Leaves rustled in the cool wind as the sun began to set. They were just beginning to show the changes of the seasons. It was a near perfect evening, but there was something lurking in the shadows where no one could see.

He watched Sakura walk down the street. The little pink-haired kunoichi simply oozed feminine flare. She was the perfect candidate. He'd been working for months onnthe theory behind this forbidden jutsu, and now he needed a live test subject. it couldn't be just anyone.

He smirked following her as she walked down the street to her family home. Sure it was risky to do thisninnthe middle of the village, but that was half the fun! As they neared the Yamanaka's flower shop Sakura was greeted by Ino, who laughingly joked that Sakura's forehead was large like a billboard.

Sakura showed just a tick of irritation in her face before pulling her gloved hand back in a fist. Ino showed no signs of fear merely laughing that Sakura really was like a man if she solved all her problems with her fists.

He grinned at the irony of the situation. If only the little Yamanaka knew...

He watched as Sakura quietly slipped into her front door. He could feel her chakra signal as it traveled up through the house to her bedroom upstairs. It took a good deal of patience and skill to avoid detection, but this was one area he had considerable experience.

After a good deal of time he noticed her chakra level out. Good, she was asleep. Now he could begin. He breathed in consentrating on her chakra alone as he moved his hands through the signs. Good, yes, she was very malleable in her sleep. Now, he'd give the Jutsu a few days to mature before he came back for phase two and the real fun began!

AN: Ok, just testing the waters. This is a rewrite of an old fan fiction I did and never finished. I have more already written. We'll see how this goes.