hello! that was sweet, hm?

i'm going to try and keep this short and sweet, mainly because i have been writing the ending to friends forever for like,,, a long ass time now. quarantine things, ya know?

but if you made it this far, i just wanted to say thank you. it hasn't hit me yet, that i finished the story I have been writing for...oh my god, eight years now.

this story has been my little baby for so long and now it's *sniffle sniffle* all grown up ! and i'll be honest, looking back there are a lot of things i would've done differently. it's by no means a perfect story, but it has grown.

i wanted to say a special thanks to everyone who has ever followed, favourited, or was so kind as to leave a nice review on any of the friends books — especially my dearest fanfic buddy, MBAV fan66; who has been with me here since the very beginning. there are not enough words that will describe my gratitude to you, who have changed my life.

so what now! now that all the stories here are done. well...well i'm not sure. i think my time writing mbav fanfic has inevitably come to a close, so i think the doors to this account have been closed in terms of storytelling.

but i'm always here for a DM, or to read a few fics every now and then! at the same time, though, i think it's a good time to say goodbye to team v and move on. i'll always be thankful for ethan, sarah, erica, rory, benny — and sky, the character i've grown up alongside for eight years now.

i love you, friends.

you can find me on tumblr my-happy-little-bean if you want to check out what i've been up to!

for now, stay safe, hug your loved ones (from a safe distance, lol); and as always,

keep on keeping on :)