One day at rydell high school izzy and the pink ladies are hanging out at the sitting area at the sports field then Stephanie said " girls this is izzy johnnys sister we need to take care of her until Johnny comes to us" then paullette said "'oh wait that's the izzy oh my god I have heard so much about you Johnny tells us that you are like a blessing to him " then after two hours of gossiping and giving izzy a rebellion like make over they hid her as Johnny walked up with his group and said " guys nohad you seen izzy I am talking her to a diner she never been to one wait where did she go omg you lost her " as the pink ladies reaveal Izzy rebellion like look he smiled and on the way to the diner he noticed her reading something that was not for her age and said "the guys put that in there that might be affensive to you because you are a girl " izzy said " I don't mind this is a gift from dad he says that I need to look like this when I'm your age " then Johnny said " hold on we're going to be a little bit faster " as they bolt to the diner he noticed her wearing a bike helmet with flames on it and took it of her and put it on the bike and said " you know you can't wear that on a motorcycle got " she nodded her head and he saw her rebel smile as they put on there shades and he said " I teached you well my little sister " and as they walked towards the front door someone pushed in front and izzy done karate on the total stranger and said " next time you see me and my brother think twice pushing I front of us got short stack " and the stranger nodded his head and Johnny and izzy strides into the diner he said " who taught you karate izzy that was awesome " izzy said " self taught " and after she returned to school and they were separated by the classes and after her first test at lunch Johnny and the two groups noticed that Izzy was carrying a piece of paper and Johnny said " hey izzy izzy listen to me Isabel " then izzy said " yes " then he said what is that in your hands " then Stephanie snatched the paper and said " she got an a++++ on her Henry the 8th six wives Johnny she passed her first test of high school " then Johnny looked up to izzy not there then he looked to his right where the door to the lockers are and found her trying to escape and ran after her while yelling " izzy you get back here right now or I'm going to spank you good " then he saw izzy reach into her locker and pull out a birthday gift and said " happy 15th birthday Johnny " then he opened it to reaval a picture of them on his first day of high school and hugged her smiling and he said " I can't believe that you remembered my birthday when I have to remind you on the night before it " then they saw the others laughing saying " he forgot his own birthday " then Ozzie pulled out knife and said " ok keep laughing there will be a hole in your thoughts now shut up " then they stopped laughing and ran off and Johnny hugged her tightly and she " Johnny I can't breathe " then he immediately untightned his arms and said hey "want to go bowling tonight "