Special Thanks

A/N: And that is the end of our tale. Wow. So much has happened in my life since I started this series. So much has happened just since I started "Good Life." Things I never would've dreamed would happened. Some bad, some good. Just goes to show you how much life can change in just three years. I started this series in 2015 and, now, here are in 2018. Amazing.

Just so you guys know, I'm gonna be taking a break from the world of Batman Beyond, at least in the position of "Unpack Your Heart", for a while. Now, that being said, I'll still be doing "Unpack Your Heart Chronicles" stories from time to time. There were a lot of scenarios that I alluded to in the trilogy that I want to expand upon but those will be further down the line.

HOWEVER, I am planning one final chapter-story in this series. I can't give away many details (partly because I don't even have a title for it yet) but I will say that it will concern the Moirai and who they are. It could be far more expansive than that, including many people from Bruce's life as well. The idea for this, like the Moirai themselves, is very much inspired by The Bloody Red Lantern. Go give those stories a read when you can.

But, for the time being, we have come to the end of the "Unpack Your Heart" Trilogy. I'm going to be working on several other projects, like my Sleepy Hollow chapter stories, a Cowboy Bebop story I am in the process of writing, some more one-shots of varying genres, and possibly an Outlaw Star story to make for the AWFUL first one I wrote. I will never delete that first story so I can always remember my mistakes but, yeah, my first fan fiction was TERRIBLE. I'm so glad I became a better writer. I might do another Batman Beyond story that follows after "City Fall" but that's not a guarantee. Only time will tell what the future holds there.

I want to send out a HUGE thanks to chocolate1 for requesting and inspiring me to do this series. chocolate1 made one suggestion and this was the fruit that came from it. And I loved every second of it. Thanks, chocolate1. I think I needed this story even more than you guys wanted me to write it. I want to also thank Kyoko Kasshu Minamino, who inspired me to start Batman Beyond stories, and for her constant support and mentorship ever since. I also want and need to thank my friends, RyokoMist and Watership's Nightwish Rat, for their inspiration and constant support. There are so many more who were constant reviewers and thank you all for that. Those reviews meant the world to me. Last but certainly not least, I want to thank each and every one of you. Whether you're reading this long after the fact or you've been with me since day one, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reviews and the favorites and the follows. They mean more to me than you realize.

The last thing to talk about is the thing I've been talking about for five years: MY BOOK! Hopefully, this summer of 2018 is it! I want to you guys to keep an on my Twitter, RavenTW2, and my Facebook page, T2 Angel Host of Dreams, for all of the information on that. I may create another Facebook page exclusively for books but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. The title of the book is Tatsu Angelo: Ronin Days. Please keep an ear out and eyes open at the places I mentioned and my main page, here, for all updates.

Thank you all again. I couldn't have done this without all of you and your support. You encouraged me, you inspired me, and you made me want to write the best story I could. I'm actually crying right now. This was so much fun to write. I loved these characters and going on this journey with them and with all of you. Thank you, guys, for everything. Take care of yourselves. Be blessed and stay blessed. See you guys in the future. Someday, somewhere. I love you, guys. You all rock!

Good-bye. For now.

Yours truly,
All my love and respect,
T2 Angel