Endora still under Descensum has relived the same moment over and over and is about to give in and be lost.

ENDORA: I can't take it anymore. Stop moving EJ!

EJ: You have to reach me. (She still can't)

ENDORA: Why can't you just stay still!

EJ: Nothing is ever that easy.

ENDORA: I know that.

Back at Tabitha's. EJ is crouched on the floor holding Endora's hand.

EJ: Come on Endora you can do it.

TABITHA: She has to best this last trial. Time is almost up.

EJ: She can't leave us she has to come back.

CHARITY: She will.

KAY: We know she will.

EJ: Please Endora think of the baby. (He places his hand on her stomach)

Back to Endora. A tear rolls down her cheek as she feels warmth coming from her stomach.

EJ: If you just give up we can be together forever.

ENDORA: But this isn't my life. (Endora turns her back to EJ and looks over the ocean) I still have right now and the life we created. This is just my fear of losing you to magic and the outside world but no matter what happens if we can't be together than I at least have a piece of you. Our son. (She turns and looks at EJ and he looks angry as thunder growls loudly in the distance and his eyes turn black) I knew you weren't EJ this is just a test and you don't control me.

DARK EJ: You think you are strong enough to get out of here?

ENDORA: I know I am. (She extends her hand out as a white light shoots out and hits Dark EJ as he yells and then vanishes as a door appears behind him.) I knew I could do it. (The door opens on it's own and she can see her living room with EJ, her mom, Kay, Charity and Jessica all huddled around her body lying in the floor. She walks through the door and her eyes shoot open only EJ sees this)

EJ: Endora you're back! (He hugs her as tears of joy roll down his cheeks)

TABITHA: I knew you can do it.

ENDORA: It was hell.

KAY: I can imagine.

ENDORA: If it wasn't for you all and this little guy I don't think I would've made it.

TABITHA: Well it looks like my little girl here is the supreme!


Sampson is talking to Ethan, Gwen and Theresa.

SAMPSON: It appears they are going to call Theresa to the stand.


ETHAN: You were in a relationship and married to him

THERESA: Don't remind me!

ETHAN: So they are going to try and prove more that he is insane.

GWEN: Unbelievable.

THERESA: What do I do?

ETHAN: (his phone rings) Just answer the questions and don't try to outsmart Warren he is going to try and back you into a corner to make Jared look nuts just stay calm ok sweetheart. Let me grab this. (he runs out and takes the phone call)

GWEN: You can do it.

THERESA: Thanks Gwen. (Ethan runs back in with a look of shock on his face.) Ethan what's wrong.

ETHAN: One second. (He runs over to Sampson and whispers in his ear. Sampson's eyes widen. Ethan comes back to the girls as the judge enters before he can tell them what he found out.)

SAMPSON: Your honor may I request a sidebar? (The judge acknowledges, and the attorney's join him)

THERESA: Who called you?

ETHAN: It was Julian he is on his way here.

GWEN: What else you are shook.

ETHAN: Alistair is dead.

THERESA: He's finally gone.

GWEN: Good riddance but why do I feel like there is more.

ETHAN: Julian wants to testify he wouldn't tell me anymore, but it may be enough to blow there defense but he won't be here until tomorrow so Sampson is trying to get Julian added to the witness list. (He looks over and sees Warren arguing) It looks as if it's working Warren is pissed!

THERESA: Whatever it is it must have the Judges attention because he looks interested.

GWEN: Please I just want this nightmare over.

ETHAN: It will be soon.

The judge bangs the gavel as the attorney's make their way to their tables. Warren looks upset as he whispers to Jared as Sampson gives Ethan and the girls a thumbs up.

JUDGE WATKINS: Come to order. New evidence has been brought to the attention of the court so we will reconvene tomorrow morning at nine o'clock to give counsel time to go over everything. (He bangs the gavel as everyone rises and he walks out)

The next day

Everyone is back at there counsel benches. Ethan, Gwen and Theresa are back sitting together.

ETHAN: Where the hell is Julian?

THERESA: He'll be here.

GWEN: You know Julian he loves to make an entrance.

ETHAN: I hope he's not too late Watkins isn't a judge who ends a trial day to wait for someone just to have that someone be late the next day!

THERESA: He'll be here. (Just then the doors open and Julian comes in looking somber yet confident. He sees Ethan and walks right up too him and sits down) Thank God you're here Julian.

JULIAN: My apologies for being late but I had to make sure I got these bank records!

ETHAN: I thought Warren was going to send these out last night!

JULIAN: You know how he is.

GWEN: What do you mean?

ETHAN: He waited until the last possible second to send these as requested by the judge to give us as little time to prepare.

JULIAN: Don't worry though Watkins was notified and he was none too pleased to learn it!

(The judge walks in and sits at his bench)

JUDGE WATKINS: Good morning I take it both sides has had enough time to go over the new evidence that has come too light. Even with the stall tactics of the defense.

SAMPSON: It was trying but we have your honor.

WARREN: I do apologize your honor it wasn't intentional.

JUDGE WATKINS: I'm sure it wasn't counselor please call your next witness.

WARREN: The defense calls Theresa Bennett to the stand.

Next Time:

Theresa and Julian take the stand and the trial is brought to a close quicker than anyone expected!

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