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T.H. Ch:2

The morning was like any other morning for the Tendo siblings as they would get up spar with one another take a bath and decide which gender uniform they would go as though Katsumi rarely would if ever go in his/her male uniform, where as Rayne it didn't matter it was all based on mood.

Of course, things helped that everyone at school was fully aware of their situation no matter how strange it was compared to the normality of Japan. As for the Tendo Matriarch, she was sleeping in which left Rayne to make sure he and his sister had everything they needed for the day which wasn't so hard since Akane had taken care of most everything they would need the night before.

Rayne sat at the dining table a mug of coffee held in his hands, he slowly sipped from its contents. His school uniform being a pair of black slacks, a white dress shirt with a black vest and a black school uniform jacket warn just over this on his feet he wore a pair of black dress socks.

His long raven hair worn in a ponytail a red ribbon holding it back. Looking to the hall with his eyes he observed his sister walk into the room wearing the typical uniform dress fashioned on her torso warn was a white button up long sleeve dress blouse, a blue short sleeve sailor uniform dress, on her feet a pair of white knee-high socks.

"Is there any more coffee Nii-chan?" Katsumi inquired, at which Rayne shook his head negatively however offered his cup out to her at which she quickly crossed the distance taking the proffered cup taking a rather generous drink from it.

After she finished Rayne took it back looking at the bottom gaining a small smile before finishing the last of it. Getting up from the table he walked towards the kitchen in order to clean the cup and grab his school bag.

Katsumi herself already was holding her's in her left hand as she waited patiently for her brother watching him as he vanished just behind the door, she shivered as a brief chill fell over her as if the air conditioner had turned on though this was impossible since it was currently off which caused her to look around the room almost as if looking for somebody or someone.

"You okay sis'?" Rayne inquired as he returned to the room observing his sibling was looking around a bothered expression to her features.

Shaking her head negatively. "No-no its nothing come on we have to go or we will be late Nii-chan." she called turning to head for the front door her sibling following suit as they both quickly put their shoes on before closing the door and heading off.

Across the street unseen by the siblings was a raven-haired girl whom also dressed in the uniform dress of Furinkan High though it was ripped and torn in several places and covered in blood that had started to blacken, her raven-hair soaked messily hanging freely over her shoulders, deep cuts, and lacerations and bruises all over her body, her eyes pale in color one of which was blood-shot both of which followed the siblings as they quickly ran down the street towards the school.



As the Tendo duo quickly made their way towards the school making a last minute decision to stop in briefly at a small convenience store Katsumi leaving her siblings side heading straight back to where the beverage cooler was kept, while Rayne walked over to the snack section grabbing up a candy bar.

He then made his way back towards the beverage cooler, retrieving a cellphone from his right pant pocket to check the time observing they had another thirty minutes to get to school. "So what you getting?" he inquired putting his cellphone back in his pocket.

"Thinking green tea or something," Katsumi called over her shoulder while looking over the various selections.

Rayne reached over his sister's shoulder snagging up an energy drink once done, he proceeded to lean against the adjacent cooler while he waited for his sister to pick something.

"Green tea sounds nice, or maybe milk?" he offered in hopes to speed his sister's decision making up since she tended to take her time. His attention was then drawn to the front of the store when he heard the door slam open the glass breaking, and the clerk at the counter gasping in fright clutching her chest.

Rayne pushed off the cooler making his way to the front of the store observing leaves being blown down the street just past the door as the wind had suddenly picked up and was howling, then just as quickly as it began it died down.

'What the heck?' he questioned to himself an unsettling feeling seemed to fill the air, a shiver ran up his spine as he observed the store clerk emerge from behind the counter proceeding to grab up a broom and dustpan to sweep up the broken glass.

The store clerk was a typical raven-haired Japanese woman with brown eyes dressed in black slacks and a red uniform shirt which was typical of most convenience store clerks she busied herself quickly with sweeping up the broken glass then proceeded in closing the now broken glass door grabbing up a cellphone dialing in a number.

Joining her sibling just in front of the counter "Rayne what was that noise I thought I heard shattering glass?" she questioned, not yet observing the broken glass door.

"Freak gust of wind just broke the door." her brother responded while proceeding in sitting the items he wanted to purchase on the counter as his sister did the same.

The clerk calling out. "Gomen'," as she rushed behind the counter to check the Tendo siblings out, while with her free hand holding her phone to her ear waiting for the other end of the line to pick up.



Eventually the duo left the store and carried on towards school the trip rather uneventful making good time while devouring and drinking their purchases on the move which to many would consider it rude however since they were kind of in a hurry otherwise they would have done so in front store which was far more common practice, the sky clear a light cool breeze set in.

Furinkan High school a typical four-story building of Japanese stone construction, the roof was a light blue. Out front was a rather large concrete courtyard surrounded by a tall stone wall, a blue gate that would eventually be closed sat at the archway that served as the school's entrance.

A track-n-field was set up on the east side of the school, also on this field was three white equipment sheds that housed various items needed as well as two other buildings that also were colored white that were both the male and female locker and changing rooms for the sports clubs.

Also, other buildings were set up on campus that housed the various clubs, even a large separate building which was the basketball court which also served purposes for the Gymnastics classes, as well as another building that was slightly larger that served as the school's Auditorium.

Atop of the main building was the school's water tower, as well as a small clock toward with a built-in bell that would chime signaling the start of school, the changing of classes as well as signal the end of school when it came time.

In the courtyard several students were loitering and talking to one another, while others were heading inside to start their day, those who rode their bikes were busy chaining them up at the school's bike rack which was located near the school's main entrance just to the right of it.

The duo entered the courtyard then crossed the distance to the school's main entrance walking up the steps to the large double doors which were currently being held open by the attached door stops that had been lowered into the locking position.

"Hello Saotome-Kun-chan." came a lilted greeting from a Chinese girl with long lavender colored hair worn straight with exception of her two long bangs being held by large gold beads, her eyes emerald in color whom was approximately five feet tall and was rather petite dressed in the typical Furinkan school uniform.

Katsumi smiled at seeing the girl seemed to have a glow about her calling in kind. "Hey Chi-chan its good to see you happy this morning something happen?" she inquired since most times the girl seemed rather sad.

"I am in a really good mood cause Mom finally got me a cellphone." the girl revealed to be Chi called cheerfully, retrieving said cellphone to show it off revealing a purple flip phone with a white kitty key chain connected via a tiny silver chain.

Rayne observing the phone chuckled. "Awesome you finally joined the cellphone craze Chi-chan I am happy for you." he lightly jested knowing the girl in question had been begging her mother for a phone for a very long time.

Putting her cellphone back into her book bag Chi then produced a set of papers from her bag. "Here Rayne I took the liberty of copying the answers to the upcoming test if you would like to study over them at least until it starts." she cheerily offered.

"Chi-chan you are absolutely awesome thank you," Rayne called taking the proffered papers since he hadn't himself taken the liberty to write any notes down for the said test.

Chi seemed to glow at Rayne's words, proceeding to skip away from the duo heading further down the hall.

Katsumi lightly punched her brother in the shoulder, whispering. "She is totally into you-you know that?"

"You think so?" Rayne questioned in a whisper not fully convinced since while Chi was always eager to help him she didn't seem like she was after a relationship. Of course, he wasn't quite sure he would want a relationship since the girl's father was maybe a bit goofy but very scary at times, and her great great grandmother gave him the creeps.

Of course, he didn't really know the girl's mother very well since he had little dealings with her and he wasn't quite sure he was in the hurry to either. The one thing he did know was she was a good friend of his fathers and at one point was a love interest according to his mother who said she loathed the woman in question.

"Of course she is I can tell trust me its a girl thing maybe you should ask her out sometime." Katsumi offered in a slight attempt to play matchmaker, taking off towards class as her sibling eventually followed suit trailing behind wondering if there was any truth to her words.

Eventually, Rayne arrived in class trading his shoes for slippers observing his sister had already taken her seat at the rear of the class by the window, he himself walked over sitting to his sisters right sitting his bag down on the desk taking his seat.

Retrieving his note pad and a pencil he started taking down the notes written on the chalkboard observing the teacher was nowhere to be found meaning he had left briefly to get something, his gaze glancing over the clock observing they still had another ten minutes before the bell would signal the official start of class.

As he continued writing he idly listened to the various conversations going on from his fellow classmates which tended to overlap each other as they seemed to play who could talk the loudest though this was just being human since for whatever reason humans tend to want to make sure they are heard when things get really noisy.

Katsumi already finished with her notes looked to her left observing the wall had an old carving of initials reading R. S. which she half wondered who's initials they belonged to. Though it was a mystery she was sure she herself would never solve nor bother to ask anyone since many probably wouldn't know the answer anyways.

Feeling as if she was being watched she looked out the window and down observing the silver-haired girl from the railroad tracks was sitting on a pale white motorcycle that looked to be of American design, a black skull was printed on the side of the fuel tank, taking a closer look she observed a set of five silver chains hanging from the handles which had something attached to the ends that she assumed might have been tiny skulls though due to the distance she couldn't be too sure.

The girl looked up to her briefly before riding off, Katsumi tapped her fingers on the desk watching as the girl eventually vanished out of sight after rounding a corner as she could tell the girl had purposely looked directly at her which left a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"You alright sis'?" Rayne inquired hearing his sister tapping her fingers on the desk which meant she was bothered by something.

Katsumi pondered a moment on what to say or if she should even tell her brother she saw the girl from the railroad tracks again or not, "Yea... its nothing really."

"If you say so, Sis'." Rayne dully stated, however, he knew better but decided not to press the matter continuing on to finish up the notes, then proceeded in glancing over the notes he had been given by Chi whom currently was sitting at the front of the classroom at the far right.

Also sitting in class towards the middle were the Hibiki brothers who were busying themselves with taking notes.

Of course, there were currently three empty desks that belonged to the kuonji twins and the Kuno boy who currently were Kami knew where and had been the last three days. Of course rumor mill had it that the trio had been suspended for the entire week, of course other sources said the trio were off together on their honeymoon which Rayne didn't believe a word of since he knew the Kuonji siblings had no interest in the boy at all which left the initial rumor to most likely be true since the trio tended to cause the most problems.

His attention was then called to the front of the class observing not his usual teacher walks into the classroom but a beautiful younger woman in her mid-twenties standing at four-foot-nine, her hair white like snow and worn in a pageboy style cut, eyes chocolate brown a gold necklace worn around her neck hanging down just between her ample chest a green flower pendant hung just off the chain by a tiny silver ring.

Her outfit consisting of a white v-cut button up blouse, a black knee length skirt, on her feet a pair of black pumps, she walked into the room she gave the class a cursory glance setting her bag down on the desk at the same time the school bell rang out loudly signaling the start of class.

"Good morning class as of today I will be serving as your new teacher from this day forward my name is Naomi Shini" the woman called to the class quickly turning to the chalkboard picking up a piece of chalk writing it out, at which a girl in the front row quickly raised her hand.

The white-haired woman looked to the girl inquiringly. "Yes?"

"What happened to Mr. Shitomi will he be coming back?" the girl inquired, to which the white-haired woman shook her head in a slow and negative fashion.

Naomi looked to the girl speaking in a somber tone. "I am sorry Mr. Shitomi passed away last night at Tokyo General I was told and they called me in last minute to replace him. Now as you all know he had planned a quiz today and I do plan to carry out his will to the letter so don't expect that his tragic passing will get you out of your studies."

Both Rayne and Katsumi stared at the woman for a brief time in slight disbelief and shock at the news, however upon observing her hair color which was the same color as the girl from the railroad tracks they both felt rather uneasy.

Katsumi being the first to raise her hand. "Miss Shini do you have a sister?"

"Yes, I do two of them to be exact." Naomi truthfully answered picking up a black book off the podium as she prepared to give role call.

Katsumi then posed yet another question. "Does one ride a motorcycle? Or like to scare people at the railroad crossings?"

This questioned caused some chuckles to erupt from the class, eventually quieting down to silence as the Tendo girl awaited her teacher's answer.

"Sis?" Rayne questioned, however, Katsumi ignored him continuing to look to the teacher for an answer to her question.

Naomi opened the book now in her hand, gave the Tendo girl a glance that caused a shiver to run up the girl's spine. "Last I checked neither of my sisters owns a bike, much less have time to be playing childish pranks at railroad crossings." she dully stated with a dry chuckle going on to reading off names as the students belonging to them sounded off and raised their hands.

As time wore on Rayne sat at his desk thinking about the news of Mr. Shitomi's passing as he found it hard to believe he had passed given how young he was he wasn't even more then thirty-something, of course this new teacher was a little odd to him given her hair color which appeared to be natural and was very rare which also seemed coincidental given the girl he and his sibling had seen the night before at the railroad crossing.

However, he quickly brushed the thought aside since the new teacher had informed the class as per the question posed by his sister that neither of her two sisters had time to be playing childish pranks at railroad crossings.

Looking over to his teacher he observed she was busying herself with a game of solitaire, his view was then subsequently blocked as a classmate walked by placing a worksheet on his desk, looking down he observed it was the dreaded quiz paper he had been expecting to be postponed.

Naomi paused in her game looking up to the class, a slight smirk that would have rivaled that of the devil to her lips. "I did promise you a quiz did I not?" she questioned pausing for effect. "You have fifteen minutes left of class get started if this paper is not on my desk by the end of class you will fail good luck," she called in a dull monotone voice, producing a golden coin some seemingly nothing with a skull on the side facing the class, two emeralds were embedded in the eye sockets, she then proceeded to flip the coin from one knuckle to the other in her right hand then once the coin reached the knuckle connected to her pinky finger she proceeded rolling it back to the other side her eyes closed.

With a unison groan the entire class started in on the quiz, Rayne looking down to his desk frowning as he had hoped the test would have been postponed, however, it would seem their current teacher was bent on keeping to the late teacher's test schedule.

He then turned his gaze back to Naomi briefly as something bothered him about her more than her hair color, or the skull coin she was currently rolling over her knuckles no what bothered him is he could swear he knew her from somewhere but he couldn't quite place it however he didn't have time to dwell on it so he turned his attention to the test and began to concentrate the best he could.



School had finally come to an end, the test from his first period nearly was a failure however he luckily managed to finish the test mere seconds before the bell signaling the end of the first period sounded out.

Of course, Naomi seemed to skim over it giving a satisfactory smile placing it into the tray on the left side of her desk. "Good work Saotome-kun close shave there you almost failed," she said as the sound of the bell rang out, rolling the gold coin with a skull on it he had seen earlier that day along her right-hand knuckles.

The hallway was filled with several students who were in the process of leaving the school, he paused a moment to get into a locker proceeding to grab some things finally closing the locker up he turned to leave he heard a very faint voice from behind him as he had turned to exit the school.

'All our times have come,' came a sing-song feminine voice from somewhere behind him.

Pausing in his step Rayne turned back observing a raven-haired girl, dressed in the typical trappings of all the girl's that went to his school was directly behind him. "Excuse me did you just say something?" he inquired.

"No I said nothing Saotome-kun are you alright?" she inquired.

Rayne looked around shaking his head. "I uh I am fine never mind," he called turning his attention to the gated entrance of the school where his sister was waiting for him.

"Hey, Nii-san!" Katsumi exclaimed happily as her brother approached to which he gave a slight smile whilst giving his surrounding a cursory glance before they both turned in the direction of home.

The duo continued their walk home in silence as Rayne seemed lost in his thoughts, whilst Katsumi was in the mood for conversation yet her brother said nothing, finally having enough she spoke up.

"What's eating you Nii-san?" she inquired of her brother.

Rayne broke from his thoughts sparing a glance towards his sister. "Its nothing really," he said reassuringly, however inside he felt something was very wrong though he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"Its that teacher and the girl on the motorcycle isn't it Nii-san?" Katsumi inquired, as she could definitely tell her brother was bothered despite his assurances.

Rayne paused in his step considering his siblings inquiring words, considering an appropriate answer he then spoke, "No its not- 'Er well yea that Teacher looks a little odd and cold despite knowing we had recently lost a teacher from our school, as for the girl on the motorcycle who we had seen at the railroad tracks..." he trailed before speaking.

"Yes I guess it bothers me they are similar in appearance but you heard the Teacher she said she has two sisters but neither owns a motorcycle nor do they have the time to be scaring children like us at a railroad crossing." he finished.

Meanwhile back at the school atop the structure's roof stood the girl from the tracks, along with the Naomi standing side by side. Watching the pair as they disappeared from view.

"Really Ryomou a motorcycle?" she inquired, however, the shorter girl said nothing at all in return which only seemed to cause Naomi to gain a look of frustration.

The girl revealed to be named Ryomou produced a silver object from her dress pocket to which it seemed to transform into a black umbrella with white lace trim, the hilt capped with a chrome skull with glowing rubies for eyes.

"We have work to be done come along," Ryomou said in a dull monotone voice, as she turned to leave vanishing into thin air.

Naomi let a frustrated sigh escape her lips, retrieving her golden skull coin from her pocket, whilst in her other hand a silver chain appeared, and connected to it was a set of scales one would use for balancing.

"Thy will be done." she quietly spoke, vanishing into thin air.



The Tendo siblings made their way home without incident, once home they went about their daily ritual's of chores followed by homework, after a time and they were finished with that they would move on to watching television or maybe even go outside depending on their varying moods.

Half an hour went by the duo finished the last of their homework assignments together, proceeding to put their school books away, along with important papers in their perspective book bags.

Rayne sat in quiet contemplation at the dining room table, his sibling Katsumi was busying herself with making a pot of coffee, turning on the television as she did so. The picture displaying an American talk show that featured some drag queens, and some other odd looking people all currently screaming and or fighting physically with one another while security was attempting to break them up whilst the host was moving out of harm's way.

Breaking from his contemplation Rayne observed the television. "You know Kats' I don't see what you like about that show, I mean all they do is bring weird people on the show fight and argue never truly solving anything.

Katsumi shrugged at her brother, "I dunno Nii-san I just do kinda like it." she said simply in reply, promptly flipping the on switch once she had the coffeemaker squared away. She then turned and headed over to the dining room table taking a seat while she waited.

She considered their mother decided to speak up. "What time does Mom get off work?" she queried.

"She should be getting off anytime now, but you know how it is Sis' Sometimes Mom doesn't get off until super late. You know she works her tail off at that hospital to support us." Rayne explained, making sure to remind his sister of why their Mom was always out so late sometimes.

Katsumi sighed fearing she might have upset her sibling. "I didn't mean to upset you Nii-san... just you know-" she found herself interrupted.

"No Kats' I am not upset I to wish she was home more often, but you know she is trying hard to get that promotion, she has been studying extra hard for an exam test with Auntie Kasumi and Uncle Ono's help," Rayne explained, though he wasn't sure what the exam entailed, but he was sure his Mom would succeed, her career thus far was going rather well from the way he understood it.

Once again Katsumi sighed at her brother's words. "What if we got jobs... then Mom wouldn't have to work so hard and could take on another job that has fewer hours." she offered.

"Oh Jeez Sis' No one would hire us at our current age and you know it, besides Mom loves what she does for a living why have her stop now?" Rayne questioned, not at all seeing their Mom quitting the hospital as a valid option even if both himself and his sister both got jobs eventually when of age.

"But we have that older friend she hands fliers out after school for that one store and they pay her for it," Katsumi suggested having remembered seeing the girl in question.

Rayne frowned at this. "No way am I dressing up in a maids outfit, or as a stuffed animal handing out fliers, 'sides Sis' that kind of work comes with strings way I understand it, we both need to stay well clear of that stuff Mom would have your hide if she heard you even suggest it.

"What; 'er why would Mom have my hide, all it is is handing out fliers." Katsumi pointedly stated, giving her brother a questioning look with an inquisitive brow raised.

It was Rayne's turn to let a tired sigh escape his lips, and fidget slightly under his sister's gaze before deciding to elaborate. "I kinda offered to take that kind of job cause I said the same thing you just did to Mom and she flipped her lid on me for even suggesting it saying those girl's do things that neither of us should learn or know about at our age and to stay away.

Katsumi having heard what her brother had to say filed his words away, before getting up to pour herself and her brother a cup each of coffee from the freshly finished batch that was in the process of finishing its percolation phase, the decanter mostly full almost to the twelve cup line.

Each sibling took their perspective cups in hand simultaneously blowing on it briefly as if to cool it down some before taking ginger sips, silence reigned from hence on.