AN: I got the idea for this story from the 'young inquisitor' posts that talked about how the different companions and advisors of Inquisition would react to a teenage inquisitor so I decided to create this.

AN2: In this story 'The Titans Curse' events took place during summer instead of winter so Perseus is almost thirteen.

AN3: There are two OC Characters that will be Percy's age or close to it. One will be a female Qunari Mage who will be the adopted daughter of Iron Bull and Percy's romance for the story. The other will be a male Avar archer who Percy saves.

Herald of Destruction

Chapter 1


"Perseus Jackson!" Zeus called out to him, a cruel sneer adorning the sky god's face as the rest of the council watched on helplessly "You stand accused of deliberately interfering with a quest to save a goddess. How do you plead?"

Angrily, he shifted his weight, the chains draped across his form clinking mockingly "Go ahead and get this farce over with coward." He spat, glaring hatefully at the 'King' of Olympus "We all know you're going to kill me anyway like the pathetic little worm that you are." Zeus scowled at him before snapping his fingers as the chains erupted with electrical power causing Percy to scream in pain.

"Zeus!" Poseidon roared, "Enough!" most of the other gods looked to be on his father's side, even the almost immobile Thalia seemed upset.

"He interfered with my daughter's quest!" Zeus yelled to the sea god, the power in the chains sputtering out as Zeus' focused shifted "A quest belonging to the Hero of the Great Prophecy!" that part was sadly true. After returning from Mount Othryss Thalia had sacrificed Bessie and thrown the Ophitarus' guts into a fire. At that point he had already been in chains to 'prevent him from stopping a true hero' according to Zeus, and so he had been powerless to do anything but watch as the flames burned and his little friend turned to dust.

The second the entrails had hit the fire a change came over Thalia as she began to glow with a brilliant golden light, like the entire sun had been condensed and crammed beneath her skin. Her hair began to whip around her in an unfelt wind and her eyes glowed a brilliant blue while lightning that put her father to shame danced along her skin. Turning with great effort, as if her seemingly boundless power fought against her, the daughter of Zeus turned towards the direction of Mount Othryss and let out a scream of rage, thrusting her hands out as blasts of white and gold energy flew fourth from her, flying off into the distance.

It wasn't just one blast though, as more and more flew from her form as she seemed to grow weaker and weaker, her skin losing its radiant glow and becoming clammy and pale. Thalia soon looked like a child of the underworld with how pale and sickly she was. The second the last pit of white and gold light left her she dropped like a puppet who's strings had been cut, barely having an energy left, her godly power levels lower than the weakest mortal.

Enraged at what the result of what had happened to Thalia in destroying the Titans Zeus had turned his attention towards the only held down outlet, Percy. This farce of a trial had been called and he knew how it would end. "This wasn't Thalia's quest Zeus." He pointed out with a smirk, knowing that he was going to die so he might as well piss the living hell out of Zeus before he does so "It was Zoe's."

"Silence!" Zeus pointed the master bolt at him, sending a dark look at Artemis "There is already insult enough at having a Titan placed in the stars." Artemis looked ready to commit patricide at that comment. "Have you anything to say in your defense traitor?" Zeus demanded, turning back to him.

"I aided this quest, I was part of it." He growled, his anger giving him strength as he rose to his feet, the celestial bronze chains groaning as they were forced to warp to allow it "That was Zoe's choice. Not yours, not Thalia's, not anyone else's, but Zoe's choice as she was the only one with the right to do so. I did my part on this quest while you sat here in cowardice, not unable but unwilling to help given the 'ancient laws' that you created. I spit on your so called authority Zeus, I spit on you, your cowardice, and your name. I'm glad most of your children have taken after their mothers because if most took after you then this world would not have survived, I'm surprised it's survived with you in it at all." As he spoke he kept forcing his body to rise until he was standing tall, the links of pure celestial bronze shattering under his strength and rage.

Zeus's eyes grew dark and ominous as a storm could as the god rose slowly to his feet. "Kator!" Zeus roared as the throne room's double doors banged open, a cyclops entering with thunderous steps "I have decided your fate Perseus Jackson. For your crimes I declare a punishment of three parts. For the first-" Zeus moved as fast as lightning itself, appearing in front of him and grabbing him by the throat as he coughed and gagged "I seal your powers." Zeus' fist began glowing, the glow penetrating into his body as Percy screamed from the agony. It took a few moments for the gods to recover from their shock and for his father to rush over, striking Zeus with the Trident as the thunder god staggered back angrily.

Glaring hatefully Zeus took a large burlap bag from the Cyclops "The second part of your punishment is this." Zeus reached into the bag and threw something at himself and his father, the object rolling to a stop as he went cold, bile and grief rising inside him as he looked at the fear stricken severed head of his mother.

"No." his father choked out, dropping to his knees and shakily reached towards the head, as if praying that it was all a horrible dream.

"Yes." Zeus said with cruel coldness while the rest of the gods watched in shock. "And finally I banish you from this world Perseus Jackson. I know not nor care not where you will land but in this way you will never know the peace of Elysium, never be reunited with Sally Jackson nor any other you have known in this world and this life. This is your punishment." With a roar Zeus threw the master bolt, the symbol of power glowing a mixture of blue and white as it struck him and he let out an agonized scream, his father thrown away from him by the force of the blast.

"Percy!" several gods and demigods screamed in shock at his scream as he faded away, his vision going white. His last sight was his father reaching for him while an enraged Hades stabbed Zeus in the back while Artemis and Apollo helped the lord of the dead. After that last sight the last of his vision went white and he found himself floating in an endless void. There were no shadows or light, no top or bottom or sides, just an endless, suffocating, void of white.

"I am sorry young Hero." A mournful man's voice said behind him as he spun around, or at least it felt like spinning in this place. Coming to he saw a man in a black tunic, his skin a healthy tan while angel's wings as dark as the night sky, sprinkled with faint silver specks like stars. "This was not meant to be. Your Uncle broke my decree and those of my siblings, the fates."

Struggling to remember the family trees he'd learned from Annabeth Percy asked "Are…are you Thanatos?"

"No child." The man chuckled softly, not seeming to be insulted "I am not my brother though many think such. I am Moros, the god of impending doom and the one above all others in the current world order. Even my sisters are forced to obey my decrees should I give them."

"Zeus actually obeying anything besides what lies between his legs?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, finding it hard to believe.

Moros, instead of being upset, just let out a rich echoing laugh "Yes I find it hard to believe myself at times but that is what he was ordered to do. He knew not to kill you, he knew you were meant to be the Hero of the Great Prophecy and help with the next Great Prophecy and many other threats. You were to lead the demigods into a golden age by forcing the Olympians to change their ways and giving an example for your kind to fight for. Now I must select a new hero to handle the upcoming crisis since Zeus is dead and young Thalia will take years to recover to the point she had once been."

"Zeus is dead?!" he gasped, his eyes going wide eyed.

"Faded to be exact but yes. He disobeyed the decision I had made out of fear. Zeus didn't know what you would bring but he could guess and whenever he would be about to do something that would go against one of my decrees he would feel it. I cursed him to not be able to fight back against the other gods who slew him for his cruelty and crimes. I also made sure your mother was sent straight to Elysium and she now resides in the Isles of the Blessed. I am sorry I am unable to do more right now."

"Thank you for doing that at least." He said, his eyes growing wet as he looked down, not wanting another to see his tears.

"I came here to talk to you as you fell into the world you have been banished to. It will be dangerous but given your gifts you will be fine." The god of Impending Doom told him.

"But Zeus took away my powers." Percy pointed out confused.

"He tried and almost succeeded." The brother to the fates said in the negative "Your father stopped him just before it could be done. Your powers are nowhere near where they had once been but you are still noticeably stronger than a normal human would be and you can use some elemental abilities. To use your powers to anywhere close to what they had once been you'll need to be in an ocean or some other massive body of water."

"I…guess it's better than nothing." He sighed, missing the achingly familiar feel of his power flowing through him like the tide.

Nodding, Moros continued, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder "I was unable to stop the banishment but I was able to make sure you'd land by someone who would help you and care for you. Anything else for you I am incapable of doing."

"I…thank you." Taking in a deep, shaking, breath he wiped his eyes and tried to force down his pain "Who are you going to have take my place to lead the demigods into this 'golden age'?"

"I was actually hoping to ask your opinion on that." Moros told him, "I feel you should at least give some input on the decision." Pausing he thought about it, thought about the demigods he knew and the ones he had fought alongside before coming to a decision.

"Nico DiAngelo." He decided, "He…he's like I was. Along with a kind heart he has potential and determination."

"The son of Hades," Moros mused as the pieces his brain had been fumbling with in his subconscious clicked into place about Nico's lineage "an interesting choice. I will tell him your words and praise…and give him the gift from Bianca as well as Riptide."

"A letter from Moros?" he asked, "That will be interesting for him."

"No, I will go in person." Moros gave his shoulder a squeeze "He deserves that much given the message I will bring. Live well Perseus Jackson, and may you find happiness." With that the god of Impending Doom vanished and a massive mirror, the surface rippling blue and white, appeared and came towards him at a rapid pace. Before he could respond it reached him and he knew no more as his vision went from white to black.

AN: An idea on Percy's power limitations is that his physical strength is somewhere around Iron Bull's, a little higher to be exact, but nowhere near the strength he had in the books (seriously, he punched Polyphemus and knocked an eighty-foot cyclops down with one blow) and his elemental gifts will be around the power of a Dragon Age spell unless he is in a massive body of water.