. Her latex covered hand made the Indian feel good. The texture of the material and the softness of it made her moan out loud. Hana smiled before she kissed the tip of the 6 inch cock before sliding it deep into her mouth. Satya moaned as the tip of her cock was deep inside the Korean's mouth and throat. Deep throat, came to mind as this happened and she tried to move. But she just heard rattling of chains, looking up she could see her wrists in chains. She could only moan as she realised that her ankles where also chained.

began to move up and down the cock as fast as she could wanting more slurping the Indian cock as she went. As she sucked one of her hands was at her pussy and began to finger herself and play with her pussy rings. Her own cock was rock hard but she waited to use it on the Indian architect. Satya cried out in pleasure and annoyance at this, this was too chaotic for her liking. Her mind buzzed as she tried to register the sensations she was feeling. The emotion's she was feeling, too chaotic, not orderly but felt right. She was confused, so confused about this sensation. It felt good.

"Hanna stop this please… I ... I cannot take it!" Satya begged. "Ahhhh..." she cried out.

Her pussy juices and sperm then came out. smiled and drank the white liquid with ease.

"Mmmmm tasty," the Korean idol said liking her fingers.

"Please… no moree…." Satya begged.

"Don't you want order in the world?" asked getting her attention.

"Y...yes but… I..I.." she muttered but moved in and kissed the Indian girl on the lips.

"Don't worry, you can. But you must join us first."


Widowmaker then entered and looked down at Satya with a smile. "So that you can crate a world of order."

The blue sniper then unzipped the lower part of her bodysuit and a cock came out making the Indian architect look at it in fear. But she didn't have much of a chance to complain as the cock was shoved into her mouth. The sniper smiled as slid a blue condom on then placed her own cock at Satya's lower mouth and slid it in making her yelp. She moaned as the two began to move their hips forcing their cocks into her. She began to gag with widowmaker's cock in her mouth, she thought of biting down but for some reason she couldn't, her mouth betrayed her. Her tongue moved around the cock in her mouth.

"Ahhh good." the French futa smiled as she moved her hips forcefully.

Satya had no choice but to suck on the cock. As she did a woman in white latex cam up with a tray in hand. She didn't see what was on it but set it to one side, the woman then picked up what Satya clearly knew as a piercing device. The woman then set it onto her nipple and the Indian architect tired to shake her head but the sniper held her head in place while thrusting. The woman the pulled the trigger on the device making Satya cry out as the woman then inserted a nipple bar into the hole. She then did the same to her other, then her belly button, then her clit. Each time the needle went into her she not only cried in pain but pleasure.

Her mind buzzed with this sensation, it was strange, disorderly but felt right like it belonged. The cock in her throat began to move faster as was the cock in her pussy. The mix of pleasure and pain made her mind buzz like no tomorrow. She enjoyed it and that made her very confused. How could something that stir so many chaotic feelings inside? Widowmaker then came into her throat forcing her to gag as she drank the white milk inside of her.

When the sniper withdrew her cock some of the sperm came out of her mouth and fell onto the floor.

"Ooooo w… why…?" she asked in a daze but neither Widowmaker or answered.

withdrew her own cock and slid off the condom, she then placed the open end into her mouth and tipped her head back drinking her own cum. Once she did she then looked at Saya with a smile and a wink. Just then the Indian's mouth was then forced open by a plastic ball being forced into her mouth. She had no choice but to open and accept it into her mouth. She was then blindfolded and headphones where put over her ears making and Widowmaker smile.

"She'll be one of us soon." said.

"Indeed she will." Widowmaker said as she walked round and slid her cock into the Indian's pussy.

Satya grunted into the gag as she was son getting fucked again, this time it was raw.

"Ahh this feels so much better." the blue sniper said as she thrusted into the Indian architect.

As this happened just watched with a smile and stroked her cock. She licked her lips as she slowly stroked it in time with Widow's thrust movement. The two began to moan as they began to move slowly at first with sighs and pleasured sounds. The two moved faster and faster in time with each other. As they did Widowaker grabbed onto 's collar and pulled her in and locked lips with her. The two wrapped their tongues around each other as the sniper fucked the Indian as hard as she could. As they made out Amile took 's pierced nipple and pulled it making the Korean Idol brake the kiss moan out loud in pleasure.

The mix of pain and pleasure shot though her like lightning and she came. Her cum landed on Satya's legs and hips before she fell to her knees. As she did Widow pushed her lightly back onto the floor. She then used her high heeled foot to move her cock from side to side.

"Naughty girl, cumming before I do." she said.

"Sorry mistress, but I felt so good." defended.

"No sorry's about it. I'll punish you later." Widowmaker said as she came into Satya.


Satya looked at herself in the mirror after the brainwashing was done. She wore a latex variant of her original outfit but with her breasts hanging out of the outfit. A glowing blue chain connected her nipple rings together which she got after the brainwashing. She also had her robotic arm replaced with a black latex like one that made her arm look as if it was in a black latex glove. Her body was changed to help her mistress and now she could. She turned to see strapped to a bed with a dildo inside her pussy which vibrated making her wiggle and move. But she couldn't do anything due to the gag in her mouth.

But she could see a strap around the Korean's cock preventing her from cumming. As she watched Widomaker then came up.

"Well, who would you like to do?" she asked.