Years have passed since Theresa and Ethan have gotten married. They are now living happily ever after in Harmony with their children, Little Ethan, Jane, and Jonathan. Theresa and Ethan decided after the wedding they would start to raise the children and enjoy married life before they have another child.

Little Ethan now 17 just got his driver's license, Jane is 10 and Jonathan is 7. The house is quiet considering everyone is home.

It is a Saturday morning and Ethan is reading the paper with a cup of coffee. Little Ethan comes into the kitchen and turns on the television and the news is on.


ETHAN: Hey buddy, what are you up too today?

LITTLE ETHAN: I was wondering if I could borrow the car today.

ETHAN: I have to check with your mother but I don't see why not. She's still sleeping if you want to make her breakfast you may get a definite yes.

LITTLE ETHAN: Good idea. I need to get my practice before I start Culinary School. (Little Ethan opens the fridge and grabs the ingredients to make omelets)

ETHAN: Your a shoe in. You've always been an amazing chef! What kind of eggs you making?

LITTLE ETHAN: Moms favorite, spinach with feta cheese omelet. (He says as he starts cracking eggs)

ETHAN: Can you make me one too?

LITTLE ETHAN: You already said yes to me borrowing the car so why make you one? (He says smiling)

ETHAN: In that case I take it back now convince me. (Ethan says jokingly tossing a towel at his son.)

LITTLE ETHAN: You got it dad. (He says catching the towel and starts to make the food for his parents.)

Ethan puts down the paper and turns up the news.

NEWSCASTER: In other news Gwen and Rebecca Hotchkiss have been released from Harmony prison today after completing their 3 year sentence.

LITTLE ETHAN: (shocked) Oh boy.

ETHAN: It's alright sport she can't hurt us anymore.

LITTLE ETHAN: It doesn't mean she won't try. My money is on she hasn't changed one bit.

ETHAN: I agree with you.

LITTLE ETHAN: Hopefully mom will be up soon, I have plans.

ETHAN: Let her be this news may scare her. I don't want her finding out until she's well rested. (Ethan looks up not knowing how this will affect his wife.)

Upstairs Theresa wakes up and looks around at the clock and sees 9:15 am on the clock, she walks into the bathroom and turns on the water in the sink. She looks at herself in the mirror.

THERESA: I look terrible! (she says out loud) These bags under my eyes, I can barely sleep and I'm always exhausted. It's like the time I was- (she pauses and her eyes widen) pregnant! Could I be? (She runs into the bedroom and grabs her cell phone and looks at the dates.) Oh my God! (she says covering her hand on her mouth)I'm a week and a half late. (she goes under the sink and starts rummaging through the cabinet and finds a EPT pregnancy test from 2 months back when she thought she was pregnant but was upset to see Not Pregnant. She takes out the test and opens it.) 99.9 % sure. Let's see. (She takes the test and sets it down, she is too excited to wait and just stares at the hour glass, after 30 seconds it happens the word Pregnant shows up. She squeaks with delight and covers her mouth.) I'm pregnant!

Gwen and Rebecca check into the Harmony Motel since Jonathan cut them off after they were charged with attempted murder, obstruction of justice and blackmail. They had very little money from Gwen's trust fund and they needed to get jobs soon.

REBECCA: Can you believe only 1 lousy news crew to greet us as we are released. Now what do we do?

GWEN: (Gwen falls down on the bed and sighs) Let's just embrace the fact that we are out of jail.

REBECCA: We would have been out sooner if your ex-husband didn't push for us to serve our entire sentence with no possibility of parole.

GWEN: Well what do you expect look what we did!

REBECCA: Oh dear has prison softened you?

GWEN: Mother, you have got to be kidding me. I was so clouded on winning Ethan that I conspired with Juanita to have Pilar and her family killed. Now before you say anything I know you hated her and don't care but she really is a sweet woman. Things just got out of hand.

REBECCA: Oh my poor Gwennie, I will tell you how prison has changed me. I used to just be consumed with money and sleeping my way to the top but now I say screw fancy clothes, screw jewels, limousines and sitting on gold thrones. Don't get me wrong I want the money and all that stuff back but I am going to run this town one way or another then comes the bling bling maybe with a nice 23 year old pool boy. (Starts to fan herself)

GWEN: Do what you want just keep me out of it.

REBECCA: You really are no fun.

GWEN: I don't wanna be fun my son Jonathan is being raised by Ethan and Theresa, I am not allowed to be 500 feet near him. I want my son, I want a family, a man who loves me and not a marriage based on lies.

REBECCA: Alright well I'm gonna into town and enjoy my freedom.

GWEN: Go ahead I am gonna take a bath and enjoy being out of jail. (Gwen walks into the bathroom and sees the tub. Years ago she would scoff at how ordinary it is but now she's just happy not to be fighting 20 other woman for a hot shower. She fills the tub up and climbs in she places a wet wash cloth on her face and soaks in the tub for 30 minutes. While she lays there her last moments she had with the people of Harmony flash in her mind, everyone yelling at her, calling her names, calling her out for all of the horrible things she did that she isn't allowed to see her son, little Jonathan. It ended when Theresa's face flashed in her head. Then something happened that she never thought would happen. She felt guilt and she started to cry. She gets out and goes to the vanity mirror and stares at herself) If I want to make things right I have to somehow apologize to everyone I hurt, Sheridan, Pilar, Sam, Ivy, Ethan and especially Theresa. Hopefully no one will smack me. Today is the first day of the rest of your life Gwen Hotchkiss, you have a clean slate and things will get better. First I am gonna take a nap in an actual bed, no more cots with paper thin sheets. Here's to a thread count. (Gwen says as she runs and jumps on the bed rolling around enjoying her freedom.

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