In this story we are 4 years after Jess left to California, he and Rory haven't seen each other since then.

The story don't take into account what happened after Jess left, only a few things are similar to what really happened. Also Luke and Lorelai have been married for a year, Christopher never came back.

a little disclamer: obviously I don't own the characters and the background story but you already knew that.

[also english is still not my language so I apologize in advance for any mistake I might have made"

It's Still You.

CHAPTER 1: "My heart still breaks when I see him."

It was a beautiful sunny day in Stars Hollow, the perfect combination between warm and cold. The all town was reunited at the inn to meet to new member of the Danes-Gilmore family. Eliot Danes.

Among with the town we could recognize some known faces such as Emily and Richard Gilmore more than happy to welcome their great grandchild. Right behind the new born baby who was in the arms of his mother, we couldn't miss Kirk, Miss Patty and Babette as they weren't hidding their excitment.

Someone was watching the scene from afar. The relation between Rory and Lorelai has been complicated since she dropped out of Yale a few month ago, they were now on better terms that they were a couple months ago but it was nothing like they used to be

The arrival of Eliot had appeased the tensions quite a bit but not as much as Rory would have hoped. She was watching her mom carrying her new baby next to her husband, she saw her happy and complete. As Lorelai turned her face to Luke giving him the ultimate happy smile, Rory couldn't help but think to the one person who used to make her smile like that.

« You 're not gonna kill me. Think how dull your life would be without me. » Jess said with a smirk of his own. He turned roud to face her, letting Rory examine every detail of his face. Jess' eyes were beautiful and full of light when he was looking at her, she could see the difference she made. He had a beautiful smile that, she would never admit, was making her melt. He liked her, she could tell and she liked him too but was too afraid of her feelings.

Rory's memories slowly blurred as she saw a known silouhette entering the room.

« Jess » Rory said in her head.

She hasen't even thought that he would be there. Of course he would show up to meet his new cousin. Rory hasn't heard much about Jess since her graduation day, but she knew he came back a few times when she wasn't there to see Luke and that Luke and him were really close now.

She stayed frozen for what felt like hours, all her memories rushing back to the surface. 4 years, 4 YEARS since they had last seen each other.

He was standing next to his uncle admiring his new born cousin. He seemed happy, he seemed different.

She was still at the same place, unable to move. 4 years that she had been trying to get over him but in vain. She hated the presence he still had in her head.

He was looking great, she had always find him really beautiful and incredibly attractive but he looked quite different here. He looked older for sure but more mature too and more confident. Not the same lost kid, she thought.

When she finally realized that she had been staring at him for the last few minutes she ran into the room right next to her and closed the door as fast as she could.

« Rory » Jess said in his head as he saw her right before the door closed behind her. « She's even more beautiful than the last time I saw her » He thought. He didn't know much about her life now, He knew she was supposed to go to Yale, he had vaguly heard a conversation between Luke and Lorelai about a new boyfriend of hers when he was visiting his uncle a few months ago but not much more. It has been 4 years, 4 years during which she haven't left his mind.

« He's here, he's here » she said to herself walking around the room her hands on her head. « I'm not still in love with him, I can't still be in love with him I can't. » As she was trying to push her thoughts away more memories came back.

« Jess is gone »

« Gone where ?

« I don't know »

It took Rory a year before she start trying to date again, she tried so hard to erase Jess from her mind but in vain, she missed him, more than she should.

« Maybe if I tell myself enough, maybe if I do I'll get over you » She kept telling herself for the last 4 years. She wasn't the kind of girl pinning for a boy, she didn't want to be that kind of girl but no matter how hard she tried her mind always came back to him.

About a year ago she met this guy Logan, she tried harder to forget about Jess with him, but it changed her, she started acting weird, she got arrested, she was studying less, she dropped out of Yale and she even fought with her mom. It wasn't all because of the guy, it was her, trying to be someone she wasn't. Today she was still living at her grand parent's, still no Yale, only things with Lorelai were a little better but their special relationship was damaged and she she was scared of never being able to come back to the way things were.

She was still in the dark room, trying to find the courage to get out and face him, she was a mess and she didn't want him to see how bad she had turned. She couldn't even recognize herself.

She wanted to talk to him, she really did, but was afraid to face him. She wanted to go upstairs to her room and hide herself.

When she finally opened the door determined to take the stairs she turned around fast at the last minute heading to where Jess was standing before she found refuge in the room. But as she came closer Jess was nowhere to be found. She looked around, in every side of the room before stopping next to Luke.

« Hey Luke have you seen Jess ? »

« Jess just left a few minutes ago he had a plane to take. »

« A plane ? A plane to where ? »

« To Europe, starting with Paris to be precise. »

« Europe, what is he goig to do in Europe ? »

« His book got even more success than expected and made it to several Europe countries and his agent wanted him to go there for book signings. »

« Jess wrote a book ? »

Rory couldn't believe it, not only Jess wrote a book but it was a success why did no one tell her about this.

« Yes he wrote it last year you didn't know ? »

« No I didn't, we haven't talked since he left for California and no one never mentions his name to me. »

« Oh, I thought you knew. »

« Well I didn't. »

« Rory are you okay, you look pale ? » Luke said ashe watched Rory leave the conversation.

« Yeah, yeah I'm fine I just-I gotta go. » She said turning her head to face him for a few seconds befor continuing her way.

« Is she okay ? » Lorelai said as she came closer to her husband after seeing Rory leaving. « She seems upset. »

« She said she is but yes she does seem upset. »

« She has seen Jess didn't she ? »

« I'm not sure but she was asking me if I knew where he was, I told her about the trip to Europe for his book.- »

« Oh I haven't told her about the book. »

« Well I thought she knew. »

« I know it's been a year since he wrote it and I should have told her long before but I never know how to bring him up, every time I try to mention his name she becomes weird, I think she has been trying so hard to get over him but I can see he still occupies her mind »

« Yeah I think that's the same for him. »

Rory was still in shock, she needed some time alone to think. She went up to her room at the Inn. As she entered her room she saw something in her bed and as she came closer she finally was able to tell what it was.

Dear Rory,

4 years have passed and the sight of you still make me feel.

I'm sorry I had to left before we had a chance to talk, I had a plane I couldn't miss. There are so many things I wish I could have told you starting with apologies.

You probably don't know it but I wrote a book, about a year ago. It's about us mainly, I hope you don't mind, anyway here's the first printed copy I kept for you.

It was nice seeing you again even for a brief moment.

I hope we'll get to talk soon

Take care,


As she put the letter down, Rory took the book in her hands staring at it for a few seconds before opening it.

To the person who inspired this book,

Thank you for changing my life, thank you for believing in me when no one else did, this book is for you.

I will always love you Lucy,


So that's it for the first chapter, I have some ideas for the next I hope this is interresting enough, again sorry if the language is not correct I try my best! I would appreciate any review, tell me what you think so I can improve thank you.