The Malfoy's Daughter.

Summary: Narcissa always wanted a daughter. Once she hears rumors of an abused girl in need of help, she decides to act. AU. Fem. Harry. Good Narcissa.

Chapter 1. Narcissa's Plot

Malfoy manor, somewhere in the wizarding world.

Narcissa was sitting in chair in her study reading a book she'd found in her husband's library earlier the same day while he was at the ministry doing whatever he did there. She didn't care much what he did these days. She didn't have much love left for the man she married many years ago. She did have a child with the man but that was six years ago. She loved her son Draco with all her heart and she also hoped he would never follow his father's footsteps and become a deatheater. Lucius Malfoy was the lord of the house and she had only married into the family through forced marriage contract between the Malfoys and the Blacks.

She had been reading for almost two hours when she heard her husband burst through the doors to the house in a rage she'd seen too much of lately. For some reason she didn't understand, he was drunk and angry more often than not these days. It usually ended up being her fault. She put the book away and went out of her study, put on her best pokerface and down to the hall to greet him.

As she descended down the stairs he took one look at her and scowled. "Where have you been you wench?" he asked with an angry tone. She tried her best to keep a straight face. He reeked of alcohol, his hair was a mess and he looked like he had been in a fight because he had a black eye and around it was swollen. She tried to help him over to the sitting room but he refused and wobbled over to his chair by himself. She just looked at him as he nearly fell on the floor before he sat down in his usual chair in front of the fireplace. "He probably deserved it." She thought before calling for the house elf. "Dobby!"

A second later a soft *Pop* could be heard as the elf responded to the summons. "Yes Mistress Malfoy?" Dobby said. He was one of the many house elves that served the Malfoy family. "Dobby, please bring my husband a bottle of wine from the kitchen and a bag of ice for his eye, apparently he has been out fighting with that Weasley man again." I'll be in my study should he need me. That is all." She said.

Just before she closed the door to her study she heard her husband's shout and a bottle crashing in the wall as he had probably thrown it she assumed. She sat down in her reading chair, found her book and continued where she let off earlier. It was her favorite spot in the manor, the only place she could relax or get away from her loud and annoying husband's drunken rants. She came to a part in the book that said something about the Dark Lord that had supposedly died six years ago, killed by the little Potter girl. The same girl who had somehow survived the killing curse. It had never happened before. The Dark Lord had been out hunting down the Potter family as he hated them with every fiber in his bones. When he finally managed to find them through with the help of a coward of a man called Peter Pettigrew he had been ecstatic, brought with him one of his most trusted death eater members, Severus Snape and gone over to the last known location of the Potter's home, Godric's Hollow and killed off the whole family except the little baby girl Isabella Potter. From that day on the girl was known as 'The-Girl-Who-Lived'

She did not know what happened to the girl after that. Rumors had it that she was placed in a home of her mother's sister in London.

Narcissa suddenly found herself interested in the girl, she didn't quite know why but she was curious about the little girl who managed to best one of the strongest wizards at the time. She decided to find out more about this Potter girl. The more she read the more horrified she became. She read articles in newspapers from muggle London about a six year old girl that has been found abused, beaten to an inch of her life several times by some sort of blunt weapon. Reading further into the article she also discovered several older cases that had been reported to the authorities through the years but none had been taken care of due to 'lack evidence'.

There was also another incident from just a few weeks ago about the girl's relatives trip to a local zoo were there had been a snake which had managed to get out of it's cage and run away. All the muggles had run wild but when the chaos had settled the young Potter girl was found just outside the snake's cage with another big Boa Constrictor that she seemingly sat there talking calmly as if they were long lost friends. 'I wonder if she might be a Parseltounge.' she thought. After a few minutes of thinking, she came to a conclusion. 'I'm going to save this girl. There's no way I'm going to stand idly by and watch a six year old girl being abused like that like it was no big deal. It was one thing being badly treated by her husband but beating a six year old girl that had no way of defending herself was inexcusable. Something had to be done. 'My only concern is where I can safely have the girl placed without Lucius finding out about it. He'd be raging mad and maybe even threaten to kill me. But then again, he doesn't need to know. I could simply have her live at one of the other less frequently used Malfoy houses near Diagon Alley.'

With that, Narcissa Malfoy started making plans on how to safely rescue the Potter girl from her horrible relatives.