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Also random thought, but if Zetsu would eat any kind of plant, wouldn't that be cannibalism?

Akatsuki pt.2 (Deidara, Sasori and Zetsu)

Deidara, why is that when you smell something you like, you start to drool an awful lot. You need to stop as it is an annoyance and hindrance.

Zetsu, we would appreciate if you don't spy on the other members when they are doing private matters, such as showering and/or indulging in lust.

We also don't want you eating our grunts, even if they annoy you, Zetsu. They are needed for the manual labour we are too lazy to do.

Sasori, could you explain why you are creating dolls who resemble myths/legends or characters from shows? We would like you to cease the production of said names. We have gotten complains from allies that you are using your doll, Annabelle, to scare them.

You should also cease from bringing your doll named Billy and asking if they want to "play a game" in a gravelly and mysterious voice… It's creepy and weird.

Zetsu, we need you to stop trying to eat Hidan. We do not care that you're curios to how an immortal lunatic tastes like.

Making your attacks into explosion is fine, but not your excrement, Deidara. It is unnecessary and it gets costly as we have to replace your toilet often.

Sasori, you need to cease messing with Deidara with your chakra threads.

Deidara, your art gallery has failed for the umpteenth time. It is time to stop as it won't work.

Zetsu, you need to stop attacking, killing, and eating other cannibals for the sole reason of claiming the title of 'the number one cannibal in the Elemental Nations'. We need you to stay hidden and act covertly.

As with Deidara's 'art gallery', Sasori you are not allowed to have an art gallery. Your's is just plain disturbing, you have bodies on display. Enough said.

Zetsu, stop with your unhealthy obsession of your 'mother'. You don't have one, you're artificially made…

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