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"I just have to tell you, it feels great to be believed in!" Jack grinned at Tooth. They were out collecting teeth, not because they needed to, just because Tooth wanted to be out in the field again and Jack had been bored. Ever since Jamie had believed in Jack and the Guardians had defeated Pitch, Jack had spent more of his time convincing children he was real. It usually just took the same few tricks, writing on windowpanes, snowing in bedrooms, unexplained floating snowballs. He had felt as though he was falling into a routine and had volunteered to help Tooth in order to escape it.

Tooth smiled at him from the other side of the sleeping child's bed. "I'm really glad you're happy, Jack." Her eyes got a glossy sheen and she leaned closer, a look of amazement on her face. "And you have such beautiful teeth…"

And that was the downside of spending time with Tooth: her obsession with teeth. Well, more her obsession with his teeth.

He yawned hugely. "Well, would you look at the time? It's getting really late and I've got a snowstorm to cause in a few hours. I should really get going."

Tooth nodded absentmindedly, her attention back on the sleeping child. "Goodnight, Jack."

"Bye, Tooth." He tipped an imaginary hat at her, grabbed his staff and leaped out the window, allowing the wind to carry him home.

It was cold outside, colder than she'd expected. She pulled her coat tighter around herself and trudged on, guided by the bright light of the moon. It couldn't be much farther now.

She'd first seen the lights when she was too little to understand them, glimmering in the air like a curtain. Everyone had laughed when she asked if they were made by dragons. Even she didn't know why she thought dragons made the northern lights, it had just made sense to her young mind. And now that she was seventeen years old, she still held onto that belief that there was more than meets the eye in everything. She still believed in magic.

That was why she was out in the snow in the dead of night. She wanted to go into the woods where the houses of the little town wouldn't block her view of the Northern Lights. Usually she would just watch them from her bedroom but tonight the radiance of the moon drew her out. She wanted to climb to the highest limbs of a tree and watch the dancing colors for hours.

Soon she came across a frozen pond and her eyes found the perfect tree and lost no time in scrambling up it. The night was cloudless and she felt as though she could reach out and touch the stars, as though she were infinite. She no longer felt the cold. A gentle breeze tussled her long, dark hair and she felt at peace as she never had in her entire life.

She was the oldest orphan at the orphanage with only one year left before she was released into the world, entirely on her own. She had lived in the orphanage since she was four years old; no one had ever considered adopting the dark haired child who lived in a world of her own. And so she had grown up an outsider. No one was cruel to her, but she was never truly accepted anywhere and she had been content to simply look on.

She preferred to observe the world than interact with it. She was one of those who always looked for the magic in everything. And oftentimes, she found it.