Gwen is crying tears of joy while she stares at Sarah scared that if she looks away this whole thing will be a dream.

GWEN: I can't believe it my sweet angel you are alive.

ETHAN: It's a miracle.

SARAH: If it wasn't for Theresa I'd still be trapped there.

THERESA: You are home with your family now and we are all going to keep you safe.

GWEN: Theresa the word thank you isn't enough I owe you everything.

THERESA: All I did was help make our family complete. You don't owe me a thing. (Gwen walks over to Theresa and hugs her they both cry)

Ethan goes to hug Sarah but she jumps from being startled.

ETHAN: It's alright.

SARAH: I'm sorry Daddy.

ETHAN: I didn't mean to startle you.

SARAH: I know it's just all so new being free.

GWEN: Tell us what happened to you sweetheart? (Sarah looks down) I'm sorry when you are ready.

SARAH: No it's alright I should tell you. I was telling Theresa that I used to have my own bedroom with a beautiful bookcase filled with books about different adventures. I used to dream about being a princess and the prince would come and rescue me.

THERESA: Did you ever leave that room?

SARAH: No I had my own bathroom and my meals were served to me by a nice man named Ben. He was the only one who showed me kindness. Not like the bad man.

GWEN: The bad man?

THERESA: That had to be Alistair.

ETHAN: How was he mean to you?

SARAH: He would come into my room and yell at me that I was bad and my parents didn't want me and that's why they gave me too him. If I cried or showed sadness he would -he would- (She starts to sob, she clings to Ethan)

ETHAN: It's alright we can talk more about it later.

GWEN: (whispers to Theresa) I'm gonna find that man and kill him with my bare hands.

THERESA: I'd be happy to let you use the Crane jet but let's just enjoy your angel being home and we'll punish him later.

GWEN: You're right but that son of bitch will pay for this!

THERESA: He will.

SARAH: I am getting tired.

ETHAN: Well sweetheart you can go sleep in the guest room. Well come to think of it that will be your bedroom

SARAH: Thank you Daddy. (She turns to Gwen who embraces her) Goodnight Mom.

GWEN: You rest darling and we'll catchup tomorrow.

THERESA: I have an idea, what if your mom stayed here tonight.

GWEN: Really are you sure?

THERESA: Of course, and I'll make breakfast tomorrow for everyone.

SARAH: I feel like I'm in a dream and if it is, I don't want to wake up.

ETHAN: Well Theresa why don't you take Sarah up and show her, her bedroom.

SARAH: Mom can you come too?

GWEN: Of course (they go up the stairs and take her into the bedroom)

SARAH: It so beautiful.

THERESA: You can decorate it any way you like. Remember you are going to have two bedrooms one here and one at your mom's house too.

GWEN: That's right. (Sarah hugs her)

SARAH: I'm going to lie down now.

GWEN: Do you want us to stay?

SARAH: No that's alright. (Gwen kisses her on the forehead) Will you come back and check on me later?

GWEN: Of course.

THERESA: Goodnight Sarah.

SARAH: Goodnight and thank you for finding me.

THERESA: Anytime. (She smiles and they hug, her and Gwen start to leave and turn off the light and shut the door) Goodnight.

SARAH: Can you leave the door open?

THERESA: Of course. (She leaves the door open)

They start to walk down the hallway Gwen can't control her emotions anymore and starts to cry tears of happiness but also tears of pain for all of the years she missed with her daughter.

GWEN: Thank you for bringing her back to us.

THERESA: Gwen, I know over the years we weren't very kind to one another, but one thing remains clear. I never wanted anything bad too happen to you, I know we can never erase the events that led up to Sarah's "death" and when I found her, I couldn't believe who I was staring at.

GWEN: Why would Alistair do this?

THERESA: I have no idea for some sick thrill.

GWEN: If I ever see him face to face again, I won't hesitate in killing him.

THERESA: I have other plans.

GWEN: What are you going to do?

THERESA: The less you know the better. (They smile at each other)

GWEN: You know what Theresa when you are bad you are too good. (They high five each other)

Ivy and Grace are at the B&B sitting around and laughing while drinking some wine.

GRACE: I still can't get over the look on Sam's face.

IVY: It's like he wants us to hate each other.

GRACE: I know he always wanted us to get along and when we do he's shocked. I know he says he loves us both but come on.

IVY: I just know that at this point if he were to pick you I would be ok as long as we are still friends.

GRACE: I couldn't agree more.

IVY: I just wish I knew what he was thinking.

GRACE: Me too.

IVY: It's alright, what do you say we got out to lunch. I would love some Clam chowder from the Harmony Heights Restaurant.

GRACE: Well if you want I can bring it to us.

IVY: You can do that?

GRACE: Of course after all I am a witch. (she raises her glass)

IVY: Of that sounds lovely. (They clink glasses together)

GRACE: Maybe I'll bring in some other things too.

IVY: I can't wait to see this.

Grace puts her glass down and closes her eyes, she waves her hands and the dining room table once empty if filled with food and a waiter is standing in front of them.

WAITER: What just happened?

GRACE: Maybe I overdid it a little. (She covers her mouth laughing)

IVY: Just a tad. (They laugh)

GRACE: It just goes to show you don't drink and conjure. (They fall over laughing)

Tabitha, Kay, Charity, and Jessica are in the living room and Tabitha has just filled in the girls about the upcoming test.

TABITHA: I wish Esmeralda could've made it but there was a huge witches council meeting that she couldn't get out of.

KAY: So we just do the tests without her.

TABITHA: We will but just remember these tests are no joke some witches have died while trying to perform them but I won't let you die.

CHARITY: That is comforting.

JESSICA: We'll be ok.

TABITHA: Now there is only one witch that has the ability to perform all of these tasks and she is the most powerful witch around and she is known as the supreme.

KAY: The supreme that has a nice ring to it.

TABITHA: Let's get going shall we.

The test is underway and the girls go through Telekinesis, Concilium and Pyrokinesis with ease. But Jessica cannot get through Transmutation so it's down to Charity and Kay. Charity and Kay both can't get through Divination.

KAY: Well now what?

TABITHA: None of you are the supreme.

KAY: What about our mom?

TABITHA: Grace is powerful but I know for a fact that there are certain wonders she cannot do.

CHARITY: Maybe the supreme isn't in Harmony.

TABITHA: No I can feel her power she is definitely here in the area.

JESSICA: But who can it be.

Just then the door opens and standing in the doorway is Endora holding EJ's hand

TABITHA: Endora?

ENDORA: Hi Mom we really need to talk to you.

TABITHA: Could it be?

Theresa tells Julian what Alistair has been up to

Endora tells her mother about being pregnant

Tabitha tells Endora about the test.

Stay tuned

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