by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Star Wars, or their characters.

Summary: Shinji Ikari and Leia Organa hook up when Shinji is teleported to Alderaan by the 12th Angel.

Authors Notes: This story was suggested to me by a friend, but I've been having some trouble with it due to several issues, including personal ones. Also, this is my 200th Story, and I think it's appropriate that it's in-part memory to the late Carrie Fisher, one month after her death. And really, I could use some ideas for this.

RIP Carrie Fisher, December 27, 2016.


Chapter 1

(Alderaan, 5 BBY)

Leia Organa, daughter of Bail and Breha Organa, had just turned 15 years old yesterday, was playing in the gardens of The Royal House of Alderaan, alongside her friend and adopted sister Winter Organa. Her party had been fun and she had gotten to enjoy it with her family, which had been difficult since all the turmoil that had slowly been building across the galaxy as of late, thanks to the Empire.

Winter had been Leia's closest friend since she was little. Winter possessed a holographic and audiographic memory, and had a poise and bearing, as well as a physical beauty, that made people think she was the princess instead of Leia who had a tomboyish attitude and appearance. A stark contrast to Winter herself.

But Leia had her own gifts as well. One that she was not even fully aware of.

While Leia was happy in her life, she knew that other things were going on.

The Empire, having solidified it's grip upon the Galaxy more than a decade ago, was slowly making pathways into getting it's hold on EVERY corner of their universe.

Her father, Bail Organa, was working with several other senators who were in opposition to the Empire and it's rather ruthless methods of securing order throughout the galaxy. Palpatine had been insistent that it was for the greater good, but many were beginning to feel uneasy because of it.

Word was Bail was trying to enlist the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy to help him out. But he had only run into a couple of potentials. Most were in hiding and could not be reached.

The Empire had managed to control most of the galaxy with their storm troopers and armada of ships as well as wiping out most of the Jedi Knights, once the peace keepers in the Old Republic. While it was known that the Emperors primary enforcer, Darth Vader, was once a Jedi, there were some rumors of others with Force-abilities who were in hiding, who continued to oppose the Empire.

Leia was curious about this, about the Jedi, but knew that she and the others couldn't rely on them solely in this dark and perilous time.

I wish I could help my father in some way. She thought. I wish I could contribute something.

Leia suddenly felt something was about to happen. She looked up and around, as if expecting something to happen.

Noticing her sudden shift in movements, Winter was curious.

"Leia? What's wrong?" Winter asked.

"Something... is coming." Leia said, ominously.

Suddenly, a strange flash of light appeared overhead.

Leia and Winter gasped when they saw it, even as they saw something fall from the sky, right towards them.

"Leia! Look Out!" Winter shouted.

The pair gasped as a body fell from the sky, crashing hard through the branches of one of the trees in the garden, and landed hard in the brush. With a sickening crash and thud, Leia, being naturally curious, rushed over to see who or what it was.

"Leia! What is it? Who is it?" the white-haired beauty asked as she raced after Leia.

"It's a boy. I... I don't know him." Leia said.

"Is he dead?" Winter asked.

"I... don't think so." she said as she checked him over carefully.

Leia saw that he was breathing, but barely.

"He looks injured. Quick! Get my father and some help! The doctor! Hurry!" Leia shouted in panic.

Winter rushed off to get help, even as Leia stayed with him.

Looking at the boy, she brushed a stray lock of brown hair out of his face. She had a slight blush on her cheeks at how cute he seemed.

"Who are you?" she whispered.


Bail and his wife Breha quickly arrived with their family physician and a couple of guards. The boy, having appeared out of nowhere, was a natural concern for the group. However, being heavily injured and unarmed, their fears were eventually swayed. The doctor stabilized the boy and the guards brought him into one of the guest rooms.

A physician was able to quickly evaluate the boy, once they got his strange bodysuit off of him. Though he was injured and weak, he would survive.

However, what was strange, was that he had several injuries that were older the injuries he had sustained falling from the sky and into the plants and trees of the garden. The most prominent, which was something Leia had noticed right away, was the deep facial wound around his right eye. It looked to be the oldest of his injuries, and looked like someone had took a spike to the boys eye.

That gave Bail a disturbing thought as to what the boy had been through.

When he woke up, Bail had a psychologist evaluate him.

Leia and Winter listened to him and what he said.

His name was Shinji Ikari, from a place called Tokyo-3, on Earth.

None of them had every heard of him or anyplace like that.

The more Shinji spoke, the more the doctors and psychologists were convinced that he was crazy. Nothing he said made any sense. He spoke about a war against giant beings called Angels, a para-military agency called NERV, the giant robots that he and his fellow pilots commanded in battling the Angels, about a beautiful blue-haired albino with red eyes, a fiery German girl with strength and attitude, his playful drunken guardian and commanding officer, his friends from school and co-workers in NERV, and his strange food-mooch of a penguin, which no one had a clue what that was.

He even mentioned his apathetic and seemingly ruthless father who was the commander of their organization.

However, Leia knew that he was telling the truth. Somehow, she just knew.

The only possibility was that he was from another universe. That idea seemed preposterous, but Winter was able to back Leia's claims because she had seen the portal open the same time Leia did.

The doctors were able to preform a cerebral scan on him, to check for any type of brain damage. They find none.

His genetics are not in any known database, and his name, finger prints, and retina scans also come back negative. He was truly an unknown in their world.

What they didn't know, was that Shinji's arrival in this world, would change things. Many things, which they themselves were unaware of.


While Shinji rested, Bail and his family, which included Winter, started talking.

"What are you proposing, dear?" Breha asked her husband.

"Shinji claims to be a soldier from another world. Albeit a reluctant one. We would be foolish not to utilize that to the best of his abilities." Bail said.

"I think that would be... a mistake." Winter said.

"What do you mean?" Bail asked.

"From what I've seen, Shinji doesn't seem to be a willing combatant. If anything, he's a reluctant soldier in a war he never wanted to be a part of." she said. "Almost like he was forced to fight."

"While I agree with your assessment, he has a unique experience that could be useful." Bail said.

"Useful? If he is from a completely different universe, then everything he knows and has gone through is nothing like what we've had to deal with." Winter said.

"Leia, what do you think?" Breha asked her daughter.

Leia was silent for several seconds, before she spoke up.

"He's alone. In a different time and place. The society that he comes from, the level of technology he has indicated, is different than our own. We need to give him something. Something to fight for, something to... live for." Leia said.

The trio looked at Leia and then at each other. Bail then turned to Leia.

"What do you suggest, Leia?" Bail asked.


Shinji eventually made a full recovery and was taken into the care of the House of Organa.

Leia and Winter became his closest friends.

Leia's suggestion was to tell Shinji everything about their universe that was most relevant, starting with their history for the last 20 years.

Of how The Clone Wars started with the Battle of Geonosis, which was approximately twenty years ago. About The Jedi Purge, which was 15 years ago. Of The Galactic Empire coming to power at around the same time, and how she and her family were part of a group that was trying to restore democracy to the galaxy. They told him about the different worlds and societies that existed in this galaxy, about their level of technology, everything from speeders to star ships, from droids to the vast variety of alien species and creatures that they knew about.

And then, they made Shinji an offer to join them, as Leias and Winters companion.

Leia was sure they could trust him, and Winter didn't seem to sense anything wrong with the young man.

The house psychologist confirmed that Shinji was not deceitful or subversive in anyway. He had a few confidence issues, and his overall health needed to be changed or he might die before he reached his 20th year.

It took Shinji several days to come to a decision.

With no way home, and nothing to lose, as well as being completely cut off from anything and everything he knew, Shinji eventually decided to help the people of Alderaan as best he could.

Leia herself was glad to hear that.





Darth Vader, the dark lord of the Sith, and his associates, Mara Jade and the mysterious Seventh Sister, stood watching as Asuka Langley Sohryu, a member of the Imperial Garrison, was standing triumphantly over the bodies of several rebel soldiers who had just been defeated by her unit inside one of the Empires facilities.

However, Asuka was claiming sole victory for this.

"Did you see that? Did you see how I killed all these Rebel Scum with grace and elegance?" Asuka declared. "Not a shot wasted and no one survived! Why, I'll bet I'm the best and most talented officer in the entire Empire! No one can match my skill and beauty! For I am the Great Asuka Langley URK!" she suddenly gasped, feeling invisible hands latch around her throat and lift her off the ground.

She was suddenly thrown into the Carbonite Freeze unit, as another invisible hand threw the switch on the controls.

A WHOOSH and HISS sounded and all was silence, before a large mechanical claw lifted a metallic slab out of the pit and dropped it unceremoniously on the ground. The frozen face and body of Asuka Langley Sohryu was forever etched in carbonite.

Mara Jade and Seventh Sister breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Lord Vader. Just being around that girl was aggravating and unbalancing me." Mara Jade said.

"Indeed. You didn't need The Force to feel her ego just radiating all around you." Seventh Sister said.

"Agreed. A fine officer she was. She will serve as an even finer example to all!" Vader hissed before turning and walking away.