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Julian is sitting in Theresa and Ethans living room in shock. Theresa is rocking Liam to sleep.

THERESA: I didn't actually see him, I got all of the details from Kay but yes he was holding Fox on life support and wanted Kay and Tabitha to magically switch there brains so he could start his reign of terror all over again.

JULIAN: You can't be serious!

THERESA: I wish I wasn't.

JULIAN: That stubborn old man. That means Fox-

THERESA: He is brain dead Julian I am sorry but Kay and Tabitha are going to try and reverse it.

JULIAN: Can they do that?

THERESA: If anyone can they can!

JULIAN: I hope it works I would to see Nicholas alive and well again.

THERESA: Me too is one of the good ones!

JULIAN: Thank you for telling me Theresa.

THERESA: You got Julian but if I were you I would check that place you are keeping him from top to bottom. He had Fox and Sarah hidden who know who else is there!

JULIAN: You make a good point dear I will go at once.

THERESA: If you find anything or anyone else let me know.

JULIAN: I will and congratulations again he is very handsome. (He leaves)

Endora is standing in her living room holding onto EJ's hand and is puzzled.

TABITHA: Could it be?

ENDORA: Could what be?

TABITHA: Dear we have to talk about something important.

ENDORA: I agree but can I go first?

TABITHA: Of course.

ENDORA: You may want to sit down. (Tabitha glares at her and EJ)

TABITHA: Alright. (She sits)

ENDORA: Mama I am pregnant. (Tabitha's eyes widen, Kay, Charity and Jessica all gasp) Now I know this is a shock but I love him Mom and he loves me. I saw the future and everything is going to turn out great.

TABITHA: But you – he – you – I!.

KAY: Tabitha it's alright.

TABITHA: I don't know whether to jump for joy or cry.

ENDORA: Please jump for joy I am so excited and ready to be a mom.

CHARITY: You are glowing. (Tabitha's head snaps and she glares at Charity)

JESSICA: Too soon Charity!

CHARITY: Well she is (Tabitha squints her eyes) Ok I'll stop. (She turns)

EJ: Ms. Lennox I just want to say that I am in love with your daughter and I will do anything for her and our baby.

KAY: Such a gentleman.

TABITHA: You are right Kay. Ok now that I have composed myself you are all right. Endora I am not thrilled with the timing but I see that you and Little Ethan here are in love and I know that you will be an amazing mother! (They hug)

ENDORA: Thanks grandma.

TABITHA: Don't push it dear. (Endora runs over to EJ and they hug and kiss)

ENDORA: What did you have to tell me?

TABITHA: You may be our coven's supreme witch.

ENDORA: Huh? What does that mean?

TABITHA: The supreme is the most powerful witch around. There are tests called the seven wonders and if you pass all of them you are then you will be recognized by the counsel.

ENDORA: Well now could I be?

TABITHA: Well Kay, Charity and Jessica couldn't get through all of them. I am no longer a witch but my powers were borrowed so I don't qualify.

ENDORA: Are the tests dangerous?

TABITHA: Some can be but if you are the supreme you should be able to breeze right through them.

ENDORA: Let's go then.

Gwen is in her living room just watching Sarah as she watches TV.

GWEN: Do you need anything Sarah?

SARAH: No I'm alright mom. You're staring.

GWEN: I'm sorry sweetheart I can't help it. Words can't express how overjoyed I am that you are here. (Sarah giggles)

SARAH: I understand Mom. (Gwen smiles from ear to ear. To hear this angel call her mom is amazing just then the door open and in walks Rebecca. Sarah jump and runs to Gwen and holds her tight)

REBECCA: Sorry, this dam door keeps getting stuck.

GWEN: It's alright sweetheart. (Rebecca see Gwen holding a little girl)

REBECCA: Who is this? (Sarah runs out of the room and up the stairs)

GWEN: Mother that was Sarah.


GWEN: Ethan and my daughter Sarah.

REBECCA: But I thought she was-

GWEN: Yes so did everyone else but it turns out Alistair took her and was holding her hostage. Until Theresa found her and brought her home to us.

REBECCA: Theresa brought her home. Dam.

GWEN: What?

REBECCA: When it comes to me and Theresa, we've been getting along really well but we also have this relationship where we can throw insults at each other but still stay civil. Bringing my granddaughter home just kind of makes me feel a little guiltier.

GWEN: I'm sure Theresa would want the banter to continue.

REBECCA: I am very grateful that she brought her home. Just don't tell her I said that.

GWEN: I won't. Now let's go meet your granddaughter.

REBECCA: Ok but can't we tell everyone I am her hot young aunt?


REBECCA: No fun! (They get to the bedroom door Gwen knocks lightly)

GWEN: Sweetheart? (She she's Sarah hiding under the covers) Oh darling it's alright. Momma's here. I would like for you too meet you grandmother. (Sarah slowly lowers the covers and looks at Rebecca with a sincere smile on her face)

REBECCA: I'm so sorry I startled you sweetie.

SARAH: I'm sorry I ran. (She sticks out her hand) Hi I'm Sarah.

REBECCA: Hi Sarah I'm your Grandma Rebecca. In public you can call me Rebecca.

GWEN: Mother!

REBECCA: I'm just kidding. (Sarah smiles and hugs her it takes Rebecca off guard but she smiles as a tear rolls down her cheek) Oh I am so happy you are back. We all love you very much.

SARAH: I love you all to.

Julian pays his father one final visit

Endora takes the seven wonders. Is she the supreme?

Jared's trial begins.

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