Theresa and Sarah appear back in Tabitha's living room, Sarah looks around still a little scared but overjoyed to be in a warm house instead of a cold cell. Theresa holds her close.

SARAH: Are we safe?

THERESA: We are back and you are never going to that place ever again.

SARAH: Promise?

THERESA: I promise. (Sarah hugs her) I'm going to call your parents and have them meet me at my house.

SARAH: I get to meet my parents now?

THERESA: Of course but what do you say we surprise them?

SARAH: I'd like that.

THERESA: I'm going to call your father now.

Theresa takes out her cell phone and calls Ethan first the phone rings twice and he picks up.

ETHAN: Sweetie where have you been I've been calling you over and over and your phone kept going to voicemail. (Sarah smiles at hearing her fathers voice for the first time, she puts her hand over her mouth)

THERESA: It's a long story let's just say I fell into a spell.

ETHAN: Oh boy.

THERESA: I have something important to talk to you and Gwen about can you have her come over to our house and I'll be right over.

ETHAN: Of course I'll call her right now.

THERESA: I love you.

ETHAN: I love you too. (She hangs up)

SARAH: Was that my Daddy?

THERESA: Yes it was.

SARAH: He sounds so nice.

THERESA: He is wonderful. What do you say we head over there so you can meet him.

SARAH: I think I should clean up a bit I don't want to meet my parents looking all dirty.

THERESA: Of course, let's head upstairs you can use Tabitha's bathroom.

SARAH: You don't think she would mind?

THERESA: Not at all let's go. (They walk upstairs and go into the bathroom Theresa turns the light on but Sarah jumps at the sound of the click Theresa holds her close) I'm going to give you some privacy I'll be right here outside the door.

SARAH: Thank you for being so kind too me.

THERESA: You are quite welcome. (Theresa smiles at her and closes the door)

Sarah washes her face and looks at herself in the mirror and starts to cry. Theresa hears this in the hallway and runs in.

THERESA: It's alright sweetie I know this is a big adjustment, but I'll help you.

SARAH: You don't understand I am crying because I am happy. (They hug again Theresa picks up the brush and begins to brush the knots out of Sarah's hair) How do I look?

THERESA: You are just darling you have your father's eyes and your mothers smile.

SARAH: Really! Do you think they'll like me?

THERESA: Absolutely, they're going to love you now let's go meet them. (They rush out the door)

Kay and Tabitha are in the living room while Fox lay there with his machines still beeping.

KAY: We did it we got him out.

TABITHA: We sure did.

KAY: What now though you heard Alistair he's brain dead. Will we ever get him back?

TABITHA: There's a way however it's tricky.

KAY: How?

TABITHA: I could help and fix Fox with my powers however bringing someone back too life will take an innocent life. You see dear I don't want to do that.

KAY: What's the other way?

TABITHA: There is always one witch in every generation who possess the ability to bring someone back too life.

KAY: Really. Could it be me?

TABITHA: It could be you, Jessica or Charity. It's called Vitalum Vitalis and it's the ability to bring a soul back from the dead. We need to get them here too see if one of you possesses that ability.

KAY: What happens if we can't?

TABITHA: Then I'm afraid we won't be able too bring him back or I can do it and risk an innocent life being killed.

KAY: I'll call them now.

TABITHA: Just know this Kay if you or your sisters try these tests there is no turning back. Some witches have died attempting this type of magic.

KAY: If it means we get to save Fox we have to at least try.

TABITHA: So be it get the girls and I'll call Esmeralda she can help us. (A tear falls down Kay's cheek) Don't worry dear we'll save him.

KAY: I know we will it's just that I feel so guilty for how everything ended up. I am so happy with Miguel but I can't help feeling that it's my fault Fox is dead.

TABITHA: You and Miguel finally realized through everything that you are meant too be. It is no way your fault. (Kay hugs Tabitha)

KAY: I'll call Charity and Jess.

TABITHA: Everything will be alright Kay I swear it.

KAY: Thanks Tabitha.

Theresa and Sarah get to the house and peek through the window too see Gwen and Ethan in the living room. Sarah looks in and smiles from ear to ear.

THERESA: Wait here for one minute. (Sarah smiles as Theresa gives a reassuring hug then she walks in Ethan runs up and gives him a hug)

ETHAN: I was worried sick.

GWEN: Are you alright?

THERESA: I've never been better and I have a surprise for you both of you. Please sit and I'll explain. The bad part first, Alistair is alive.

ETHAN: You're kidding me.

GWEN: Will that man ever die?

THERESA: I agree but he was holding Fox who is also still alive.

ETHAN: Fox still alive?

THERESA: Yes that was Kay and Tabitha's super-secret magic mission. Well I went over to wish them luck and I kind of tripped and fell into the spell and went with them.

GWEN: Oh my God that must have been terrible.

THERESA: It was but mainly because we got separated and I was alone and in a type of dungeon.

ETHAN: A dungeon? What the hell is wrong with that man?

THERESA: That's not it I found something and that's the reason why I wanted Gwen here too because I found someone in a cell in the dungeon and when I met them I knew exactly who it was and I want you to meet her now. (Theresa walks over to the door and opens it and in walks Sarah, Ethan looks confused and Gwen smiles at first) Ethan, Gwen this is your daughter Sarah. (Gwen's smile drops as she can't believe what she's hearing or seeing, Ethan smiles gets up and walks over to her and embraces her seeing the resemblance to him)

ETHAN: You're alive.

SARAH: Daddy! (Ethan beings to cry tears of joy while the news finally sinks into Gwen and she slowly stands up.)

GWEN: Sarah? My precious baby girl. (Sarah smiles)

SARAH: Mommy! (Sarah runs up and her and Gwen embrace both sobbing for all the years lost, but also sobbing for all the years they get to have together. Theresa smiles)

GWEN: Theresa you brought my baby back too me.

THERESA: I brought her back to us. (Ethan and Theresa walk over to them and form a group hug) Now our family is complete.

GWEN: Thank you Theresa, thank you so much. (They all embrace)

Grace and Ivy sit in Sam's living room waiting for him. He called them and said that he wants too talk about his decision.

IVY: You have no idea how nervous I am.

GRACE: I think I have an idea.

IVY: I know we both love Sam but I have just really enjoyed getting to know you better, and not in the conniving underhanded way. I am so happy we are really becoming friends.

GRACE: I agree but I have to say we aren't still becoming friends we are friends. (They smile at each other)

IVY: I'm so happy you said that.

GRACE: It's the truth I'm not thrilled with the circumstances but I'm very happy of the outcome. (They both laugh as Sam walks in)

SAM: Sorry to keep you waiting ladies but I'm glad too see you are getting along.

IVY: So are we but Sam we have to address the elephant in the room.

GRACE: Yes what have you decided?

SAM: It isn't that simple.

IVY: Come on Sam you can't keep us on the hold like this.

GRACE: We have real emotions and you are trying to play us both.

SAM: That isn't my intention. It's just with Juanita and Carlos's trial and Jared's trial I've been so crazy with preparing for that I haven't had time to really sit down and think about things. Can you understand that?

GRACE: It is understandable.

IVY: I suppose it is but how long Sam?

SAM: I promise you both I will have an answer after the trials are over.

GRACE: Don't drag your feet Sam or else you won't like what comes next. (Ivy's eyes widen in shock at Grace's words)

SAM: I know ladies I want to make sure I make a decision on a clear head.

IVY: We will be waiting Sam. (Ivy stands up looking unaffected) Grace what do you say we go to the B&B and have a drink. (Sam looks confused at this new friendship)

GRACE: Sounds lovely. (They both begin to leave smiling and joking with each other. Sam is dumbfounded)

SAM: What the hell just happened?

Sarah tells her parents what happened to her

Kay, Charity and Jess take the ultimate test

Grace shows Ivy some magic

Stay tuned

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